Family of 8 shares adoption story, marks bond with matching tattoos

'Family isn't blood. Family is the people you choose to be around.'

11/24/2021 2:04:00 PM

'Family isn't blood. Family is the people you choose to be around.'

In 2017, the Brostowitz family doubled in size after adopting four children. During National Adoption Month, they are sharing their story.

The Brostowitz family all smiles on their adoption day in 2017.Six years ago, Mike Brostowitz received a phone call that would change his family's life. A social worker called about a group of four siblings who needed a forever home.Mike and his wife, Dawn Brostowitz, who live in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, had just started the formal process of getting a foster care license with the intent of adopting. At the time, their biological sons, Austin and Leo, were 10 and 12.

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"We were very, very open with our social worker that we wanted to adopt," Dawn said.When Mike called Dawn to share the news, he asked if she was sitting down."And I instantly asked, 'What did you break or buy?' Because I knew he did something," Dawn said.

Despite the surprise of four siblings, the couple spoke with two of their former foster moms and immediately felt there was something special about the kids. That feeling was confirmed when they met the four siblings -- Bruce, Autumn, Annissa, and Atlantis -- for the first time on a short weekend visit.

After gaining a temporary license, the siblings moved in nine days later, according to the couple. In that time, Mike said he rearranged the entire house and even started to build an additional bedroom to make them feel at home."When they showed up for the weekend visit, they saw the house under construction, and the kids got to go with us that weekend and pick out the colors for the rooms and all their bedding. So when they would show up, the rooms were together, everything was there," Mike said.

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The following June, in 2017, the Brostowitzes officially adopted the four siblings and their family of four doubled to a family of eight. While the Brostowitzes said they were overjoyed, having six children comes with challenges, from schedules to finances and adjusting to the new family dynamic.

"All of a sudden we get a whole new family added to ours and that adjustment period was really interesting," said their son, Austin.However, with a supportive network of family and friends to help, they family created balance. They even had other foster children come live with them for periods of time, including at one point an additional group of five foster kids, filling their home with eleven kids, at some points.

"I'm happy to have a great family that took us in and is able to give us a loving home that we never thought we would have," said Autumn, 16.

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