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Facebook’s Hands-Off Approach to Political Speech Gets Impeachment Test

The company’s handling of a Trump campaign ad with unsubstantiated accusations about Joseph Biden foreshadows a continuing fight over misinformation.


Facebook refused to take down an ad from the Trump campaign that promoted unsubstantiated accusations about Joe Biden . Facebook said the ad, which has been viewed 5 million times on the site, did not violate its policies.

The company’s handling of a Trump campaign ad with unsubstantiated accusations about Joseph Biden foreshadows a continuing fight over misinformation.

Image Facebook is intent on staying out of the moderation of political speech, despite the use of the social network to spread discord and disinformation in the 2016 presidential campaign. Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times By Cecilia Kang Oct. 8, 2019 WASHINGTON — The 30-second video ad released by the Trump campaign last week is grainy, and the narrator’s voice is foreboding. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., it says, offered Ukraine $1 billion in aid if the country pushed out the man investigating a company tied to Mr. Biden’s son. Saying it made false accusations, CNN immediately refused to air the advertisement . But Facebook did not, and on Tuesday, the social network rejected a request from Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign to take it down, foreshadowing a continuing fight over misinformation on the service during the 2020 election as well as the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. In a letter to the Biden campaign, Facebook said the ad, which has been viewed five million times on the site, did not violate company policies. Last month, the social network, which has more than two billion users, announced that politicians and their campaigns had nearly free rein over content they post there. Even false statements and misleading content in ads, the company has said, are an important part of the political conversation. “Our approach is grounded in Facebook’s fundamental belief in free expression, respect for the democratic process, and the belief that, in mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is,” Facebook’s head of global elections policy, Katie Harbath, wrote in the letter to the Biden campaign. The decision by the company illustrates its executives’ hardened resolve to stay out of the moderation of political speech, despite the use of the social network to spread discord and disinformation in the 2016 presidential campaign. On Tuesday, the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee released a sobering report warning of fresh signs of interference by Russia and other foreign nations in the 2020 election. The company’s position stands in contrast to CNN, which rejected two ads from the Trump campaign last week, including the one the Biden campaign asked Facebook to take down. The cable channel said it rejected the ad because it “makes assertions that have been proven demonstrably false by various news outlets.” Facebook has been dogged by accusations of censorship by conservative politicians, including President Trump, who argue that the Silicon Valley company gives greater attention to liberal points of views on the social network. But by removing itself as the moderator of political content — including in paid ads on the site — Facebook has left itself open another avenue of criticism. In a series of tweets Monday evening, Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the front-runners for the Democratic nomination, said Facebook allowed President Trump to spread false information widely, and called on the company to take down the attack ad against Mr. Biden, one of her top rivals. “Facebook already helped elect Donald Trump once because they were asleep at the wheel while Russia attacked our democracy — allowing fake, foreign accounts to run ad campaigns to influence our elections,” Ms. Warren wrote. Facebook declined to comment. The ad the Biden campaign asked Facebook to take down, released by the Trump campaign on Sept. 27, starts with staticky shots of Mr. Biden meeting with Ukrainian officials during his time in the Obama administration. “Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company,” a narrator says, using video from an event in which Mr. Biden mentions the money. “But when President Trump asks Ukraine to investigate corruption, the Democrats want to impeach him.” The $1 billion figure was mentioned at an event in 2018 at the Council on Foreign Relations, in which Mr. Biden was talking about how the Obama administration tried to root out corruption in Ukraine. He said he had held back financial aid to push the country to make reforms. There is no evidence that Mr. Biden, during his time as vice president, pushed for the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor general to help his son Hunter Biden. The former vice president, along with other members of the Obama administration and other international leaders, pushed for the removal of the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, because of accusations that he ignored corruption. Days after the ad was broadcast on television and social networks the Biden campaign wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, and Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer, asking to reject the ad. The video “spreads false, definitively debunked conspiracy theories regarding Vice President Joe Biden,” Greg Schultz, a Biden campaign manager, wrote to the Facebook leaders. Mr. Schultz wrote that the vice president’s call for a new prosecutor in Ukraine’s investigation of a company was supported by the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. He included clippings from Read more: The New York Times

Weird, the entirety of the federal government investigated unsubstantiated claims of Trump being peed on, but you’re mad about Facebook permitting discussion of well documented facts that Joe Biden’s son worked for a corrupt gas company in a corrupt nation? That’s so weird. I use it for my art. If all your seeing is political stuff then maybe you should screen your followers better.

