Facebook Shuts Down Far-Right Group Planning To Bring Weapons To Protests - Cnn

Facebook Shuts Down Far-Right Group Planning To Bring Weapons To Protests - Cnn

Facebook shuts down far-right group planning to bring weapons to protests

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6/3/2020 8:31:00 AM

Facebook said Tuesday that it had shut down pages and accounts associated with what it said was a hate group, whose members were discussing bringing weapons to the protests that are happening across the country.

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FakeNews FakeNewsMedia CNNFakeNews You mean far-left groups? Dont target hate groups alone! Hate speech is as bad! Try correcting realDonaldTrump and quit fooling around! Now do Trump Facebook ! 👍🏻👍🏽👍🏿👍 The very sickening video of Floyd’s arrest, is by no means representative of the 375 million annual contacts that police officers have with civilians. Crime and suspect behavior, not race. determine most police actions.

Delete your Facebook page. Everyone!!!! Uh oh. Egg on Zuckerberg's face. He said he wouldn't do anything about fake accounts, political messages, and the like. Which is why his own employees are angry at him. It was actually the NAACP posing again. Fake news! CNN SUCKS So funny how and the DNC just keep trying to push this bullshit of a narrative that it is “far-right” groups doing this. When it clearly is their pals AntifaDomesticTerrorists When they start getting locked up one after another soon. How will you spin it then?

Oh good! Mr Trump even talked about viscous dogs and weapons of such massive force the world has never seen. Thank you Zuckerburg...oh wait you weren’t talking about him? AntoniaZ Did they turn the info over to the FBI? My God! How they can go up to that ? Would that be Trump's military police that attacked innocent protesters with gas, spray, batons and rubber bullets?

CNN you complain about police pepper spraying a protester but won’t show the video of a black man David Dorn being murdered on the streets during a STL riot? I saw the video and the fact that you are refusing to cover it... I have officially lost all respect for you as a network! Stop your rating ! Stop your hating for trump! Save America and the America people

Maybe Bill Barr should investigate... All the people who complain and disguise facebook on a daily basis are still on it. Oh? Facebook *finally* does something good for once? Shame they tried to stop the Dotard from starting sht in the first place... Oh wait... that never happened 🙄 Good. Have they done the same to antifa?

By whose definition are far right? Facebooks? Yeah we know where this leads. FakeNewsCNN Finally Zuckerberg is making himself Trump's beautiful banana boy. STOP WITH THE FUCKING FAR RIGHT FALLACY... IF RACIST WHITE PEOPLE WERE IN THE MIX THEY WOULD HAVE ATTACKED A MINORITY OR A LEFTIST LIKE WHAT HAPPEN IN VIRGINIA.... I DONT BUY THAT BULLSHIT....

Facebook said Hilary was in trial today! the second amendment exists to protect the people from the government and not the government from the people. it also exists, to paraphrase dave chappelle, in case the first amendment doesn’t work out. have these “patriots” even read the constitution? Fake news claims without evidence that its far right groups

Finally! The shut down the president's account? Finally! It doesn’t matter far-left or far right. Stopping the violence is what matters. The liberal media such as yours MSNBC to name a few, could use some work in covering the news “fairly.” In the future, you can start by covering issues that voters care about especially this year.

And the far rights the problem in trumps eyes. Hes just a big pussy afraid that the far left will kick his ass up and down the streets and he won't be able to say you cant do that I have money. Hes destroyed this country enough its tim to get rid of him. Hes like 80. wow that's wonderful, I've been trying to get facebook to take down a profile harassing a public real estate agent for a month and they told me it was legit criticism even with a valid copyright claim and issuing DMCA take down notice.

It's a start. Why are you excusing the fact that the police are being assaulted with bricks and Molotov cocktails by the “protesters?” I’ll wait. Facebook if you can do this then it’s time to shut the President down with all his lies Why haven’t you reported on the supplies of bricks strategically placed at sites of future protests? Not one word about it. Also - more importantly - when are you going to acknowledge the murder of DavidDorn ?

