Family of fallen Capitol Police officer refuses to shake hands with McCarthy, McConnell at medal ceremony

12/6/2022 10:30:00 PM

Deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's brother said of Republican leaders that 'they have no idea what integrity is.'

The family of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died a day after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, did not shake hands with Republican lawmakers at a ceremony honoring officers that responded to the riot.

Deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's brother said of Republican leaders that 'they have no idea what integrity is.'

December 6, 2022 Ken Sicknick, who described himself as a"lifelong Republican," did have words of praise for one Republican, Rep.Stafford, Texas - The Stafford Police Department is investigating a shooting incident involving an off-duty Houston police officer.December 5, 2022 at 4:38 p.BERKELEY, Calif.

Liz Cheney, who is the vice chair of the House select committee investigating Jan.6 and was defeated in her reelection bid this year.m.Cheney, who was one of only 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, was also ousted from her House GOP leadership position for her open criticism of Trump.m."Liz gave up her political career to do what was right," Sicknick said.The officer took action to stop the robbery and discharged his duty weapon at least one time at the suspect.Congress presented its highest honor, the Congressional Gold Medal, to the police departments that saved the Capitol and stopped the Jan.S.

6, 2021, insurrection.It is unknown if the robbery suspect was injured.Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman will assume leadership of the campus police department in February.At a ceremony inside the Capitol Rotunda, a site of some of the rioting during the siege, congressional leaders bestowed the engraved medals to leaders of the U.S.He was sworn in as an HPD officer in May 2021 and is assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.Capitol Police Department and Metropolitan Police Department of Washington.UC officials offered their praise for Pittman’s tenure during a tumultuous time, as well as support for her potential in guiding the department in the wake of current UC Police Chief Margo Bennett’s retirement, announced in October."We honor their service and sacrifice in answering the call to defend democracy in one of our darkest hours," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.HOLIDAY DELIVERY SCAM WARNING Any inquiries or anyone with information in this case should contact Stafford PD at 281-261-3950.She was the subject of a from the officers union and faced questions from members of Congress about why the force hadn’t been better prepared for supporters of former President Donald Trump to storm the Capitol.

The legislation for the award, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden, formally noted Sicknick's service and also recognized the officers who died by suicide in the ensuing weeks.Speakers also paid unique tribute to Capitol officer Eugene Goodman , who famously re-directed the attacking mob from the US Senate chamber..” UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher echoed Christ’s support.In accepting the award for his department, Capitol Police chief Thomas Manger called Jan.6 a day of"chaos, courage and resolve." "I also want to thank our law enforcement partners, especially the Metropolitan Police Department, who came to our aid that day," Manger said.But in Chief Pittman, we have a leader of incredible personal and professional experience.PROMOTIONS Offers from FOX Television stations and our advertisers By clicking Sign Up, I confirm that I have read and agree to the.

"Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for what you did to help our officers by joining the fight." The police response on Jan.6 stopped and ultimately removed hundreds, if not thousands, of rioters who'd breached Capitol doors and barriers.” Pittman, who was sworn in as a Capitol Police officer hours after the Sept.Police warded off some rioters who were armed with guns and makeshift weapons, ranging from flagpoles, to bear spray, bats, sticks and knives.The police agencies also moved swiftly to clear and inspect some of the trampled areas of the Capitol to ensure it was safe to reopen within hours, for Congress to resume and complete the certification of the electoral ballots.

The attack happened while members of both congressional chambers were inside holding a joint session to count electoral college votes and ultimately certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.Y..

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Their Liars! Sad display of a family members using Officer’s Sicknick’s death to promote A false narrative of what truthfully happened. Republicans we’re fools lining up to shake their hands. Stop The Lies! I usually disagree with such displays of disrespect toward elected officials…BUT I completely understand this one.

Who cares? But they embrace with the woman who ignored repeated requests by the Trump WH for National Guard to come in for added protection. Makes sense. Why is this guy being honored like this again? did I miss the interview with the Husband of the women shot down in cold blood that day, when NO, not ONE police officer was killed?