I dont see the problem. Social media is for free expression. Even if you disagree, they arent breaking any laws. It is within the bounds of freedom of speech. If people are too stupid to actually read the news, that is on them. Two can play that game. There is too much on Trump to use. Start with pictures of Trump and Ivanka.

There were adverts like this in Clinton vs Trump campaign! Guess who won that in 2016? International/Countryless FB Profiles got posted these adverts. These anti Biden are a test... fakenews There were adverts like this in Clinton vs Trump campaign! Guess who won that in 2016? International/Countryless FB Profiles got posted these adverts. These anti Biden are a test... fakenews

facebook just say no to negative adds. So, the publishing of false statements that harm others is no longer considered libel? And Facebook supports libelous statements as not being in violation of their guidelines? Why has no one sued Trump for his slander? This tech behemoth has done US Wrong! “Unsubstantiated” is the new word for “guilty as sin but his our guy”! Cmon Fake News & Dems just give Joe Biden up he ain’t worth it. Just move on and will take him to jail where he belongs. You’ve got Fauxcohontas anyways! 🤣

A lot of this, I hate to admit, I knew nothing about! I have said that after 2016 I felt somehow responsible, by whatever FB and Russian trolls did, that I assisted unknowingly in the insertion of an Orangutan to the WH! I’ll be off FB by the end of the month!

Food Tastes Better When You Eat It with Your HandsAlice Waters agrees. Indian...off a banana leaf 🤤🤤🤤 So important, and so interesting: the tactile, aromatic, gustatory and plain visceral parts of flavor and texture are even more seductive when you use your hands to eat. This deep appreciation is an essential part of culinarymedicine Nope. LOL I hate having dirty hands.

WE MUST BOYCOTT FACEBOOK AMERICA....OR BE COMPLICIT TO TRUMP.....YOU DECIDE. I only keep my Facebook account open to watch The Adventures of Bow Tye. It’s a cute little rescue dog who talks. 🐾😹💙 It wouldn't be so very hard for FB to distinctively label text and images that are unmoderated and to carry that labeling forward through shares. Maybe discount ad rates for rebuttals that can be easily found. Godwin: 'The remedy for the abuse of free speech is more speech.'

Nationalize Facebook screw Facebook forever more Not normal. Slander cover this? Well clearly that is because they were allowed to get away with it in 2016. So all is well in their world Don't have nor have Ever had an account, but , Yes, Yes ,Yes ,Yes. Dillon Rachel Maddow, Yes, Yes ,Yes, Yes. These Liberal newspapers don't like the fact we can use this medium to share how we think and feel.

Molly-Mae Hague is accused of photoshop as fans spot her incredibly tiny handsFans were distracted as they noticed her hand looked incredibly small in comparison to her body Wow And still Great fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I guess even when Joe admitted what he did the media defends him. It's pathetic. bobwoodbury ... a pox on fb, f’erberg, and all the gop ... I though FB was helping Democrats for the all the bad publicity allow to post against Donald Trump. 🤔 Facebook need to lose some accounts. ......anyone ? Can’t FB or the campaign be sued for libel / slander here?

The ad is accurate. There’s audio of Biden admitting to blackmailing the Ukraine. If you listened to adamcurry your know this. Rudy Giuliani's former employee and former GOP political is at the helm and making these decisions... and bragging about it on FaceBook Grrrrrrr! FB is wrong on this. nationalize Big Tech

How did we ever communicated with loved ones before all this losers 😳.... wait wait I remember! 😳 we picked up a Phone and called !! Seriously WHO THE F NEEDS FACEBOOK AND WHY? all the people we love have a voicemail? WHY DO WE STILL ACT LIKE A$S HOLES AND FEED THIS LOSERS?🤔

Analysis: President Trump hands over northern Syria to TurkeyPresident Trump's announcement to withdraw all U.S. forces from northern Syria came as a bombshell for the Syrian Democratic Forces who sacrificed many of their ranks on the bloody battlefields of northeast Syria, to defeat fanatical ISIS combatants prepared to fight to the last man and... 👏👏👏The gutless GOP everybody! Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, certainly wasn't a loud and clear message, right? Lying about WMDs to enter an illegal war, and dragging all your allies in with you? Every one of our allies hates us today, wake up! 'Appears?' Uh, no, America IS abandoning her allies.

