Familia feud? Latino Biden supporters in Miami push back on pro-Trump relatives

For Maria Corina Vegas, a Venezuelan American Biden supporter, fighting against the socialism branding has become routine with her family.

10/18/2020 7:00:00 AM

For Maria Corina Vegas, a Venezuelan American Biden supporter, fighting against the socialism branding has become routine with her family.

“It’s really hard to talk to them from a rational point of view,' a Venezuelan Democrat said about hearing QAnon conspiracies from family members who back Trump.

For Maria Corina Vegas, a Venezuelan American Biden supporter, fighting against the socialism branding has become routine with her family.The 53-year-old attorney said she constantly receives text messages from relatives on WhatsApp full of conspiracy theories, including QAnon.

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When it comes to the Trump supporters in her life, Vegas said,"It’s really hard to talk to them from a rational point of view."She said she recently attended a small family gathering at her cousin’s house and quickly noticed the Trump sign outside as she arrived with her Biden bumper sticker.

She said they discussed politics the entire time.“They think Biden is a centrist, but they think he’s too old and it will be Kamala Harris in control," said Vegas, who volunteers with the Venezolanos con Biden support group.Vegas pushes back by telling her family that she sees parallels between Trump and Hugo Chávez, the late authoritarian socialist leader of Venezuela. Democrats like Vegas have been pointing out Trump's

disregard of independent government agenciesand, more recently, his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.Vegas' mother-in-law left El Salvador’s political turmoil, which saw a long civil war that pitted a leftist guerrilla group against the United States-backed Salvadoran right-wing government. She sees Democrats as socialists who want to raise taxes on the wealthy. Some of her friends from Guatemala and other countries are married to Cubans, and they are all Trump supporters. Vegas said she will sometimes get into discussions with them.

“I think my mother-in-law is embarrassed about me,” she said.Democrats have been holding their own pro-Biden caravans, which recently reached over 1,000 cars, every weekend, as well as periodic rallies.Last weekend, when Donald Trump Jr.’santi-socialist bus tour made its final stop in Miami

, the Miami Freedom Project, a progressive organization aimed at encouraging voting and civic participation, joined other organizations and held a candlelight vigil nearby in honor of the more than 200,000 people who have been killed by Covid-19 in the United States.

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wait, she’s against socialism but is *for* the left? she is incredibly stupid. just astonishingly dumb. like bordering on special needs level. trump is pandering to traumatized Latino voters with gross misinformation. It is racist and narcissisticabuse and we can see right through it LatinosForBiden

Cubans a so disgusting Cubans are selfish. They don't think of the ones in Cuba who are denied travel and trade by this admin. Biden is a moderate. He’s not a socialist. That’s propaganda by the Trump administration and his campaign. Biden is for Social Security Medicare Healthcare. All of the benefits that we have come to rely on.He is for containing covid which will allow our economy to recover.

The reason you know this isn’t true, is because they couldn’t even find a Cuban with a Biden sign for the picture. Cubins for therapy. He. Does. Not. Care. About. Any. Of. You! Cuban crybabies 4 Trump 🇨🇺 👎🏽 Cover Hunter Biden scandal Dun let the US become a puppet state of China! Say No to Joe Biden, SayNoToChina

The shameless Biden must withdraw from the election, otherwise the Democratic Party will completely lose its dignity! A Venezuelan? This is so ridiculous. Socialism in any form has NEVER produced a freedom based society. EVER. Go joe Biden The obvious hypocrisy Trump has never liked, neither Cubans nor anyone else, hypocrisy and embracing

Wonder how much donnue paid them? Cubans are so dumb. They got all the section 8, Medicaid, SSI for grandma's, Food Stamps, college grants to start off in this nation like the Vietnamese refugees! Eventually some got off these programs. I can tell u this under trump administration it has been harder to get asylums for ppl. Cuban and ppl from Mexico are being denied for benefits open your eyes ppl from Cuba and Venezuelan your being denied. This is under Trump he is lying to you.

