Fact Check: Trump Made At Least 22 False Or Misleading Claims At Abc Town Hal - Cnnpolitics

Fact Check: Trump Made At Least 22 False Or Misleading Claims At Abc Town Hal - Cnnpolitics

Fact check: Trump made at least 22 false or misleading claims at ABC town hall

President Donald Trump got a rare grilling at an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

9/16/2020 11:00:00 PM

President Trump made at least 22 false or misleading claims over the hour-and-a-half town hall event, according to a preliminary count

President Donald Trump got a rare grilling at an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

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Rellyluvsfairen Why do you keep calling it false and misleading? Call it for what it is or stop reporting! He LIED! Idiots are on Twitter too. I left Facebook because of this Trump idealistic bullshit. Good bye Twitter He lies nonstop What else is new? He's a compulsive liar. How do you know Cnn is, in and of itself, a false and misleading claim.

cnn is at the bottom of the viewership ratings for a reason. cnn is neither believed nor trusted Just 22? That’s an improvement. Of course he did! He’s a pathetic liar. He always has been, always will be. Leopards don’t change their spots! Lock him up! Says who some fucking cnn worker CNN tell us what they were or how important the false claims were.

Read later I don't remember you guys doing that for Obama but carry on CNN has made thousands of false claims! It's CNN who you going to believe.. 🤣 these are the people that go out and look for sensationalism but if they can't find it they make it up 🧐 seen first hand in Iraq. Truth doesn't come out of his mouth. He is despicable. A Russian agent dismantling democracy for his BFF Putin.

I love watching liberals talk you can see the fires of satan glowing from their eyes..here is another picture of a trump Yeah right, You mean he contradicted your fake ass news reports, he’s right your wrong Clinton News Network, the worst news feed in the biz How come you guys aren’t fact checking Biden? Oh wait he uses teleprompter

the God of lies FakeNews It could be the effect of the friends around him. Otherwise he alone cannot speak this much lie in such a short time He have no Respect the Office he holds and he shown Disrespect for those wo have served and Died Serving the Country. After all this false claims some of you still supporting him ? America lost moral values of being a leader

Fact check this site is 100% crap Devil himself Yup Communist News Network lies on everything Trump says they are trying to conquer America with their lie & propaganda Says CNN😅😅😅😅😅 Oh the irony! Are you looking for a professional photo editor or retoucher If your answer is yes then you can take a look in my service. Here is the link:

MarieEeckhaute This is where 10DowningStreet gets it from. Jacob_Rees_Mogg is this the advice you got from Steve Bannon? Meanwhile JoeBiden has no idea the last time he changed his underwear. Why don’t we get any sharp follow-up questions from Trumps interviewers? They let him lead the show with his mad ranting and lying time after time. They are No interviews but free advertising for Trump.

Professionally stop 🛑 Trump repulsive false claims . You don't fact check Dems ever..or yourselves like apologizing when you screw up..daily! So full of BS Ferrells. When are people going to fact check Joe Biden? Americans deserve to know for accurate comparisons. Everything Biden says is correct and accurate? Balance your analysis.

Good ratings all about the Benjamin$ CNN beaches Your station, has been bull shitting for close to 4 years. The fake news of America CNN YOU ARE FAKE NEWS realDonaldTrump maddow herd mentality £uck off Is CNN doh by the same in the past 2 decades for the democrats? Fakenews CNN Ok CNN.. have you noticed that nobody has really given a damn about this for the last 4 years? Really? I don’t think CNN can become more irrelevant than what it is at the moment... sad but true!

Keep America Safe Vote GOP for our firefighters Shut up already with all your lies President made atleast 22 false claims but CNN has been making false or misleading claims since ages!! Liars. Why do he have to lie so much if he's doing a great job? Why not just do the things he Bragged about? Just do them!!! Damn its not that hard. 4 yes and you still have to lie about ur accomplishments? Wtf!!!

20 of those claims were not lies- CNN calls it a lie if they, CNN, is called Fake News-it is also not a lie to say that Hidden Biden is not capable Biden advertising should be fact checked also. Is shameful the huge amount of lies !!! This is character ofMan eater evil Says the fake fact checkers 🤣🤣🤣

Why does he always look like he's at the wonder spot in Wisconsin dells Not true. Fake news don’t want to say anything that is true. And stop posting polls. It’s BS news and polls. Why does he always look like he's going to fall forward I think that number is very low. 22 times 22 maybe.. More lies and deception from CNN. Your daily dose of brainwashing.

