Fact check: Trump campaign accused of T-shirt design with similarity to Nazi eagle

The claim: Trump campaign shirts feature imperial eagle, a Nazi symbol Our ruling: True

7/12/2020 1:26:00 PM

The claim: Trump campaign shirts feature imperial eagle, a Nazi symbol Our ruling: True

President Donald Trump's campaign shirt is being criticized for having a design resembling a Nazi eagle.

History of Germany's eagleThe Nazi eagle was developed by the German Nazi Party in Germany in the 1920s, and became a symbol of the government after the party took power. It was derived from the Germancoat of arms.The Reichsadler, which translates to “Imperial Eagle,” was derived from the Holy Roman Empire’s coat of arms.

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"A regulation issued in 1936 defined a swastika framed by a wreath of oak leaves, topped by an open-winged and right-facing eagle, as the sovereign symbol of the Reich," according to the German parliament's website.The eagle is still used as the coat of arms for Germany today, without the swastika.

Following World War II, the symbol was used by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.America's use of the eagle“The Great Seal of America”was developed in 1782 and also features a right-facing eagle, though the bird’s talons are spread, one holding arrows, the other holding an olive branch.

"Only one authorized Great Seal is in official use and is operated by the U.S. Department of State. The Great Seal is impressed upon official documents such as treaties and commissions. The Department of State affixes about 3,000 seals to official documents yearly," according to the

State Department's website.But the eagle is widely used in American political imagery. The office of the American president and many Cabinet-level offices have official seals that also incorporate an eagle as the central design.According to the White House's website

, the presidential seal"includes the president’s coat of arms, an eagle on the great seal, a ring of stars and the words, Seal of the President of the United States." It it thought to have originated"with the seal used by the President of the Continental Congress, a small oval with a constellation of 13 stars surrounded by clouds. It was used to seal envelopes containing correspondence sent to the Continental Congress."

The campaign T-shirtAmerica First Tee." The design includes a left-facing eagle, holding a round emblem with the U.S. flag inside and"Trump 2020" in a banner underneath.Forward also reported the eagle was a stock image, based on sleuthing from Twitter. The stock art linked in the Forward article has since been removed.

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Both birds hold another national symbol in their talons, wings outstretched, with the head facing to the right to the viewer, or the eagle's left.But the designs have key differences. In Trump’s, the eagle holds the American flag up near its chest; the Nazi symbol holds the swastika lower. Trump’s design also features “Trump 2020” below it. The American eagle is also a bald eagle, whereas the Nazi eagle is depicted as an all-black bird.

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It’s no wonder why co.’s like this are losing $. This un-American bs propaganda is unbelievable! “Worth noting they Eagle is also a symbol often used in American politics” that’s what you are going with? Really?You aren’t news, you employ deranged leftist that spew far left trash And USA TODAY IS THE ONE WHO PRINTED

And USA TODAY IS THE ONE WHO PRINTED !!! Get lost Breaking news! 'you're a joke.' Grasping at straws because you don't have any real news? Good job. Look at Nancy Pelosi’s profile picture. 🙄 Is she a Nazi? This is offensive to all Eagle Scouts everywhere. It feels like a lot of people are missing the final significance of the historic use of the EXACT phrase 'america first' by those resistant to entering WW2, and subsequent pro-nazi and pro-KKK groups. Just the icing on the shirt.

They photoshopped that symbol on that black man's shirt! White people sure like to act dumb when called out for blatant racism Unbelievable. New levels of stupid being achieved every day by the mainstream media. The eagle is an ancient symbol Is this the Onion? Didn't know every founding father except for the one who wanted the turkey to be our bird all belonged to a foreign political party that didn't exist yet

Your idiots America used the eagle in the civil war and after.This is a 1868 Union eagle Alright, time to lose my time. The true symbol of the nazi party was none other than the swatiska. As for the eagle that was with it? That eagle is none other than the german Imperial Eagle, which happens to be a symbol of Germany instead of the nazi party.

I can't believe a US newspaper would ever in a million yrs issue such an asinine & ridiculous ruling. I'm offended that you think me & the American public are gullible enough to believe your propaganda? Whatever has happened to our country?! Wow! This is journalism today? F'ing sad... This is a pretty bizarre hoax on your part. The USA is just one of many nations that have used eagles as a symbol for centuries.

come on, guys. this is reaching it I’m not sure I can find the words to describe how utterly moronic this is. Liberals, and the mainstream media, can find offense in literally everything. And Will Peebles should be fired and never allowed to work in any place where he can tell stories again. What a complete idiot.

You need to change the name of your paper to Marxism today after this completely Fake story. the entire staff and employees of your company are a disgrace. Here you go!!! Fact check this one you idiots at USA TODAY. Our ruling: you’re compromised beyond repair. It’s not fact checking. It’s ideological compliance checking. In short, if it’s bad for the right or good for the left it’s ‘true.’ That’s how ‘fact checking’ works for media.

Please stop hiring the stupidest people who have received the most participation medals ever. Are we going to change the National seals now too. 🙄 Disgrace to the name USA. Your publication reeks of desperation USA Today belongs to the Anitamericans. What utter bullsh*t this rag puts out. Y'all are the worst

How dare you even think to tweet something as outrageous as this. Seriously, ppl are growing real tired of this constant harassment by so called 'news' agencies. I hope this comes back on all of you ten fold. Disgusting behavior! Anything to incite... I'm sick of ignorant people who do not love/respect this country! IF YOU DO NOT LOVE AMERICA PLEASE QUIETLY LEAVE!!!!! I love my Under Armor t-shirt w/ an Eagle carrying the letters U S A in his talons!!!!

Shit, all quarters have Nazi symbols on the back then! And journalists wonder why we dont trust a damn thing they say. Disgusting, this crap facist paper needs to go, and this is coming from an imigrant latino. And you all wonder why you are called fake news. Peddling this type of nonsense is not journalism, but rather propaganda gaslighting. The eagle is a long established American symbol. Stop playing dumb.

USA Today are Nazis!! Please remember, this is a national newspaper in the United States of America. If that does not make you pause, it should. Your fake news And you call yourself USA? maybe you should consider renaming. USA Today is publishing lies. If you have to correct your fact checking maybe you're too biased to do any

FakeNews is the EnemyOfThePeople. Idiots... Nobody reads your POS rag anyway. Andin spite of all your anti-Trump rhetoric, America will re-elect him in a landslide in 2020. Trump2020LandslideVictory MAGA2020Landslide Who cares lol YOU are the reason SANE Americans HATE the media. You should change your name to Communist China Today because it's obvious you hate America. Traitors EnemyOfThePeople Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Suck it USA TODAY. TRUMP2020 is another organisation full of sex offender! MSM crooks! EnemyOfThePeople Lol, the media is the problem You guys are a bunch of fucking idiots, the Eagle has been our national symbol since 1782. The Nazi party was formed in 1920. Do your fucking homework. Your rag is a Fountain of Misinformation

What is this? Clarification: USA Today throwing shit against the wall to see if it sticks Stunningly self-deluded stupidity! Is this Nazi, too? Stupid libtards. The Claim: USA Today is not a credible publisher of news. My ruling - True You people are beyond help. UPDATE ON USA TODAY SYMBOL OF INTER-NATIONAL SOCIALIST OPPRESSION! USA TODAY'S CIRCULATION NUMBERS ARE COLLAPSING SINCE THEIR HOTEL DISTRIBUTION FRAUD NO LONGER SUPPORTS THEM! THEY ARE DESPERATE FOR DEMOCRATS TO TAKE POWER TO GIVE THEM YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY!

UPDATE: The Circle around the USA Today logo is INCONCLUSIVE that it is a substitute for the pentagram used in SATAN WORSHIP! THE VERIFIED FACT HOWEVER is that LIBERAL DEMOCRATS & THEIR LYING MEDIA ENABLERS SUPPORT KILLING BABIES! Lol, why no one reads your rag anymore! I hate Trump, but this garbage reporting is just pathetic. Good job winning the election for him. Don't act surprised when he wins again. 👍

Anything to sell subscriptions. Wow Right, the people that support Trump DO NOT support the destruction of one of the most evil regimes in history. Not only that, but we want to showcase this by putting it on a SHIRT! Couldn’t POSSIBLY be that the national mascot is an EAGLE. You fools are beyond parody.

And, USA TODAY, what exactly is your point? The eagle has been revered by Anerica and Americans for years. Conservative Republicans are not the Nazis that would be the Marxist Dems and their ANTIFA Army The American Bald Eagle is our countries symbol This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. What is wrong with the writers of this newspaper. Eagles are the symbols of our country and should remain one of our symbols. You guys need to get a grip.

What an idiotic excuse for journalism. THIS is why the American people have lost faith in the MSM. Have you forgotten the Eagle has been a proud emblem of America since the beginning? No one should wonder why the only copies ever picked up of your 'newspaper' are the free ones Wow! Really stooped low for this analysis! You just offended every single veteran and active duty service member in the US! Who wrote this trash?

FDR’s National Recovery Act - a MUCH MORE Nazi endeavor …! Seriously - if you can’t get a grip - get an education…!! And you think that is to be believed if posted by a lying, propaganda based media? You make me sick. Spreading lies and hatred. Why don't all you Trump and America haters leave if it's so bad? You are the ones destroying our country

Apparently VIRGINIA BOURBON IS FROM HITLER!! Wow, you guys royally screwed the pooch on this one. What morons. Our how about this one you dumb clucks. This is what happens when ignorant children are hired by USA today to write the news when they know nothing about history and symbols. Pelosi speaker of the house symbol.

USA TODAY IS SICK WITH HATE. TRUE. This is like saying Christians are using Nazi symbols because Nazi's used an Iron Cross. Christians used the cross first, in case you weren't aware of that. You guys seriously employ people who don't know that we've used the bald Eagle as our national bird since 1782 as fact-checkers? Or are they merely critical theorists out to destroy our history? Either way doesn't look good.

Democraps are the NAZI PARTY Funding for the rioting.... Lolol and thats why no one one buys your paper... Does your TDS hurt physically, or is it all mental..? Dear lord, you guys are worse than trash. Still gonna go with that morons? You people are so desperate to be right,you will make up anything,now it’s a eagle on a shirt.DESPERATE,WOW

And you wonder why a the media is called fake news You need to employ better journalists USA Today used to be my favorite read. They are so bad now. Need to fire the journalist and re tool the organization. While we are piling on ... You people are nuts. The eagle is facing towards his left wing. So the facing right narrative is wrong.

Your paper is a disgrace. The claim: USA TODAY staff are morons, Common sense ruling, TRUE. My ruling: YOU ARE FakeNewsMedia and you are EnemyOfThePeople MediaBias Lol, let's kill all eagles Got to backtrack, too eager to smear Oh stop! I guess doesn't know that the bald eagle is our national bird. threadreaderapp unroll

The Claim: USA Today is filled with propagandists, not journalists. Our Ruling: True Their education acquired here. For your edification the eagle is a symbol of the first republic, Rome, well before the Nazis coopted it. It is Also in fact a symbol of the USA, a republic. Perhaps you would be more comfortable with the hammer and sycle you poor excuse for journalism.

Petulant children r the “media” Get on the right side of the Law and our Constitution immediately or get out ! Your ruling sucks as usual I want one aabraha00422511 The man and his vile team send out so many dog whistles. At this point, it's not even necessary. He's the party of George Wallace. During the primaries in Iowa, Trump said he loved the uneducated, and they love him back big time! Too bad they might die for listening to him.

Claim: UsaToday is a corrupt, democrat, fake news rag. Our Ruling: ABSOLUTELY TRUE Your “ruling”? nah, it's true. No argument at all !!! What a stupid, idiotic, ilógico, crazy comparesion!!! What a useless newspaper!! Nice try. Now we see you That's not even there t shirts! 'Worth noting'. USA Today is a joke POS rag.

That sign was stolen from us, then became Nazi with Hitler The Democrats as usual will do anything, say anything to disparage President Trump. These people are so deplorable. I will be so thrilled when President Trump is elected for a second term and we make them CHOKE on their hateful words and their rhetoric .

Wow... the same as some congressional dems...? And you wonder why America laughs when the Media makes any claims....Nobody trust anything you say anymore! Take that back to your silly little bubble and stay there! Oh good grief. Media are just plain idiots at this point. SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️ Whoever did the original check should be immediately fired because clearly, they aren't mentally equipped for the job

Idiots CCP Much? Do they even teach history in school anymore? To bad the commie idiots took prayer out of school.. Read usatoday ....this is a lesson WE should have learned from the Nazis... Now do the quarter 'SAUL ALINSKY' is the NAME we give to the Left's COMMUNITY ORGANIZING branch of SCIENCE that strives to divide people into groups, & get them to hate each other, to make them more malleable to one's SOCIAL JUSTICE AGENDAS (usually 'growing Government' to gain money & power).

Time to boycott they ran this bullshit story! What a bunch of frauds USA Today = Fasciat left propaganda. The eagle is a US symbol. And all those claiming that the US seal has an eagle facing left while the nazi eagle is facing right have neither checked various historical US seals or the variety of nazi symbols where the eagle is facing left:

We’ve become an Anarchist Society. POTUS makes unilateral decisions on COVID19 Data reallocated to HHSGov over CDCgov whom rely on Data to accurately w/out partisanship set HealthGuidelines. Same goes for defunding schools of Federal Funding. Unilateral. Anarchism in USA Look on pelosis site and stop the idiocy while you’re at it.

See, if you will stick to reporting factual news and stop trying to create divisive commentary that you call news, you wouldn’t get called out, have to tuck your tail, and retract. Hope you learn your lesson. Why should this be a surprise? He has done this several time. WAKE UP HE IDOLIZES HITLER.WANTS TO BE JUST LIKE HIM

Staggeringly idiotic! The eagle was adopted as American national symbol in 1782 and flag in 1777. German eagle was adopted by Charlemagne in 800. I do admit though that both the Trump campaign T-shirts and Nazi brown shirts were made of cotton. Is anyone shocked? trump's pattern has tracked Hitler so closely it cannot be disputed!!

It’s the U.S. symbol too. They’re reaching on this one. I’m not a Trump supporters but believe in fairness and being truthful! TheSource, complex, cnn, abc, Reuters, TheShadeRoomm And the Trump campaigns use of the orange triangle to indicated political opponents, same as the Nazis. Wake up GOP! This man and his cult are sick!

It is not an accident. However, Americans want to live in a democracy that is united against the approaching evil of fascism and all its symbols. It is killing us in record numbers. JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi if he put an Owl on it you would call it a Nazi Owl You don't think they did this on purpose? There are swastikas on the Taj Mahal...time to destroy it! We must rid the world of everything the Nazis used, otherwise we are...gasp....racists.

What a Garbage, Slanderous like editorial by USA Today. Giving Americans one more reason to distrust the mainstream media! The Roman, The Germans, Americans and many other culture's throughout history used the majestic eagle as national symbols! Antagonists!! It's been THREE DAYS and you STILL haven't retracted this bullshit claim!

Omg, really What the hell is wrong with society, crybabies‼️It's a fing t- shirt. USA yesterday, another failing rag. Is it that time already? Whew, almost missed it, 7/15, payday. Time to buy another 20 of American Silver Eagle rounds... Thanks for the reminder CCPToday!~! Yeah, just like democrat FDR and the National Recovery Agency. FAKE NEWS.

Holy cow - that’s just fake news President Trump did for Israel more than Obama, Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi. Ask yourself what dems did after shooting in Jewish store in NJ: nothing! My ruling... Dumb, Woke Idiots !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow let’s see how many things we can dig up and make up today because I’m sure that’s what they were going for...🙄🙄🙄. Idiotic media

The Claim: USA Today is a reliable source of accurate news. Our ruling: False Why is this fraudulent filth still here? It has been shown to be a blatant propagandist lie. Time to do some history guys but that's hard for you people to do anymore. At how many times do I see the same picture everywhere and books and in Coloring books And other items. However you got to come up with some stupid thing every time he does something.

“But those who wait for the Lord will renew their strength; they will rise with wings like eagles; they will run and they will not tire; they will walk and not faint. ' Isaiah 40:31 Fools. Sometimes a heraldry bird is just a heraldry bird. USA Today is run by a bunch of idiots with their dicks hanging out.