Hate Group = White Nationalists. They are already doing that. There are pictures. But what about Antifa? They are a big part. Contact the VPN use Russia’s ICQ Viber. We are At War with Domestic Terrorists. Leave their pages Up so military and law enforcement can track their activity and use drone strikes to take them out. These are insurrectionists and must be confronted through use of force. Who is funding them? China? Russia?

Patriotism is the first step of racialism there’s no races only one race the human race Why? If the politicians and police can’t fix this let them😳 I’m sorry but Facebook is facilitating this crap. I think we all need to think twice about these social media platforms. Do they bring joy or hate? Facebook says... Lol!!! Literally, no one believes Facebook!

Yeah right!!! Soon as DeleteFacebook was trending 🤸🏾‍♀️ Wow!!! The panic is real!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What's wrong with that,every protestor should arm themselves Accounts of far far left AntifaDomesticTerrorists ? 'Protests?' You wouldn't be talking about the terrorist attacks (riots, looting, arson, assault) by any chance, would you? If yes, these aren't protests. It's terrorism. Stop supporting it .

They shut down a troll account with 21 followers, but the actual antifa accounts are still up and posting calls to engage in criminal activity. True. Who's arresting these looters? CNN= Coomunist News Network Report more of David Dorn’s death by the looter, CNN. Don’t let’s him just get buried. DavidDorn

DaveBautista Dave what have you done to support the black community? Fan of your wrestling, I wouldn’t consider myself a Democrat or Republican. But your tweets spreading hate aren’t doing anything to help the cause. Take action! Do they want a cookie? 🍪 Lies Facebook don't forget my earlier tweet. Please make sure that you shut these accounts down as well.

Mark is Resist now?🤔 Far LEFT! no hate groups coming to my town..patriots of all race and color are here as protection You mean the alt-right Bruh seriously What happened to the Trump narrative that white supremacists were not involved in these riots? haha Trumpanzees at it again. Shut down for protecting the country!?

More fake news lies. What they are really talking about, is their buddies, anquifa

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Video shows truck drive through protesters - CNN VideoA truck driver has been arrested after driving 'with nearly full force into a crowd of peaceful protesters' in Minnesota, according to Governor Tim Walz Peaceful? Yeah buddy..... It was all peaceful in Minnesota Eye roll wtf MAGA

A cable alternative to CNN? WGN America prepares for national newscast in a crowded marketWGN America's has just hired three little-known anchors for its three-hour newscast that debuts Sept. 1. 'News Nation' is a gamble by WGN America and its parent company Dallas-based Nexstar Media Group that there is an appetite for politically neutral news on cable. RIOTING LOOTING AND BURNING DOWN CITIES = Do Nothing DemocRATs But what about jag? NO THANKS

CNN turns 40 today. Here's what it was like on Day OneCNN went on the air for the first time 40 years ago on June 1, 1980. Here’s a look back at some of the most defining stories from the last four decades. Thank you CNN...only place to get real news. fauxnews Is for the Unintelligent. Trump knows it too and so should the haters. FoxNewsSpreadsRussianPropaganda Defining lies for decades. Fake news. Happy Anniversary! CNN

Facebook takes down white nationalist and fake antifa accountsFacebook Inc said Tuesday it has suspended accounts associated with white nationalist groups after some advocated bringing weapons to the current wave of anti-racist protests. Its a start. 👏👏✌✌🙏🙏😎 fake antifa accounts? how about the REAL ones. About time!

Protesting in a pandemic: COVID-19 testing sites shut down amid national unrestEven temporary closures could hamper efforts to control the coronavirus, especially in African American communities. trump is doing that so the numbers will go down & he can reopen and have millions more die, mostly republicans though so no worries It's almost like they're unnecessary Co-what?