A fact check by cnn 😂 I knew he was going to make false statements just to get through the questions. If he had to prove what he said he would never talk to the American people but he’s never called out on what he says with dates and times. So he made 22 statements that were true, but really annoyed people at CNN, so they decided to call them 'misleading'.

Damn CNN you love to sweat the small shit. Why do They have town hall meetings? Trump only is about wallstreet not mainstreet. His supporters are working class people who are mainstreet and mainstreet is getting boarded up. Dumb people never wake up until it's too late! Ridiculous Same old same old. Fact Check - anchors are Burcad badeed burcad ah. ✅ True!

That's better than any CNN prime time show, which is often entirely fictitious... Good job 45! Lying SOB! How would you know? He was interrupted so many times, he couldn’t finish answering. CNNPureGarbage No Shit!! Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris. Biden Harris.

At least the POTUS is being consistent!!!!!!! Did ddale8 queef out those statistics? Same old news. What will it take to stop this delusional destructive demonic desperate deranged criminal CNN 👎 nothing you say has value because of your hate and misrepresentation of anything Trump Who took their eye off the turtle, vote Mitch McConnell out of office! He is wizard behind the curtains.

samocon12 What about Biden? Or is he just the arbiter of truth? 🤣🤡 If he does this badly against Biden, he is in real trouble. This is what you get when you never face hard questions. It's not going to be the easy questions he gets on Fox News 🤡nn Better than every statement CNN says POTUS I'VE HAD ENOUGH...I can't be pithy/clever/scholarly any more. I CANNOT PUT THIS ANY MORE ELOQUENTLY than this...GFY every which way to Sunday.

Nothing new for CNN you do that many on a daily basis... Some of these fact checks are pretty bad. Like him saying, 'travel ban'. CNN even called it a travel ban, now he is being fact checked because he said, 'travel ban', rather than, 'travel restrictions'. I don't support Donald, but that seems pretty disingenuous.

Why dont you focus on the Dementia patient running for president..a criminal and a pedophile According to liars That’s because trump is touching himself ... before every election trumps coming out with new healthcare plan ... a week before midterm election he was coming out with middle class tax cut and that was the last I heard of that when it was over..... he is a lien loser

Lowest unemployment rate in 50 years for blacks and Latinos prior to the China Virus, prison reform, Middle East peace, DOW record high, ISIS eradication, US Embassy in Israel, etc. in less than 4 years. Biden, in 47 years, was only able to secure a job in Ukraine for his son. For once I actually read through this article and I must say, your dishonesty and eagerness to call something false based on one word is disgraceful

Only. That's suprising You are Fake News realDonaldTrump is a failure and a phony. He's in way over his head. He's a loser. Cartoon Network News !! VoteTrump2020ToSaveAmerica TrumpMakingAmericaGreater2020 Biden, saying, you can’t go in a 7-11, without a Indian being in there. Obama can talk A Black around Blacks and talk like a White, around Whites, Some Blacks are just as smart as rich White kids. If you don’t vote for me, your not Black. Kind words he said about KKK Byrd. Pals

GStephanopoulos has always been a little jerk. This proves it! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊is coming Broken record. Mr Biden you only know how to criticize and DO NOT give solutions or proposals. How does he want to be President of the most Powerful Nation if he does not dare to say what he will do with Russia China and less with Covit19. Classic Cheating Politician

He is probably on drugs! If his lips are moving....he is lying Fake News Unbelievable! You cannot trust a word that comes out of this man's mouth! NOTHING!! TrumpLies Really? Can Biden count to 22? Mr. President, it has been science that has made America great and it will be science that will make America greater!

What do you expect from tRUMP, aka Don The Con President Mass Murderer!! When donald is cornered he just says something for the sake of saying, even if it makes no sense. He has to say something, mostly stupid nonsensical crap. Zero brains! What is sense of having a town meeting if no one corrects the falsehoods!

