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Factbox: Reaction as UK PM Johnson moved to intensive care

Factbox: Reaction as UK PM Johnson moved to intensive care

4/7/2020 12:53:00 AM

Factbox : Reaction as UK PM Johnson moved to intensive care

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care on Monday after his coronavirus symptoms worsened and he has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise, Downing Street said.

Below is early reaction to the news:BUCKINGHAM PALACEThe palace said Queen Elizabeth had been kept informed by Downing Street.EMMANUEL MACRON, FRENCH PRESIDENT“All my support for Boris Johnson, his family and the British people at this difficult time. I wish him to overcome this ordeal quickly.”

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IVANKA TRUMP, ADVISER TO HER FATHER U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP“My thoughts and prayers are with Boris Johnson and his family. Godspeed Mr Prime Minister!”JUSTIN TRUDEAU, CANADIAN PRIME MINSTER“Sending my best wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a full and speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family right now. Hope to see you back at Number 10 soon.”

KEIR STARMER, LEADER OF UK’S MAIN OPPOSITION LABOUR PARTY“Terribly sad news. All the country’s thoughts are with the Prime Minister and his family during this incredibly difficult time.”RISHI SUNAK, BRITISH FINANCE MINISTER“My thoughts tonight are with Boris Johnson and (his fiancée) Carrie Symonds. I know he’ll be getting the best care possible and will come out of this even stronger.”

DAVID CAMERON, FORMER BRITISH PRIME MINISTER“Thinking of Boris Johnson and his family tonight. Get well soon. You are in great hands and we all want you safe, well and back in 10 Downing Street.”THERESA MAY, FORMER BRITISH PRIME MINISTER“My thoughts and prayers are with Boris Johnson and his family as he continues to receive treatment in hospital.”

LINDSAY HOYLE, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS“This is terrible news. I know the thoughts and prayers of everyone across the House are with the Prime Minister and his family right now. We all wish him a speedy recovery.”LONDON MAYOR SADIQ KHAN“Praying for the Prime Minister’s swift recovery tonight. @GSTTnhs (Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS) has some of the finest medical staff in the world, and he couldn’t be in safer hands.”

NICOLA STURGEON, SCOTLAND’S FIRST MINISTER“My thoughts are with the PM and his family - sending him every good wish.”MICHEL BARNIER, CHIEF EU BREXIT NEGOTIATOR“Wishing Boris Johnson all the best and a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family.”

Reporting by Kate Holton; editing by Stephen Addison Read more: Reuters Top News »

Great news. At least Biafran oil pipeline wouldn't be his for now. boring I feel the UK govt should, as a matter of utmost urgency, bring Boris Johnson to Lagos for treatment before it is too late. The Lagos treatment center is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities that continue to discharge Covid-19 patients DAILY.

Send regards jairbolsonaro to him. Porque las cosas increíbles suceden en latitudes lejanas, ¿por qué no en México? I'm quite sure he will never give a peny for woring class people. Anyway... speedy recovry, Mr Johnson, and my hope this stay at intensive care will make you a better human being. Show Turkish power to the damn virus dude, Remember your ancestor Kürşat invaded Chinese Empire palace with only 40 brave kins of his own

Ignorant lot! 🙏 I wish you a better way. So Ivanka is the official spokesmodel for POTUS?!? Prayers for all my fellow humans. God bless him China and this sneaky man are killer of people in the world Chineseviruscensorship ChinaVirus Get better and do differently my dude Truth is he as bragging about handshaking at will with others last month. Get well Boris J.

Speed recovery. I may hate some of your rhetoric or politic but you sacrifice your health for your country. You will get better soon to become a better man. Nobody could have ever predicted that this virus would not respect ignorant bravado. DeathCult45 Not a big fan but I really hope he makes it through

his going to die I I asking God to take his life to show you are my power professor aloprado Courtesy of the ChineseVirus the Chinese communist party decided to release to the world while they profit. I hope Mr. Johnson beats the virus. Call it Karma My thoughts with BorisJohnson tonight. Get well soon Boris! Godspeed.

There is GOD above all of us including leaders like Mr Johnson. I hope BorisJohnson gets well & recovers as a learner! And all world leaders & their nations must learn & STOP IGNORANCE, DIVISION, HATE, OPPRESSION, BIGOTRY & WARS! Coronavirus EU Cuomo F-ck the CCP I wish all the best to PM, but have to say it shows what a failure it has been that 'fighting' the corona virus in the wrong way. Learn the hard lessons of Wuhan, put anyone positive to a centralized field hospital with light care to avoid getting worse.

I thought the Monarch was obsolete, but after watching Queen Elizabeth's message yesterday, the world needed that message. Thank you, Your Majesty. GodSavetheQueen QueenElizabeth Prayer was initially Africa's last resort to situations, now it is global. Prays for him 😍 He has been moved to the ICU but he is doing better than before. Good news for stock markets. 👍

MY EARNEST PRAYER IS THAT “ Boris Johnson shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord”. ( Psalms 118:17) He will recover in Jesus name.

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after coronavirus symptoms worsenDowning Street said Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab would “deputise where necessary” while the Prime Minister was in intensive care with Covid-19.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive Care“The condition of the prime minister has worsened,” said an official statement from Downing Street thoughts and prayers Covexit? Not good...

Boris Johnson moves into intensive care as coronavirus worsensPrime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved into intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms have worsened

Factbox: Reaction as Johnson admitted to hospital with coronavirus symptomsBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital for tests on Sunday in what Downing Street said was a 'precautionary step' because he was showing persistent symptoms of coronavirus 10 days after testing positive for the virus. Herd immunity, anyone? He will get well soon 🙌🏻. Herd immunity only works when the majority are immune. Nobody is immune. Once there is a vaccine that will be a useable phrase.

Boris Johnson's Condition Has Worsened And He Has Been Moved To Intensive CareForeign Secretary Dominic Raab will deputise for the prime minister where necessary. I hope for his recovery. He is expecting a child soon.. this is awful I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. For his family’s sake, I hope that he is able to get well soon. sophiahynes_

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive CareBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care as he battles coronavirus, his office said in a statement Monday.