Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over hate speech violation

Facebook sanctions Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's page because of violation of company's hate speech policy.


Facebook sanctions Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's page because of violation of company's hate speech policy.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Facebook says it has sanctioned the page of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of a violation of the company's hate speech policy. Facebook said on Thursday...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a press conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019. Netanyahu vowed Tuesday to begin annexing West Bank settlements if he wins national elections next week. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

Facebook said on Thursday that the social network had suspended for 24 hours the page’s bot, or automated chat function.

Netanyahu denied he wrote the post in an interview with Kan Reshet Bet radio. He said it was a staffer’s mistake and the post was removed.

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DSRamlan Lol semissourian Just take a moment & think please , what is Terrorist had Neutron Bombs and Face Book told the terrorist they was going to kick them off FB for some hate comment or speach . They would look up FB H.Q. & transport the neutron bomb there & the rest would be history in the makings.

semissourian Israel Nor Prime Minister Netanyahu cares any thing about some FB Sanctions Israel has Neutron Bombs . Such nuclear bombs kills humans & the radiation goes away n 2 days & life can resume on the land /areas Neutron Bombs was used on . Who needs FB when they have Neutron Bombs?. HansdeBoerLstad Maybe he is finished!

FacebookSharia Why dont Twitter band ISIS Boss Nazinyahu netanyahu This is FB interfere with Israel support terror Good for facebook. Israel dabeard Now do Trump Now we need facebook and twitter to sanction US politicians that push hate, racism, white supremacy. I can think of several; trump Lindsey Graham, Steven King. There's a long list not to mention 3 Fox anchors. But neither will do anything because these nonhumans bring in money.

Typical Facebook, he spoke the truth and gets banned.

How Facebook will pick the news you see in its appFacebook is set to launch a news tab, and humans will most certainly be curating it.data-page-subject=true That power frown. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we will see...I just got a pop up for a facial recognition software tab they wanted to turn on.....I am not holding my breath.... More lies from facebook

Sounds like Nazis at work cutting off free speech Bullshit! Facebook sanctioned him because they are socialist racists attempting to support and prop up their socialist antisemitic friends in the socialist democratic party. Communist censorship is what these ppl are all about. 1/ control the message 2/ control how ppl think

Facebook SUCKS! Im not surprised. He is just another Menachem Begin (Former terrorist w/ the IRGUN & Premier). Whoever gave Israel- Nukes, should B Imprisoned! How qaint. Shouldn't the ap use the word 'censorship?' Or would that be complicity in the 'hate speech?' Bottom line: fb should stop trying to tell people what to say unless it is an actual legal issue. Period.

He is the only world leader surrounded by neighbours unanimously of the view his country should be exterminated. Despite the fact that he is a monster this is a sad day for civilisation which his citizens have aplenty in contrast to his critics wallowing in envy. LGPDownState No do realDonaldTrump It's called 'Anti-Semitism' Get it right

Where does this Hate come from? Surely not from GOD . He / they should read and study the 10 commandments given to the people of Israel , by God, and act accordingly.

Israel's Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex West Bank's Jordan ValleyIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention on Tuesday to ... He couldn’t Steal it ? أكبر فتنة للمسلمين هي هذا الوقح. It is called illegal occupation and this is why Palestinians resist. Free_Palestine

More anti free speech WildSmiled Israel pretending to be a perpetual victim whilst wiping out indigenous Palestinians. They can't have it both ways, good to see this farce catching up to them. FB will be accused of anti semitism Yes Israel has become the same evil that oppressed them in the past! Mark Zuckerberg is so anti-somatic for not bowing down to the extreme right wing of Israel.

Facebook has become the Scariest and Most Powerful Dictator on Earth. Mark Zuckerberg and his Company should be shut down or not allowed to run News Stories. Dictators Dictate what people can an cannot say. “Hate speech” anything that goes against left narrative. ,,) Facebook did what the UN has never dared to do! Now Facebook will be accused of anti-semitism!

Ha. Ha.

Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex part of occupied West BankIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention on Tuesday to ... TOTAL ZIO CONTROL 'Ethnic cleansing is now totes OK' And they gonna say 'we don't want war'.

Facebook would have been a Hitler brain child. He say the exact thing about the Ethiopian Jews, Eritreans, Sudanese and Ugandans. dabeard Good, now do Trump. ¡¡¡netan!!! facebook 24 hours and the normal users what do you do ? Forever. zero logic; Facebook do it cause they give a candy to divert people's attention, such as when giving a candy to a child in primary school🐱🌏

Benjamin Netanyahu is it danger to Israel. His policies. His actions. His behavior. When Donald Trump leaves office in 2020 Israel will be much worse off , other american presidents will not allow him this long rope. THEY WILL CUT HIM OFF IF HE DOES NOT BACKOFF!! Facebook is nothing more than a colossal waste of time.

Facebook 🤣🤣 Zuck! Keep at it boy! May be peace will conquer Holy Land! Hope the Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem doesn't excommunicate you boy from Judaism your parents' faith! Shalom what ever it means! 'The page had called on voters to prevent the establishment of a government composed of “Arabs who want to destroy us all — women, children and men.”

Netanyahu sees U.S. staying 'very, very tough' on Iran despite Bolton ousterIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played down the impact of hawkish John... I see us taking a huge crap on you when Trump is gone. We will see who is right. Lol

Uu oh, Bibi... Why don’t twitter follow the same thing and close their pages too? Add Mr. trump to the list TwitterSupport Twitter I’m completely unsurprised. I mean I’m against the policy, I think speech codes and censorship is a fundamental evil, but when you have politicians that say racist shit like Netanyahu you’ll have to either bend the censorship and create a dual standard or censor politicians.

Now do so with US politicians and hate groups. 😂🤣 now he will call for boycott of facebook BDS BoycottIsrael BoycottIsraeligoods BoycottApartheid End all aid. Wow.. Will Twitter do the same with dementia Don. This will back fire

Russia raps Netanyahu's Jordan Valley plan before Putin meetingRussia condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex ... Does that mean they are returning the Crimea? Kettle pot black Considering how Russia annexed Crimea, I think they should sit this one out. Israel has much right to do whatever is in her interest, as the Russians had over Crimea. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

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