Faces of the coronavirus pandemic: US crosses grim milestone of 100,000 deaths

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JUST IN: More than 100,000 people have now died from the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted,"So many of us are better people because of Senator Morris Hood III. ... Morris was someone that we could count on to do the right thing & he did with such love for his people."

Rice was one of the"frozen Chosin" -- a dangerous and critical battle at the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War. Cavalieri then spent most of his career at Vermont Marble Co. He then went on to consult for smaller New Jersey-based marble firms, according to theCavalieri's wife of 66 years died 10 months before him. Cavalieri is survived by his four children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.In 1957, Corliss Henry became the first black nurse on the staff at Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, New Jersey.

"Without question, Inspector Remolino’s work saved countless lives," said FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro."Our entire Department mourns his loss."Charles “Rob” Roberts was a"beloved" police officer in Glenn Ridge, New Jersey, the department said.In 2000, Roberts joined the police department in Glenn Ridge, and he and his wife raised their three children in the town.

"Rob was a mentor within the department and the entire Borough; and today we have truly lost a hero to all," the department continued."Rest easy our brother in blue, you will never be forgotten and have left a permanent mark on each life you have touched. To have known you is to have loved you.Raymond Scholwinski, a sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Texas, died on May 6.

After three decades of serving the people of Aurora,"he made the choice to come here and save lives," de Blasio said.De Blasio said a memorial will be created in New York City to honor him and"to remember all those who came to our defense."Michael Conners He was the fire chief in Davie, Florida, from 2001 and 2007 and had been the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s fire chief since 2008, WPLG said.

"She was a dominant real estate mogul and a loving human that would spoil her grandchildren with compliments any chance should could get," Levine said. Glisson is survived by his wife of 21 years and his daughters, ages 17 and 12, said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.New Jersey doctor Harvey Hirsch was a"beloved" New Jersey pediatrician and a"fixture at Monmouth Medical Center," Gov. Phil Murphy said.


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Now that you've reported that, care to report how many were veterans and elderly in nursing homes? We know it's up to 40%, so let's hear your report on that and how that came about...you know, .NYGovCuomo and .PhilMurphyNJ

The good part of these riots is that the idiots will test this “second wave” theory and we should have a good idea from there


Is George really blaming Russia again for the riots? because I was awake til 4 am watching the looters and burners and they did not look Russian.


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A Waking Nightmare for COVID-19 Patients

'United' States in a few years.

TRUMPVIRUS has already killed over 103,000 Americans and that is even after trump has ordered authorities to quit counting at the 15 cases that would miraculously go away after one week, magically, it’s a HOAX

Racism Covid 19

COvID news is so 2 days ago

Oh. Now do abortion.

When will he announce the new KPI?

I don’t believe you.

.26% death rate

Old news. COVID19 is no longer a concern.

The scam is over time for people to get back to work

Irresponsible to state these numbers as if its FACT.

Wonder if will cover this when all-cause mortality for 2020 is finalized in 2021, showing this is far too high. Doubt it.

Is this number correct ? You can confirm

UniteWomenOrg Wow

What are the total deaths 2019 vs 2020 same time frame? How much has the US population decreased this year? realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr showmethenumbers

62% comes from nursing homes forced to take sick covid 19 patients forced on them by their governors democratic . Many govs forbid drs from prescribing hydroxychloroquine Playing God The rest had cancers cardiac problems diabetes etc Fla gov did not forbid the use of this drug

Well...America prides itself on being 1

2017-18 Flu deaths are incorrect...CDC has it around 79k I believe. Still lower but I thought should attempt to provide accurate data

How about this for context . How about you stop pushing fear and start promoting facts.

How many in the blue columns were 82 years old?

And here in my home state, buffet restaurants are opening up despite our city having the highest rising numbers in the country. Our leaders have let us down.

And the majority coming from Blue States. What did these governors do or not do? Some of their actions seem purposeful. Would like to see the MSM address.

Trump was warned, he chose to play golf.

1016 people died while you slept last night trump 👍 You're doing a fine job Trump Total Deaths at this moment: 102,114

You forgot to add 657,000 from heart disease, and 599,000 from cancer every year.

Sickening and completely avoidable

DeathToll2020 (The bigger question is: Will Americans even care?)

NY and NJ have combined to have as many deaths as Vietnam war. Governors should be held accountable.


Considering the NIH and Dr. Fauci said it could be 1.2 - 2 million deaths.