LOL The bald eagle has been the national bird of the United States since 1782 You bunch of Trump and America hating zeros, the Reich stole the eagle from us. Grow up and study history and quit being part of the problem. Your papers are overflowing the trash cans in hotels. The good news is that maybe they are biodegradable.

boycottusa delete your account, then turn off your computer and hit the lights on the way out. It’s officially over for you after this tweet. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Stop The closest thing to the Nazi party is what is happening in our democratic run cities and the violence and shooting and deaths. This take over by the democrats is exactly what Hitler did. He promised all the Germans free stuff and then they did what ever he wanted.

You idiots Idiots I'm waiting until you guys find out the origin of the swastika😂 Hitler was a multicultured man. We are all so tainted by the evil now in the world. Picture the Trumps' lifestyle before and after the election. He gave up the privacy++ because his experience showed him the way to enhance/protect our country. Try not to read bad into everything he does for at least that reason

JanRogerson1 It's a bleeping eagle - Get over it - Anything under the sun just to stir up nonsensical bullshit. How a bald eagle symbol used by a US president is ever investigated by you clowns is mystifying since it’s our national bird. Did you not learn this in elementary school? 'Similar?' Is that a fact check observation? Or a cheapshot denting Pres Trump reelection prospects?

USA Today has always been a joke of a newspaper. So leftist/Marxist USATODAY, Walter Reed Hospital uses Nazi Symbol too. So do all medical related communities. So leftist/Marxist USATODAY, Walter Reed Hospital uses Nazi Symbol too. So is the Budweiser Eagle a nazi symbol as well? This is what the FakeNewsMedia is all about

Partisan dumbasses Are people really that stupid to believe this, or are y'all just acting. You're acting, right? Right? Geeeezzzz. You guys need to get out more. IQ Inequality runs deep. How swamp ass of you, especially with this clearly clickbaity misleading title. Read it word for word people! It says that the criticism is true.

See why we call media the enemy of the people? USA TODAY is like a schizophrenic off there meds. Since the link in this tweet goes to the 'updated' (actually researched) article with a rating of inconclusive, this tweet is now, officially 'FAKE NEWS'. Please be sure to report it as such. I will. Every symbol that has significance for America is being hijacked by the left. The rainbow came first, now the eagle.

Jesus TDS is real! You continue to find a new line to to cross each you ridiculous segregationists. Why do you continue to promote hate in every single situation? What about this one. BTW the Eagle was a symbol for the USA way way before Germany may have used it and you should change your name if the USA offends you so.

Fact checked? BS!!! A quick Google search would have told you morons, that on June 20, 1782, the Second Continental Congress established the Bald Eagle as our National Symbol. So how did something in done 160 years before NAZI Germany get based on Hitler? PURE BS!!! : let’s create a newspaper for people who really don’t want to read a newspaper.

USA today you are BOZOs. That is the same eagle my Dad wore on his AF uniform. The Eagle is the national bird of the United States. This is garbage. Ever noticed that the NATO sign is a really a swastika. Fake Communist defamation tactics against conservatives Nowhere near as blatant as Hillary Clinton’s logo, mocking the innocent victims of 9/11, with it clearly being a plane flying through the Twin Towers.

Have you embarrassed yourself enough yet in your quest to take down our President? GTFO with this sewer pipe fake news! Fact check: True: The eagle has been a symbol of the United States (1792) long before the NAZIs (1933) were even conceived. Trump Derangement Syndrome. Those that didn’t get the result they wanted in the Election are still delusional. A beautiful Eagle 🦅. Used by nations, companies, artists, loved by all. Suddenly when associated with Trump it is a Nazi Eagle?

Holy Crap, There's one of those eagles on my money, I just noticed- after 37 yrs. Are the Nazi's making our Dollars? My Ruling: USA Today is making our money. This must stop! And the black lives matter symbol looks like the Nazi flag. Fact check that! Your publication is garbage. Retract this fake news bullshit. It is not a Nazi symbol. Here is Nancy Pelosi's symbol as the Democratic Speaker of the House (and she loves to wear a matching pin) of an eagle perched on the world. Look familiar?

Unfreakingbelievable! USA Today has to be educated that the eagle is used as an American symbol. Well damn! What a shame that TDS has ruined a once reputable organization. Hmmm. Really? I think it’s been a USA brand for a very, very long time. When you go so far left you don't even know American symbols 😅🤣😂 the irony in even being named after the country and not having basic knowledge that even a 1st grader would know

The claim: USA Today is an embarrassment The internet's ruling: True Media is the enemy!!! Perhaps you should do an article exposing this one. rme and smh Fact checking would require an unbiased approach, but this isn't unbiased and it isn't journalism. It is tried and true propaganda. It's as if the entire media complex has coordinated against a standing president... hmm... pretty much every known empire has used an eagle.

Your ruling? You are a tabloid. You don’t make rulings. It also looks like the Union eagle... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Boy, that went from 'True' to 'Inconclusive' pretty damn quick, didn't it? You the nazi The eagle is the national bird of the United States and has been since 1782 you feckless hacks. So this means that Nancy Pelosi is a Nazi?

Y’all are insane, really. Damn Romans Usatoday is a piece of 💩. What a joke. Really? Looks like every other eagle logo, especially SpeakerPelosi's. Our ruling: tries to overtake CNN for biggest buffoon in media. USATODAY is FakeNews FactCheck: TRUE You people have lost your GD minds. The MSM was resting comfortably at zero credibility. They’re now in the negative. The eagle has always been part of our symbols - regardless of whoever else in history has used it.

You people are true idiots. TabloidTrash Your hatred knows no bounds. Pathetic and not surprising. USA Today: You owe ever military person, every veteran, and every WWII veteran who fought and died to defeat the Nazis an apology. I can deal with a lot of bullshit...but this....that eagle has sat atop our services for 243 years, 160+ years before the Nazis.

How 'bout this symbol? Do you folks at USA today realize people are going to see these 'true' statements and realize how ridiculous you people are nearing insanity? Trump claims media is the enemy of the people. I was skeptical at first. My ruling : True. No wonder your paper is free at hotels. No one wants to buy it

Mr Schumer doesn't have any trouble standing behind the American eagle. Guess I'll cross through my 'pick up copy of USAToday' entry on my to-do list....forever!!! This stupidity is beyond stupidity. Just reported the tweet! Pure false reporting. Go back to a real American history class to see the same symbol in Native American art work... Pre Nazi Germany. Surprised you have not changed your racist name to USSRTODAY!

This is ignorance. Didn't do any common sense reasoning there, eh? Since our NATIONAL BIRD IS AN EAGLE there is NO 'story' there. Sometimes things are JUST what they are with NO underlying reason other than THAT'S WHAT IT IS!! OVERthisCONSTANTbs USA Today is a rag! Please get rid of the “USA” in your name.

You say 'true' in your tweet but then... way at the bottom... Propoganda. Much like Goebbels... TRULY YOU PEOPLE AT ARE COMPLETE TRASH News organization my ass. Propaganda. USA today liberal haters and Marxists. Can’t trust a word they say they are almost, almost as bad as CNN and MS NBC. Screw you USA today

Good thing nobody reads your garbage paper anymore. I use it to line my birdcages. HA HA HA stupid is as stupid does! jewishaction Ok everyone, yes there are similarities in the eagle's posture, but check out this 1967 American patriotic decorator wall plate. Eagles and freedom and USA have been used together for a very long time. This is not newsworthy. Let's go after real issues.

False news.... shame on you POTUS seal was changed in 1945 by Truman. The Eagle has faced both ways. You all would see NSDAP iconography in Trump’s turds if he posted them online. His governing style is far more like FDR’s than Hitler’s anyways. Just with a crassness perfect for USA 2020. Wow USA Today gone full Nazi propaganda. Maybe you should call AOC Goebbels for the assist.

You are out of your minds! You have zero credibility! No one believes you! FakeNewsMediaClowns The claim: USA TODAY is fake news. Our ruling: True The quarter is fascist What I see is the American Bald Eagle, looking left above the Star and Stripes in a circle. It reads Trump 2020 in the banner below and America First above. If you see anything Nazi related you have serious Trump Derangement Syndrome and should immediately seek a red pill.

This is why only an ever-dwindling brainwashed few pay any attention to MSM anymore. SS Credibility sailed decades ago. “Nazi symbol” ROFL It’s an EAGLE you idiots!! Half the countries on the planet use it, and have since the Romans! Your ruling: Hilarious I'm hoping that these reporters get minimal wage pay for a minimal performance.

USAToday is just Fake News. The American Eagle has been symbol of America for hundreds of years. USA Today is just an Anti-America fake propaganda source. Shame on you. I will NEVER spend a dime on your rag or anyone who advertises with you. Shame on you USATODAY, just another rag I will never purchase again. Wake up America,stop giving these liberal lying newspapers the income to spread lies and hate. If we as a nation don’t stand for truth, and justice, we have nothing left, and your children will suffer the future

Quick: protect all the American eagles 🦅 - they too will be cancelled. Calling peta to save our national bird from the mob. The fact that your garbage propaganda machine of a media outlet has USA in it is , heartbreaking. Do 12 year olds work ? 👉 USA Today is a piece of sh!t tabloid & of the same vein as the equally piece of sh!t FakeNews propaganda machine CNN. MAGA2020 👉American Patriot ruling:👈 👉 TRUE 👈 Trump2020NowMoreThanEver realDonaldTrump LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic DemocratsHateAmerica

Even your clarification is horseshit! Whoever wrote this article needs to go back to first grade. You are pandering and scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Tell the Marines they are Nazi's and see what happens! USA Today......now do you understand why President Trump says “The Fake News Media” is the enemy of The People?

Guess you needed to look up a Lybian based domain to declare your “observation” as true Once again USA Today caught in a blatant lie to its readers! Sponsors should stop advertising with USA Today! Trying to out Fake News CNN? Liars Probably time for a new social media team. Your current team clearly has a biased opinion instead of simply reporting the news. factcheckfailure

Let me guess...The guy advertising the shirt in the ad is a Black White supremacist huh? FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople EnemyOfThePeople fakenews STRIKES AGAIN! Just when we thought this world-gone-mad couldn’t get more ridiculous, your decisionmakers allowed this patently political & intentionally incendiary fake fact-check tweet that was obviously NOT checked & NOT fact. It was either ignorance, incompetence or anti-Trump sedition.

Your sh*tty rag is pure trash. Bias NotJournalism PoliticalActivism PoliticalHack DemocratShill DemocratMouthpiece DestroyTrumpAgenda EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews Liar USATodaySucks The claim: The people running USA TODAY are idiots. Our ruling: True. It looks nothing like the NAZI eagle. Perhaps the fine folks at USA TODAY are due for vision exams. What they really need is termination, but leftists always protect their own....just like the Mafia.

What a piece of trash article from a piece of trash newspaper. usatoday is a trash paper that I stopped reading years ago. Your clarification response was really weak. Truth be told if we’re a respectable paper you would have gone out of your way to publicly apologize. Not some cheesy half ass tweet. You make me sick!

This ABSOLUTELY disgusting & YOU are the REAL reason this country is divided.... The Liberal Biased Media is REALLY the one GUILTY of dividing this country.... You CONTINUE to lie to the American people with your PROPAGANDA when you KNOW damn well this is an American symbol! So, the eagle is a nazi symbol, even though it was the symbol of America long, long before there were nazi's. Makes sense only to unhinged sufferers of TDS, and fake news enemies of the people (usatoday).

This tweet is so slimy it shows the depths the media will travel to attempt a swipe at Trump. 🖕👌 Hope you go broke once and for all, and the moron who published that post never works again Gannett bad vibes your way Lesson: As long as eagle leans left, eagle is not a symbol of hate and Nazi white supremacy. Got it. Good work, fact checkers. I smell a Pulitzer.

Did anybody tell this liberal rag that the eagle is OUR national symbol National Enquirer has more cred Nazi medals and coins had eagles that faced both left and right. How CONVENIENT that you should choose that image to display and 'fact check'. Lies. Nazis ate steak, breathed air, and drove cars. Does that mean anyone else who does those things also partakes in Nazi activities; are those things Nazi activities in and of themselves? Nazis were also white... are all whites Nazis because they 'look' similar to them?

Truly, it doesn't get any dumber than this. Whoever wrote this should be fired. Pure communist propaganda, as if China wrote it for them. The only thing wrong with our great symbolic Eagle; is trumps audacity to put his name on it! This....this right here....this kind of bullshit is why realDonaldTrump will be reelected. Because you bunch of fake news enemy of the people lowlifes keep saying this kind of shit. Thank you in advance for a Nov 3rd Trump victory.

Honestly, you make me want to put a Trump sign in my yard with this nonsense. And it was journalists that crucified Christ. When Christ entered Jerusalem, He was praised and honored. Then days later He was crucified because of the crowd…that was all because of journalists' false reporting of the day. You are a complete ding dong.

I want my Eagle to look up while talking a shit. Will USA Today please stop their stupid dumb ass 💩 You wanna tell that to the Russian, Austrian and Prussian Monarchists that? Also the Holy Roman Empire on top of it? lmao, they too had a stylized bird, stop making that a big deal you nugget USA Today just proved how crazy, ignorant, biased, and what pompous asses they are! My ruling, sad but true.

Will never spend a penny on you. Disgraceful! Your bias is on full display. Dang y’all are something else. I’ve just read my last article in USA Today. Have they looked at the Great Seal of the United States? USAToday just another hack liberal media. Have the good people at USA Today ever looked at our currency?

Then you'll be sending me all your 'Eagle offensive' $20s? You know what's more brainless than this tweet? These guys: Never bought a’USA Today’ news paper and never will . I have read them on occasion when staying at hotels because they were free , even then I didn’t feel like I had gotten my money’s worth . I thought that it was second rate reporters that couldn’t get a real gig !

You don’t even try to be real news anymore, liberals hacks. That eagle has been used by the US since 1782. Everyone in the left are always looking into Trump with Eagle Eyes. We should strip USA from your socialist rag publication The claim you are fact checkers has been rated FALSE Claim: People still read USA Today. Our Ruling: crickets Trump2020 KAG

The claim: USA TODAY has idiots running it. The peoples ruling: TRUE A.L.A.N. = ALL LIBERALS ARE NAZIS Holy crap ... this is next level divisive fraudulent stuff It is actually strikingly different. You really need to retract this, this is really a bad look for USA Today. Nice ghost edit from true to inconclusive

Cracker jack box news. Google is free: Absolute insanity when a newspaper has the audacity to even print something like this. Who is reviewing this stuff before they allow this type of a communication? People should be fired for stupidity or just flat out spreading lies. And your credibility takes yet one more hit. Too bad for your readers (all 3 of them), but at least the up and coming news sources are grateful.

And blm is run by anarchist is FakeNews the enemy of the people what a bunch of morons at USA Today. You guys are a joke. Fact Check: Nazism killed 50M people but Communism killed over 100M. The TDSPress scours Trump Gift Shops for Nazi allusions but ignore all the Soviet flags the WokeVaders are waving in the streets. That pretty much sums up where things are today. How pathetic. realdonaldtrump

What does inconclusive fact check mean? No evidence means not guilty? MY RULING. Whoever wrote this post is an idiot. The Bald Eagle is an AMERICAN symbol of our heritage... I am so over it all. YOU are the ones destroying American and fueling the flames of division Another tabloid providing us with 'facts'. TabloidJunk

FACT, also similar to every other eagle design of former and existing kingdoms/countries that use/used an eagle. Uhhhhhhrich check this out lmao Grasping at straws I see. XD I think the writers and publishing staff at USA Today should learn to code. Just another example of why the only thing USA Today is for involves my new puppy and what comes out of his butt! You’re lack of journalistic integrity trying to bad mouth the President is just stupid and sad!

You unethical political hacks. MSM is the enemy of the people. Is there anything that the media hasn't blamed the President of? Why don't you ever question your puppet Joe Biden about his corruption. Maybe his Master Obama needs to answer a few questions. TRUMP 2020 America First To all of you fake news idiots - KEEP IT UP. Every time you post this kind of crap, it just moves more of the silent MAJORITY into President Trump’s corner. TRUMP2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

America’s ruling: USA Today are idiots!!!! Another reason why no one should take you seriously. Can you believe these idiots are trying to cancel our national emblem now? If it isn't clear what the leftist democraps want today then you are blind. This is flat out disgusting and even morbidly obscene! USA Today is a propaganda arm for the anti American Democraps today.