TOO BAD HISTORY OF HEART DISEASE FOR THIS OFFICER HOW ABOUT THE LADY VET WHO GOT SHOT AND KILLED BY AN OFFICER , THE ONLY FATALITY YOU ARE SO BIASED NOT GOOD REPORTING They give the guy that executed the Air Force Veteran a medal? So brave. The capital police opened the doors… Both unworthy That's the best thing I've seen in a long time!

Even the Republican senators were notionally present symbolically and were spared of the agony of shaking hands with someone whom they feel had thwarted their efforts. Brutus too was 'reliably' present till he stabbed Julius!

Officer-involved shooting: Houston police officer opens fire on suspect attempting to rob FedEx truckThe Houston police officer was off-duty at the time of the shooting.

He died of natural causes. Nothing to do with J6. Pelosi set up the Capitol police. She knew January 6 mobs were coming and didn’t order riot teams to address. Sick 🦨 January6thCommiteeHearings DonaldJTrumpJr TrumpCoupAttempt TrumpVirus GeorgiaRunoff Booooo, sour They are not heroes, they are pelosi's body guards. If national guard were on board it would not have happened.

Legacy media is dead! Who cares He died of natural causes. SO WHAT? HOW MANY TIME COPS TURN THERE BACKS TO TheDemocrats? COUNTLESS Died of NATURAL causes. Fixed it. fakenews

Former U.S. Capitol Police chief to lead UC Berkeley policeUniversity of California officials announced Monday that former acting United States Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman will assume leadership of the campus police department early next year.

Childish So what? Classy. Making an insulting statement despite the fact that his death had nothing to do with the riot. Who cares. This is all just for the optics. This is written in a deceptive way as to say his death was caused by January 6. According to chief medical examiner his death was a natural causes and had nothing to do with January 6.

Wonder what “news” org they watch? Should’ve leaned forward and told those two treasonous fools what you think about them. Make them listen to you! The Hoax Continues How about that Twitter collusion.

UC Berkeley's new police chief used to lead US Capitol policeUC Berkeley's police department is getting a new police chief – the former acting police chief at the US Capitol. I just read the Capital police had “addressed” and fixed all the issues with Jan 6. Response. 😌 bay area is about to be a much better safer and peaceful place. AlamedaCountyDA AlamedaPD thanks WhiteHouse

Snub Mitch and each one of his chins Brainwash when you need a company to push a bullshit agenda, there's always CBS, not to worry but, with your ratings you won't be around much longer. The propaganda level here is astounding, VoteDemOUT RINOs2 Didn't he die the day after? It's their base What a complete clownshow.

A voice of reason, well done! Fake outrage I really think that McConnel and Schumer have more to do with J6 than Trump did!

Mother of officer killed in Capitol riot refuses to shake McConnell's handGladys Sicknick, mother of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick who died after the Capitol riot, refused to shake hands with Republicans Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy during a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony honoring Jan. 6 police. Despicable behavior to make a ceremony political, I’d walk out Love it As well she should have. Hypocrites.

And yet... Alec Baldwin can actually murder one person, and seriously injure another and ..... over a year later nothing. No charges, nothing. This ... is the 'justice' under the Biden admin. Stop this political bullshit. Why not? They had nothing to do with his death. More stunts for a person died of natural causes.

The GOP should go to Mar-a-LIE-go with ground penetrating radar to find where their balls and backbones are buried. participation medals for nothing NoOneUnscripted Good for them. I wouldn’t have either. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Amen! This guy is spot on! good for them, so glad to see them stand up for what is right

Remember when it was an “armed insurrection? 😂 Good times.

Jan. 6 Congressional Gold Medal Honorees Snub Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnellThe family of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died after the Jan. 6 attack, refused to shake hands with the GOP leaders. A gas/store owner got tired of the WHACKO 13%ers and hired a security team armed to the teeth!! Please consider contributing to his security fund!! Search for it.....Of course it's in Philly!! Lol!! Brian Sicknick died of natural causes. Ashli Babbitt was shot to death while unarmed. I would have thought HuffPost WOMEN would care about that. This politicization of a heart attack is unreal and should be treated as libelous. Keep it political till the end

OneRepublic FBI/Democrat induced riot is all it was.. the family have been brainwashed You people (the MSM) claimed he was beaten to death by Trump supporters with a fire hydrant. You didn't report an 'unarmed' woman veteran pro election integrity protestor was shot or show the video of the incident, likewise the video of the capital police letting protestors in.