Could you put 1968-69 flu season on your chart? Thanks

100,000 dead! Cuomo and Blue State dems made sure of that. AT LEAST 35% of death are in Nursing Homes.

Live shot of the ABC “news” break room



61,000 people died from the flu? Something that has a vaccine? Damn, Trump kicked ass by keeping extremely deadly Covid virus, with no vaccine, to only 100K deaths.

chenweihua Why CCP is not reporting chenweihua china daily is showing only half information? News agency job is to share independent influenced information ....we waisting money to read half biased news?

And it has more than 328 million inhabitants, so the deceased are 0.03% of its population ... If they will give the percentage data, the 'pandemic' falls

China is horrific right ?

So it’s really not that bad? And I wonder how many of these were people who didn’t take social distancing/quarantine seriously?

but NASA didn't mind that today

61,897 of the deaths (60.06%) in 6 states: New York New Jersey Illinois California Massachusetts Pennsylvania I live in a state where we are opening up our economy and numbers are going down. We are using common sense protective measures and it’s working. KeepTheFaith 🇺🇸

Now do per capita.

More US Death Toll Context Over the same period of time as COVID-19 Heart Disease - 215,000 Cancer - 200,000

Fake Fraud News.

There was a dramatic decline in the number of deaths, and this happened because of Dr. Fauci and Governor Cuomo's dedication to their jobs.. Only for Trump to stamp on it like a baby. I'm not American, but im sorry in the next two weeks your 2nd wave is inevitable.

Fake News! This is what the American Industrial Complex wants you to believe. Challenge the status quo... break out from the norms that bind us to outdated historical ideologies. This is what will get us through this challenging time! ByTheGraceOfGod AmericaStrong


3 million people die in the US every year you hack. And a good portion of these elderly people with other serious conditions would have died this year, regardless. Are you people this phucking gullible

And people didn't get their flu shot this year either.

2018 had 80,000 dead from the flu with similar symptoms related to Covid found in medical journals.

Over 600,000 of heart disease alone last year!! You forgot to add that to your chart!!!

That Flu stat is CRAP!!! 34k died last year... this year flu-b has killed 24k as of May 1st... that’s EVERY YEAR!!! But that’s ok those deaths don’t count, we have a vaccine(doesn’t work very), 68k died of pneumonia but that doesn’t matter...those folks had all of the above...

Let's put it into context, Covid is so much more contagious than the flu. The world has never shutdown for the flu. So whatever graph you post, it will never be in context.

Inflated and fake CDC shows 76,000 and they are not sure of how many flu deaths hmmm

3 months, with lockdown. Imagine no lockdown and a full year

10 years later and they still dunno how many people died if the flu in 2010?

MichaelRapaport STOP SPREADING FALSE NEWS! Do the research yourself people. You are the ones in power. The media is lying to you. When will we hold them accountable. realDonaldTrump wisgop VP FLOTUS RandPaul SenTedCruz

Thanks China!

Pandemic of 1968. Look it up. Similar numbers.

And trump still takes no responsibility!

Literally every 'new' symptom for Covid-19 I found in past medical journals for Influenza A. Is it because there's not a vaccine for it?

Which puts us around 9th on the list of deaths worldwide per capita.

Or “100,000” deaths minus 48,000 the deaths from the five most heavily locked down Nazi states, equals 52,000.

How about police brutality? How many?

The Spanish flu in 1918 was the last real pandemic we’ve seen in the United States. On a population adjusted basis the Spanish flu killed 2,078,000 people, not the “100,000” we shut the entire country down for. Pretty wimpy “pandemic “ in 2020. Smh

Freedland It's only 2.5 times annual gun deaths: nobody is going to get excited about that in the Trump administration. Expect an initiative to get gun deaths higher, up to rival Coronavirus. TrumpIsALaughingStock

MichaelRapaport Well, at least the flu numbers are waaaayyyyy down. So there’s that. Just imagine if the flu numbers were just normal that would be another 30-40k more deaths this year. So, I guess that’s a good thing, in a way.

But nothing else just Covid huh 🤨..Fishy


165,000 people die in the US every month X 12= 1,980,000 per year.

Meanwhile 50 people were shot in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend with 12 fatalities and you didn't report on it in any way

840WHAS That woman that called on the black man in the park it wouldn't matter if she said black man, it would have been racist if she said man because he was black it would a been racist clearly she's fighting anxiety issues I don't believe this is a hate crime nor a racist issue

For everything who said at the start 'the flu is worse'..

ClayTravis says it’s no big deal people die everyday

From or with?

