Father Of 5 Dies Of COVID After Texting 'I Should Have Gotten The Damn Vaccine’

Jessica DuPreez said her fiance, Michael Freedy, wanted to wait until the vaccine had been available for a year.

8/1/2021 7:21:00 PM

Jessica DuPreez said her fiance, Michael Freedy, wanted to wait until the vaccine had been available for a year.

Jessica DuPreez said her fiance, Michael Freedy, wanted to wait until the vaccine had been available for a year before getting it.

.She told KVVU that his last text message to her was, “I should have gotten the damn vaccine.”“Hug your loved ones. Because it turned so fast,” she wrote on the GoFundMe page. “And I would give practically anything to hear Mike say my name and hug me and be able to tell him I love him more than ever.”

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GoFundMeThe father of five had trouble breathing and was placed on a ventilator before eventually being sedated, his fiancee said. Since Freedy’s diagnosis, DuPreez said she has gotten vaccinated, as has her oldest child. She is now encouraging anyone who is on the fence about getting the vaccine purely because of side effect concerns to get it.

“Everybody can have a bad reaction to any vaccine throughout history but I would take a bad reaction to the vaccine over having to bury my husband,”she told CNN.More than 610,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, according headtopics.com

to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. Read more: HuffPost »

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What do we have to do to get people to go get vaccinated If you are obese you should definitely get the vaccine. This guy was clearly not healthy Too bad. So sad. Now his wife and kids are left to fend for themselves. So selfish. Look yourself in the mirror America. So sad 😥😥😥😥 Russian roulette ClayTravis

both sad and annoying. such scary stories just make antivaxxers more stubborn. ppl don't like being pressed and intimidated (I'm not an antivaxxer, got vaccinated 2 months ago) That’s sad. So sad Yup! That exactly what he texted. As he was dying. They have been testing on rats, then humans, for about over a year already when. Pandemic hit early last year.

University of Southern Mississippi paying tuition, housing for vaccinated studentsUniversity of Southern Mississippi Covid-19 vaccine incentive program offers students the chance for reduced tuition and housing. Top Infectious Disease Expert Physician in S. Korea explains Covid Delta variant.

Oh Well. Stupidity and Arrogance got him killed! I feel your loss Sad this happened. I really feel for his kids. People. Thoughts and prayers And he reproduced ohh shot. First of all why would you go on vacation during a pandemic without being vaccinated. Not only did these parents put themselves in danger they have put the children that they are supposed to protect in jeopardy. Hard to be empathetic.

There are poor countries in the world, where if the vaccine was free and plentiful, there would be a stampede. In the USA we offer to PAY people to get the vaccine and they say no way……….So sick of it. Please could you make an article about the passing of Jacob Devarieux one of the greatest Caribbean musician who died from Covid-19 though he had had his 3 doses of vaccine?

'A Few Mutations Away': The Threat of a Vaccine-Proof VariantAs a result of the high amount of coronavirus circulating in the U.S., largely among unvaccinated people, we could be 'just a few mutations away' from a COVID variant that can evade our vaccines, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warned this week. The vaccinations are poison STOP . YOUR MEDIA playing OVER Sensationalism😡❗ “High” amount? 99% of the country is reporting less then 50/100,000 cases (which seems like are arbitrary number anyways). The same amount that was what was used to open things up. Science doesn’t know math.

Not only did he not get the vaccine, but also traveled freely during a pandemic. So tragic for his family. Natural selection My friend got married last yr & her new husband got COVID after being married for a week. He went to the hospital for several months- I held her almost everyday while she cried “I just want to see him.” My heart would break. He never came home. Please get vaccinated.

Someone should sue foxnews, newsmax and oann for all the bullshit they spread. Covid v the anti vaxxers... I know where my money is going! Natural selection at it's finest. How many morons out there will learn something from his experience? Well, he was an idiot, and now he’s dead. Freedom means nothing when you are six under...

prbly shouldna voted Trump either, i mean if we wanna split hairs

To get shots in arms, governments turn to money in pocketsCash injection: Millions of people in the U.S. who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine could soon have a new reason to roll up their sleeves: money in their pockets. What about all the rest of us that worked threw this shit! Biden’s a joke! You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Why should those who have already been vaccinated not have more money in their pockets? CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated.

