Family Haunted By 'Voices Talking About Christ' Coming Out of Their Walls for 6 Years

The father tore up his 9-year-old daughter's bedroom walls, but found nothing.

2/22/2020 11:55:00 PM

'There are voices in the wall and I don't know what it is,' said the 9-year-old daughter. (via toofab)

The father tore up his 9-year-old daughter's bedroom walls, but found nothing.

The Smith family from the town of Lockport say they are at their wits' end trying to find the source of the mysterious sounds that appear to originate from 9-year-old Brianna's bedroom wall at night, according toWLS-TV."There are voices in the wall and I don't know what it is," Brianna told the outlet.

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"We hear it audibly and it keeps us up at night," said Brianna's father, Richard Smith, adding, "It woke me up out of a sound sleep."Richard explained that they have never had any sort of speaker system in the walls.The family became so distraught that Richard eventually involved the Lockport police, who "took two detailed reports about the bizarre problem," according to the news source.

One report obtained by WLS-TV had an officer noting he could hear "voices and music" which appeared to be "talking about Christ."The same officer reported he heard a commercial for the Christian radio station AM 1160 later during the investigation.

View StoryTo prove the officer's claims, Richard said he recorded some of the noises on his phone and gave it to investigative reporter Jason Knowles of WLS-TV."I'm going to play another example, and you can hear the commentator or the pastor's voice in the wall," Jason said to Richard after listening to the recordings.

"He is praying over someone for healing," Richard explained."There it is. You hear this voice echoing through the wall, what do you think?" Jason asked."It's one of our favorite songs," Richard said of the music, adding, "but not at 10 o'clock at night."

View StoryRichard said he tore up Brianna's bedroom walls for a closer look, inspecting the electrical wiring, but found nothing suspicious.He said he believed the noise must be coming from one of six nearby radio towers, according to another police report. Salem Media Group, who owns AM 1160, then sent out an engineer to investigate, who also came up with no answers.

"He said, 'I got to be honest with you. I don't know what is acting as a speaker. There is nothing I can explain of why you're actually hearing it,'" Richard explained of the engineer to the outlet."Sometimes when we think we've arrived at a solution, the next season comes around, and it's back," Richard continued.

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Patrick Berger, director of engineering with Cumulus Media, told the outlet that the random noise disturbances is not necessarily a rare occurrence.View Story"It doesn't happen all the time, but it does," he explained. "When it comes to something like this, there is a small amount of people who actually have experience. AM is a wild thing."

He suggested the family hire an expert to look into the walls for "corroded piping or duct work.""The metal could act like a speaker," Patrick explained. "That is what they are hearing."The family said they have reached out to an engineer from a local station. In the meantime, they said they will do what they can to get by.

"I fall asleep in my parent's room," explained Brianna. Read more: TMZ »

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