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Demdebate, Cbs Democratic Debate Highlights And News Coverage - Cnnpolitics

Fact check: Bloomberg was misleading tonight when he claimed a 95% decline in stop and frisk

Seven presidential candidates will take the stage at the tenth Democratic debate in South Carolina, just days before the state's primary. View highlights and news coverage.

2/26/2020 5:50:00 AM

Fact check: Michael Bloomberg was misleading by omission when he cited a 95% decline in 'stop and frisk' while he was NY mayor. Looking at his entire mayoralty, from 2002-2013, there was a 97% increase. See DemDebate fact checks:

Seven presidential candidates will take the stage at the tenth Democratic debate in South Carolina, just days before the state's primary. View highlights and news coverage.

From CNN's Marshall CohenWin McNamee/Getty ImagesIn an early exchange during Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders that “(Russian President) Vladimir Putin thinks that Donald Trump should be President of the United States, and that’s why Russia is helping you get elected.”

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Sanders tried to fend off the attacks by condemning Russian meddling in the 2016 election and warning Putin that he wouldn’t be a Russia-friendly president.Facts First:Bloomberg accurately pointed to a US intelligence community belief that Russia is trying to help Sanders’ campaign. Russia also backed Sanders in the 2016 primary, but Sanders has publicly denounced Russian interference in US politics.

Sanders acknowledged last week thatUS intelligence officials had informed his teamthat Russia was trying to help his campaign. It’s not clear what Russians are doing to help Sanders, and there haven’t yet been any sweeping hack-and-leak operations like the cyberattacks that hit the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign.

US intelligence leaders have said that Russia routinely tries to sow discord among the American public and amplify voices on the extremes of the political spectrum, to inflame divisions and undermine the stability of American democracy. Their past support for Sanders and Trump, who have both antagonized their own parties, fits into this big-picture strategy.

Separately, a senior US intelligence official, Shelby Pierson,told lawmakers earlier this monthin a classified briefing that Russia was taking steps to help Trump win reelection. CNN later reported that Pierson appears to have overstated the formal assessments from the US intelligence community, and senior White House officials rebutted her comments.

The Russian government, at Putin’s direction, undertook an extensive campaign in 2016 to boost Sanders’ primary campaign against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and to help Trump defeat Clinton in the general election. The Kremlin operation included well-funded troll farms, propaganda on social media, cyberattacks and leaks of private emails.

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SC is a Red Republican poverty ridden loving state . Case closed 🤔 Yes and crime went down so what? Trump. 2.0 They all' lie' including CNN!!😝😝😝💥💥💥 Mike Bloomberg said something tonight that made me think is what he does with everyone... something like... Make them think is convenient for them and then we do what ever we want.

ewarren CNN publishes facts? 🤔 FAKE NEWS that's the fact You forgot Bloomberg said he bought the politicians in office now Fact check Biden saying 150 million Americans died from guy violence since 2007. That's half the country! CNN had one fact check tonight. Great work Your looking at 7 loosers Trump will have fun with the bone heads

I believe he said the decrease was after he realized how bad the situation got. Go back over the tape 4 of the 7 need to step aside and give the final three support. Pete, Biden, and sanders should be the only three up there. That's because Guliani did such a great job. Who's team is Guliani on? Trump couldn’t buy a better endorsement than this clown show on TV right now. 😂

Bloomberg Says He ‘Inherited’ Stop And Frisk. NYC Activists Recall A Different Story.Bloomberg again says he 'inherited' stop and frisk and argued he cut it by 95% while he served as mayor of New York City. Earlier this month, HuffPost's letsgomathias wrote about NYC activists who recall a much different story. DemDebate letsgomathias Seems like the sort of thing that would be documented, why are we quoting people’s recollections? letsgomathias F ing A ... MikeBloomberg backed LindseyGrahamSC in Lindsey’s last election? Yeah. That’s all I need to know. 5 minutes ago, I was voting for Mike. Sure as hell won’t now. Mike has Lindsey’s stench all over him. letsgomathias Mathias is right. Bloomberg has become more dishonest since becoming a politician. I have that post bookmarked btw. Always thought he’d throw in for 2020. Nice job.

Bloomberg Asked Again About Stop-and-FriskMichael Bloomberg struggled once again to put the issue of “stop-and-frisk” behind him at the DemDebate, saying, “We let it get out of control” but not backing away from the policy Truth is that it worked. LOLOLOLOLOL what a shit show 😝 At least it’s experience in an executive position.

‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Mike Bloomberg’s “Charisma-Impaired” Campaign Ads And “Appalling” History Of Stop-And-FriskBefore John Oliver dove into his thoughts about Mike Bloomberg’s presidential run and everything wrong with it on Last Week Tonight, he had to talk about Donald Trump and how he criticized Pa…

I Saw the Damage of Bloomberg's Stop and Frisk Policies Firsthand'Mayor Bloomberg can spend his money hiring fancy consultants who write lines for him to say in debates and scripts for him to recite that try to diminish the role he played, and the damage he caused, but I call BS. I was there.' –MMViverito MMViverito Thank you, Speaker. 96fps MMViverito Remember how the establishment almost lined up behind Bloomberg as our nominee?

Bloomberg campaign signals renewed focus on Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders ahead of SC primaryFormer New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is preparing to aggressively target Sen. Bernie Sanders during Tuesday's primary debate in South Carolina. But will his mouth be able to open all the way to do that? Very doubtful Someone needs too... He shouldn’t be the only one.

Pete How GRAND would it be if HillaryClinton would say 'okay, enough! I'll be the democrat up against Trump.' Ah, one can daydream, right? Biden is angry and unstable. He’s scaring the children.