What’s your ruling on nancy pelosi’s symbol of office USA TODAY is so f'n woke, how do you hate mongers and racist loving soy boys and pseudo feminists sleep at night Being a retired United States Marine I and deeply offended and hurt that the Eagles I wore every single day were Nazi symbols. To be clear You think all Marines are Nazis FU, I pray some day you need a Marine to protect your paper or family. Marines never forget.

Way to go McPaper. What a clown show Gannett Media runs. No wonder your stock is trading for just over a buck. WTF is wrong with you people? I DARE the idiot to oublicky admit that they actually Tweeted this out. Do you have any unbiased journalist working there? This is so ridiculous. 😂 Or this? FakeNews should be criminally prosecuted

This is a great example of why we CANNOT trust the news that's reported. I'm completely ashamed of your company for reporting this story like this. Your story was incredibly misleading and you should be ashamed to call yourselves journalists! How can we trust you? Hint: we can't! Charlatan is a true definition of your paper now. So tired of fake apologies and Fact checks to fit your opinions. All I want is the truth. I loved your paper when it was introduced in the 80s. What happen to the paper.

Dishonest “fact checking” lol have lost total credibility 😂 You’ve got to be f’ing kidding. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ That's a slick shirt, I need to get one Here's one thing the Germans used the 'Imperial' eagle and America uses the American bald eagle.... so that's already incorrect here a couple logos that are actually connected, please do a story on this.

Just stupid. Never will buy another usahole news again. This is what happens when actual history isn't taught in school. The writers at USA Today clearly never learned American history. Imbeciles ratio You leftist idiots , evidently you did NOT do your research & spewed your propaganda anyway! It was the United States of AMERICA June 20, 1782 that claimed the Eagle as a National symbol of strength! NOT the double headed eagle russia used

Trump uses an eagle....Nazis use a falcon.....wake up stupid people FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople DemocratShills doing what their masters SocialistDems TheDemocrats tell them to. Ty POTUS for protecting 🇺🇸 against SocialistDems TheDemocrats & FakeNews CNN nytimes washingtonpost MSNBC NBCNews CBSNews abcnews .

USA ToDay is very stupid about the history of the USA The claim: Vegans are Nazis. Hitler was a strict vegetarian. Our ruling: True. USA Today has turned into The Onion. Wow...it doesn't get much more moronic than this. TDS personified. It does not. Ya'll just spreading hate. It looks just like the Marines symbol. Hell, it looks alot like my Air Force Security Forces Badge

I can't believe I worked for a racist organization for 20 years. The symbolism is there too! Look at that eagle above the whole world! Shameful. /Sarcasm The turkey, Franklin wrote, is “though a little vain & silly, a bird of courage that would not hesitate to attack a grenadier of the British guards, who should presume to invade his farmyard w a red coat on.” Besides he's a rank coward, flee when mobbed by a robin-sized kingbird.

Listen!!! If you are going to hire minor children to keep your costs low, please have an adult review their work before going to press. And, you wonder why the general public views Journalism as journalism and no longer a profession. FAKE NEWS Factcheck: the generation that eats tide pods claim everything is a nazi symbol.

Then do the morally right thing and DELETE THIS HORRENDOUS TWEET! I took my dog to the vet today: Me:Doc, my dog has diarrhea. Vet: You mean to tell me he has USA TODAY coming out of his a$$? Me: Yes. Vet: That's terrible news The claim: USA TODAY prints with black ink, a Nazi ink color Our ruling: True

EnemyOfThePeople You wonder why no one cares? BC you're so FUCTING BIASED? GFYS NOW DO BLMterrorists! I thank you USA Today. What you've done is just pour another gallon of gas on the Patriots fire. I can't wait till November! TrumpLandslide2020 Need not to fact check... Trump's blood runs white(hood)

SpeakerPelosi let's talk about Natzis... EnemyOfThePeople You wonder why no one cares? BC you're so FUCTING BIASED? GFYS While we're on the topic of Natzis... SpeakerPelosi Ha ha, ha ha hah, ha ha ha Heeeeeeee! It’s not a nazi shirt, y’all are ignorant! The claim: Trump drinks water JUST LIKE HITLER DID is true! (and some other people drink it as well)

Anonymous inside source tells me writer & editors were high as a kite when this was written. So - now what? The imperious Eagle has been flying our skies for thousands of years, unimpeded by its reputation for better or worse. Am I going to be barraged by directions from AOC and GOP as to how to respond to an Eagle on clothing? Rapidly tiring of the BS, people.

😂😂😂😂😂😂walkover you’re paper when I see it, useless😂😂😂😂😂😂 How about this? FU! This paper is equal to the NYT, both are failing papers for pathetic reporting! I say we BAN ALL EAGLES. ALL statutes, paintings, murals or any kind of artwork that displays eagles should immediately be pulled down and/or destroyed as they represent rasicism, bigotry and white supremacy.

So now Eagles are Nazi’s, right? There is only one Nazi Eagle and he’s a wide receiver. Geez you people are absolutely idiotic. It's also similar to the US Marines emblem, and many others. Hmmm Nancy Pelosi and US Navy use same symbol along with other politicians dumbass! It’s not the same and the US has used that symbol since 1778.

USA Today is nothing but a pathetic liberal rag! Fast check: USA Today are dumbasses. Results: yes they are Why don’t you fact check UnderArmour , too? Look at the t-shirt they sell. Projection of the first degree. When criminals paint the innocent with their darkness. Similar as in it’s an eagle? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Wow is giving TheOnion a run for their money.... My ruling: anybody paying a subscription for is beyond stupid ..... Looks like the American eagle to me Just another attempt to discredit Trump The Claim: BLM logo features a raised fist, a communist symbol Our ruling: True USA today is truly the enemy of the people. they're disgusting with thier biases and thier lies.

The eagle is not inherently native or evil. Don't believe the hype! You should turn in your media credentials and start writing fantasy books for children The eagle is our national bird you birdbrained idiots LOL Try to factcheck this then: House of Representatives --------Fascist symbol this is not a mere mistake, this is actually evil, Men who loved the Eagle as 150 year old symbol of America died to defeat Nazis. usatodaylife the paper of pure hatred and lies

The claim: usatoday crew are Nazi sympathizers because they’re using the same Latin letters as Hitler did. Our ruling: True Holy Crap, you really have stopped trying, haven't you? Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect further reporting and analysis. The rating has been changed to 'inconclusive'. More FakeNews

This should make many intelligent democrats walkaway... this is beyond absurd. Now do a story about Antifa’s logo. FakeNews TheMoreYouKnow MondayMotivation Godwin’s Law to perfection. No wonder I don't subscribe to your piece of chit paper Irresponsible “journalism”!!!! Anti-America 'News' Media Go Full Woke, Calls The America Eagle a 'Nazi Symbol' Why Even Call Your Network 'USA Today' ? Shouldn't It Be ' We'll sell out our Nation to AntiAmerican Terrorists for RageClicks ' Instead ShadowBanned CancelUSAToday

The claim. USA Today resembles a real newspaper with important stories. Findings: it’s not. This has to be the cringiest take ever Will Peebles sounds just like his name. That this ridiculous post is still up shows a complete and clear bias and disregard for truth. Has just completely stopped pretending to be unbiased

Somebody's really nervous Getting ratio'd over 2:1. And it's still up. Just curious, when you lobotomize your employees, is that free healthcare, or do they need to pay? USA today is RAG!!! I use it to line the litter box! 💩💩🥴🥴🥴🥴 This debases your paper and ruins all credibility. It validates Trump’s claims of Fake News. Anyone thinking you do not get your talking points directly from the DNC are illiterate. The Bald Eagle was selected as America’s symbol in 1782. 100 years before Hitler and the Nazis

maybe consider changing the name of your rag 😏 Perhaps the dimwits are USA Today want to discuss Nazi symbols with some Marines. Seriously usatoday you need to drug screen your employees What about the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OFFICIAL MACE? What Nazi Basxxxx agreed to use this Nazi symbol? Oh yeah, a MAJORITY HAVE TO AGREE to use it Everyone in House of Reps IS A NAZI, PER SO IS SpeakerPelosi -her logo is SAME

if it's in USATODAY and the 'fact checkers' looked it up in wikipedia MUST BE TRUE 🤮🤢🤢🤢 Ah, McPaper. Never stop being garbage. I’d say you got pretty beat up in the comments. Might be good to stay away from PROPAGANDA it is a 2 way street these days. You might become labeled FAKE NEWS.. You SICK people. The eagle is a symbol of strength, authority, and power, and was given to those of ingenuity and distinction. The eagle's wings were symbols of protection, and its sharp, gripping talons symbolized despair at the cost of evildoers.

More Fake New!!! Is this real life? You People are just dumb, or uneducated. That particular rendition of a NAZI Eagle was specifically used by the German - American Bund, a NAZI aligned political group that was very popular in America during the 1930's. It was patterned after an older American Eagle symbol.

our ruling: USA TODAY is fakenews, stup1d, hates america and should get disbanded Total and complete crap. Fact Check: Mainstream media (90% Leftists) are the enemy of the people. True! Your troll game is weak dear USA today. go look up the roman empire. and roman republic. aka the thing the US loves to copy the architecture of. congratz, now you know hte origin. NOT FUCKING NAZIS. but arguably the ORIGIN of modern democracy/republic. even greeks didn't go to such an extent.

YODA: 'Strong is the stupid in you. Smart, you are not' You guys are pathetic! CringePropaganda This is why Liberal Education (Better known as indoctrination) is destroying society. The American Bald Eagle became the National Bird over 100 years before Hitler was even born. This is why these losers want to erase and rewrite history. TDSisReal and JournalismIsDead

So you imply that Trump is a National SOCIALIST. (which on it's face is absurd), and then you admit that the symbol has long been a US symbol. As a Marine, I take great offense at your narrow minded mud slinging Lies. Is THIS a NAZI symbol too? Pathetic. Terminal TDS. You people are true idiots. When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail.

OMG, ALL of our quarters produced between 1932 to 1998 are RAYCYST!!! 🙄🤦 Summertime ratio... Really? This is pure propagana, by a supposed 'news' outlet. So damned dishonest, and inflammatory. Both US ARMY eagles. Speak lie loud enough, long enough the become truth to the ignorant. STUPID! Joseph goebbels ran the nazi propaganda machine a lot like MSM in America does now.

The bastards even snuck the image on the back of $1 bills!! When the hell did they do that, and how’d they sneak it past us!? As usual the mediocre media propagating misleading facts! Get factual evidence before instigating political bias! I'm no Trump fan but it's officially our national bird USA Today is controlled by Islamic Jihadist who support radicalization of America. America's observation: TRUE

Dude. The US adopted the eagle 138 years before the nazi party was founded Ya but pretty sure we nancy was a nazi Really? That is your 'ruling' lol ok might want to take a look at the Marine Corps symbol as well your 'ruling' might find that they are Nazi's too....trash Different shaped eagle, among many orher things. Give me a break...such great, hard-hitting journalism here 🙄. Didn’t see you do the BLM fist vs the communist fist...

holy shit is this stupid, WTF is wrong with your paper? Sheesh, can you not use Google? You people are idiots, and this is why you are becoming less and less relevant. This is also why nobody trusts you - because you try to put forth obvious nonsense as truth. The nation is laughing at you as you careen into your imminent bankruptcy.

Your headline is different from what the story says... Fucking Morons What you found “True” is that the campaign came under criticism... “Our ruling: True The claims that a Trump campaign T-shirt has come under criticism for using a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle is TRUE” USA TODAY IS SICK. is complete shit

You are nothing more than a Joseph Goebbels propaganda organization masquerading as news. You engage in gaslighting because you cannot believe your candidate Hillary lost. You people are crazy. Hey, remember that time the eagle was our national bird? Um, yeah. Anyone? Anyone? REALLY? You too, USA Today? Anything to discredit POTUS while ignoring even worse behavior from the Democrats. You're done in my house.

You embarrassed yourself, again. WINNING I'm just going to leave this right here.... More Trump Derangement Syndrome... They should package crayons with their paper... So all nations that have an eagle as part of their national emblem are Nazis? You call yourselves a news organization. TRASH! 2,000 years ago, Roman empire

Now Do Pelosi.... If you have to issue a “clarification” then your “Our ruling: True”. Needs to read “Our ruling: see clarification below”. You can’t leave the original post unchanged.👆 Let's play this game... Here’s a real communist symbol. Please dear God educate yourself on our history of the eagle and Nazi Germany. FAKE NEWS once again. Facts not BS. Liars this claim is absolutely Not true

USA Today ‘s Toilet Paper Ben Franklin built a time machine, traveled with Adams and Jefferson to 1930s Germany and said, 'that will be our symbol!' True story. 😒 Waiting for the background check on this one. This crap is why people don’t trust the media. It’s completely false. The story only published to create more division, hate, and vitriol. And it will all be blamed on Trump. 🤦‍♂️

YOU'RE. FULL. OF...IT. Our ruling FakeNews the imperial eagle isn’t a Nazi Symbol unless it’s perched on Nazi Swastika! 👹👹 is using Nazi Style Propaganda to smear the TrumpCampaign Our ruling: true!! Ur possessed And do this one, too! Stupidest fucking FAKE NEWS of the month Oh FFS, usatoday. Lol OH! OH! Do this one now!

Please, simply walk up to your 'fact checkers' and shoot them in the head. It will be so much kinder then letting remain living being so stupid. In fact, include the editor(s) that let this idiocy be published. It’s also on US currency, before you throwaway or burn it all, I’d gladly take it off your hands.

Wow, now maybe do an investigative article on the history of the Swastika? You do know it was around for many hundreds of years before the Nazis correct? Start here: This is the stupidest piece of ignorant crap I've seen this week, it's like the moron democrats at USA Today said 'hold my soy latte and watch this'.

The American Bald Eagle was preserved on June 20th 1782 to represent the United States of America. This Eagle was believed at the time to exist only in America. It was chosen for its long life, strength & Majestic look. This American Bald Eagle has nothing to do with Nazi's !! Oh my goodness. Now they are starting in on the eagle. Our national bird Is there no end to this tomfoolery? No I'm sure there isn't -Not with the mentally challenged left and their lap dog MSM

Oh, our National bird The one featured in the Presidential seal? C’mon USATODAY- do better!!! At least PRETEND to be actual journalism even if you can’t do it. Used in many countries. What a pathetic stretch. More accurate would be that the NAZIs adopted the US eagle. Enemy of the people Grasping at straws... Such hacks... calling the bald eagle symbol of the US racist . But then again everything is racist.

This is the reason that the MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople you people are sick! Oh no! Not a eagle. You have jumped the shark! Your usefulness is at a complete and logical end. Last one out,shut off the lights... USA Today, should remove “USA” from the name because of its racists undertones. Both of them are The Eagle of Zeus. It's a symbol of power, and power has no national loyalty.

What idiot on your payroll wrote this? Decrease his salary to quarter a week Skirting the edges. His cult knows the meaning. When you use hate to stoke fear and resentment, you use symbols that reflect hate. I smell Steven Miller. Proof you people are corrupt, bias, and hate the US. CorruptMSN MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople FakeNews CancelMSM

😆😅🤣🤣🤣 ah....NO ! I see eagle, USA flag and America First. Geez, only thing missing is ACTUAL NAZI reference. Fake news. Be a terraist, not a terrorist. Postmodern nuclear urban political satire... Free Ebook for next few days You are the enemy of subjective journalism, integrity, and honesty. Shameful.

The claim: USA Today is not a valid source for news and it's, so called reporting, widely resembles the propaganda by Paul Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany. Our ruling: TRUE I can't believe y'all haven't deleted this already... How can you expect us to believe in responsible journalism when you 'true' a fact check that is so blatantly wrong. Geez...

Nice bit of propaganda you produced here. Consider reporting the truth. You can't complain when everyone says you are an enemy of the people when you act like this. This is it. The single dumbest thing that has ever been tweeted. Delete your everything you ludicrous HACKS, good lord! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Claim - False. You need to retract this false story.

