Fasting is 'nothing special' for weight loss, study finds. Experts disagree

Should people who like intermittent fasting be put off by the findings?

6/23/2021 9:01:00 PM

Fasting is 'nothing special' for weight loss, study finds. Experts disagree

Should people who like intermittent fasting be put off by the findings?

for many people, so a new study suggesting it’s less effective than traditional diets and comes with health drawbacks may seem concerning.But experts who study intermittent fasting cautioned against misinterpreting the results and sticking with the approach if it works for you.

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First, the findings: A randomized controlled trial found participants who fasted on alternate days lost less weight than those who simply ate less every day — even when both groups ended up restricting the same amount of calories overall, according to the

studypublished in the journal Science Translational Medicine.People in the fasting group also lost more muscle mass and less body fat than the traditional dieters, likely because they moved less throughout the day, researchers found. Reducing physical activity may be the body’s subconscious response to fasting, they noted.

Sept. 30, 202003:03The findings suggest intermittent fasting is “no magic bullet” and there’s nothing special about it compared to a standard diet, said lead author James Betts, professor of metabolic physiology at the University of Bath and co-director of the school’s Centre for Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism,

.Still, it’s important to note that both eating approaches led to weight loss, he said.“Our study was not designed to work out which diet is best, but rather to understand fasting better,” Betts told TODAY. Read more: »

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