Bye The Biden administration is blaming this man for living in a town where they sent a bus full of sick immigrants. How is this his fault? The administration doesn't even know where these buses full of sick immigrants are going to land. They put them on a bus without testing them. Was he Overweight? This story makes those of us who readily vaccinated shake our heads in both anger and sadness. And for people who still think like he *did* (past-tense is important to note) - this story isn't going to convince them to do shit. Half our country is proudly drunk-driving around us.

Many years of brain washing by the GQP, and right wing media outlets. Why not promote vaccine to keep business open? But they do what’s best for the GQP grift and votes which are no masks and fake freedom BS. I enjoy these stories. Keep them coming! They were warned and chose to ignore the warning. This is not only sad, it’s tragic and avoidable. Get the frigging vaccine.

Guess he should have...... I'll still pass though. You are trying to justify nonsense if it was saving life's you were not gonna encourage people or forcing people hell on you Here's the thing unvaccinated people your chances of getting hospitalized and dying is high when you get vaccinated and if you get covid the chances of death and hospitalization is low so please don't wait and see approach take the vaccine

New Global Database To Improve Transparency In Vaccine SupplyThe Covid-19 task force has launched a new global database to track vaccine supply as vaccine access continues to remain a challenge in much of the developing world. thanks

Heart breaking. Is this the same guy who didn’t have enough sense to put on sunscreen at the beach? Why are tweets like this posted - is someone, lying in bed dying, going to change any minds about the vaccine? If a dying persons pleas worked, there’d be a run on vaccination sites - there ain’t! Propaganda.

I feel sorry for his children. Sad Sadly though, the gene pool will not improve from this; he already procreated 5 times... Well The virus doesn't have time to wait that long it has work to do in a timely manner Willem Engel dancalegria duh

Top NOLA Music Venues Wisely Move to Require Vaccine or Negative COVID TestTipitina’s, D.B.A, and the Maple Leaf announced the new policy, effective Friday, July 30, in a joint statement

Pieter Borger BorgerPieter I'm not sure where these people get these machinations. 'I'll wait a year.' 'The vaccines have microchips.' 'We're not sure what they're made of.' Those are pointless if you're dead. Lol This is good advice if your talking about operating system upgrades. Not so much in the current predicament.

Makes sense Stories like these just prove there are far too many stupid people in this world. This was totally avoidable. 5 kids don't have a dad because their dad thought a virus would care about their father's timeline. I wish stories like these would change minds, but I doubt they do. Humans think they are exceptions. This story just reminds you that you definitely are not.

Stop with these stories! Quit making excuses for people! Who cares if he wanted to wait a year, he infected others and died, this should be more of an example of what NOT to do instead of a poor man got COVID story

More L.A. restaurants are requiring COVID-19 vaccines or tests amid Delta variant surgeA growing number of Los Angeles restaurants are requiring that diners be vaccinated against COVID-19 or show proof of a recent negative test. wow More LA restaurants will be going out of business. '.... or show proof of a recent negative test.' We continue to muddle through.

A little too late for that buddy can you believe in the propaganda they will put it out there I don’t believe in a vaccine I don’t believe in masks this is a man-made disease and you pay the price sorry for the loss of your and you your family Duh... Owned Sucks for them This is so sad 😞. The more of these folks pass, the better for the country/planet.

I on the other hand watched what rich people did. They paid extra, traveled to other areas, lied etc to get this vaccination. Rupert Murdoch was one of the first people to get it. So I got it as soon as I could 😂 So sad. But don't let this be in vain. Have his family work on getting a PSA put together, with that text and video and more. Get it out on the airwaves ASAP.

Unexplainable! 100 years from now nobody will believe you if you tell them this story

The pandemic getting rid of the dumb republican voters Life comes at you fast. My non-vaxed coworkers said all us vaccinated peeps will be calling the number of a tv ad a year from now that says ' Were you vaccinated for C19? Call this number now. You are eligible for a cash settlement ' U cannot reach these people

Rest up. Regardless of the situation, people should choose empathy over celebrating about being right. Like he waited to get married. Or lose weight. Bunch of bs c'est la vie. Tired of these stories. Let’s get some stories of a vaccinated grandma who got a mild case and lived to hug her grandkids again No stories of the people double-stuck getting it? Hmmm

At least he got to own the libs