Facebook: Trump can lie all he wants

The Trump campaign is spending a million dollars a week to pump the platform full of lies about Joe Biden. And Facebook doesn't care.


From AllInWithChris: The Trump campaign is spending $1.6 million dollars a week to pump the platform full of lies about Joe Biden. And Facebook doesn't care.

The Trump campaign is spending a million dollars a week to pump the platform full of lies about Joe Biden. And Facebook doesn't care.

Oct. 10, 2019 Read more: MSNBC

allinwithchris allinwithchris First off it was not a lie, all the Joe Biden stuff is pretty accurate. Secondly, MS NBC sent $1 million a week to pump their platform full of lies about Trump. So, there is that. allinwithchris Propaganda because Biden is corrupt and probably used his son as a front for all that $$🤭🤗

allinwithchris This is pure propaganda. Headlines just like 1930’s Germany and Russia. Msm is the enemy of the people. allinwithchris Stop using facebook and instagram. Every time you click on some political issue, they track you down and they sell that data. The Russians are using it to change your mind or persude you it is all worthless, why participate. Do not let them manipulate you

allinwithchris Of course he doesn’t care. Facebook paid $20m cash and a 1.25m shares to end a lawsuit in which Mark Zuckerberg was accused of STEALING the idea for the social networking site. 🙄 Stealing to get ahead is his M.O. allinwithchris Get your priorities straight, Mark!! allinwithchris Find someone who looks at you like zuck looks at trump

allinwithchris Hey Zuckerberg, One question. After your meeting with Trump. Did you Spit or Swallow? Justegarde allinwithchris So this is awkward but I saw a Trump election ad on your network. What's up with that? allinwithchris Never had FB and definitely never will!!

Facebook confirms Donald Trump can lie in ads, but he can't curseFacebook's policies have come under scrutiny as the Trump campaign spends millions on misleading or false ads. Here's where Facebook draws the line. These are dumb times we live in Show his nipples? This is nuts! Del facebook!

allinwithchris And it will keep happening until EVERY democratic candidate at EVERY democratic rally asks attendees to boycott Facebook advertisers. Retweet if you agree. TheRickWilson allinwithchris Can the US government just step in and go. 'I hereby decree that starting on Nov 1, 2019 Facebook is no longer able to run ANY political ads (GOP or Democratic)?'. If they do, a $5.5M/per ad /per day fine is issued.

allinwithchris Ain’t that sumthin? allinwithchris Facebook has no integrity BoycottFacebook TheRickWilson allinwithchris 400 richest Americans now pay lowest tax rate of any group. It’s almost like there’s an incentive for Zuckerberg allowing this to happen kat223 allinwithchris DeleteFacebook facebook and Fuvck Suckerberg

GLSCHWALL allinwithchris I'm glad I quit Facebook about 9 years ago. Who needs it! allinwithchris After much brow-furrowing and discussion, Zuckerberg is going to allow the same thing that he did in 2016 - lies and misinformation to go viral in paid ads. allinwithchris Rich protecting rich. allinwithchris Outrageous. Time to leave Facebook

Facebook refuses to remove Trump ads that smear BidenFacebook is allowing the Trump campaign to post false information about former Vice President Joe Biden, a policy change that came after CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a White House meeting with the president. his own words..no dubbing...no Photoshop.. Biden is on tape. 'Biden, as vice president, had threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine to induce the government to stop an investigation' is absolutely true. That is why I call it TrumpsFacebook

allinwithchris BoycottFacebook Fahrenthold allinwithchris At some point it is up to people to better evaluate the info on Facebook. We need to be smarter or we deserve what we get. Anything past your friends photos are most likely fraud, we need to start ignoring the rest. TheRickWilson allinwithchris As long as Mark keeps being rich, he doesn’t care what happens to the U.S. dropFB

SandDollar04 allinwithchris Not only do they not care, Zuke met with the monster last week. allinwithchris Warren2020 *won't deliver MedicareForAll Daughter Amelia co-founded HealthAllies, “a venture capital-backed health benefits firm which was later acquired by United Health Group, the second largest health insurer in the U.S. family

allinwithchris Zuckerberg thinks he’s Lex Luther. allinwithchris Delete your Facebook account. I did it 6 months ago TheRickWilson allinwithchris I deleted my fb account last week. allinwithchris Newest SPY was with Biden on Air Force 2 going to Ukraine..how much did he get in kickbacks & perpetuities

allinwithchris Thought Zuckerberg was better than that.

