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6/7/2022 12:00:00 AM

I think the Bard would be thrilled to see his classic play Hamlet given a colorful twist by James IJames with his 2022 Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Fat Ham,” playing at The Public Theater.

I think the Bard would be thrilled to see his classic play Hamlet given a colorful twist by James IJames with his 2022 Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Fat Ham,” playing at The Public Theater.

I think the Bard would be thrilled to see his classic play Hamlet given a colorful twist by James IJames with his 2022 Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Fat Ham,” playing at The Public Theater.

This magnificently creative play that gives “Hamlet” a spin includes an all-Black family, the murder of the cruel patriarch, his brother facilitating it and marrying his widow and the ghost of the patriarch bidding his gay, Black son Juicy to avenge his death, as Juicy prepares the backyard for the wedding reception.According to The Athletic , the coaching staff will include former four-time NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace.Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green said Ham will bring a certain level of toughness to the organization.The city’s tourism sector and normally high demand for hotel rooms dropped significantly in the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and wasn’t really projected to recover until 2025, according to a city planning hotel market analysis.

Doesn’t sound like Shakespeare to you? Well, this play is one of the most prolific works you will have the incredible opportunity to see.This stunning production shows the gem that emerges when The Public Theater and the National Black Theatre co-produce a work.The 47-year-old who played 16 seasons in the league previously served as an assistant coach with the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team, working with head coach Penny Hardaway.And it is remarkably directed by The Public Theater Associate Artistic Director/Resident Director—Saheem Ali.C.What was so engaging about this play is not only are they doing a Black take-off of Hamlet, Juicy tends to quote Shakespeare and many of the actors engage in breaking the fourth wall and speak to the audience.(Photo by Visual China Group via Get The press conference is set to begin at 12 p.That alone takes this work to an utterly fantastic level.6262, gained traction.

There are a great deal of clever moments.Who is Darvin Ham? Darvin Ham played college hoops at Texas Tech University and played for eight seasons in the NBA from 1996 to 2005.That’s how he’s raised.The laughs are off-the-chains.Juicy is a college student who never had the support of his father Papp.He then landed an assistant coaching role with the Lakers in 2011 as an assistant to Mike Brown and in 2013, he joined the Atlanta Hawks coaching staff.He put him down for being gay and used to do cruel things to him.And he’s going to command and require a different respect level that they haven’t really had.Papp is so hard a person, he killed a man for speaking to him because the man had bad breath! Juicy is comfortable being gay, but the only person who has always accepted him is her mother Tedra.Darvin Ham’s connection to Kobe Bryant Legendary Laker Kobe Bryant reportedly approved of Ham’s physicality and toughness when Ham worked as a player development coach from 2011-13.“All New Yorkers deserve safe and stable housing, and we have to create more flexibility in our zoning and building codes to allow for the conversion of underutilized and vacant hotels into desperately needed supportive and affordable housing,” said Speaker Adams in a statement.

He is close with his cousin Tio.Tio is quite a character, as he watches porn and demonstrates that he thinks he could do some of the sexual positions."[Kobe and Darvin] had daily sessions after practice..He also loves to get high and play wild video games.Juicy’s uncle Rev, who had his father Papp murdered and married his wife Tedra, is as mean a person as Papp and physical assaults Juicy.Kobe said, ‘I love that.He constantly verbally attacks Juicy for his way of dressing and his demeanor.The signing of Russell Westbrook last offseason led many to believe the Lakers could compete for an NBA championship.“They have created conditions in our communities that they use for so many illegal means, and those that are closed, you’re unable to really convert them in a manner that we see so they can be an asset to the community instead of an impediment.

Juicy is decorating the backyard of the house for a wedding reception for his mother and her new husband, his Uncle Rev.Ham and Bryant also competed in the 1997 Dunk Contest.Once the ghost of Papp confronts him about his murder, Juicy’s life is not the same.Papp demands that he murder his uncle.Although he lost to the iconic Laker, he earned the nicknames "Dunkin’ Darvin," and "Ham Slamwich.Juicy’s other relatives also lend to the drama and comedy of the story as his Aunt Rabby comes for the reception and brings Juicy’s cousin Larry and Opal.Both are not living their truth and Juicy knows it.“We have a housing crisis,” said Brewer, “and these hotels can be converted to permanent supportive housing as the Prince George [Hotel], as the Woodstock [Hotel] were 30 years ago.

“Fat Ham” is a tasty tale that will have your pallet for Shakespeare satisfied, your funnybone tickled, your shock enticed and your mind swirling with delectable delight! My daughter Jasmine and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Don’t let it being based on Hamlet fool you.“Fat Ham” has an ending that is nothing less than unexpected and tremendously creative.Marcel Spears as Juicy is absolutely BRILLIANT! He makes that character shine brightly and beautifully represents the Black, gay community and the struggles and degradation they can go through from their own family members.Juicy is also well versed in Shakespeare and does him proud.“The thing that folks find really egregious about the shelter system in a lot of cases is the curfews, lack of visitors, the searches as you enter the building,” said Loonam.

Nikki Crawford as his sexy, supportive mother Tedra is superb in the role of this bumping and grinding temptress.Her character is very funny and over the top, as are all the characters in this play.Billy Eugene Jones proves to be doubly evil and delightful as he portrays both Rev and Papp.Chris Herbie Holland as Tio, the porn watching, drug taking, video game playing cousin and confidente is absolutely hilarious.Adrianna Mitchell is a breath of fresh air as Opal, a lesbian who is made to wear dresses by her mother, Rabby.Long is a Report for America corps member and writes about culture and politics in New York City for The Amsterdam News.

Rabby is an overbearing woman who doesn’t want to recognize the truth about her daughter or her son Larry.She is marvelously played by Benja Kay Thomas.Rabby is someone who has advice for everyone, but doesn’t see the trouble in her own household.Calvin Leon Smith is stunning in his delivery of Larry! Seven is definitely a lucky number for “Fat Ham” because this cast of seven brings the laughter, joy, crazy and the frequent breaking of the fourth wall, all of which completely engage the audience and make you want more! You have got to go see “Fat Ham,” extended now through July 3! Take the whole family and let “Fat Ham” be your new means to “brush up your Shakespeare.” When it comes to the question of “To be, or not to be,” I’m so grateful that Ijames chose to let “Fat Ham” BE! The Public Theater is at 425 Lafayette Avenue in lower Manhattan.

For more info, visit www.publictheater.org.Related.

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