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Fan Bravely Ventures To Other Side Of Stadium In Search Of Better Food Options

Fan Bravely Ventures To Other Side Of Stadium In Search Of Better Food Options


Fan Bravely Ventures To Other Side Of Stadium In Search Of Better Food Options

CINCINNATI—Fearlessly embarking on a journey to areas as far as the outer mezzanine, local Cincinnati Reds fan Tony Amico, 38, reportedly departed from his section at Great American Ball Park Friday and trekked all the way to the other side of the stadium in search of better food options. “I’m pretty hungry, but all they have around here are hot dogs and nachos, and I don’t really feel like either of those,” Amico told reporters as he began his long and arduous odyssey past 23 different seating sections in the concourse, holding out hope of coming across pizza or perhaps even some barbecue. “I saw a guy walk past with some tacos, but I have no idea where he got them from. I could have sworn I saw a place with pulled pork sliders while we were walking up to our seats, too—I could definitely go for that.” At press time, Amico had finally reached the promised land after discovering a concession stand selling chicken tenders, but ultimately opted to return to his seat empty-handed after learning that they cost $12.

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I never found those funnel cakes. Damn they looked delicious. reds help the man out! Once again, America's Finest News Source (tm) not only gets it right, but describes something I've repeatedly done. Thank you for calling attention to this important issue; if you don't win (another) big sack of awards, something is wrong. (And when it is, you'll report it.)

This needs a powersnack! ...finds 12 oz can of crappy beer costs $7.50... Finds ultimate hot pretzel with nacho cheese dip 😆 E M O T I O N A L Chef's pro tip: The trick to finding good food is to go to a nearby dumpster, where local rats set up snack stands. They often sell their food at a discount price.

Been there, done that. It's that spirit of adventure that opened the West to exploitation and genocide of Native Americans. Well, that side of Great American Ballpark does have the better food.

Rangers handed partial stadium ban for fans' racist behaviourRangers have been ordered by UEFA to close a section of their Ibrox Stadium for ... Scotland’s shame What a surprise! Rangers fans being racist who would of guessed

He was looking for the deep fried stick of butter wrapped in bacon. What a noob, he should use a drone Relatable originalgsaul it’s like the Onion watched us last night Sir Edmund Hillary says, 'Godspeed'. Ooo, quesadillas! I do that in every venue! Like Marco Polo returning from China with Spaghetti. TOILET supportN realDonaldTrump specially reinforced w 'steel-rebar to withstand extremely SEVERE LOADS (Bozo's wt, never mind actual human-waste & 'crap) which this commode 'literally subjected so DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME unless your wt LESS than 239 lbs

you never know, even if you know

Fans Were Delighted When Prince Harry Took to the Pitch at Wembley StadiumPlease report this. Qur turma linda e super demais kkjkkk um beijão para minha RAINHA Elizabeth II TODA PODEROSA E RESPEITADA NO MUNDO INTEIRO Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 👰🤵❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤👸🤴

7 Daily Habits to Make Life a Little Better for Yourself & OthersHouston, we have a problem… The news headlines are often daunting. Even if you try, it’s impossible to fully escape it. The evening news, phone alerts, and social media continue to feed…

14 Things That Sure Look Like Food But Unfortunately Are Not FoodLET ME EAT IT. This article is hateful. That frog freaks me out. I can't believe that exist. There are too many things that is wrong with this world.

US-Australia basketball: Not all in crowd happy with seatingSome fans in the biggest crowd to watch a basketball game in Australia, including actor Russell Crowe, complained about views — or lack of them — from sections of the stadium. I’m sure it was annoying for the fans but how is this even news? RussellCrowe looks old, man.

Opinion | We Liberals Need Self-CriticismFrom WSJOpinion: It should be easy to beat Trump in 2020, but first progressives need to shape up, writes Ioannis Gatsiounis opinion about as easily as Hillary beat him w/ a 96% chance of winning according to NYTimes. HAHAHAHAAA Opinions are like.... opinion 'Liberal centrism, an amorphous mass of ideologies enslaved by markets, profits and neoliberal capitalism, is useful only to delay the descent to bare fascism — a preferred outcome to socialism for the materially privileged.' opinion instablock....WSJ is a shell of it's former self

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