Going full Godwin for clucks? You best backpedal waaaaaaaay the fuck on up Eagle has been around a hell of a lot longer than that Even before Roman times USA TODAY = CLOWNS. Everyone's ruling: True. LOL.... lies more than KGB run Pravda: TRUE! Does anyone at your organization have a single Fking clue The Eagle was our symbol LLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG before Shitler was a stain on his mamas knickers. Your Sheer Idiocy is beyond even anyone's dismal expectation. 1782. The Eagle has been our symbol since 1782

Enemy of the people Nazis, Nazis everywhere, but not a face to punch. The claim: appears to be trying to equate the American Eagle with Nazis. My ruling: appears to be trying to equate the American Eagle with Nazis. George Washington inaugural button, you morons. This isn't a turkey. My ruling, is a 🤡 show

Explain this. USA Today showing left leaning bias. My ruling: True. Did you know the Nazi's took their plans from the Democrats plan in the USA. Read up and learn. So they are the NAZI's. DemocratsAreNazis USA Today is Nazi. My ruling: USA Today is stupid. You don’t deserve to use USA in your name. Idiots braindead

I am so sick of these people trying to turn our country into a stage of racist hate. That’s not what the USA is today! We just had a black president for Gods sake! An eagle has been our symbol from the beginning. Symbolizing freedom!!!!! FFS and you wonder why no one believes anything else you say Pathetic.

The Left is INSANE!!! Trump should put a picture of his ass on t- shirt telling Dems to KISS IT Two words: Full. Potato. Seriously though: please just stop. Its a dam eagle dude eagles do look the same quit reaching for something we all can havr own twist on things Your fact checkers are hacks USA Today's logo contains a circle, circles were often seen behind swastikas. USA Today is using Nazi imagery.

The media is the enemy of the people. The claim: USA Today has the stupidest writers on the planet. Our ruling: True The fact checkers could fact check the right time in a room full of clocks. The eagle has been a National Symbol for the US since the late 1700's. US Postal Service More proof that MSM is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! You hate America and everything it stands for.

This is mind-numbingly stupid. Are you able to dress yourselves in the morning? Seems doubtful. Claim: The employees of USA Today are completely insane. Verdict: True. tell it to a marine. Here's where your 'newspaper' should be sold. FACT: ’s Twitter profile picture uses SAME circle type symbol as KKK, NAZI & other Hate groups. See how this works?

TDUByourBUD is this gaslighting? And there was the setting at Mount Rushmore: uyioutthebox Osi_Suave this is your media? My ruling: you are the EnemyOfThePeople 🤔🤔🤔 fakenews I just realized that these quarters have Nazi symbols on them. Shocking! So the US adopted the Eagle's symbolism before the Nazis, then the nazis use the eagles symbolism therefore the US is nazi. Fine logic.

Boycott propaganda newspaper. What a joke! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Stupid is what it is How do you not care, the majority look at this an think, these are the dumbest fucking people on earth. Hmmm reeeeeeally it's almost like this piece is purposefully equating trump with the nazis based on the title so that they can stir up unreasonable anger among the people. Defending it in the article means nothing if you don't defend it in the title.

Right. Because the US has never used anything remotely similar since *checks notes* decades before the Nazis adopted it. Lol fake news is going to fake news.... you guys should remove USA from you so called name for Fake news! 😂😂😂😂 Our symbol is the American Bald Eagle. I believe the other empires use a different eagle?

Very very stupid people at usa today I guess. McPaper continues to just flail away; literally making things up as they go along. Embarrassing.. This is nuts. Both the American eagle and the Nazi eagle are based on the Roman legionary eagle that all legions carried into battle. OMG! The Trump Administration is displaying an ancient Roman symbol! Must be racist.

facetatsRfun Oh geez. 😬 Terrible! 😖 If eagles 🦅 are racist nazis now. Should we kill them all and destroy all eagle symbols? Is Albania 🇦🇱 a secret nazi state? Should Albania 🇦🇱 and all of its citizens and descendants be destroyed to suit your narrative? FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS.. usatoday Forgot to mention Nancy has it on EVERYDAY

My ruling: 🌎🤡 The left are the Fascists the 'news' is just a propaganda machine. Now do dems PRESSTITUTES What a bunch of BS! Another example of Trump derangement. Live look at staff meeting Fucking clowns. I guess it’s cool you say it’s true fact checking your own opinion doesn’t give you much credibility. It’s sad Babylon Bee writes more truthful news stories now days.

Your ruling is as ignorant & FALSE as your editors & reporters are. The American Eagle symbol has been employed by the USA as its national symbol since June 20, 1782. It’s had many incarnations in its long history including on our currency, predating the Nazi’s eagle by 150 yRS.. Ridiculous ! An eagle comes in all sorts of positions! President Trump did not go in a say I want a Nazi eagle! Y’all a really doing some digging to come up with such stupidity !

The Aquila ('eagle') was a symbol of Roman legions... the defenders of the original REPUBLIC. So an Eagle resembles Nazi symbol Go back to school for journalism !! Crazy Meaningless babble So I guess Obama and Trump have something in common.🤔 ObamaAcademysymbol USA today salutes the US Army - is that another eagle

USA Today is proof that stupid cannot be fixed. The Navy? Oh no! Get rid of it. Yeah... because no other logos in the entire world use eagles sitting on globes, right? What's next? Racist isosceles triangles? USA Today proves you don't need common sense or journalistic skills to be a news provider today.....

Delete your account. You have lost your freakin mind. The eagle has been our national symbol since 1700's. The Marines. You need to get over yourselves.🤪 Now do the AntifaTerrorist fist. Oh no! The USMC is also nazis? Because no one uses Google I beg you to stop spreading these lies: USSRToday Dumb Disgusting USAToday. Please change the name of your paper.

By logic, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt must have been pro Nazi. He started the National Recovery Act, and gave it’s programs a Nazi eagle logo. FDR also set up internment camps. FDR was LiterallyHitler. USAToday is literally FakeNews You guys are desperate. The people are aware and you guys are losing your grip. I feel sorry for all the honest employees of your organization. We see who the actual propaganda is coming from. You're FakeNews did you forget to look at different US seals for positions.

How absolutely feeble-minded do you have to be to see everything as racist and fascist just because your candidate lost the last election? Really? The national bird of the US since 1782 is a Nazi dog whistle now? The Nazis defunded the police, tore down statues and tried to erase history. Much like the Nazi leftwaffe are doing these days. Nice try though.

totally unmitigated BS What a Bull💩 story!! Our ruling Your bias is showing. I thought you guys didn't take sides. What about this Nazi symbolism? This has to be one of the worst things ever written. Why TF does anyone even read the shitrag USAtoday ? Not sure if Stupid Will Peebles is aware but the Eagle also has some historical basis in America. Will Pebbles has terminal TDS. LOL what a dope. WillPebblesIsADunce

The claim: USA TODAY is a propaganda outlet for the socialist/dems. ruling: TRUE. Wow... So, when you gonna delete this tweet?! 'worth noting'..lololololo.... Oh look, more nazis! I’ll take one for each day of the week! TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Your attempt to paint realDonaldTrump as a racist has yet again become the boomerang to hit you upside your race baiting heads. No longer a News Outlet, your activist for the Democratic Party and BLM w/ George Soros (Who's NOT an American) at the helm. ForeignInterference

Do your homework First USA TODAY... Your claim is so not true You mean like this? You should do better research before you run ignorant hit pieces By the way, Patriots know the truth - and the hit piece writers with a 3rd rate Journalism degree are just puppet mouthpieces for evil masters that tell you what to do

You are incorrect Not true... do your homework first ! You mean the stolen Roman aquila? The eagle is the symbol of the USA as it was for Rome and other nations. My claim: The people running the irrelevant blog USA TODAY are utter idiots. My ruling: TRUE! The Claim: The Democratic Leaders Support their voters Our Ruling: False

Just stop. Whoever believes this is a moron. Whoever actually allowed this story is a moron. Again, the Moron Brigade hard at work! Clarification: important to note democrat Obama’s also use the same symbol You really are the enemy of the people. This is shameful. The next time you do a fact check, why should I trust it more than this one?

Why are you such Nazis, ? Why is this fraudulent garbage still here? This is a blatant lie and should be removed. propagandists You are done and no longer of any use. you guys are the only ones to blame for the lack of trust the people have for the news these days. Its fucking pathetic. Better tell Nancy!!

you’re still in publication? Who is funding you? I guess the US Marines are Nazis as well? Assholes. beaglebabe48 Nice! Vote MAGA Enemy of the people Fact: BarackObama is as black as Augustin Bizimungu sentenced for 30 yeats in prison for his part in the RwandaGov genocide 🤔 Can you please send me one? Size XL

USA Today is clearly an anti-Trump fake news organization. The eagle has been a symbol of freedom for our country for many years. Hitler wore a shirt, Trump wears a shirt. Nazi! How about SpeakerPelosi logo Will you morons say anything about it FakeNewsMedia You should just delete this tweet rather than look so idiotic in perpetuity

Seriously? Really? And you claim to be journalists? If you ever wonder why the public no longer trusts the legacy media, remember that you published this. Holy s**t... Has your entire organization taken crane hooks to the temple resulting in nonsense like this headline? Pack of f**king walnuts It’s this kind of ridiculous bullshit that keeps flaming the fires of hate & division in our country. Shame on you for twisting and turning one thing into something it is not, because you have a left agenda & hate our president. You are more like a tabloid than a real journalist.

FACT CHECK: USA Today uses the SAME SYMBOL as the World War II Japanese atrocity-committing army: The CIRCLE.🔵🇯🇵 ✅Worth Noting! Lol eagle has been in the seal of the president and part of our country and many others for a long time who are the real marxists dont forget where hitler got his inspiration communist manifesto

Your paper is insane. I’m done with you guys. This is such a misleading, biased bunch of garbage. FakeNews More shitty hack leftist journalism that is untrue. A real long pathetic reach. It’s a fucking EAGLE. You know, our national bird?! Now do Antifa This is why nobody buys newspapers anymore what are you the national Inquirer now? 💩💩💩

THE FACT: YOU JUST HELPED POTUS SELL A WHOLE LOT OF SHIRTS!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! This is not journalism at all. By that logic, Nancy features the imperial eagle on her website every day. It must be that you got something wrong. If you have journalistic integrity, you will issue a correction, or retraction on your website. Not here, where nobody sees it. Be decent!

AND YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE CALL YOU THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THIS WHEN SpeakerPelosi WORE A PIN WITH IT DURING HER PHONY IMPEACHMENT WILL YOU PLEASE ANSWER A REAL QUESTION FOR ONCE? nazitodaynews That’s used by everyone incl the democrats. But you don’t mention this...? 🤔 I'm just here to laugh at USAToday. You people are idiots. You can't pull this crap anymore and get away with it.

Wrong Fixed it for you. But when the same symbol is used by democrats, it's not a Nazi symbol anymore. Fake news. Enemy of the people. You are fake news. FakeNews is the EnemyOfThePeople The eagle has been used symbolically since medieval times, U.S. adopted the eagle long before the Nazis. Nice way to make yourselves look completely idiotic.

So Speaker Pelosi is a Nazi? How do you reconcile the US Marine Corps logo pre-dating the Nazi logo? Holy shit Americans have lost their fricking minds. Isn't the national bird a bald eagle? Are you all going to shoot all eagles now because it's a symbol of white Supremecy? Now do this one. Are you f’ing kidding me SpeakerPelosi is the REAL Nazi.

The Bald Eagle is also a White Supremecy Symbol. killalltheeagles to dimantle White Supremecy. This is the mace of the House of Representatives which dates back to 1842. Americans time-traveled a century into the future to steal the design from the Nazis. True story! Your publication is irrelevant and fake news.

Bwahahahahaha 😂😂😂 Democrats are like circus elephants, walking and talking in circles while kissing each others butts. Funny Pelosi uses virtually the same image, Eagle on top of a sphere...nancythenazi BarackObama & MichelleObama out here spreading Nazism with their academy. Liberal idiots StupidMoronsToday

Trump is trolling you idiots hard and you keep falling for it. I love it! Thank you for always proving you choose feelings over fact. FakeNewsMedia Trump 2020 👍👍 lol.... WHAT? USA Today needs to take the USA out of their name. What a bunch of morons. It’s is worth noting that USA Today is financed by China. Fact Check: true!

I still hope it's a stupid designer's mistake. And here I was thinking The Babylon Bee was the only satirical 'news' outlet on twitter. Fact check: 'Fact checks' have been corrupted by propaganda for easily fooled people. Our rating: True. You are the enemy of the people. Such BS and double standard. We the Americsn people see straight thru the demon-rats bullshit😡

And this is how you get labeled fake news. You’re supposed to be a reliable news source? Sad Foxtrot Oscar from across the pond. It's not like literally almost every country on earth has an eagle in wichever form on most of their seals. Musta been a slow FakeNews day.. Not a Trump fan by any measure but you’ve fucked right up here chaps.

USA ToDay a bunch of useful idiots for the far left democrats. 😂For gods sake calm down Holy cats people have too much Time in their hands when they pick stuff apart to this degree. Do some volunteer work. Make the world a better place instead of ripping everything up. Geez. Nacy Pelosi is a GIANT FR USAtoday please change your name to Traitors Today. Shame.

Far Left Biased Trash reporting. Just more divisive reporting that proves your organization is the enemy of the people. And they both drank water too! 🙄 praises Nazi lover So many countries through history have used an Eagle as a symbol. When one individual or group is constantly picked out from the rest for unwanted and unwarranted attention that is the definition of bullying.

This symbol is modeled after the Roosevelt Blue Eagle except that it faces the wrong way and it is a Nazi symbol. Not the stupidest shit I've seen all month, but this ranks pretty high. Goddamn this is some stupid shit. Stupid! This is a Nazi symbol. The Nazi eagle always faces right. Man, you people are detestable. You're the ones constantly pushing divisive content, yet you pretend to be something else entirely. It really ought to be criminal.

Dirty, dirty smear merchants Last bit of silliness before I go to bed. Seriously why are you even a think anymore? More lies from the media Oh, kind of like Nancy Pelosi? I knew it, they’re all Nazis. 😜🤦🏼‍♂️🙄 The bald eagle's natural range covers most of North America, including most of Canada, all of the continental United States, and northern Mexico. It is the only sea eagle endemic to North America. Bald Eagles not found in Europe

You still didn't delete this nonesense? Rulling: Liars. No clarification required. FakeNews Surely the ancient Romans were also Nazis TwitterSupport aren’t you going to flag this for being false? Fact check: you should have legally or illegally gotten this clown out of office a long time ago Americans I remember your paper was the only one I ever paid for. But you are not fit to wrap fish in. My ruling: this is true

The claim: bullshit. Your ruling: bullshit, too Can we make this the worst ratio ever? Shame on you. Its the bald eagle, a great and proud symbol of America. It is not the imperial eagle, a bird I will add which was a symbol of Napoleon Bonaparte long before Nazi Germany. Get your facts right next time. DonaldTrump baldeagle KeepAmericaGreat USA FakeNews

Just piling on the ratio at this point. So are the US Army, Marines Etc - Nazi's? Fake news. Yes, you say it looks similar which is true, but the implication is that this was intentional, which is false. Eagle logos like this are common, and have been since before nazis even existed. Even we were using symbols like this for our military 100 years before nazis.

Just to be safe we should kill all the eagles. Like total extinction. We do not want to be called Nazis. We can change our bird to the Parrott as that's all the left does with their BS ideas. Or maybe the dodo bird is better due to the mentality on libs. Are you fucking serious? The eagle has been an American symbol for centuries. No wonder no one reads your paper.

You do realize that realDonaldTrump's son in law and grandchildren are JEWISH?!!! What a disgraceful RAG your publication is. The claim: The Imperialistic Symbolism Used Has The Same Significance. Call It What You Will. My Ruling: Past Empires. Oh what fresh cancer is this Will you be happy if you're lying causes a civil war? Why do you want Americans to hate each other so much?

Shame on you! This is the fakest of the fake news. The American eagle symbol has faced left and right for various branches of the military, in fact the seal of the USA faced left for almost 100 years in our 244 year history. My ruling: FakeNews 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 USA Today is FakeNews. Ruling: True

Instead of posting FakeNews. Try using FACTS!!! AntifaTerrorists BLMTerroristMarxists SOCIALISM Democrats DemocratsTheEnemyWithin DemocratsAreCorrupt DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica DemocratsHateAmerica MAGA KAG TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Imagine being as stupid as the editor that green lit something like this

Y'all are dumb. This is so false, is painful. Hindus have a similar 'swastika'. Dosen't mean it's a nazi symbol. However, it's called the sauvastika. Just because it looks the same, doesn't mean it is... 🙄 Are you fucking kidding me? I’m sure USA Today will be featuring an article on Nancy’s Nazi eagle symbol too, right?