操 😂😂😂 That was the cop the democrats and the press claimed had been beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Then the family came out and said he died of natural causes. If they hadn’t blown the whistle, the mainstream media and DC authorities would still be claiming he was bludgeoned Well that’s just dumb. They didn’t kill your family member, nothing but theater

I sure wouldn’t have disrespected my deceased relative and denied my own morals by shaking the hands of persons who probably could have stopped Jan 6 from happening had they been brave enough to stand up against DJT.

McCarthy, McConnell snubbed by Capitol police and their families at medal ceremonyAt a medal ceremony commemorating the heroism of Capitol police officers who resisted the violence by Trump supporters on Jan. 6, 2021, police officers and their family members pointedly refused to shake hands with the two highest-ranking Republican lawmakers, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “They’re just two-faced,' Gladys Sicknick, the mother of fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, said when asked why she didn't shake the hands of McConnell and McCarthy. How many of these events will they parade for their enjoyment . Evil . They don't give a shit about those officers. Look at their faces 😡 Fire those azzholes.

Wonder if they shook hands with his fraternal brothers that let him die... Don’t blame them. Why do trump supporters think the election was stolen? Elected cowards to US Congress & Senate deserve no rewards whatsoever. They gave Trump free reign and that let him to incite the violence that killed him, McConnell failed to remove TFG and McCarthy helped plan it. I wouldn't want to shake hands with these cowards either. McConnell caused it all because he didn't like a blk potus. MAGAterrorist

What did they give to the one who murdered a unarmed American Vet.? There is still a murderer on the inside of the White House. McCarthy…It was disgusting seeing that those poor families had to see him there. That coward. That weasel. Their family members were injured and killed because of that loser and his loser leader.


I don’t think officers shook hands with them either. Can you blame them?! Because he knows they’re RINOs. Chuck Schumer can barely conceal his schadenfreude & it's almost as entertaining as when he beat McConnell to the podium when he became Senate Leader 😂😂 Your country is so fucking divided because of one thing- they are constantly reminded of it, by mainstream and social media.

Bravo captial police and families You are the bravest of brave

Americans are clear Republicans are not the path This guy is confused and has it all backwards Good for them, they did not shake the blood stain hands of hypocrites! Poor attitude. They didn’t kill his brother. Ridiculous We need more RINO’s like Liz. ~~~See my Bio~~~~ FULLMET52631413 Was there no hand sanitizer?

Putz He had a heart attack, he was going to die anyways. ✊🏻 Good for you.

Hunter Biden laptop story? FTX gives millions to democrats just before bankruptcy? Jeffrey Epstein list of child abusers? See any news lately. POLITICIANS DISGUST ME TOTALLY!!!!!!!! All part of their corrupt narrative. Same thing happened to McConnell at Elijah Cummings's funeral. the fact is the republican party and all who vote GOP are not Americans- they support the over throw of the country

A very dignified way to expressing their sentiment toward the GOP who did not stand for democracy, would not support the Capitol Police or other policing agencies, and many voted against this honor. They are all complicit in weakening our democracy. So he will shake hands with the folks that refused to get the national guard that day?

Good. I don’t blame them one bit. Disrespectful I don’t blame them. The GOP did incite the event that killed their loved one

Very Adult like. Well done. NOT. Why would they? Report on that. Did Ashli babbits family shake the hands of the capitol police? 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Miamicurt I saw that….it was the perfect brush off. So sad and disrespectful. Jan6Circus , how a simple protest was turned into a Insurrection for unarmed citizens that were even manipulated and instigated by provocateurs that the sham committee shielded them , from investigation and prosecution . Americans are in jail as PoliticalPrisoners .

who died of Natural causes according to the Coroner (even though the the CP said it was due to a fire extinguisher) they lied about) unlike the murder of Ashli Babbitt. There I fixed it for ya to be more accurate. Inside job They are corrupt hypocrite people that only care about themselves January6th Duh

She died too What a douche Staged Well done! The nerve of them to even stand there during the ceremony. They're delusional! What does an officer dying after the riot at the capital have anything to do with not shaking his hand please explain I am not in the know. Aww bigots wouldn’t shake hands with republicans.