Never mind if it violates criminal law - it doesn't violate our norms, that's all that counts. DeleteFB not that great anyways :/ Facebook suspended me for saying “white people put raisins” in everything though 😂 And you publish a garbage editorial piece about Joe Biden .What's the difference ? Isn’t it Slander to spread a lie to ruin someone’s reputations?

Let’s simply do the one thing that Facebook does care about, stay off Facebook for 24 hours. 24hrswoutFacebook She’s right. Only democrats should be allowed to put up political ads on Facebook Well, let Biden post an ad. Explain facebook IDeletedFaceBook

How to get your hands on gin baubles before they sell out (again)Now, how soon can we put up our tree?

Can't someone put Facebook on some kind of list? Zukerberg don't be a Suckerberg, do what you know is right! destroy facebook Everyone should log off Facebook for 48 hours in protest. Facebook works for Russia and trump C'mon Zuck!! CountryOveraBUCK THIS IS FINKDUP good. these sick fascist authoritarians have no idea how far gone they are.

So are they now a publisher? Because that would open a hell of a pandora’s box legally. Facebook's opinion came from a former Giuliani employee. No conflict of interest in public sector? How many Facebook hits did you get with the lie Headline: Trump’s Muslim Ban ? They AREN'T FALSE & way to easy to research now daya!

“It certainly reflects a desire of the president to wash his hands of the region”—Trump’s talk of Syria withdrawalOn “The Intelligence” liamtaylor100 looks at Mozambique’s cashew industry, finding the tricky trade-offs between agriculture and development

* has been aggressively promoting unsubstantiated accusations about realDonaldTrump since November, 2016. But that's fine. Facebook needs to go the same way as Other obsolete social media. Zuckerman needs daily fines for every corrupt, deceptive ad they allow to stay up on their unAmerican site. I’m surprised they haven’t turned that thumbs up logo orange

And that is why I am happy I’m off Facebook ( and am also considering Twitter) boycottfacebook facebook continues to promote lies. When are people going to leave FB? NYT your own paper has also been complicit in fueling more speculation and giving credit to the unsubstantiated allegations on Biden. So clean up your own act as well. I'll be ending my support and subscription if the paper continues to fuel unsubstantiated conspiracies.

So, lets everyone manufacture lies & fake info on Zuck, & start sharing it around let's see how fast those come down. I hate to say & I like that I have access to some ppl but I haven't posted anything on FB in almost 2 yrs & if we get mils to close permanently, he'll take a hit facebook I know you have a tough job; users, in general, want to post at will. I get that. Yet, you need a moral compass around public figures making unproven claims. Protect the fabric on which you're built.

Classic song 'It Takes Two' gets catchy impeachment update from whistleblowers🎶'Anyone can whistleblow, baby. But two can make a crime so real.'🎶 Ditch your car, YOU could save $2000 each year on fuel and help the planet with this e-bike!

If you fact-checked every political ad you would have to stop running ads Seriously considering deleteFacebook Deleting Facebook isn't enough the account still survives. You must close the account and it takes weeks before it is officially gone. Some will still need it for their businesses but I closed my account when I heard of the ethnic genocide Facebook facilitated in Myanmar.

When is everyone going to learn that Facebook is garbage I deleted the FB app a few years back, and the “spooky” incursions into my privacy by FB and Siri stopped. Like my every online search stopped resulting in related ads popping up everywhere I went. Facebook is the devil. has refused to apologize for its role in the mess we are in. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m literally registered republican on the social media app and have never seen the ad or for that fact ads pro Trump. I've always thought if Mark Zuckerberg hadn't made a billion dollars he'd have been strolling around the dorms at Harvard with an automatic weapon Facebook misuse their influence every day. The only thing they are interested in is making money. Their position has gone to the head of the owner, that he overlook the negative influence of Facebook. It ought to be closed, or very strict rules need to be installed.