Facebook denies Biden campaign's request to remove false Ukraine ad by Trump campaignFacebook denied a request from Joe Biden's campaign to take down a video ad by President Donald Trump's reelection campaign that falsely accuses the former vice president of corruption for his role in Ukraine policy during the Obama administration. Boooooo! Time to sue the Trump Organization. This is why I believe Warren is right: Facebook needs to be broken up.

allinwithchris Chris how much is Pocahontas spending on her newest lie ..pregnancy denied a job allinwithchris So PO'd and disappointed in you ZuckerBerder & FaceCrook FacebookComplicit Paulasmyth13 allinwithchris facebook Have you no shame allinwithchris L O L allinwithchris So Hunter Biden didn't make all that money from the Ukraine and China? Yeah, this is why you guy's lie and Trump will win SMDH.....

allinwithchris facebook are grifters just like the realDonaldTrump organization/family allinwithchris BoycottFacebookAdvertisers if Zuckerberg wont police his platform we must. In order 2 have a fair election. To many of us veterans have spilled blood in the mud for that very right. So please rise up America and hold Zuckerberg accountable Election2020 Constitution Impeach

allinwithchris allinwithchris allinwithchris YouTube has Joe Biden’s video. This is NOT a lie

How Trump And Facebook Are Cashing In On The Impeachment NewsUnbound by truth on one of the world’s most powerful advertising platforms, Trump’s anti-impeachment ads are drawing in donors with clickbait disinformation. Two people exactly alike right there. Fuckerberg is always up for making a buck. “There’s no evidence... Joe Biden, pressured Ukraine”. There was no evidence Trump colluded with Russia, but a special council was appointed to find it and he only ended up with nothing.

allinwithchris Shame on Facebook. If someone ran ads lying on MZ and his family, you can believe he would get them down fast. allinwithchris what do you expect for the facebook? allinwithchris Fake news allinwithchris You vile propagandists. QUIDPROJOE is on video admitting to the very fricken thing the democrat globalist traitors are trying to impeach trump on. TRUMP 2020! KAG!!!

allinwithchris Facebook really don't care. They love profit and also they are so bias in politics. Didn't do a thing about fake news everywhere. A company with no moral standing. Shame on them. allinwithchris Imagine how much Trump pays Twitter so that he can say what he wants so he does not get suspended like the rest of if we broke the rules.

allinwithchris 'lies' - ha ha h ha that's all adamschiff SpeakerPelosi Nadler have done since Trump won the presidency. Apparently, impeachment is now a tool to overturn elections if your party loses. We shall not allow this Coup D'etat to go unanswered Chris. LIST OF TRAITORS (vote now) elettuce allinwithchris Facebook cares enough to practically partner with trump to bash his opponents. Zuckerburg should be held accountable and that's what he's afraid of.

allinwithchris That face u make when u escape the home & randomly tell people on the street that ur the new POTUS allinwithchris Are they really lies? Seems like statements mostly. With these new rules...you prove them false.

Warren attacks Facebook for 'quietly' changing its political ad policy after Zuckerberg's meeting with TrumpThe tweets from the presidential candidate came one week after a recording showed Zuckerberg calling her election an 'existential' threat. She needs some horse 🍆 to keep her big mouth occupied. Heaven forbid a private company do what it wants and not submit to her biding! Pocahontas is definitely off the reservation! 🙄

allinwithchris I am so sad to see Facebook turn into Trashbook. They started with connecting ppl. which gave me a platform to easily keep in a bit of instant touch with my friends around the world. Today it is all about money and how to escape taxes. 😪 How rich do you guys need to be? 🤷🏼‍♀️ allinwithchris

allinwithchris allinwithchris And how much did crooked JoeBiden, Shifty RepAdamSchiff , SpeakerPelosi & SenSchumer pay the whistleblower for his lies about President Trump? And how much did the DNC & HilliaryClinton pay for the fake dossier full of lies to try to bring our GREAT President Trump down?

allinwithchris What is Trump lying about? allinwithchris yea who's to say the metadata they've obtained in cyber cafe's chugging those latte's don't coincide with chic's in cathouses FoxyJackieBrown allinwithchris How many of his commercials air on your channel? FoxyJackieBrown allinwithchris allinwithchris I find it a little ironic that msnbc allinwithchris is calling the Trump campaign liars.

allinwithchris Time to permanently close Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram accounts.