China 🇨🇳 is leading. There numbers are bullshit. Kinda like

No, no, it’s just a democratic hoax, remember? Then it was, “there are only 15 people and, soon to be zero”. Complete bonehead of a president. No wisdom in that empty head what so ever. He shouldn’t leave that White House with one red cent. He owes the country every penny he has.


3 months ago Donald Trump 👉rejected all intelligence, medical & scientific reports 👉and announced to our nation the number of Covid_19 cases in US would soon dwindle down to ZERO.

About 80% of US COVID19 deaths happened in Democrats run states.

“Damn. I wish I was still alive to see this.” -Osama Bin Laden Trump is the most successful terrorist.

That's because you clumped all of those deaths together and labeled them all covid

My condolences.

Coronavirus is just a 'flu' he said. What an idiot realDonaldTrump is!

You forgot one.

Thank you realDonaldTrump

This is false. They have not all died 'from the coronavirus pandemic.' They died and they also had COVID-19. That is a subtle and important distinction. Their root cause of death might have been a stroke, a heart attack, etc. Dr. Birx admitted this on national TV.

100,000 individual souls who have thousands more grieving for their loss. Did it have to get to this? So sad for us all in the world. These poor people, many of them in their elder years suffering such pain because of this virus and how incompetent the leaders have been.

And many more to come unfortunately.

I thought Brazil was leading according to your reporting

And about half of these deaths are fake if you die in soethnic unrelated to the Covid-19 virus they say that you died of Covid-19

Great news. That’s very low numbers. Thank you for reporting the good info.

How many from nursing homes in the tri-state, PA area? How bout some investigative reporting on the care old folk got?

And there are still plenty of days to go in the month of May.

How much have deaths from other causes dropped by comparison?

You forgot the abortion numbers oh that’s right, it’s just a clump of cells.

How many had underlining medical conditions!!!!! You won't tell the whole story! 95% of Italy's deaths had one, if not two underlining medical conditions! That's a FACT!!! That's the TRUTH!!! ABC lives in misinformation and half truths! PATHETIC!

Now do diabetes, or cancer, or the flu, or medical malpractice, or hwy deaths.

The US deaths numbers are widely inflated.

Will it also be a milestone when the numbers surpass 200k

To caption American angst (or apathy), can you add columns for heart disease and cancer?

Are we winning yet? 😷

100,000 now dead. We would be in better shape: less death, less unemployed if the S. Korean President Moon Jae-In were running things instead of our golfing tweeting President.

Amount you want to die from this is even more now what 54m?

That gun violence figure is horrifying.

Kinda easy to have high numbers when hospitals label all people who die as covid19

Trump tried to ignore it. When he couldn't ignore it anymore, he downplayed it. Then he tried to peddle a miracle cure. He's done everything he can to avoid dealing with this pandemic & now it's out of control.

OH NOOOOO!!! The big count. Do these include the flu deaths, pneumonia and PRESUMED COVID deaths? Does this include those states are REMOVING from the count?

America First, apparently.

Discount the few here who can’t process what their eyes are seeing, guess the Trump true believers can’t use the ol’, “well, the flu kills more people a year” argument...

if you think thats nuts, take a look at heart disease and cancer for more 'context'

Americans are reckless and that includes your President.

How many didn’t have underlying issues and just passed from only having the virus?

Not buying the total numbers.

Dr. Luc Montagnier reveals how Covid-19 is a lab accident. He was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the identification of AIDS.He currently works at University in China. The characteristics of the new coronavirus could not have arisen naturally

What would it be at if nursing homes weren’t forced to take Covid positive patients in? Most of the deaths (82%) in Canada are in nursing homes, USA’s likely are to.

And Trump will continue to tweet conspiracy theories, bullying, name calling and outright lying. He will never acknowledge these poor, lost souls or the huge part his negligence and incompetence played in their deaths. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

Finally the media can change the headline I was sick of seeing nearing 100000 for over the past week

How many did US killed since in drama of WOT 😜. Repent or have more

Ironic that the same mainstream media and liberal social warriors that blast Trump for celebrating milestones like 'testing' are celebrating the deaths of 100K Americans.

Too many- simply too many in a short short short time. And there is no sign of stopping. *holding my rosary and weeping

Thank you Democrat governors...

Here's a better one.


So why don’t y’all use real killers like cancer/ obesity/ heart disease?

Less people die in the US from car crashes than from gun violence? That's an interesting statistic...

And this is in basically the last two months.

Inflated numbers. 🥱

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