Just in. All claims by CNN deemed false or misleading by respectable journalists.. Only We act like this is something new. It’s become the norm and has remained acceptable. Biden/Harris all the way. Not surprising he threw one spitball after another!!! BS CNN made at least 22 false or misleading claims in the last second and still consider themselves the arbiter of truth. 🤡's

He’s a self proven Liar. Where’s the surprise here? Sure he did. CNN is such a whiny bit€h since it’s clear all their efforts were wasted. 4 more yrs girlies Who is fact checking the fact checker? Dale is a piece of work who works with lemon who is terrible. Both are trump haters Trumpets and Trumplets are getting angry because trump is getting caught in his lies. Must be his followers are liers also

Because Democrats do not lie? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Who cares... His policies kick ass. That’s all that matters to me... See, just more cnn fake news! Gee, don't you boys ever get it? It's about time to stick that fork in you, people. I think, that IF, I listened to you, I'd vote for President Trump, just to tick you off, and then watch the pained expression on your faces, when you lose.

I don’t care if President Trump got caught in a motel snorting cocaine with three hookers, a midget, and a pirate. I would still vote for him. 👎🏼 Fact checkers are a propagandist’s dream. But it's also true that President Trump's accomplishment is enormous. DO NOT TAKE Trump's rushed vaccine - it will NOT BE SAFE if rushed.

realDonaldTrump lies, lies and more lies So what would you expect? He is after all a politician. He's no worse than your boy Biden. Thing is right now, Biden doesn't know the difference between his truths and lies. Who exactly did the “fact checking”? Georgie boy tried hard to set President Trump up. Bias interview

No.......really You're lying COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK! No one is surprised. His base loves the lies he spreads. His sheep are blind to his bullshit rhetoric and corruption... How does he avoid accidentally telling the truth once in a while? His idiot supporters don't care. As long as he blathers out nonsense--they'll memorize it, attach themselves to it and parrot him for the next century. Stupid people are predictable, easy to manipulate and utterly useless.

Now Biden should hold a town hall with Ben Shapiro. No,duh S.N.A.F.U So he’s a true politician now? Trump cant tell the truth about anything and people are supporting him so what this say about trumps supporters cnn is fake science & racist medicine, interfering with the patients and doctors and undermining the medical institutions. They are targeting poor , uneducated blacks and hispanics with racist medical lies and anti-vaxer lies to scare minorities from medical care. This is evil

LOL!! CNN calling themselves a 'fact checker' is like calling the person that tried to assassinate those Police officers in LA, a 'peaceful protester'. Now do the people asking the questions and the moderator. What's misleading is your fact checks, you say you have proof click 'here' I click and it's another Trump bash with no facts pure opinion. Get a job you can do or do better at reporting actual news.

Now do Poppydaupolusssss He is a deceitful p.o.s.!!! I just cant for the life of me how anyone could vote for this clown!!!😞 C'mon, I'm just a guy and counted more than 100. Write headlines, quit normalizing this CNN is a joke. My favorite part was the example of 'Servers' don't like wearing masks. I thought he said surfers and I was like well..🤔

I am convinced that Biden, if elected will be good at pretending to be president. No one believes you CNN Well, the sheep do 😡😡😡😡😡😡 He sells Goya beans, out of the Oval Office! Are we suprised? Nope! LOL. Whatever will you do in 2025 when Trump leaves the White House? Your fact checking is pathetic and would be laughable if I didn't know you actually believe it. Trump operates with hyperbole - everyone knows that.

Where's the reason's to VOTE for such a LIAR? They all LIE right? As much as this JERK? I 've been voting since 1976 & I've never seen a PRESIDENT LIE like this guy. Nor has any of them LIED & KILLED 195k Americans (more to come sadly) in HIDING the TRUTH. He is a MENACE! He doesn’t know how to tell the truth 🤦‍♂️💩

Only 22? I find that hard to believe. According to - a known source of lies. Yet Biden is in the basement taking questions from reporters and reading from a teleprompter the answers his aides type in. In news not being reported on CNN: is being sued again this time 300 million 🤷‍♂️ CNN is the worst. LOL! CNN makes endless false or misleading claims all day every day. Impossible to keep track.

look like a propaganda organization representing the democrats. It's sad. That pretty much guarantees that you rile up the democrat base ... and convince no one else of your positions. Bias will kill CNN, and I'm okay with that if you are. CNN Fact Check. That's rich. Cnn made 546,810,212,543,654 false claims over a hour-a-half on tv. Every hour-a-half.