Isn't that the same Eagle that is on all of our money strange how know one said any thing before Unbelievably stupid usatoday Wow you guys are despicable!! Seriously low of the low moves. You political bias just oozes through. Based on that, you should refrain from any 'fact check' articles ever and exclude yourselves knowing the level of your own bias.

This is why I go to independent creators for news and analysis. You sad excuse for humans. Fuck yeah! The claim: 2 + 2 = 5 The Party's ruling: True georgeorwell nineteeneighyfour BigBrother thoughtpolice I'm literally wearing a Navy sweater with an eagle on it. Don't listen to these horrible liars. Waffle!

Anything with a swastika is nazi... you slap a swastika on a baby, thats now a nazi baby, you put a swastika under an eagle, baby seal, rooster or a puppy... yup its now a nazi symbol, BECAUSE YOU PUT A SWASTIKA ON IT. You guys really have become nothing but trash.. Errr... Fake news. enemy of the people.

if course it is but whos the guy wearing it THE CLAIM: has less journalistic quality than used toilet paper bought from the clearance rack at the dollar store, one that was burned down in the riots. My verdict: TRUE Who's next ? I noticed this about Pikachu's tail. His hair is even the same colour as Trump's! Coincidence?!

By that flawed argument, the seal of the US, the Senate are also using Nazi symbols, you idiots. It must be 'bring your kid to work' day usatoday. Whoever wrote this dribble is either a child or an idiot. Hmmm... The eagles of America's symbols are looking left but the Nazi and Trump logo are looking right.

Seriously? This isn’t journalism. Unbelievable this made news. You have completely lost it. It’s the Roman Eagle (Latin: Aquila), which inspired part of William Barton’s design submission for the new Seal of the United States (following its July 4th Independence, 1776). You shot your own feet Stop kicking yourselves

You beClowned yourselves Um, America typically uses an image of an Eagle........ duh. Good lord, i almost had an aneurysm from the stupidity Oh wow you people never let up fo you😡❗️ Stop nit picking every booger that comes out of your BUTTS! Stop this ongoing divisive manner. You suck and the rest of the resistance suck at sucking!

Seriously? You haven’t taken down this article yet? Wow. LiberalismIsAMentalDisease Blahahahahahaha hacks!!! You people have gone completely insane. Now do Nancy Pelosi's Seal. Another hit piece from EnemyOfThePeople USAToday Yes and Nancy Pelosi uses an eagle too, BFD. This is the shit you waste you’re time on.

Fake news! WTF Marxist propaganda much And then there’s them Roman Nazis... How ridiculous the Democrats are just scraping the barrel. Mmm the eagle has been the symbol of the USA way before the Nazi’s made it theirs. Comparing them is just rubbish. Your ridiculous 'newspaper' deserves to go into bankruptcy. Yet another example of the pathetic state of American 'journalism.'

Boy .. you guys getting totally desperate!! We’re back to Trump having 2 scoops of ice cream .. rotfl.. The media is so out of fucking control it’s unbelievable Delete your account and your site. Being a Jewish person, I don’t appreciate seeing a Nazi symbol on a Trump t-shirt, or on any item of clothing that shows disrespect. I am growing tired of seeing what this President does to stir up people, and he’ll lose votes!

Surely to be a symbol of the nazis it needs a swastika? Load of BS. OMG! Will the insanity ever end? No Nazi symbol on Trump's T-Shirt logo. It's an eagle w/ an American Flag. The eagle has always been an American symbol of Freedom! Y'all bit off more than you can chew😂😂😂😂😂. Let's see what else y'all come up with. Didn't know USA Today still existed.

So I’m sure you’ll be going after Nancy Pelosi next because her official seal has a similar eagle then right? Do you guys even try anymore? What’s it like getting less traffic then reruns of old cartoons? USA today and it’s journalists are now irrelevant. I’m Australia and even I know the eagle is the symbol of the US. Shame on you all...

You clowns still haven't recovered from the AR-15 with a chainsaw attachment nonsense. And now this? Do you often wonder why nobody trusts the media anymore? When Trump first said 'Enemy of the people' I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration. You have proven him right time and again. You are the enemy of the people.

Dumb dumb dumb shit that could have been prevented with a simple search on Google. Fucking clowns “Worth noting” the eagle has been the official bird of the USA since its inception I can’t believe the level of insanity here. Then you SHOULD be looking at SpeakerPelosi The Eagle was adopted as part of the emblem of the United States of America in 1782. Nazism rise to power in 1933. 1782 1933 dumbasses FakeNewsMedia Parasites None of you have any dignity left in my eyes.

Idiots ........ Your ruling :PROPAGANDA ( just like the Nazis used ) ...... btw , here is that eagle again - fakenews EnemyOfThePeople And this, from the American Civil War, the Union side, 80 years earlier. Fools. Stupidity at it's best, you guys are really desperate searching something against this great leader.

How much brain damage is needed to work at USA Today? If anyone knows nazis it’s lefty propagandists Usa today is just disgusting FoxNews what to make of this lol America was using the eagle 150 years before the Nazis. If this is the best you can do, quit and do something more in line with your qualifications. Like eating used urinal cakes to see if they're toxic.

Shut your doors. usa today is nothing more than a cabal of political hacks who spread fake news like they had Covid-19 in a nursing home. At some point, the left will hopefully realize they're hallucinating at least half of what they think they're seeing. You guys really need a different hobby. Does it look similar? Yes. Is it supposed to represent a new era of Imperial German or in this case, Imperial American designs? Hmmm, is that why we are pulling out of all of our 'Nation Building' endeavors? 🤔🤔

The claim: USA Today should stop using dollar bills if they were consistent. Our ruling: true Gannett surely has a reason to submerge below yellow journalism, and offer seditious narratives birthed in swamp-bottom scum like this. How much foreign money is surging through Gannett ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DON'T BE MORONS ..... American Flag topper

Well look what I found 🤣🤣🤣🤣 An eagle is an eagle, no? Talk about paranoia! Get a real job. The National Enquirer would be a step up for you. It's a symbol of our nation baldeagle The CorruptMedia and LunaticLeft will go to any length to destroy our country. Stop it. DemocratsHateAmerica CorruptDNC

The eagle has loooooong been a feature in European nations, going back centuries. This is completely moronic. Why is the left always deflecting there neo-Nazi tendencies on to Trump? We know who the real social is are oh, we know who the real Communists are. The Democrat Party The Party of Marxism Could reach any further? You guys are PATHETIC!!!

You are fact-checking that the claim was made ... But clearly INTEND it to look like you affirmed the claim itself was true. TRASH PROPAGANDA. Thanks for the 'clarification' lol Sad when your fact-checking needs fact-checking. Starscream35 That's not surprising considering our country symbolism always had low-key nazi-shit. A Trump t-shirt isn't the first time I saw an American eagle stylized as a nazi eagle.

Seriously? You are claiming the American eagle is wrong Have you no shame? USA TODAY IS FAKE NEWS! this was just a typical U.S. STOCK IMAGE . you guys have become nothing but propaganda . The author of this hit piece never opened an American history book. Liberal Journalist’s have lost all respect. Who the f*ck writes this shit?

A 'nazi symbol?' And you rule 'true?' You are a treasonous, lying little useless rag aren't you? You know this is misleading. Stop. Speaker of the House: Pelosi My ruling: Spreading Hateful Propaganda USA TODAY IS GARBAGE 🤮 So... are all our military branches now super racist too or are you just saying it's the President? Oh, I bet you conveniently forgot about them flags huh?

FAKE NEWS!!! Haha you guys are pathetic!! Someone should investigate the Obama Academy in GA just In case it’s a Hitler Youth camp w/ that logo. Have to love the irony of a paper called the USA Today suggesting the President’s use of a bald eagle may be inspired by Nazi symbolism rather than our national emblem

I had to come see if this article was real. These days I actually ha e to ask is this usa today trying to 'report' their approved propoganda or are they trolling So hard to decide EnemyOfThePeople 🐂💩 Um.... Cool if it were only true. Watch this! Love the gaslighting Oh my God. The shirt has red in it. You know the Nazi Flag also has red. Trump must be a Nazi because he likes the color red.

So....when I called Trump this century's Hitler 'wannabe', I was right. If you say so... 🤷‍♀️👽 Pelosi, Harley Davidson, the US Mint, the Founding Fathers, the House of Representatives (their seal uses the imperial eagle), and the US Marines are all Nazi's by your standards. Did you take Common Core History?

Must be a 15 year old self hating white girl doing the fact checking there ! Because he saw a slave leave the Democrat plantation, a peer in the big house screams out the alarm. The imperial eagle has been around since ancient Roman times, 2,000 yrs before Nazi Germany. But, go on, tell us more.... Wow! Usatoday u are a joke! WWG1WGA

Eagle was America's symbol first. The author of this article celebrating it's publication. So stupid. Is the eagle on the Mexican flag a Nazi symbol, too? How about Sam the Eagle from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics? subscription cancelled. You people are freakin’ insane. the Romans are nazis too! They are everywhere! Thanks for alerting me to this USA today! I wouldnt know where to direct my hate unless you told me where.

Hmm. USA Today, please meet the Mace of the House of Representatives. Stupid Seriously? what bull*** is this Did you get paid by the Democrats to write this ridiculous propaganda? How about doing some real journalism on where the missingchildren are!!! wayfairchildtrafficking wayfairgate SaveTheChildren ThesePeopleAreEvil

You mean the eagle that’s on our money? They've infiltrated the Tecate beer company. The eagle is looking to the right, just like the shirt. Clear sign of nazi's taking over the world. (sarcasm) This goes back to the Roman Imperial Eagle, the stupidity of USA Today is baffling. Any good journalist would do a 5 min search and find this out.

Embarrassing. Nancy the Nazi This is the most pathetic article. It’s intent to once again make Trump look like a racist using idiotic declarations about Eagles’ heads, talons & what the Eagle is carrying is the latest asinine attempt at desperately find something else wrong with the President. GET A LIFE!

your so slimiey, making it seem like its true your misleading people, lol make a correction its the fact he was criticized is what was true not the eagle itself. Will Peebles: Will be a buffoon for money. This rag isn't even fit to use as toilet paper. Who the hell listens to your crap anymore. You are digging deep. Media is no longer relevant

What you are claiming is wrong and evil. Change your name! You are obviously against the USA This is idiotic. Daft. Fkn daft. Delete this. You’re a disgrace Oh, no! I've found more 'Nazi' symbology. USA Today, all Fake News, all the time! Wow, so you're saying we were nazis 150 years before they existed? Americans must be time time travellers then.

You are fakenews EnemyOfThePeople Please keep talking. PLEASE! Trump2020Landslide So USA Today, care to comment on the image below? The USAToday is evil slime-soaked garbage, and deserves this summation from Timcast! Communist 'fact checkers', translation: narrative enforcers. Man the Dim-wit-ocrats should have found a better way to spend money.

You deserve this: USATODAYenemyofAmerica I bet Nazis wore shirts. We shouldn’t wear shirts or we’re NaZiS. For anyone who cares, the image of the backside of a quarter was posted on here and was immediately flagged as inappropriate content. Just saying. Nice ratio Don’t forget that Mexico, Poland, Montenegro and Yemen also Use the implementation. It’s because the eagle is internationally recognized for its strength and majesty. Not because 1 group of Aholes in all of human history used it.

What's that Pelosi is wearing I do not believe anyone can be this stupid. The person/s who wrote this need to be fired. Your “writers” when “investigating” The only similarity is facing direction. Trump Eagle head round, beak short less sharp, Eyes different All feathers angled in horizon position Chest feathers crosshatched instead of tiled. Eagles shoulders rounded, no irregular angles. USA Today full of BS, art analyst, not

I hope to meet a USA TODAY employee in the streets one day Its a fucking Eagle. Ya’ll are desperate. I cant wait until November 4th when we throw the entire MSM away and start again. Mark my words. Uhhhhhhh Nancy uses it too. That probably makes it ok. Right? Why does my zoo have Nazi symbol animals? Seeing an eagle and thinking 'Nazi' is a bit of a telling Rorschach test.

willpeeblessmn Here's a lead for your next 'fact check' piece. The Kennedy Half Dollar has an imperial eagle on the reverse. So by implication, just like your last piece, it must mean his followers were Nazi's? Or do you only draw the connection & publish when its conservatives? Have a little gander on google there CNN jr..

The claim: USA Today is a left leaning propaganda rag.. Ruling: True ✅ You are losing readership. Pretty soon, your horrible paper will fade into obscurity. And you wonder why people think you are just propaganda for the Left? I rate your claim as false. FraudNews , given the clear intent, IMO, to mislead and deceive. Dishonest and insipid. Period.

When you don't actually fight evil, you make up evil to fight. You are a joke The person who wrote this article---Will Peebles, should never work in journalism again. Breaking Rule 9 I didn't even know about the shirt Thank's for the info, now off to realDonaldTrump store to buy me a shirt 😉👍 Now to the House logo, BLM, ANTIFA, bet you won't 🤣😂

It's been 15 hours now! Y have u not retracted this 100% BS story? Your tweet says Trump's shirt features a Nazi symbol, fact checked 'true'. But your STORY says it's only true that someone MADE THE CLAIM! You guys are DISGUSTING and earned FakeNews I’m thinking you all must have left some activist intern in charge of social media over the weekend? Maybe a grownup editor will come in Monday morning and delete this, or are you sticking with it?

Stupid, no wonder people consider the media useless Fake news This is why no one trusts you. FakeNews Oh fuck no you just didn't! Lol if the left didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards AT ALL! USA. Cancel eagles now that they are racist symbols!! Left idiots ! This the dumbest thing on the Twitter today.

Oh just fuck right off. great googlie-mooglie your TDS is very strong . could you maybe get someone older than 20 to handle this kind of thing? Someone who has maybe read a little *actual* history before bleating about things about which they know nothing? How irresponsible can you BE?!? Lazio soccer club, same thing

USA today really thinks everyone’s really stupid. I guess they are. the USMarineCorps and NSAGov have similar looking logos and all of them are ripping off the Romans, who probably ripped off someone else don't let your titties get shook Also similar to Egyptian statuary, Native American drawings, Babylonian drawings, Roman military crests, as well as to symbols of the Ottoman Empire.

I guess I am done paying for amd reading You've pretty much completely trashed your reputation just to try to help drag Biden over the finish line. I am embarrassed for you, and I will make a mental note to never again click on one of your garbage articles ever again. You’re bullshit and you’re reaching, these journalists need to retake middle school history again. The eagle was the nations bird before hitler was even born!

Gannett reputation is destoryed I guess SpeakerPelosi is using Nazi symbolism too. Lmaooooo USA Today = Idiots MarkDice hey USATODAY, does it bother you that a guy on his laptop in his kitchen can get more 👍 than your fake news stories from a so called national news source? He show be USADICETODAY 😂🤣😂

Why is this tweet still up? Delete this and apologize to the American people. Are you people a joke or what is happening here!! LOL 👌 Damn, Mexico too huh! Racists... J.C. Mccallum. Your bio states internet researcher. A simple search on the internet would show you how many items have this same symbol on it. Marines symbol (with the addition of an anchor) Entrance to Prospect Park. Just come out and admit you are bad propagandists.

Explain h o w the most dumbed down news paper elicits plenty of response from its kindred opponents Just here for the ratio... YOU ARE FAKE NEWS... ENJOY TRUMP'S TWO TERMS. 🇺🇸 its bad ass! Garbage Are you that stupid ? Retract your bullshit story Can you please fact check whether the BLM fist is similar to this Stalin-era CCCP fist?

Fact check: USA Today is filled with morons that race bait. TRUE USA Today is not a real news site. This story is agenda driven. Nice Ratio, you hacks. So now the democrat propaganda outlet USAToday thinks the eagle is a NAZI symbol. Pathetic You treacherous frauds, you must be hollow inside to be this shameless.

Best to sit this one out USA Today! How much did you guys get paid to tweet this bull shit?! 😂😂😂 y’all are a joke. What a load of utter crap. It was intentional. This is the great seal of the US. The eagle’s head is turned to the left. The nazi eagle has it’s head turned to the right. How about that a Wayfair child trafficking news!

Duh Morons. And it's the bald eagle. A glorious AMERICAN symbol. Seal of House speaker, the quarter, paper currency - gtfoh a Nazi symbol...YOU DONT DESERVE TO HAVE USA IN YOUR NAME. FuhQ. Pravda. This is dumb Man, the NFL isn't gonna make it through this guys. You're literally lying. Delete this. The CLAIM you literally just SAID you fact checked is the claim that there is 'criticism' Not that it ACTUALLY features a Nazi symbol Enemy of the people.

