Faced with lawsuits, San Francisco pauses renaming schools to focus on reopening classrooms

Faced with lawsuits, San Francisco pauses renaming schools to focus on reopening classrooms

2/22/2021 10:17:00 PM

Faced with lawsuits, San Francisco pauses renaming schools to focus on reopening classrooms

The decision to pause renaming more than 40 schools followed months of raucous debate, criticism for not focusing on reopening schools and lawsuits.

The resignations come amid heightened tensions across the state regarding reopening schools.Many school community members, including some current students and alumni associations, erupted at the prospect of changing their school names. Several decried the committee for slipshod research, such as citing Wikipedia articles as part of its recommendations. Others derided the committee for rushing through a noninclusive process without giving proper notice to school communities or seeking historians’ perspectives. The issue drew attention nationally, including from then-President Trump, who tweeted an article about the school board’s decision, calling it, “Crazy!”

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The renaming committee defended its process, pointing out that the recommended changes were based on criteria members had developed earlier. Many school community members voiced their support for new names that reflected the diversity of the school community and its heroes.

San Francisco attorney Paul Scott sent Lópeza letterin early February warning of a potential lawsuit if the board did not recant its vote on renaming, saying the board did not properly allow for community participation. The school board violated the Brown Act, which governs how public meetings are run, and denied due process to school community members, he alleged. headtopics.com

AdvertisementScott, whose children attended schools in SFUSD, said renaming schools should be decided after an in-person, robust debate among stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and alumni. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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