Btw, u guys and the rest of the MSM let Shifty Schiff go on TV and LIE about having 'concrete proof' that trump colluded with Russia with ZERO proof. But that's ok right? DoubleStandards

Of course they don’t.Russia also used them and continues to use them to invade our sovereignty and they did nothing,actually welcomed them,instead of stopping it. facebook shares the Trump’s policies.”For money even my mom is for sell”The policy is based on money not on morals. Not to be that guy, but let’s be real here: if you believe everything you see and hear on the internet, Facebook blocking these types of ads isn’t going to matter. That amount of stupid will always find a way.

The New York Times is the arm of the Democratic Party they are the most biased newspaper out there and they lie most of the times in their stories What Businesses/Companies are posting Ads on Facebook along with the 'Russia-styled' Trump Campaign Ad of LIES? CancelFacebook ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW NYT NYTimes CNN MSNBC

Facebook is pro Trump. They want even let you post this picture of Don Jnr the cowardly game killer. Facebook is at it again. Money over Democrat If those ads bother you, leave Facebook.🤦‍♀️ DeleteFacebook For shame facebook At a certain point you have to come to the realization that Facebook is complicit in helping anyone with the cash to impact elections

'member 2016? If you actively use Facebook, you should definitely keep that to yourself. Litmus tests never got easier. And what ARE the policies of Facebook? Make money. Oh yes, because every thing that folks put on fb is true. Resistance it has been confirmed that Facebook contributed to the placement of the orange turd that’s destroying our country. They’re also hosting the Republican Nat’l Convention. How can we resist if ppl can’t even close their FB pg. I did, so can you!

In the meantime, while trying to sell homemade cupcakes on their market place, my ad is rejected for violating their policies.. Yes, but post a painting of two gay men kissing and you're out of there. Why can't they be sued? I rewatched the social network tonight it’s cool that Zuckerberg decided to devote his life to be the most despicable human since Hitler Stalin and Mussolini

Look Facebook shuts down gun fn groups Trump fb groups and other right wing groups. But when they keep one ad up, the left loses their mind. Classic. Because unsubstantiated posts never come from the left LOL. BoycottFacebookAdvertisers DeleteFacebook Fucking seriously facebook? Always hated FB facebook shame TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump

Then their policies need to be reconfigured. New name for the company—Egg On Your Facebook. TV gives interviews to people that lie to many more. Why is Facebook being singled out? Arrest suckerberg now This is another reason I am not on FB anymore. I just feel so sad that my mom's generation of the retired elderly is on FB a lot and not savvy enough to question political posts.

facebookads in TrumpsAmerica are fake, false, misleading & OK with finkd because facebook ‘s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together under DerangedDonald. More Trumpanzees elizabethwarren is right! ITMFA posttruth Shahge11347804 What a weird reasoning from FB. 😢

It is all about profits I hardly use facebook anymore. Its become a breeding ground of lies and ads. This Trump ad is the worst and its vile twists and lies, but we know the moron is good at that. I agree Facebook is a problem most definitely...but so is the general public. We need to stop simply accepting ads and quick posts and tweets as actual news. People need to fact check what they see, but so many don't.

Facebook doesn’t do anything about the nazis I report either, so no fucking surprise. facebook zucks! BoycottFacebook facebook so you are okay with all of us leaving FB or you'll risk it? I can give it up. Maybe the rest of your accounts can too. I broken tougher habits

Double standards Apparently Zuckerberg, the world’s richest man, isn’t yet rich enough. He can’t bear to lose the ad revenue from Pinocchio’s advertising. What a repugnant creature Mr. Facebook is. facebook wtf? This is why I no longer use your platform. It may finally be time for me to shut down my Facebook account. Thousands of us should do that.

From Baghdad ,Iraq More than 100 young martyrs in the youth uprising against injustice and corruption. More than 100 dreams have been killed forever. Mercy and forgiveness for all of them and shame and shame for their killers. 🇮🇶💔 Save_the_Iraqi_people Disgusting! We need to force these Orwellian social media companies to delete items that make us uncomfortable politically.