Are they smoking crack USA Today you need to lose the part that says USA. If you are so hateful to attack the president and did not realize that the Eagle has been the symbol of the United States of America, a country you obviously know nothing about, since its founding. 🇺🇸 FAKE NEWS! — fire whoever wrote this article. Dumbest thing I’ve read all weekend

Lol ha Hah USA today really come on now how about report this one. Looks like Nancy Pelosi has the same issues Attention whores at their best. You all should be learning to code for future prospects. Apparently it had to be pointed out to people at USA Today that the eagle is an American symbol. All in the same!

I rarely hope for companies to go belly up, but in your case I’m making an exception. Are you guys a real newspaper? If so, why in the world are you writing idiotic crappy like this? And you just now realized that the eagle is “a longtime U.S. symbol too?” Brilliant!!! You are owned by Gannett...they are going bankrupt cause you are FakeNews

and the majority of the press/media are the Enemies of the American People! YellowJournalism at its worst! Does no one on your staff understand how to do research? That’s a reach.. we can all see it’s not the same. What was the symbol of America again? AN EAGLE!? Smh Does it look something like this? Fact check- Liberty Eagle around before Nazi symbol on American coins and federal furniture etc. Of course USA today is a toddler with dirty diapers in the news media compared to other established organizations who had to print papers.

That’s a LIE. The Left always accuses the other of exactly what they are. Alinsky tactics So, your reporters and editors are just dumb right? It’s ok we will forgive them. The need to admit, “we are dumb and we are sorry. We will study and try hard to be not as dumb in the future.” Along with every other American item. You do realize the American bird is the eagle? Guess what? Nazis has brown shirts.....kind of like the Antifa, but I digress. 😑

Hitler drank water. If you drink water you literally endorse Hitler. This is so maddening. Turning what was the symbol of US...originating in late 18th century into gross implications...but they were silent with the clearly Soviet propaganda slogan of Forward....remember that Rediculous suggestion. I think we can all agree : USA Today is garbage.

The Media should be disbanded. Uh oh jr_holtz Wrong. Check your history. USA today? Who? You guys are a joke!!! Garbage ass news You media are the problem and this is a sick thing to say. Like this? Why is this still up?!? EnemyOfThePeople Wow Hey USA Today, did you investigate Justin Trudeau's Foundation's symbol, which is virtually identical to the FBI's known symbol for Boy-lover pedophiles?

This is slander in the USA today should be sued. What’s this one mean? My verdict on your findings...FALSE and STUPID. So Philippines is Nazi Now? That is our national symbol. Respectfully doesn't mean nazis claim something, and now it's theirs. If they claim a donut symbol now donuts are nazis? The eagle was a US symbol before Germany used it.

How much more obvious does Trump need to be before people stop him from becoming the next Hitler? THIS is what they really believe is making America great again? I thought Americans were smarter than this. Following a racist, a Nazi admirer & someone who stares at the sun. 🤦‍♀️ Oh fuck the hell off, it's a fucking eagle

LIES from FakeNews Yeah..maybe u should delete this tweet. Stupid 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 And now, I’m ordering them, and by them I mean a lot, like a dozen. You? All I see is STUPID people. How low can you go? True ruling : YOU ARE RIDICULOUS. Where the hell did your journalist get their journalism education. Try Ancient Rome.

Retract and correct. Just delete this garbage. You're not even news anymore! 🤦‍♂️ What the fuck is wrong with you people? It’s Election season folks. Don’t even attempt to argue with these idiots. Just know this stupid stuff will help elect Trump. Which is just fine with me. Nancy Pelosi’s seal You are horrible. That is a classic American styled eagle that long predates the Nazis. You bunch of liars should be ashamed. It is now impossible to believe any of your 'fact checks'.

USMC seal USA Today My ruling: Fake News Is this the Onion? What a garbage way to conclude “true”. yes its an eagle that’s about it; eagles of many varieties are all over American symbolism just as your “research” explains In a democratic republic, defrauding the electorate should be a felony alongside sedition and treason... the political version of shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater, thus not covered by 1A protections.

Liars How bout the Marine emblem you effing clowns? They lost credibility years ago. Problem is, if they ever do find a significant true news item, few objective people will believe them. Same w most of the others. Welp, I guess its time to get rid of all of our Nazzy Quarters. Anyone who's ever used an American Quarter: shame on all u Nazzys!

No its not true and stop spreading false information. The eagle is a US symbol. Race Baiter!! this is insane madness. SHAME on you!!! I know this might come as a shock since your obviously not an American company but the bald eagle is used in the emblem of the United States. The only thing fascist about this is USA Today itself

Omg are you sure you guys are so called news? 🤦‍♂️ Guilt by association is a logical fallacy. Fake news!!!! Literally WW2 style propaganda coming from the media now. They're in a blind panic that Trump will win again. Oh! So is this a Nazi symbol too?! A$$holes. Bullspit Your publication. I found it. your a bunch of fking nut cases, did you know that

Presidential Seal circa 1916. Eagle facing towards arrows as opposed to olive branches. 'Unofficially' symbolic of wartime. The War Eagle. Changed 1945 to face viewer's left (olive branches) to match the Great Seal of the US. Eagle symbolism goes back to Ancient Rome. Thank you for proving that you guys are either idiots or damned evil. My guess is a combination of both.

'Let them drop their masks and expose themselves for the moral abominations that they really are.' The Corporate Press is the Enemy of the People You forgot to mention the DemocraticParty Eagle. This is super bad!!! 🤡🤡🤡🎪🎪🎪 USA Today cancelling a species of animal for being racist Are you guys owned by RT?

Looks a lot like $1 Silver Eagle produced by the US Mint for decades... False So will denounce SpeakerPelosi for using nazi symbols? And this is why I have to laugh when people talk about the importance of the press. Have to. I yearn for competent pressrooms. But instead I guess they will stick to selling fear like lemonade.

Fact check - FALSE False Idiots Too late! I know your so called fact checkers and laughable 'Journalists' have no clue of history. The Eagle was used as far back as 1239 AD as the image shows. Perhaps if you quit haring idiots that know actual history that would help. This is so stupid it almost physically hurts

Get a job ! lol you are so full of shit! lol And if that wasn't bad enough, here's another Nazi-like Eagle-on-a-sphere symbols, this time for.... Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi? OR... this symbolism goes back to Egypt, and use of this symbol long predates Nazi Germany. Outrageous The claim: The media is suffering from TDS Our ruling: True

usa today is FULL of SCHIFTTTTT!!! You might want to blame this tweet on Russian bots and quick! Has to be one of the most idiotic tweets I have ever seen. Part of the brand rollout. This is trump’s america. Claim: it’s a nazi eagle Ruling: it’s an eagle Are you guys still in business? Seriously 🙄... you are all insane... 😞!

Just delete this, whoever posted this is an absolute p.o.s. Opinion: Only a democrat/nazi would think of that. The Eagle has always been American... realDonaldTrump Romans used it as well do you know where the swastika originally came from. Probably not. For f*** sake. I want Trump out of office, but this is absolute B.S. People are pointing out the eagle in Pelosi's website. I understand completely why so many Trump supporters don't believe a word coming out of the mainstream media. Do Better!

This is what passes for news these days And the USMC's globe and anchor, every other use of the eagle in the US, and plenty of European heraldry that also features eagles. USA Today is an absolute joke. You guys are garbage! 🤮 FakeNewsMedia You are now trying to cancel the bald eagle for Americans? Why?

Dumber by the day. USA TODAYS ruling?😂😂😂😂😂😂 hilarious I’d post the democrat symbol, but they get angry on Twitter when you post a dead baby. False You are Fake News! Uh... I think we used it first! If you would like to write about something, talk about how Adolph Hitler was a big fan of Margaret Sanger, the creator of American Eugenics. Obama and Hillary were also big fans. Very true.

2440 TDS sufferers with zero knowledge of American iconography Paranoia. Journalists worrying about their precious bodily fluids again. Racist trump white power sell your soul for a pointed bonnet or a racist tee 😼 You're not doing yourselves any favors, Fake News Today... seen a dollar bill? You are biased, lying fascists. Just put 'We're for Joe!' on your masthead. This is total, made up garbage. You could find any number of US symbols that were 'similar' to the Nazi eagle. It's an eagle, dammit. But all you could find was one related to Trump. Big surprise.

I'll flip you for it. False. stupidity at its best! TAKE THIS BULLSHIT DOWN! Twitter, isn’t this hate such? Shouldn’t USA Today be censored? What happened to your search for truth and protecting America from falsehood? Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha Same one on the Pelosi website ..

Left-wing propaganda rag. ... Hey, USA Today, is the dollar bill a Nazi symbol? Left-wing dolts. Awesome! Awesome! Now fact check Nancy Pelosi's letterhead! They’re running out of lies about Trump and normal things so now they’re trying to be creative and change it to the birds! Guess they finally bored themselves to death!

THE NAZI IMPERIAL EAGLE The Trump 2020 Campaign. (Not even trying to hide it anymore!) TheLincolnProject TrumpIsANazi MeidasTouch VoteVets BLM ADL Your ruling: Wrong. F*ck all the way off. Mexico has some explaining to do... Idiots...Delete this tweet🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😵 You guys can’t be dumb, right? USA TODAY is to true unbiased news and comment, what the Taliban is to social work.

Now do SpeakerPelosi come one, don’t be biased Wow! You guys are a fucking joke! 'Fact Check' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 People are stupid🤦🤦🤦 Fact check: Have you seen the US Marines and the Speaker of the House logos? Nobody tell them to look at their coins and dollar bills I guess this makes Obama a fascist. The two symbols on the wall.

Deplorable HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAH USA Today is an arm of the DNC: True ... only an a****** wood View this beguiling delusion through a DNC skewed kaleidoscope¡! you guys know an eagle is an american symbol right? It was so worthy that you only have 1 sentence about it. The last sentence at that. You made a straw man, wrote about it, then burned him down in the last sentence. This added nothing, this what was the real purpose of this article besides OrangeManBad?

FakeNews Omg. I can’t believe you actually went there. Is the presidential seal is a nazi symbol too? FAKE NEWS CAn you share with us what the headline will look like when President Trump wins again!!!TrumpLandslideVictory2020 you seem to have it all figured out. The lugenpresse is the enemy of the people.

Y'all at are FAKE NEWS! Really? 🙄🙄🙄 Goo for you USA Today. You should be fined for this Whoever rules this, should lose the right to vote. Felons are smarter. This is so freaking bullshit. KAG2020 NO, the eagle's legs are behind the globe, not standing on a symbol of a swastika. But of course fake news would see things that are not there.

My neighbor must be a Nazi look at his flag pole topper. Oy! That eagle in the same pose had been hanging in living and reccrooms for years! This is disgusting. You can be journalists. Or you can be activists. You can't be both at the same time. There's a reason why trust in the media is at an all time low.

Bull Shit! ratioed_b0t calculate 🤦‍♂️ It’s a good thing, should have been perched on top of a fasci pole though. One time can be claimed as an accident. This is like what the 5th or 6th time (I can’t even keep track anymore) that Trump’s campaign has used Nazi imagery? These are NOT accidents folks. Fake news

When Pelosi wears it as a pin though it’s NOT a Nazi pin... Wow. You clowns really ARE the enemy of the people. For the love of God, it's an EAGLE!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 K. A symbol is a symbol. Intent is what makes the symbol good or bad For example the swatizika Evil made it a hate symbol

1985_dog Here we go again! Idiots smoking Crack & then getting on social media, posting crap about the President. Kids, 'Just Say No To Drugs' I’m just wondering why Nancy Pelosi and some of her cabinet members were the same pin.... Just stopping by for that ratio Like the pin that Nancy wears all the time?

USA Today is a pathetic attempt at journalism So, how differently can you display an eagle with it's wings spread? , when did you learn about Epstein Island and the human trafficking activities taking place there? NEVER MIND THAT THE U.S.A. HAS USED THE BALD EAGLE AS ONE OF ITS SYMBOLS FOR WELL OVER TWO CENTURIES (over 200 years), whereas the NAZI party has only been around sine its formation in 1919 - becoming fully hateful & evil around 1933.

Fake. News Somebody alert Barry and his husband Your paper is trash. Is this a joke? Wtf? You do know the Romans Used something similar for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus?... 😂😂😂 You’re a NAZI, you’re a NAZI, everybody is a NAZI! Can we just get to the debates? SoEffingStupid I hope your publication gets cancelled

You guys are such a disgrace calling yourself journalists. 10 second search can tell you who held the symbol first. Rational thinking people can easily debunk your article. Expect nothing less from fakenews It looks nothing like it! You people are enormously petty and have constant critical attitudes towards everything our President does.

bruh While you're at it, the New Orleans Pelicans logo is eerily similar. Where's that story? Must be a fad... have a bunch of AOC level morons working for them My ruling: Report this tweet as a violation of TOS....Misleading about a candidate and trying to manipulate an election It’s also on our coinage, you idiots. That goes back to Roman times. No wonder you’re bankrupt.

Fakeooooooo Shoulda seen the one on the old us embasssy in london Just stop, please. Signed, WeThePeople USATODAY are idiots. At least your paper is still good for things like kindling, wrapping dead fish, packing fragile items for storage/moving, and I suppose in last ditch efforts for wiping one's ass. But there's nothing of value in what you print, that is for sure.

WWG1WGA Back to the chicken and the globe debate, eh? USA Today can f*ck right off. Your ruling? 😂😂😂 Who died and made you God? My ruling: Hey USSRToday...I mean...USAToday...what about this psycho woman? Perhaps the folks at USA Today are unaware that the bald eagle is an American symbol, present on everything from money, to federal seals, flags and so on. USAT is simply declaring their support for the marxist, destroy America effort

You intentionally put stooo pid stuff out and then plan your 'correction' for 2 hrs later and hope nobody notices? You are lofo Your organization es la mas pendeja de este planeta! 👆🏻Gake News Rag. You should change the name of your rag. USA Today is a joke. Such propaganda So, the EAGLE is now NAZI? Propagandists just like Goebbels.. You all should be PROUD. History will NOT forget you for your involvement in thia treason and coup attempt

You are the enemy of the people. Why are you trying so hard to get him re-elected? Is this a parody account? The claim USA TODAY is journalism FALSE How low can you fools go No wonder you clowns keep getting called 'Enemy of the people'. Maybe we should abandon the American eagle And I'm sure having it perched on an American flag is triggering for you but I think you are reaching If it isn't Russian collusion then back to being a nazi and a racist

Liars! See US Presidential Flag in place since 1945!!!! also uses eagle as do countless other US flags for hundreds of years! You are a danger to civic society. This is beyond disgraceful. You have no idea of the damage you are causing. Lol Now USA today has jumped into this political smear job They appear to forget the American Eagle is the symbol of our country true

USA Today, your thoughts please. Trying to cancel our national bird, a symbol of pride? You go USSRToday, er, I mean . Wow, very creepy! I thought Hugo Boss was the only famous designer for the Nazis. so usatoday what about this hag and her nazi imperial eagle. you people are such hacks. fact check is fake bullshit! These people are the enemy of america and cant be trusted to say the truth! Media companies that spread lies can never be “fact checker”

Fact check Claim: The mainstream Media gets more ridiculous every day. Ruling: True Anything to demonize Trump eh? Hope Joe works for you. Breaking news: USA TODAY, in a ridiculous attempt to brand humanity as 'racist', now move on to other species, Eagles being the first victim. Stay tuned to more idiotic banter from USA TODAY.

How does one report this for false-information? I am so glad newspapers will soon be bankrupt and reporters will be out of a job. It really can’t come soon enough. Like the Nazis, Americans breathe air. But in the most shocking similarity, Americans and Nazis derive energy from cellular mitochondria, and are subject to gravity. Classic example of Fake News.

This from people who worship and emulate J.P. Goebbels..... Unbelievable. It's clear the children of our failed education system are running the media. The media is the true enemy of the people Yeah go ahead and delete your account Of course you think the Eagle is a Nazi symbol... Now do Nancy Pelosi you miserable hacks

MRS. HITLER? FakeNewsMedia LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder EnemyOfThePeople My rating? USAToday is a partisan hack rag. FakeNews The term dumbass pops in my head for some reason FAKE NEWS CHARLATANS at it again. Typical Dummycrat tactics All you have to do is not be fucking stupid. And you JUST. CAN’T. DO IT!!!