Facebook rejects Biden campaign's request to remove Trump ads containing false informationFacebook doubled down on its policy to exclude speech and ads from politicians from its third party fact checking program. That sounds like a request a fascist would make. Mark Zuckerbergs official response: DeleteFacebook

allinwithchris Crawled into bed and found a snake. The snake has a lot of money. FB has no scruples and the snake has no morals, instead of being strange bedfellows they are compatible. Watch them lie and cheat the American people together. allinwithchris hey you.. stop your lies about our Great President.. You think you can tell lies every day and get away with it.. no way jose.. ain't gonna happen !!! we aren't that dumb dude.. !! get real or go home

allinwithchris So they're 'lies'? MSNBC which part? allinwithchris That’s a direct contradiction to what they stated to congress. betty_tuder allinwithchris BFriedmanDC did some digging on Katie Harbath, Facebook's Public Policy Director, Global Elections. She's a Republican Insider with quite a resume.

allinwithchris Mark Zuckerberg laughs all the to the bank to cash the cheques. allinwithchris Joe Biden bragged on video about how the entire country Ukraine would not receive a billion $ unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating his crack head son. Joe Biden appears to be trying to deny video evidence.

allinwithchris 🤢🤮 jennycohn1 allinwithchris fb stands for fibber! allinwithchris Perhaps, it's because FB hired many from Cambridge Analytical? The company is & has been in this, neck-deep.

allinwithchris If Dems are smart they would let Trump do that and then change to Warren or Harris. allinwithchris Twitter lets MSNBC do it. No difference. allinwithchris BoycottFacebook allinwithchris MSNBC and allinwithchris .......... FAKE NEWS! allinwithchris 'Full of lies' Interesting take considering there's more to look into about Joe than not. But if it were Trump - IMPEACH!!! You'd scream from the mountain tops. POS!

jennycohn1 allinwithchris ewarren to the rescue! She will break this forker up. allinwithchris Tax Scam Bill... of course facebook doesn't give two shits. nprpolitics allinwithchris They took in $125 million in the third quarter so they can afford it allinwithchris Boycott Facebook! Facebook MarkZuckerberg Did you get paid off? Everything Trump touches dies! TrumpGenocide ImpeachTrump

allinwithchris Is this the same Facebook that smeared Trump? 🤷🏻‍♂️

allinwithchris Trump has reached into the soul of greed of man and manipulated them to think of themselves above the moralcompass of the nation kateacosta5 allinwithchris Oh, they care alright. They very much care that his likely opponent in the general has a plan to regulate their wild-west influence on our society. They've chosen a side. It's on us to defeat their man & their corrupting influence.

allinwithchris It's like the golf of social media allinwithchris DJT spreading lies! The only way he is able to achieve anything is by cheating! dumpgop allinwithchris First of all The HATE President Trump media will lie to their viewers! The bias corrupt media totally know that President Trump is not lying about JoeBiden he did Quid Pro Quo a Ukrainian leader his son was paid 50,000 a month JoeBiden received billions$ from China

JanisBr34481052 allinwithchris .Facebook .instagram BoycottFacebook boycottinstagram allinwithchris Zuckerberg is not known for honesty and fair play. To say the least. allinwithchris The DEMs want to control what is said about them on Twitter and Facebook..Socialism/Communism is coming , hold onto your freedom folks , do not let the socialist DEMs take what is rightfully yours..FREEDOM. Vote Trump 2020.

allinwithchris DELETE FACEBOOK allinwithchris Those with money will make decisions to maximize wealth, ignoring the issues and concerns that impact the rest of us. Facebook cares about America no more than the Trump family does. This is why people shouldn't be voting for the next wealthy guy promising to make everyone rich.

allinwithchris Can we say more corruption in the open? Disgusting, unethical and shameful of FB. No social media company should be politically biased. allinwithchris Doing great things for the country... facebook allinwithchris MSNBC IS DUMFOUNDED THAT THIS ON THEIR POST allinwithchris do I see love 💕 💕 💕 in Mark’s eyes?

