Facebook will start labeling pages and posts from state-controlled media

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Facebook will start labeling the pages, posts and advertisements of state-controlled media outlets, the company announced Thursday.

Mark Zuckerberg tries to explain his inaction on Trump posts to outraged staffThe labels will immediately start appearing on pages belonging to outlets such as state-run Russia Today and China's Xinhua. Starting next week, users in the United States will start to see the label appear on these outlets' individual posts — labels that will eventually be introduced in other countries.

State media outlets, especially in China, have seized upon the recent protests in the past week, questioning why some American officials praise Hong Kong protesters while criticizing US protesters.Read MoreA mockup image representing how Facebook plans to identify state-backed media content. Facebook will start rolling out new labels and information on the pages of state-controlled media outlets.


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Trump is going to be so pissed 😂

All media in general should be included. They all have an editorial!


Like CNN as a subsidiary of the DNC?

Facebook is in the pocket of the FakePresident.

Republicucks on here spoonfed bullshit daily from Faux news and grOANN but they come for CNN 🤡 🤡

No one should have a Facebook account.

About Time.

Facebook is still posting trump lies

facebook its trash

Facebook bout to get boycotted

Facebook Will Not Label Fake(fox) News BECAUSE Mark Fell for the Extra 50 cents Dufus in Chief threw His way!!🤦‍♀️ Lots of AMERICANS are Leaving FB because of It 🤷‍♀️

CNN is cia


Fox will be on there as well?

How about CCP propaganda or radical left wing organizations 🤔

Because user delete their account?

Thats still not enough to make me go back to FB...

Another demand open your violence private chat room encryption to user ends which will give fear user to chat in right direction in Messanger & WhatsApp. Ban_Pvt_Chats


Add Fox News to that list.

Where is the freedom of speech

Including fox?

Oh good so they will label their own posts? Got it.

Better late than never?

That is not the goal. From Enemy of the State 'who's watching the watchers that's watching'


Does that mean that all biased media get labeled or only the ones FACEBOOK 'thinks' is state controlled? Does that mean we as Americans get to know who is unbiased? Or, are we going by the rule: If media picks a side they're biased?

The hilarious part is that Zuck is friends with Trump. Guess who'll be the first media outlet to be tagged with a bullshit warning?

Atty General and FBI director having press conference about filing federal civil rights violations against Minn. officers. And what do CNN viewers get John King talking about his usual nothing and ignoring this great news. This is CNN?

So CNN Chinese News Network will be labeled I'm assuming?

So from Fox?

The next Palestinian Intifada will involve more support from Iran

Why isn’t CNN televising the Barr/Wrey press conference

Will they let me post this.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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