You assholes really shouldn’t let the summer interns control your social media. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. Anyone who thinks you haven’t completely abandoned journalism in favor of progressive advocacy hasn’t been paying attention. Well we’re taking away everything else in American symbols and history, why not out national bird too🙄

Epic... I wonder what is USA ToDay trying to do Do you ever tell the truth anymore? What. A. Joke. This is why they call you fakenews USA Today. How do you guys sleep at night? 🤦🏾‍♂️ Did anyone actually read the article? Every whataboutism comment was covered in the story. It looks like The Reichsadler, Trump recently used🔻for political opposition like the nazis. His supporters parade around with swastikas and sieg heil so please understand the comparison

I can't imagine hating America this much. I didn't know that USA Today was still around. Oh look! Obama’s nazi symbol. Has anyone mentioned this to the Marine Corp? has proven again that journalism is dead. What a misleading piece of garbage. shame on you for this so called ‘Fact Check’. FakeNews You are not smart people, and your fact checking is garbage: True.

Horsesh*t. USA has had the eagle before Hitler’s grandparents were even born. This is Marxist propaganda. Outrageous. How are you ok with writing trash like this? This is beyond ridiculous! The eagle has been an American symbol for how long? But, an issue because of Trump! The MSM continues to destroy all credibility

'Worth noting, the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too.' 1782. It became the national bird in 1782. Morons... Didn't knew eagle's are nazis by default. I hope you guys don’t call yourselves journalists.. is really a communist run rag filled with a bunch of ninny’s trying to piss people off. People see through your bigoted news. It’s the racists screaming racist. sundayvibes SundayThoughts Nazi TheAcademy tomhanks the bigoted left

Hey THIS is the eagle of my heritage, the Prussian Empire. Are you going to call it a Nazi eagle as well? Not even close, so since u have an opinion, I have an opinion, and my opinion is the article is FALSE So the military are nazis now. Thats how youre playing it? My friends and I used to deride the USA Today as the “McPaper” - we were right (again)

Your paper and staff are worthless. The eagle is also the symbol of our great country. The claim: is a socialist propaganda tabloid. Fact check: TRUE USA Today is a joke. It´s their national symbol. Don't be stupid. Hey THIS is the eagle of my heritage, the Prussian Empire. Are you going to call it a Nazi eagle as well?

1916 seal design 🙄 Seriously Change Your Name To Commie Today! 👋🏻 Great example of why people don’t trust the media 🤔 The Nazis did not “invent” the eagle as a state symbol. It dates back thousands of years. They appropriated it from ancient times. A divisive point yet again from America’s MSM. Are you *truly* that stupid to assume that any and every Eagle is the Nazi Eagle?!

I'm actually offended by the stupidity here And you wonder why you're considered the true enemy of the people!? Did you guys cash that check yet Soro’s sent you for this shit article ? You need to change the name of your rag news. 🤡 Are you all insane? Nazi's? Really? ... Sure it doesn't mean that realDonaldTrump is a a roman? Perhaps he is actually working for Duke Leto Atreides

Lmao these fucking guys are so mentally challenged it's amazing. They make a kid with Cerebral Palsy look healthy. Not true Just here because I want your ratio to be epic. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsMedia .willpeeblesSMN wrote this unreadable pile of drivel. He’s too stupid to feel embarrassed by it. Your article refutes your “ruling”. 🤡

Mediascum Enemyofthepeople The media is everything that’s wrong with the world. I'm sure you're happy that 1000s of useful idiots will only have read your first (deliberately misleading) article title. You're disgraceful. American eagle is racist. How can this be journalism? I would be abjectly ashamed to be affiliated with your institution.

“Our ruling” You are a for profit news outlet, you rule nothing. The eagle has been our national bird since the 1700’s you idiots. So, in universities, are all the morons picking journalism? Fun Facts: When the NAZIs wrote their Nuremberg laws they used the Democrat's Jim Crow laws and substituted the word 'Jew' for 'Negro.' Also, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed the KKK lawyer, Hugo Black, to the Supreme Court.

You should change your name to NAZI TODAY. You don't deserve the USA in your name. Please delete this tweet. This is propaganda pure and simple. It’s a bold eagle 🦅 get real FALSE. The Mace of the Republic (The United States) is the oldest symbol of the United States. It’s current mace has been in existence since 1842. It appears the Nazi’s stole the symbol from us.

This is why we call you ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE is inherently biased towards the DNC , most likely resulting in VoterSuppression and whose fact finding articles should no longer be seen as factual. Fact Check: TRUE whoever wrote this is a complete fucking moron. the eagle is a common symbol across cultures and ages. you deserve all the mockery you're getting here.

This is why insane liberals with 2yr old brain development shouldn't be in media but in insane asylums. Preying on the dumbed down masses many will believe this utter nonsense yes, the nazis were imperialists, and yes, so is america Seriously?! The bald eagle is an American symbol. Nazis stole things didn’t they? Lots of countries use eagles lol oh, while you’re at it, do this one

Of course you idiots print that. Spot any chainsaw bayonets lately? So you're saying that native Americans who supposedly hold the eagle sacred and are allowed to kill the bird for its feathers are the original Nazis? Please clarify. The problem isn't the long-time AMERICAN symbol; the problem is the screeding idiots that wish to equate everything about the US with something hateful so they can change the US into a hateful 'socialist paradise'.

ClickBait 'supported in part by a grant from Facebook' What a joke!! FakeNews FakeNewsMedia FakeNewsAlert FakeNewsUSAToday Wrong: you idiots 1782 Science says that cockroaches survive anything. You are empirical evidence of that fact. I thought I read the dumbest thing earlier... turns out I was wrong. This is it.

This is a ridiculous take. Just stop I can't wait until we close down all the CCP backed propaganda 'news' we have in America. When you do nothing but attack Americans, our history our symbols then yes you are the enemy of the people and should be purged from our shores It was also Roman... a major influential factor for the founders of America... Of course, I don’t expect to be intellectually honest. They don’t even qualify as intellectual...

STOP BUYING PRINT MEDIA. STOP SUBSCRIBING TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA, FIND THEM NO MONEY. there are so many sources for real news and not propaganda you just have to stay looking. Fight these enemies with your wallet. WE ARE IN A NEW AGE OF WARFARE, THE ATTACK IS ON YOUR MIND. You deserve every bit of this ratio ...

That ratio. And you really wonder why people hate the media and call you fake news? How a media outlet can print this and not be embarrassed totally blows my mind. Like this one.... Oh look it’s an eagle with a logo below it. Sit down choochoomagu Good research article. Your ruling: Ignorant What is a tragedy is most ppl DONT know the eagle is a US symbol

Bahahaha you guys are a parody account. Sorry that your business is undoubtedly dying little guys 😂 The claim: Trump breathes oxygen, the same gas inhaled by Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler. Our ruling: True. USAToday is fish wrap Somebody needs to get fired over this. Your fact checks are garbage. We’re going to pretend the bald eagle hasn’t been the symbol of America since 1782 now?

Stupid reporting. Smh. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Like ever. FakeNewsMedia fakenews division Nazi Pelosi, Speaker of the House When eveything you see is some form of secret dog whistle, maybe it is you who is the 'dog'. FYI: the Nazi Party also had printed newspapers. And used telephones and desks, too.

You people have lost all credibility. The American Eagle is ours. It’s in the presidential seal. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Nazi’s It's on the President seal Another thing eagles sometimes fly around in the sky sometimes. Benjamin Franklin was right the U.S. should have used the turkey.

USA National Bird Part of the problem is not just your desire to attack Trump to help the Democrats, but your utter ignorance of American symbols or any understanding of our history. This is how people are easily manipulated into believing such nonsense. THE MEDIA IS COVERING FOR ELITE SEX TRAFFICKERS!! BOYCOTT THE MEDIA

😂 BS Remember when those pics of KatieHill4CA came out and she had a tattoo of an iron cross. Same thing I guess 😂😂😂 The Mace of the United States House of Representatives features a Nazi symbol? Source: US Coast Guard flag dating back to.....1790 way before the existence of the Nazi party. 😱. Idiots

You should change your publication name to USSR Today. Y'all are grasping at the straws here. Your bias is pathetic. Fake news! Wow, this is a resoundingly bad take that only exists to further a narrative. I'll make sure to add USA Today to the list of fakenews purveyors that I can no longer trust without verifying elsewhere.

And this doesn’t bother you at all? FakeNews The claim: employs dimwits for writers and editors Our ruling: true how do you use USA in your company name it should be CCPTODAY..you will fall like the rest of MSM ..Tik Tok MF your days are numbered the Fall of MSM This is such a horse shit story. Again, FAKE NEWS!!

Who is breaking glass? Who is looting? Who burns churches? Who forms violent mobs? Who vandalizes national monuments? Who threatens opponents? LiberalFascism Marxists CancelCulture DomesticTerrorism Does your paper come in 2-ply? Why do you guys do this? Do you get some thrill out of the public humiliation when your fact checks get destroyed? Is it a fetish?

My Ruling: USA TODAY is still GARBAGE Will be ordering one for everyone of my family members today!!! Garbage and lies, that's today's media. Navy. US. You Marxists anti American making up stupid shit like this. Dam TDS has eaten your soul. Also nazi has a ' n ' in its spelling and Republican contains a ' n ' need to check that out

Hahqhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahaahahhaahaah .........hahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahaa.......haahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha You people need so much help Ok... now you are permanently banned from our household, our conversations, our reading library, EVERYWHERE, and remember your new designation... EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews Scumbags RotInMediaHell TheRealRacists AllLivesMatter

How ridiculous it is a bird on a shirt you can find similarities in anything you want too The eagle is a a symbol of America however the 5 sided fistagon the left throws up represents the evil of communism that has slaughtered many including blacks all over the world CHE GUEVARA SLAUGHTERED MANY BLACK PEOPLE IN CUBA AS WELL AS GAYS

Yes because Nazis exist before 1789 using that symbol. If this is your level of Journalism you guys should quit Is this what you got today?......we smell the fear 😁 Trump2020LandslideVictory The gaslighting never stops with the FakeMedia EnemyOfThePeople Time to change the libel laws. What the fuck is this😂😂😂

'Fact check' You dont have any facts. You mean like the F-ing Boyscouts? You should be sued. OOOOF Fuck you people violates journalists’ ethical duty when they pawn off political propaganda as “true” ClickBait Dayum, could this free piece of crap news print get any more vile ?! The claim: usatoday is a bias fake news source. The twittersphere ruling: TRUE!

I wonder why you didn't say it was similar to Roman Standard. You people are disgusting. Always trying to tie something nefarious to Trump. And you wonder why your considered dishonest and untrustworthy Pelosi is a Nazi too then. You are the EnemyOfThePeople Your bias is showing. Wait till you see SpeakerPelosi website. It’s right on her own site! Wow! I can’t wait for your story on her!!!

Does recognize this bird? This is satire, yes? There are a million things to criticize the Trump campaign for but you pretzel yourself into this one? The one where the National Bird of The United States of America is...an Eagle. Just delete, apologize, and move to something real. Does the media have any integrity at all? The question is of course rhetorical because you are nothing more than biased hacks for the Democrats. It’s dispicable you call yourselves journalists. You are anything but that.

GFY JFC you're embarrassing yourselves. 😂😂😂😂😂 Trump2020 The hijab is worn by Muslims. Right ...My ruling: True FCC FEC perhaps you should look into this blatant lie and election interference? Now do Antifa LMAO. HYSTERICAL. Ever looked on the back of a quarter? Existing flags? Bills? IDIOTS Who wrote this tweet? An 11 year old who knows zero about ANY type of history?

Worth noting? WORTH NOTING? The American Eagle 🦅 is on the PRESIDENTIAL NATIONAL SEAL you morons. NationalBird Do you know NOTHING? So what's that pin Nancy Pelosi is always sporting? Try go back to the days you actually made news that were worthy. This is one of your democratic leaders. Were the Romans Nazis too?

Total bullshit. From the lying liberal media. The real ruling: you are so gasping for straws and it’s beautiful to see The public’s ruling; “you are fake news”. FakeNews Lord help us. Please expose these hateful instigators. I’m talking about you FakeNews Thank you for your tireless efforts to beclown yourselves and continue decreasing your tiny readership. We couldn't do a better job of ridiculing the media no matter how hard we tried.

Live look at the idiots that put this 'story' together: Just stop your embarrassing yourself and it’s sad. 'Ruling' lol. You're a leftwing propaganda rag. Not a high court. It’s an American Eagle! What blatant anti Trump propaganda. Thought your publication was better than this. Remove the article. It’s hateful and dishonest.

White supremacy is just the worst. There’s an argument to be made about how’s it’s not the same but they’d be wrong. The direction the eagle faces is significant. The U.S. changed it in 1945 to signify defeating the nazis and moving forward. If you look for shit..you'll find the turds..... You can make anything out of nothing.......yes, as you have it laid out ..it does..but the eagle is a US symbol......so big fucking deal, USA Today........go chase rabbits down the hole.

You really suck. Sure! Isn't there news somewhere that you can report on? Are you people that ducking stupid? Or just filled with level 12 TDS? Seek help, stat So is the Air Force. Keep trying. The eagle was the national bird before NAZI'S. Dumbasses. Imagine believing this Yellow journalism site The eagle is also a symbol for the USA. You are USA Today. Does your name imply you support Nazis?

This passes for reporting? USA Decay, indeed. This is the best parody account on Twitter. USA Today is involved in hate crime! Their hate speech clearly shows a desperate party who sees no way out of a landslide Trump 2020! How low would you go fake USA Today? Even turtles have seen the back of a quarter.

Our ruling: fake news. Houston! We have a problem.. - have u never seen the back of a quarter or better yet Pelosi’s use. U r sick 2 push this nonsense & ur followers agreeing are ignorant. Left-wing media is just 'fake news' now. Calling Bravo. Sierra. on USA Today! The most racist Nazi eagle emblazoned on the viewing stand as we swear in Barack Obama, our first Black president in 2009.

What the hell is wrong with ? This stuff right here is why people think the media is the enemy of the people. Hacks. The level of idiocy here is palpable This is an absolutely nonsense garbage take on a tshirt. USA Today is FakeNews This is why their article is getting ratioed How to shoot yourself in the foot - USA TODAY

You titled it as you did for a reason. Propaganda BS Claim: The USA TODAY logo features a blue circle, a Wolfsangel symbol. A emblem used by the Aryan Nations. The American peoples ruling: True, no clarification is needed. SirajAHashmi ✍️ What total and utter bs. The left - cancel and outrage culture. I’m Jewish and I don’t see it. No matter how hard I try.

This is total BS AMERICANEAGLE Our ruling : True 😂😂😂😂😂 USA Today is a fake news rag. Our ruling: True It's bait so they can say 'it's an American Bald Eagle, look how crazy the left are'. It fucking works too, we need to be more savey. Clarification: We are morons who work for the DNC. The Claim: is Moronic Our ruling: TRUE

I WANT TO SHOW 20 PERSONS HOW TO MAKE $50,000 WITHIN ONE WEEK. WHATSAPP +1 626 999 9487 HANGOUT ID binaryoptionsandbtcmanagergmail.com That Aryan wearing it sure has a nice tan. The claim: USA Today in a race with other biased 'news' organizations to post the most idiotic hypocrisy imaginable without an ounce of research. Our ruling: True.

It may be time for you to rethink your life... That's what trump wants to be. A fascist dictator. Oh god. Seriously. Now the media is summary grasping at straws. Do your idiot subscribers know the eagle is the symbol on the USA? What a bunch of crap This is weapons grade stupidity. TDS Good grief, so trash from 'journalists' and it's definitely worh noting.

IN reality LIBERALS ARE both DUMB AS F AND THE TRUE NAZI`s in 2020 as they were in 1930`s ! brown shirts are antifa censorship book burning defunding the police is EXACTLY what the short austrian did to the german people = so the beatings and destruction would continue ! Hey willpeeblesSMN did you write this garbage? How does this help anyone?

Wow, you really do pander to the lowest of the low. Disgusting Who in the Editing Department thought this article was a good idea? The stupidity is jaw dropping. In other news Nicolas Cage is now USA Today's lead editor... Take USA out of your name if you are going to be so blatantly anti American. Shame on you.