allinwithchris How much per week does MSNBC spend on their lies? allinwithchris facebook Mark, can you stop being a greedy dbag about this? allinwithchris That is another creep who does not care about anyone, he has more money than Trump. Shame on him for letting the orange ones' garbage on facebook demean a decent honorable man.

allinwithchris Zuckerberg,should not allow any political ads on F.B. I guess his integrity has been bought. Greed is killing this country and he's helping allinwithchris FakeNewsMedia allinwithchris I had Facebook from 2005 until this year. 14 years. I don’t miss at all. DeleteFacebook

allinwithchris Really. I spend a good deal of time on FB and haven't seen any of this. allinwithchris 😳 That picture! Can you imagine, ‘Vice President Zuckerberg’? I physically cringed. Poignant reminder that things COULD have been MUCH worse... And they can always GET much worse, too. allinwithchris They're no more lies than you are journalists.

allinwithchris The media calling the Biden scandal a lie is a scandal all by itself. You know it is true because you have seen the videos of Biden bragging about doing it. You've heard several people in Ukraine say it happened. You just lie for the DNC. allinwithchris That’s because it’s not lies. allinwithchris Facebook is money hungry

allinwithchris Joe is almost as corrupt as MSNBC. allinwithchris Deleting my FB profile. It’s all garbage on there now any way allinwithchris What lie? The video of Biden bragging about how he got the Ukraine’s attorney general fired? Yeah. That was a good one. allinwithchris FB is pro Trump

allinwithchris Shut Facebook down allinwithchris facebook is complicit and responsible for election interference. Shut Facebook down! allinwithchris BS💩💩💩 Biden needs to be investigated and exposed !! The Truth Hurts allinwithchris Lies....🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 allinwithchris So wrong allinwithchris Fake news

allinwithchris President Warren’s administration needs to dismantle this company, and severely regulate the pieces left. allinwithchris Finally, time for me to get a FB account; I'll pass the word around. allinwithchris Why media is protecting Biden? allinwithchris That's a fear of Trump oh man America will soon be a dictator country! All laws is what Trump say it is an u better don't disagree or else... really scary hope people wake up an don't wait until America is on its knees asking when did America become this

allinwithchris Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news allinwithchris Quid pro quo.... it's not just the ad revenue... Trump has promised Zuckerberg he can control the US money supply once Trump destroys the Federal Reserve. allinwithchris allinwithchris FB making money

allinwithchris Biden is looking more and more corrupt! Kick back scheme giving him $900k for consulting. Also clear collusion by DNC with Ukraine to interfere in 2016. The card house of corruption is crashing down! allinwithchris Joe Biden should be investigated allinwithchris How much will it cost to buy the election?

allinwithchris Who needs Russia when you have Zuckerberg? DropFacebook allinwithchris Liars calling the one who is exposing them as liars is such a gas 😌 allinwithchris This an example of the media never investigating The Dems because they are working together... not how,our County is supposed to work.

allinwithchris Bullshit! PutUpOrShutUp allinwithchris I’ve been seeing Trump’s weird, Chock-Full-Of-Crap ads on your network so you may want to check that attitude a bit. allinwithchris Delete your Facebook account. If you’re friends are truly friends you will not lose them. allinwithchris Yeah ding-a-lings, what's Biden's campaign pumping into facebook spreading their own share of lies? MSNBC is an appendage of the Democratic Party. When all is said and done, MSNBC will be known as the pathetic propaganda machine it is. Totally discredited as a clown show.

POFAdvocate allinwithchris FB is s fraud. allinwithchris Well, after my account was terminated on FB for who the hell knows why, I can now say F...k FB forever! allinwithchris Zuckerboy is going down the drain with you know who. Greedy money does that as we all know allinwithchris allinwithchris Fuk facebook

allinwithchris People need to reconsider having a face crook page.

allinwithchris allinwithchris Zuckerberg isn't hiding the fact anymore. allinwithchris Notice MSNBC using videos more... they scared people will read their insane stories allinwithchris Zuckerburg will be the undoing of Facebook and he is such a space cadet he will complain, 'Why are you doing this!?'

allinwithchris What did you expect from this slimeball? It's going to get much worse until he is removed. allinwithchris and ElizabethWarren has a plan for that! Warren2020

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