Which Cubans? Castro Cubans? Che Cubans? Batista Cubans? Cubans don't really have a long history of making sound political choices. Hi, please check out my gig if you need any kind of graphic design Trump has his chance to restore democracy to Venezuela, he blew it.. now latino voters should send him packing.

TRUMP 2020! I miss Miami so much sometimes. Born and raised. Latino's don't know the truth, Obama used them for his own gain, DACA was a lie to get Latinos to vote for him. Yaooooooooooooooo Trump Recovery Joe depression Vote Trump Now finally shows 100s of family’s losing loved ones to covid. Or that’s too much reality for this network?

Anyone Who’s an Immigrant of Old or New, Whether Black, Latino, Moslem or Jew..! Whose Families Fled Oppression; It Should Be Clear, Narcissistic Fascists Were There & It’s Happening Here! US Democracy Is In Deep Peril; Be Awake & Aware, Of Instability, Corruption & Lies, Beware! There is NO socialism or communism as alternatives this coming election and you guys know it. When MAGA resorts to lying to the American people in this way, in hopes to earn their vote, you lost them already. MAGA's bogus-fabricated narratives and old boogyman scare tactics.

Trump is more like Castro than Biden. The ideology doesn't matter when the endpoint is a dictator. Thank you to Maria for standing strong and doing what’s right and true. It’s the only way to move forward. Trump supporters have zero rationales. Ask Maria to define socialism! Republicans are hoping that people don't understand the difference between a liberal social democracy and socialism.

Good for Maria Sad.

Where Trump and Biden Stand on Financial RegulationJoe Biden was vice president when Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank financial regulation act in 2010. In a second term, Trump would continue efforts to ease its restrictions. Biden would likely build on it. YES LETS GET BACK TO OBAMA ERA OPEN BORDER / 9 TRILLION DEBT / BAD TRADE / CLOSING FACTORIES / OPIOD EPIDEMIC AND WAR ON COPS. Good! Knee jerk politicians. They make laws after the fact. Which then ruins everyone going forward.

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Donald Trump tweets satirical 'Babylon Bee' article saying Twitter was down to protect Biden'Wow, this has never been done in history. This includes his really bad interview last night. Why is Twitter doing this,' the president tweeted, alongside a clearly-satirical article.

'Mr. Rogers' trends on Twitter after Trump adviser compares Biden to beloved Pennsylvania icon'Mr. Rogers' continues to trend on Twitter after a top staffer with Pres. Trump's campaign compared the feel of former Vice President Joe Biden's ABC News Town Hall to that of an episode of the children’s show 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.' And this country could sure use a little Mr Rogers JoeBiden ProjectLincoln I will take Mr. Rogers over The Terminator any day. 17 days. Vote Joe! I’d rather have Mr. Rogers over Beavis and/or Butthead,

Debate commission announces topics for final debate between Trump and BidenThe Commission on Presidential debates announced on Friday the six topics for the second and final debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden set to take place next week. You have to get tRump to keep his mouth shut when Biden is talking. Also tRump should be called out on all his lieing and false statements. Why do we have a these debates? It’s useless. It’s infuriating. The lines are drawn, let’s just get the vote over now so we can move forward. Trump will lie & bully as usual & GOP will whine like little pussies that debate is biased.

'Stunning': Biden slams Trump for shrugging off Whitmer kidnapping plotBiden, in Michigan, said the president&39;s failure to condemn the people arrested for plotting to kidnapping the governor "is stunning" Anything to distract the American people from the Biden family’s corruption. We see through the bullshit. Biden Lawyer asked for harder drive back from Hunter Biden Laptop one day after Hunter Biden story broke THUS VERIFYING THE SOURCE!!! OCTOBER SURPRISE, HEY COMMIES, BIDEN IS TOAST!!!! There was no kidnap plot. Its all a hoax, fake news fake news deep state is behind it and by deep state I mean the Clintons