The claim: Obama gave speeches featuring Hitler’s columns and visual grandeur Our ruling: Nazi. If we were Nazi's we would be in the streets burning things, killing people, spewing Propaganda of racial hate, terrorism and trying to force our way onto people... wait... that's the Democrats.... 🌻 🤦So the navy is also using Nazi symbols?

Whenever the media seems like it can’t get any sicker, you get things like this. Do you guys even care about actual news anymore? When he leaves office in 2025 you people will be out of business if not sooner Didn’t look too far into the past, did you? Propagandists rarely do. Mein Speaker The Nazi flag was rectangular. The American flag is rectangular. Mind blown

You are now trying to cancel the symbol of your country. Your stupidity is beyond anything seen before. Is this a hacked account? It can’t possibly be a real USA Today account...this is the most propagandist thing I’ve seen from main stream Media if true. This has to be a joke. More fake news. USA Today gets worse every day!

This is actual fake news. Never heard of a Nazi eagle 🙄 SpeakerPelosi Would agree with you can you tell SpeakerPelosi cuz..... QUESTION : why are journalists some of the stupidest people in America? To claim Trump is using a Nazi symbol is RIDICULOUS! The eagle has been the America's symbol for centuries, long before Nazis came to power. Get your story straight and DO YOUR DAMNED JOB!

This needs to be deleted This Good God you leftists don’t even realize you are the true Nazis. You really honestly believe yourself when you publish this vile crap. America has lost.. it really has. WHY is it that you’re resorting to this CRAP! Just delete this stupid post..just do it. Be better. Another bias and corrupt media tweet on behalf of the DNC. They are not even hiding it anymore. The fact the have stoop this low to try and make Patriots look like Nazis says it all. corruptmedia

This is stupid. And why the press has a popularity rating similar to Congress. Apologize and retract. Holy shit that nazi eagles on everything🙃 USA Today a shill for the Democrats and China. Trying to divide America. America chose the eagle long before the Nazi decided to use it. It's never been clearer: This is PROPAGANDA. You are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Cheap and bullshit EnemyOfThePeople The day USA Today jumped the shark! 🦅 🦅 🦅 God, this is such bullshit **** Trum*. But there's an eagle on my quarters and on top of my flag pole. Does that make them a hate symbol? What is wrong with you USA Today is a disgrace to journalism. Why don’t you report on what is REALLY happening in this world

Oh, for crying out loud. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Who made the claim in the first place? USA Today so they could print the headline? If only there journalists somewhere who could do some research to add some perspective to this story....... Your hatred of the man oozes from you Fraud Worth noting also: USA Today is named after, well, USA. Here is the USA Seal. It also incorporates an eagle. You people are stupid.

Jesus this is why people don’t trust the media, hope you’re proud of yourselves. Well then if that's the game y'all playing, just remember BLM is pro socialist/communism LOL- the USATODAY is a joke----an utter joke. The EAGLE is a symbol for the USA. by your logic it looks like SpeakerPelosi is a Nazi as well

USA Today, like most of the media is intentionally complicit in the destruction of America. They are literally enemies of the state. The zoo is harboring some eagles. Boycott!! 🤯🤯🤮🤮 Ummm, what? The eagle is an American symbol. It’s on the Presidential Seal, the Speaker’s Seal, it’s used all the time in the US.

Hey is the US Marine Corp Emblem a NAZI symbol? Pathetic and Biased BS. realDonaldTrump if it walks talks and dresses like a Nazi... TrumpFacist Thank you. I didn’t know what to think and was waiting for the media to tell me. Now I know it is a fact. Obverse of Morgan silver dollar - 1921. Your staff needs to give their degrees back. This is embarrassingly stupid and the general public, whatever political leaning they may have, will form this consensus.

Really? Are there really no editors there, even one, willing to raise his hand in the meeting and say “guys, I know we hate Trump and all, but this one’s kinda dumb. This doesn’t make Trump look bad, it just makes US look bad”? Not one of you was bothered by this? what the. Eagles are nazis now 100% EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews OperationMockingbird trash

So if you have no idea what anything means than this is the article for you. Just more communist FakeNews from ... The Eagle has been Americas emblem since or before 1700s I hope you go bust Get a grip.. the eagle is our symbol of freedom. Freedom of the press has turned into freedom of high platform activism

Ridiculous idiots don’t fall for this nonsense folks You are the EnemyOfThePeople This is 2020 journalism. Go fuck yourselves🖕🏼 OMG !! It's also Hungarian !! What are we to do now ? This is moronic. You aren't a news organization. This is propaganda. But I’ll bet this is a-ok with you simpering ginks. If it wasn’t for hotels giving away your moronic rag you’d be out of business.

Nice job with this troll. Getting lots of clicks with this one. Fact check .. true .. Antifa and BLM are Marxists and terrorists organizations I am not claiming that these two logos are the same or that DC United should get rid of their logo but I don’t remember the outrage over this logo with its eagle with spread wings and head facing to the left:

Dumb fucks. There's something wrong with you people.... Today's Americans aren't thinking right. I'm getting to be confused myself. How can something like that be happening? Using Nazis signs and images? That's no good. Hitler seems to be alive in this dude's head. Hitler was, of course, a white supremacist, a crazy racist. Wake up!

Or maybe an ancient Roman symbol? Whatever losers. GarbageNews The eagle is not a Nazi symbol. Your agenda is INSANITY! FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews this is false. here for the ratio :) You wonder why you are failing and are called fake news. Another example of why trust in the media is declining. Rightfully so..

WatchRatio WatchRatio What does ANTIFA mean? I haven't seen anything that explaines it. Does it mean anti fascist or something else? All my 86 yr old mom will see is the first headline. Take it down. usatoday Where are they being sold? I don’t see them in the official store? You really see bad in all they do, don’t you? The eagle is rather our symbol isn’t it?

At this point, you sheep get behind ANYTHING anyone says that slams our POTUS. smh There is no doubt about it, the media is EnemyOfThePeople No What’s this on Pelosi’s seal? You are the enemy of the people! You will pay for this! If print isn’t dead, it should be. Trash take from a trash outlet. This eagle has been around since Roman times but don’t let that stop you from pushing fake narratives. Enemy Of The People

Oh Sheesh. Articles like this are the reason I quit buying USA TODAY. You people are nuts. Exactly why I don’t subscribe to this joke of a media source. The eagle in the National Bird and is also on our currency - who fact checks your fact checkers? Ignorance at every level. kindly listen to this track and give your honest opinion

Good grief, just stop. JillayneMC Racist to the tips of the nails The claim: doesn't know what the US national bird is. Our ruling: True Enemy of the people!! How dare you,, Just when you think the MSM gone over the top, they shock you again. Now do SpeakerPelosi The claim: The writers at USA Today are idiots. Ruling: True

Wondering why nobody buys USToday. Because you are AntiAmerican shills. Disgusting hacks Who cares. All his actions and words show us clearly what he and his base is EnemyOfThePeople You are fake news. 🙄 FakeNewsMedia EnemiesOfThePeople MediaBias Lying press Claim: Your newspaper is not fit to use for toilet paper. Verdict: True

With all of the dog whistles & more egregious racist rhetoric trump has used do we really believe that he & his campaign are above using Nazi imagery? If it were were to stand on it's own without his divisive rhetoric we could say it's just an eagle but coupled w/everything else? My ruling: are idiots. Surprising absolutely nobody.

That’s idiotic. You have no shame. And there are fasci (symbols of fascism) in the US Congress Get a life you rag of a paper Luckily USA Today is a dumpster fire that receives little traffic. Fine attempt at propaganda team... 🥱 You are making the world a worse place. Are you proud of this? This might be the dumbest thing you’ve printed in a while. And that is saying something....

Might as well just have put a dog whistle on it! Delete this account. Clarification: The claim that Trump 2020 has put out a T-shirt with a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle and is being criticized for it is true. Worth noting, the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too. 10/10 Hilarious on every level Who needs the tinfoil hats again?

The GOP dog whistles just keep getting louder and louder. So SpeakerPelosi is a white supremacists too. oh no its flying right. Stop. Y’all are ridiculous. The Nazis also drank water. Should we stop drinking water too? The Trump Campaign seem to have taken their entire playbook from the Nazi's and the KKK. The question is who and how many Neo-Nazis are in the republican party, the current administration and the Trump campaign itself. My father fought these bastards and thought we won

Idiots The claim: The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi office feature imperial eagle, a Nazi symbol Our ruling: True MoronAlert🤡🤡🤡 USATodayBuffoons Good Lord! You guys are stupid BS. How bout that, Nancy Pelosi is a Nazi too An irrelevant paper trying to stay afloat. Worthless a statement as any story they publish. Not worth wrapping g the garbage in -

Tearing down statues was a favorite with Nazis who wanted to get rid of Jewish history Morons. Pelosi has one on the home page of her website. JournalismIsDead But USA Today prefers the Hammer and Sycle So the Nazis patented the eagle? It’s an eagle, idiots! Good news is it doesn’t include a nazi symbol, is a different type of bird, has writing at the top and bottom different than the old picture, and only similarity is a circle.

No... it’s an Eagle. End of story. you’re a joke. Report news, don’t fabricate it. Stupid! The claim: USA TODAY is overwhelmed with weak, anti-American, barely eligible to be referred to as *journalists* suffering extreme TDS. My ruling: True Oh please And, what about this? Perhaps some idiots prefer it...

It doesn't even look the same. The Eagle in the Nazi Symbols looks to be completely standing up. Unlike the one in the Trump Campaign shirt. Eagles somehow Nazis now?! I don't see how Trump Campaign shirt looks any different from the Marine Corps & Speaker of the House symbols. is it really that much different?

This you? Now do The speaker of the house seal. Idiots Eagles: woah woah woah, don't bring us into this. All we've ever wanted to do is eat fish, make sweet eagle love and poop on the beach. True! Racists cannot see it. They focused on the eagle not the meaning. I know you hate America but maybe try to remember that our symbol is an Eagle. Thanks 🇺🇸

I knew she was a natzi! Hahaha you fact checkers sure are something fact check deez Fake news Whoa, you mean Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a Nazi symbol on her official government website? Who agrees with me that should NOT be the fact check police if they are going to call the eagle a representative of Hitler/Nazi ? America used the symbol of an eagle long before Hitler was born.. In fact it was 1787 Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

This is so disingenuous. You even admit after you’re “true” ruling that the eagle is a common symbol used in many branches of the government Lol the media is trash, it’s the same eagle as the Marine Corps, now it’s a NAZI symbol, also the American Quarter has the same Eagle Haha USA Today is truly a shitrag. Always has been

I guess the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is a Nazi symbol too...🙄🙄🙄 DeleteYourAccount 'But it is worth noting that the eagle is a common symbol in American politics, and is included in the presidential seal of the U.S., as well as many federal departments' Doesnt that completely undermine your entire article there? Like what, Americans never seen an eagle before?

U do know the national bird is the bald eagle, right? EnemyOfThePeople LIARS Like this one? Go home, Nancy, you're drunk Democrats - like Nancy Pelosi- using Nazi symbols The media is the enemy of the people. Looks bald to me. My conclusion. Massive overreach in the misrepresentation stakes. lol, I guess we should destroy all our dolla bills if we believe in this media narrative

My ruling: laughable Morons 🤮🙄 You need to delete your account, or at least issue an apology. You’ve really embarrassed yourselves here. You appear to be allergic to facts. How will you 'fact check'? Reaching Are serious with this? US marine corps, also, check the logo of the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. Stop this insanity

Seal of the Speaker used by Nancy Pelosi. My ruling: who ever wrote or published this at USA Today is an idiot. Oh That's beyond low what the mass dumbifying media are doing to Trump supporters... Before WW2 there was an official nazi party operating in the US and your precious FDR did nothing about it, as well as trade deals with the Nazis still active until Pearl Harbor. Deal with facts.

What a BS!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ How fitting for Trump’s campaign. Look at these Antifa morons going after and start shooting live Eagles to own the facists 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is proof of liberal media trying to control your thoughts with propaganda and misinformation. Delete your account. This tweet is a lie. The fact check doesn’t say that.

Those ancient romans sure were a big ole bunch of Nazis Eagle is eagle. Stop cancelling eagles. Wait, how about this.... You people have lied about everything! But I hope you hear this truth the plane you are trying to crash has you on it! When it burns it will burn you also. This Nancy business card Features a logo that looks more like the marine corps emblem than anything else.

USA Today is losing this one. You'll want to delete this post. USA TODAY is a middle of the road, not a left leaning publication. No similarities tho with this & the nazi triangle that got removed from fb for hate speech. Ancient Egyptian eagle Your ruling: F YOU - that's OUR ruling Next, do an article on bald eagles. Are they the symbol of the USA because their heads are WHITE? That symbolizes WHITE power, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be more WOKE to change the national bird to the vulture? Or did the MSM claim that mascot already?

I'm sorry, as much as I hate Trump, this is missing the mark. There are only so few ways to depict an eagle, and this has been the standard for centuries. Stop crying wolf and focus on getting that turd voted out come this November. That is an eagle! You’re not fooling anyone....... Sure Starscream35 Not surprised one bit!!!

Neo Nazi? 😂 Go home Trump, youre drunk. 😂 Fake news The claim: USA Today are knuckle dragging orcs. Our ruling: True Yo! Or maybe it’s the same USA eagle used in tons of other stuff 🤭 denayer07 Fact checked by: anyone with eyes. Only in leftist 2020 does an American Eagle classify as a WW2 German symbol.

Are you testing how extremely ridiculous that you can post before either getting called out on it or going out of business? The latter will happen because people are sick of the twisted lies. Trump2020 🇺🇸 ItsAnEagle!! 🦅 🤔 Hitler drank water. I see photos of Trump drinking water all the time. Coincidence? I think not.

It's called the Aquila and is a Roman symbol. Thank you for showing you're biased and really ignorant. The claim: The idiots in USA TODAY drink water with same ingredients like the water that Adolf Hitler drunk. Our ruling: True Ever heard of the US marine corps? Beware! Nazi's are everywhere. There even in my head!

Nancy Pelosi's Speaker of the House seal & stationary do too, you idiots. The eagle is not in every case a 'Nazi' symbol. “Our Trolling: True” There is fixed it for you. Hahaha! Give it a rest. Now do Nancy’s symbol. The claim: Nancy Pelosi's website features imperial eagle, a Nazi symbol. Our ruling: True

The media has lost all credibility now. You're probably comparing a 20 something year old's design to something they probably didn't even know existed. The media and the left are OBSESSED with Hitler. This is so far fetched and beyond reality that you’re embarrassing yourselves. May as well be called Democrat Today.

to me it looks more like the Ancient Rome imperial eagle (that inspired the use of the eagle as a symbol of power). Man I though USA Today was a real news outlet Similar to this one, too? Here’s a hare symbol for you, why is this okay? An Eagle 🦅 is an Eagle. I am trying to stay out of political themes but I'm wondering what image is president Trump trying to portray

EAGLES? = RACIST That’s bullshit I’ve seen that design throughout my life several times over. And more than over it looks more like the freaking marine corpse eagle on top of the globe with an anchor. This is a garbage article written by garbage people. True Then you’re idiots. It’s an eagle. You know, the symbol of the United States ... as seen on our currency.

Fact check: President Donald Trump donates his salary, but he still makes moneyTrump does donate the entirety of his presidential salary, but he also profits off property he owns. Ya his donated salary is basically the 'cost' of him doing business corruptly everywhere else It's called investments. Like Obama's 'book deals'.

Fact check: Trump campaign, Pence take Biden's policing comments out of contextFact check: The Trump team is attacking Joe Biden over two comments he made in a video conversation with a progressive activist on Wednesday. In both cases, though, the attacks left out critical context. franley12 He molests children who cares Biden often leaves out critical context. CNN wanna talk about context huh

President Trump commutes sentence of longtime friend, adviser Roger StoneBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced. MORE: Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison after he was found guilty of obstructing justice, witness tampering and five counts of lying to Congress. TrumpCorruption GOOD!!!

President Trump vows executive order on immigration in coming weeksIn an exclusive interview with Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart, President Trump vows an executive order on immigration in the coming weeks which will include DACA. realDonaldTrump The fundraiser today is hosted by Link Snacks, makers of Jack Links meat snacks. BoycottJackLinks As much as you want to be a dictator, Donald, you’re executive orders aren’t “bills” notComey So passing actual laws is passé?

'Most Corrupt President In History': Critics Reel After Trump Lets Roger Stone Stay FreeA 'lawless president' treats American justice like his 'personal plaything,' says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.