Maintenonmadame Can tell who Zuckerberg votes for.... Even if it does not violate the polices they could put a statement that the ad has no basis of fact and is just a campaign ad that may not be accurate. Or better yet be better and reject it When looking back, we will realize Facebook is guilty of fake news, election interference and destruction of our democracy.

They won’t let us promote CBD products but allow this bullshit... cbd facebookads cmonman Facebook sucks. Get out of our politics if you are going to just add lies. I implore all of you to get yourselves off of Facebook and deny them the opportunity to earn money off of your presence there. I did it four years ago and I have survived quite nicely. You are giving money to the enemy.

Really? What Joe said about firing and no money? Is nothing to see here? Really? Zuckerberg is a Russian asset. As a Chinese I support Facebook in protecting President Trump and his campaign team's right to freedom of speech and expression. Doesn't matter how damaging, baseless or even outright fabricated those accusations are, people have the right to express and spread them without fear.

Does anyone with an FSIQ above 70 still use Facebook? Zuckerberg is paying less taxes than a Walmart greeter... you figure it out! Disclaimer: Image may be subject to copyright. Based on Google images. Come on everybody, repeat after me: I will never ever click on a Facebook Ad. I will stop putting personal info on Facebook and Instagram. I will stop letting Facebook monetize my personal info.

Facebook is more valuable with Dirty Donald in office. They’ll help spread disinformation and they’ll lie about their process. It’s not unsubstantiated, the Biden’s have been a corrupt organization for decades! Despicable deletefacebook .facebook cannot be trusted DeleteFacebook Fuckerberg Facebook has to go.

Mark Zuckerberg is a traitor!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS 👇🏻 😃🤩😊 facebook This shows that you need to be broken up under the antitrust laws, into the tiniest possible pieces. You’re an enemy to the United States and after the election, I will advocate relentlessly for a criminal investigation into your practices.

You guys, delete Facebook! Maybe they should review their policies? I closed my personal Facebook account today because I refuse to allow them to make one more penny off of me by spreading lies. Enough. Use a good adblocker or deactivate your Facebook account. Depressing, but not surprising. Anyone can put anything on there.

Hypocrisy on face book.must be tax related Maybe you should change your policies? 🤬 facebook Disgusting. facebook are traitors Didn’t realize they had policy. They certainly have no collective conscience

deletefacebook Zuckerberg is in bed with trump. He’s so afraid of ewarren that he’ll let trump do anything he wants. It would do my soul good to watch Z go down. He’s as big a problem as the Russians Because the Trump campaign is paying Facebook $1,000,000.00 per week to post the ad. Perfect.. after all the unsubstantiated claims against Trump maybe FB is finally getting it. P.s. the claims against the biden's actually are substantiated.. or don't you see the truthful news?

Vote for joe Biden Nah u good Facebook holybullies Doesn’t violate its policies for very influential men. They're bending over backwards to not upset the maniac in the WH. About bloody time. Still think it is a liberal site along with twitter and all the other sites Fuck Facebook why would anyone who believes In democracy and the rule of law support Facebook

Anything for a dollar Facebook abetted Trump’s stolen election He can take his Facebook and shove it. I hope JoeBiden sues the crap out of Zuckerberg for promoting and profiting off of slander, and refusing to remove it. quitfacebook Facebook is the new Myspace Facebook has become trash and so has Zuckerberg. I don’t go on Facebook much anymore. Since the last election I’ve lost friends but I don’t care, I’m kind of glad I found them out. Facebook helped Trump win and now they’re doing it again. My next step will be to DeleteFacebook

facebook BeBest This seems like an excellent time to question whether CBS has yet addressed its decision to run the false and incendiary “coup” as from the DJT campaign. What say you, CBS?

Of course it didn't violate it's policies it made them money. That's their only policy Facebook wtf? this right here is why to limit facebook as much as possible in your life I am getting off FB CetranoSusan DeleteFacebook Not surprised. Lol why would they All politicians lie & exaggerate in their ads..

“The name of the [policy], moving the money from the [campaigns] pocket into your pocket.” Libel lawsuit? I know they have immunity as a publisher. But they r taking money to post the ad. They r in effect its publisher. The solution is to BoycottFacebook

Time for Zuckerberg to sit in the hot seat and answer to the world. But Facebook wouldn’t let me use music when I made a video tribute to my best friend who passed away that all of 400 people could see. Thanks FB Facebook needs to be gutted. Facebook 🤮🤮🤮🤮 facebook is full of crap. Zuckerberg doesn't want Warren in office.. so he is aiding the traitor.

