Facebook staff are angry with Zuckerberg for leaving up controversial Trump post

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has angered several members of his team by failing to remove President Donald Trump's controversial post on George Floyd.

At least six Facebookers have condemned CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to leave up U.S. President Donald Trump’s post.

The staff say the president's post has no place on Facebook, adding that they're "disappointed" and "gravely concerned" it has not been removed. At least six Facebook employees have condemned Zuckerberg's decision on Twitter with comments like "Mark is wrong" and "doing nothing is unacceptable." The same post was blocked on Twitter for glorifying violence, with CEO Jack Dorsey taking full responsibility for the decision.

On Friday, Zuckerberg wrote: "I've been struggling with how to respond to the President's tweets and posts all day. Personally, I have a visceral negative reaction to this kind of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. ... But I'm responsible for reacting not just in my personal capacity but as the leader of an institution committed to free expression."

Jason Stirman, a design manager at Facebook, said he doesn't know what to do. "I'm a Facebook employee that completely disagrees with Mark's decision to do nothing about Trump's recent posts, which clearly incite violence," he said, adding that he wasn't the only one.


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It’s not tech’s job to censor... that is a more dangerous road to go down than not censoring is

Let the staff quit! There are others who can do the job!

Definitively as this man supported an racist leader of USA when his wife is Asian !

Those facebook staff should be replaced. Do your job. Don’t second guess the bosses decision. Without Zuck you’d still be in mommy’s basement.


Social media is not a news paper or scholarly journal. SM is designed for real time exchange of information by anyone who has an account (low, avg, above average IQ). If you need a factual information please read a newspaper paper or scholarly journal.

staff are above the law?

DeleteFacebook DELETETRUMP

I disagree, Zuckerberg got it right; internet censorship is wrong. If Trump or anyone else want to say stupid shit let them, doesn't make them right just makes the rest of us aware of who they really are. KnowYourEnemy


They can leave to pursue employment elsewhere ... but we know it’s easy to complain, hard to take action.

Dump Facebook

Bye Facebook!! Hello Twitter!! ✔️✔️✔️

In long-term this Zuckerberg schizofrenie will be costly. 'Long-term' is even more shorter.

Been in a company that I believed had terrible ethics. Quit, told them why, even sent a email to CEO. Never heard a peep from anyone. Told I didn’t have to do my two weeks, just go home. Company was Wells Fargo. Employees of Facebook need to decide if it’s right place for them

Six persons!!!

This Boy should learn from the Boy who is running Twitter!

So go burn down some buildings and loot a nike store.

Zuckerberg is playing both sides. $71B in revenue supporting protection of racial injustice and hate speech versus $10M pledged to fight racial injustice. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which side he is really on.

Fire them.

The 'army' is restless.

Facebook sucks. Delete all your personal information and pictures and deactivate your account. DeleteFacebook

Facebook decided to join the dark side.

Zuckerberg cares more about his bottom line than user privacy or ethics. Mark blatantly denied FB had influence over political outcomes, which is a total BS. He willingly turned blind eye when fake news espoused by fake accounts masquerading as Americans propelled Trump in '16.

'Some of Facebook's staff (the Communist ones) are angry with Zuckerberg for keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.'

Sounds like they have an issue with being bias

Insurances companies will have to cover losses. Losses from last year numbers. Could be good for some. Sad. It true

I do not expect anything good for human society from Mr. Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg took the cowards way out of trouble with the Oval Office leave the Trump materials up and no problems, he was probably offered a deal to continue doing this and after the reelection of Trump he could be reward per Kushner.

I can't view any cnbc posts when I click it says access denied?🤨 why?

He's racial too!

Facebook You stink!

Liberals got their feelings hurt!

Get another staff

Facebook is a most controversial social site.

Fire their asses


If you own a newspaper and people send in letters to the opinions page, and you print it, you're liable. Why is a social media platform any different?

I don’t get it.

Let them be angry. Don’t let employees’ political agenda affect what the rest of the world is allowed to see.

Whispers.....not just his staff.

So What.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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