Father calls cops on his son, thwarts possible mass shooting in Texas

A possible mass shooting was thwarted in Texas after a concerned father called police on his son.


A possible mass shooting was thwarted in Texas after a concerned father called police on his son.

Fort Worth police were able to intercept a 27-year-old man with mental health issues who was searching for a gun.

Fort Worth Police Department public information officer Buddy Calzada told ABC News that the man, whose name is not being publicly released, was known to police.

Members of the police department's Crisis Intervention Team searched for the suspect and found him in west downtown Fort Worth with $600 to $700 cash, and he"stated he was going to buy a gun off the street."

The man was apprehended and transported to a local mental health facility, where he currently remains. He's not currently facing charges, and his release date from the mental health facility hasn't been determined.

Read more: ABC News

Oooooo_Donna Sounds like he was going to purchase that gun illegally — you know after being turned down at local stores, and withdrawing cash Finally a parent that was paying attention But isn't it his right as an American to stock pile guns 🙄 Merica If you see something, say something. Well done dad.

Thank God for this father. Wtf is wrong with Texas lately? I need to gtfoh Well done Moscow Mitch! you exceeded all expectations This is how you stop mass shooters.....not with gun control. PhillipsNguyen9 Im grateful the multiple places that required background checks and kept him from buying. Blessing to father and son, that's gotta be hard. We must care for our mentally ill, they are only replicating behaviors modeled and feeling the violence within that brings.

RobAbramowitz good thing the father saw some warning signs or red flags in his son. We need more of this

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Thank goodness!! This is Deangelo Parnell. He shot 10 kids at a HS football game in Mobile, Alabama on Aug 31st. Half of them are critically injured. Have you heard about it? No. It does not fit the gun-grab narrative. Hes not white. What a strange state of affairs that young men should feel so isolated and crazed - and their fathers so detached... An age of madness.

Brave father 🤔🤔 Good going. It was a tough decision but the right one. We should start profiling white men between the ages of 10 and 110. They apparently have lost their minds. True patenting is a TOUGH job, no one said it would be easy. You ARE TESTED each day. Some are easier than others ULTIMATE ACT of LOVE by this dad 😢❤️

I wonder did he have a vape pen!!! shylohg Not brave, it’s called fuqing parenting FFS The no balls GOP & their master must learn from this brave father,that call the police on his son who was looking to get guns& possibly kill lots of people.

How to Make Texas Queso Without the Processed Cheese'In Texas, we try to have as many occasions as possible to eat queso.” I can’t believe I watched that video: cheese, cornstarch, milk and microwave. 😂 Don't. If it doesn't have processed cheese IT ISN'T TEXAS QUESO now is it?

👊 Because most japanies men believe cleaning house,cooking, changing dipers. ,,,,,, all are women's job not man ,it is part of culture This is how you solve these domestic types of incidents. Report violent, suspicious, erratic, and odd behavior to law enforcement and demand that they intervene. Because no one wants to be left holding that ball. Not more laws please, we can't enforce the ones we have.

and those blocking background checks and so called red flag legislation ought to be ashamed of themselves the father here saved the day what about next time somebody is not around to save the day and tragedy strike again what then My father was a Rat's ass too when it came to me & the Cops !! My God Bless His Soul !! RIP Dad !!

No guns 4 kids !! I'm sure the Thoughts and Prayers from the Republicans also helped thwart this....l mean that's all this who gives a fuck party will do about mass shottings. I wouldn't call it brave...if you are afraid of your own son that may be part of the problem Thank God for background checks! Only vigilance by public, police and mental heath can stop violence.

Texas high school student has 'medical emergency' after vaping, officials sayA Houston-area high school student fell ill after vaping and was rushed to the hospital on Monday evening, officials said. legalize unnatural things treat the consequences with more unnatural things the perfect money circle ... commercialized pharma V nature? More people are at risk of dying from being fat than people who smoke. They complain about the smell but you don't hear people bitching about their fat ass smelling like rotten cheese. Discrimination against smokers caused this shit. Processed foods kill more people than tobacco. ok since this didn't appear to be happening before has anyone done biological/chemical weapons check on the fluids used in the devices of those injured/deceased?

Thank you for calling the police on your son. You did save lives. Something is definitely going on in this generation that needs to be addressed. This is how you solve these these domestic types of incidents. Report violent, suspicious, erratic, and odd behavior to law enforcement and demand that they intervene. Because no one wants to be left holding that ball. Not more laws please, we can't enforce the ones we have.

Man's father saved many lives. Salute him. Her mother told her to get some rest, go to sleep and we'll deal with it in the morning. Later the police revealed she contacted a car wreckers to wreck the car that was involved. Made me sick so I applaud this father for calling the police. Was he vaping too? Because our president will take care of that, but he can keep the gun.

She then drove off, left the boy alone. (He died later on) She then went to her friends house, calmed down or whatever, then came back to the scene hours later in a different car. She then went home and told her mum...

After mass shootings, gun advocates in Texas worry about a political shiftGuns are deeply ingrained in the culture of Texas, where learning to shoot is a common rite of passage and even some gun control proponents own firearms. But there are signs that Texas is getting less gun-friendly. 'They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.' Isaiah 2:4 Now, can they turn their guns into hoes? Someone needs to ask that gun-totin' priest and bible thumping AmmoSexuals: 'Did your Lord Jesus carry a sword or a cross? WWJD?' What part of shall not be infringed in the constitution in the Bill of Rights does the mainstream media not understand? What's the low IQ of the gun collectors in mainstream media really at 60? Or lower? Do they really want a civil war? I believe they do they want blood Jesus lord my god bless this nation's guns!!

In Texas, a Lone House Democrat Has an ‘A’ Rating From the N.R.A. Can He Survive?Henry Cuellar is the lone House Democrat from Texas with an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association. He voted this year to expand background checks for gun buyers, endangering his NRA support. An A rating from a terrorist organization ought to disqualify one from public service. Henry Cuellar should be a good example for CorruptTrump, his corrupt family, and his comrades in his regime Background checks are not 'anti-gun'. Shouldn't affect his rating, at all.

Around the Table with Beto O’Rourke: Texas voters talk guns, racism and immigration“We need a bulldog in there.” Three Texan voters join Beto O'Rourke at his dinner table for a candid discussion about guns, racism, immigration and more. byronpitts hosts: Watch the full clip: byronpitts democratsoncrack byronpitts well, that was a waste of bandwidth byronpitts Why are you giving this 1% far-left loser all this airtime He’s losing. BADLY.

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