He could’ve lied WAY more times, but some of the audience’s questions were a bit long winded and he just ran out of time. Put your hand if you are surprised. Anybody? No one? Yes. Why am I not surprised CNN criticizing the President on false or misleading claims is like a crack-whore criticizing a virgin for wearing a bikini.

So like a typical half hour segment on CNN? fakenews You make 500 a day he lies he breathes Says the 'news organization' that got sued by a high school kid for $250 MILLION for being LIARS. Who is not understanding how funny this is? CNN Why would I trust the fact checking of a network that pushed collusion bullshit for four fucking years? Hint: I wouldn't.

Fact check in real time for debates! You guys are pathetic...two steps down from the National Enquirer. Can't wait for the debates! Poor Joe. President Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. Only ignorant people believe the lies coming out this mans mouth. Most people won’t believe until his lies touch their lives. Trump supporters are so insensitive to the 196,000 lives lost.

The liar in chief lies so much he doesn't realize he's lying. BS Has CNN ever fact checked Sleepy Joe? Why does it always look like he’s about to fall down? No lies, though? Democrat Culture of Violence must be ignored Why does he sit like that? ALWAYS Do not believe anything says. The News Media's job is to entertain. Tricks to make a story out of nothing are: Loaded questions Unnamed sources Missing video You may need to open your eyes wider if you cannot see the line is being crossed by the News Media every day.

YOU ARE FAKE NEWS , YOU WILL RECEIVE THOUSANDS OF LAWSUITS Bullchit! “Fact check”= mainly opinion. CNN is trash Par for the course. Trump is a liar and a cheat! Vote blue and bring integrity back to the Oval Office. CNN release these stupid sheep from your 'fact checking' mind control I rebuke you! 😄😄😄🐑

Trump's ABC News town hall: Fact-checking the president's answersPresident Donald Trump answered questions from uncommitted voters Tuesday night during a town hall hosted by ABC News from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Below, ABC News fact checks what Trump said throughout the 90-minute special, which was anchored by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos We're all voting for president Trump! If Biden is elected everything will collapse and the Democrats will still increase your taxes Trump was so Weak FUNY...NOTHING HE SAID WAS TRUE.

Trump's ABC News town hall: Fact-checking the president's answers'You've been trying to strike down pre-existing conditions.' In a ABC2020 town hall, GStephanopoulos presses Pres. Trump on claim he's preserving pre-existing conditions—as his administration argues in court against Obamacare, which protects them. I agree with Trump. Come in legally and you will be welcomed. Now let's do the same with Biden in front of a partisan conservative crowd with ambush questions.

Fact check: Trump makes four false claims in one sentencePresident Trump made four false claims in one sentence of a tweet on Saturday. The sentence was about Hillary Clinton and Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director and acting director of the FBI. Here's a point-by-point breakdown: How did Hillary’s day in court go? Mueller and FBI Director Comey's Dirty FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith guilty plea as part of investigation led by John Durham, the U.S. attorney origins of the FBI's investigation into possible ties DEEP STATE on Trump campaign faked Russian collusion! If Trump’s mouth is moving- he is probably lying

ABC News @ABCOn ABCNewsLive, we have the latest after Hurricane Sally has strengthened into a Category 2 storm and is expected to strike the Gulf Coast on Tuesday. Plus, an update on the wildfires in the western U.S. WATCH LIVE:

ABC News @ABCWATCH LIVE: Joe Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 in Wilmington, Delaware. Hey Joe you act like you have all the answers for everything now so how about some answers for Benghazi now Can't be president I cannot wait to vote Trump out. 48 days💙💙💙💙

ABC News @ABCOur weather team has the latest on Hurricane Sally, forecast to make landfall near Mobile Bay, Alabama, as a Category 1 hurricane Wednesday morning. WATCH LIVE on ABCNewsLive: NewsLive NewsLive Really. How does this have anything to do with the weather.