Hey CBS Fake News, how do you have a Insurrection with a cell phone ? That is a petty person. Considering his death had nothing to do with the Protest on January 6th.The MSM, AND the Democrats have yet to explain, how you can have a Insurrection with a cell phone.

They're lucky snubbed is all they got. I'm sure the temptation to take them to task was immense. Every time someone brings up the insurrection, I immediately think of him and his family. They were wronged by so many in the house and senate. I support their decision. What about FTX Never question how a family mourns…

Childish, A grotesquely misunderstood display of guilt by association. If I was assaulted, I wouldn’t shake hands with the judge who let my assaulter off WITHOUT TESTIMONY either. Oh paleeze! Nancy mishandled calls for more security at the capital that day, yet that’s ok? GEESH! This childish behavior is the mentality behind the division in the U.S. It absolutely will break us.

He didn’t die because of the riot. Why is he being honored for it?

I love everything about it 😂 Lol - clowns Just like your “journalists” Honestly, I wouldn't be able to shake the hand of someone whom I didn't respect either. Petty. Just like CBS! Did you notice how every 'news' network is rushing to get this 'story' out? CNN and MSNBC have 'reported' on it multiple times today. They love to manipulate you. It gives them such joy.

Just keep walking… Who cares. They know perfectly well officer Sicknick died of natural causes from issues he already had. One wonders what the Democrats gave them to get them to play this game. The family just shook hands with a couple of Democrats who orchestrated and invited the rioters into the Capitol.


ooops... Withered old magats. There in lies the issue. People can't admit that there were very good questions being asked on Jan 6. No answers were forthcoming. I say, let us all see the video of that day, or just quit trying to make it sound terrible. If you respond with a transparent REAL investigation, mab

Love it! Trash Good on you all . Standing up for what’s right Estos reptiles canallas. Pawns. He is NOT wrong.

nothing more than bias based platforming I recall when the family said they did not want his death to be used by politicians. How about the officers who let protestors into the capitol or the politicians who refused the help of the NG? So more proof that they are for one party and not the other? Do they get paid directly by the Democratic party funds or are they paid by the US tax payers?

I wouldn't shake the hand of a Democrat either How about the Capitol Police Officer that shot the young Air Force woman. Did he shake that hand? Awww. My heart aches for Brian Sicknick's brother. Smh. May God bless this family. But shook Schumers 🤡 🤣 Wow, screw’m Bunch of leftist twits. Cowards that shot an unarmed female veteran. 🖕

So silly. Nobody cares. 😄 🤣 😂 who cares pattmlatimes Well deserved, intentional or not. The Republican Party is disgraceful and it’s leadership is deplorable. CBSNewYork Well, they work for the democrats As a mom of another Capitol police officer, she speaks for many of us. Thank you Mrs Sicknick and family ImWithGladys

The man who spoke after refusing to shake Mitch's hand is a true American. GOD Bless Him! Everything he said about Repubs is correct. Every Repub (other than Liz C & Adam K.) Should get an anti-medal. Perhaps a Scarlett Letter. I think they deserve a letter more than Hester did. The HouseGOP and SenateGOP have soiled themselves.

CBSNewYork It’s all about him!!!

The officer died of a stroke that was not related to January 6. Please tell this traitor to shut up Used as a pawn by a row of crooks hosting a circus show for the legacy media. Good job, tubs. Yet he’s willing to shake hands with Dem leaders who supported the BLM riots of 2020, which influenced Jan 6 Now we know why the truth about Sicknick dying from natural causes took so long to come out. His family was complicit in the hoax, they worked with the Democrats. This is their reward, a gold star for a guy who had a stroke.

Such one sided bullshit. Didn't he die the next say from natural causes? Shameful expoitation A great example of the hatefulness and spite that is produced by constant media propaganda. Eventually they’re going to be called to account for their role in the destruction of American society. This is beautiful.

Did Ray Epps get a medal? Didn’t die from the protest but because he was unhealthy

He died of an unrelated stroke. Source: Medical Examiner Autopsy Good for them. 🙄