Entertainment, Vol 49 Issue 31

Entertainment, Vol 49 Issue 31

Fans Of Green Screens, Incredibly Fake-Looking Things Express Love For Modern Cinema

Fans Of Green Screens, Incredibly Fake-Looking Things Express Love For Modern Cinema

10/24/2021 3:15:00 AM

Fans Of Green Screens, Incredibly Fake-Looking Things Express Love For Modern Cinema

NEW YORK—Self-proclaimed fans of artificially sleek movies that at no point appear as though they contain real human beings onscreen in real locations doing real things expressed their ongoing appreciation for modern filmmaking today, sources confirmed. “We live in a veritable golden age for films featuring performers…

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See Adele before and after 'Power of Makeup' makeover - CNN Video

British superstar Adele sat down with beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager for a tell-all 'Power of Makeup' session.

narayan_arjun this you? OK boomer. Darkseid is furious about this article Man, I do love both of those things. Though, the things could be faker looking. I mean like on the level of puppets and rubber monster suits. Awful timing. Just absolutely awful timing to post something like this when CG could prevent needless 'prop' gun deaths.

Okay, Boomer. Marvel fans Well that is a pretty kick-ass picture. Fans of accidental shootings, stunt-people dying, and serious on-set injuries insist filmmakers continue to 'make it look authentic.'

Koeman says Barca need to make fans proud in Clasico against RealBarcelona coach Ronald Koeman said his side will need to be fearless to beat rivals Real Madrid on Sunday as he called on the club's fans to get behind the team following a challenging start to the season.

It's not 'modern cinema', it's 'motion pictures'. lol. The good news is they make the scenes so dark you can't even see how crappy the special effects look. This frees you up to make up all the pictures in your mind, so it's like sharing an audio book with new friends! Different tools for different jobs.

LukeRussell1281 For me, the worst offender is still the Star Wars prequel trilogy. It's not the special effects or digital characters. It's that they didn't even bother to have a lot of the live action actors film the scene together. It has to have a minimum of 15 A-list actors that I recognize as well & another 15 B-listers that I recognize.

Clarknova1 You didn't have to call me out like that. Lol. i feel personally attacked lol The real problem with modern cinema is that it doesn't look fake enough. We need more Speed Racers. But with digital effects you 'can do anything'! It takes just as much effort or more than other methods to do it right, and inconsistent lighting makes any 'great' digital model look as bad as a real one, and some directors mistakenly think it turns crap into gold, but DIGITAL!

That trident is an anachronism. They weren't invented for another 500 years. Any five-year-old digital fantasy fan could tell you that.

Harry Styles Had Fans Sing 'Happy Birthday' to His Mom at a Recent ConcertTalk about a birthday dream.

Omg thank you! Finally someone willing to punch up at the movie industry! And so funny! Marvel fan? I’m the leash towards the future. If I don’t want any of you there, you don’t get there If only they could squeeze just a *little more humanity out of film. Most people don't notice that in most of the Marvel films, Green Screen is listed as the co-director.

It’s like today’s music vs the 70s and 80s. One likes to believe in the freedom of music. hey Mr. Scorsese congrats on the new job at The Onion Back in my day they really used the Ark of the Covenant to melt a guy's face off |3 Marvel stans incoming Real fantasies

Fans can't get over Will Poulter's transformation as he prepares for Marvel rolePoulter is preparing to play a Marvel superhero in the upcoming 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.'

Holly Willoughby praised by fans as she poses for barely-there makeup snapNormally glamourous This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby took to social media to give fans a glimpse of what her laidback Friday was looking like

Strictly 2021: Fans sent wild by AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington's sensual routineStrictly Come Dancing is heating up, and this was clear when AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington took to the floor

As trans Netflix employees protest, Dave Chappelle’s fans pack his London showDave Chappelle is planning a U.S. tour of his controversial Netflix special “The Closer” in the event that the streamer pulls the show, according to fans who attended a London gig on Wednesday. Good. Trans community needs to check their privilege before they start going after Chappelle. alright. He is guilty. The Closer was hilarious