DeleteFacebook FacebookSucks Boo! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 facebook sucks. Zuckerberg will collude with anyone including any enemy state as long as it enriches him. FacebookCorrupt DeleteFacebook

It’s time to get off facebook folks. This is a company that has ulterior motives clearly aligned with the Trump presidency Because FB changed its policy quietly. I’m about to delete my profile. Bjorkian15 Terrible. And the NYT has been publishing misleading headlines all week. destroyfacebook Funny how facebook is expected to be bipartisan yet many major newspapers and all three big networks are obviously biased towards Democrats. Why is Facebook expected to censure free speech and none else? Idiotic

Canceling Facebook and Instagram Looks like a big pay day is headed Biden's way. facebook likes to allow an intentional campaign of misinformation and outright lies to go hand in hand with selling users privacy to the highest bidder. Remember the video where he brags about his qid pro quo? Doesn’t appear to be unsubstantiated to me. You need to remove your blinders and start reporting, not manufacturing

I may just go back to Facebook.

DeleteFacebook badtoad20 facebook needs to revisit it’s policies... Can we just ban FB and Twitter political ads ....for at least one or two months before our presidential elections? Facebook sucks. I report animal sales that is against their “ policy “ daily and they do NOTHING !!!! FACEBOOK SUCKS The reason I am not on facebook

Hmm 🤔 promotes unsubstantiated accusations about President realDonaldTrump all the time. But me calling trump’s followers Racist White Trash got me a spanking by Facebook so they took it down... facebook is mostly people lying about how super they are so.... Libs 👇🏼

Nothing new here. Facebook racked in cash from 2016 advertisement why would they stop now. Especially after serious losses in court this year. slpng_giants Just say No to Facebook. Unplug. Walk away. You will be happier! Let the Zuck lose his billions! And policy is to serve WH and people in power like Teump, modi and Netanyahu

Facebook is pretty biased, but considering Twitter isn’t much better, it’s more important to hold social media companies legally accountable than is it to delete your accounts BREAKUP FACEBOOK NOW facebook I’m done with fb! Seriously F*CK facebook ! After meeting with trump they released a statement that they exempt politicians from telling the truth! WHAT THE HELL!

I not sorry to see you all go of fb Burn down Facebook There is a video of Biden literally bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. It is all substantiated, you just don't like it because you are liberal hacks.

So when exactly does it become substantiated if he said it on tape? Asking for a friend. Facebook is doing the right thing on this one. No policies were violated. Go cry somewhere else. I don’t use Facebook. Another reason not to. They are accomplices. Facebook is malware. Never had Facebook and never will. Garbage. Feel sorry for people who spend time on it.

Maybe it's time for facebook to update their policies? Well then, Facebook shouldn’t mind if people start posting unsubstantiated stories about Mark Zuckerberg. 👎🏼 Maybe they need new policies.. 🖕

JuddLegum DeleteFacebook When are people going to have enough of FB and delete their accounts? Really, they will keep on until it hurts. Unsubstantiated? There's always fire where there's Biden smoke. Facebook is basicly for sale to the highest bidder. Did you expect something else? DeleteFacebook This is why Facebook needs to be fined and stop putting misinformation into the world

Tells you all you need to know about Facebook Fakebook is it’s other name, and it’s more accurate and honest. Donald Trump gave Zuckerberg millions of dollars in tax breaks, he only cares about money.

Thumb down👎 Well now I support ewarren facebook you must do better! This is BS and you shall be accountable!!!! Time to break up Facebook. breakupfacebook cateady53 Ridiculous, he should get a humongous fine! Their policies. Lol. What a joke. FCK Mark Z. What a piece of shit.... Wait, So now is advocating for limiting freedom of speech? Do you not see the danger and the hypocrisy in this This is why I stopped reading your paper. You no longer care about news; only incitement. You are a tabloid. (This is NOT a post in support of Trump.)

But Obama made that legal! Propaganda towards US citizens is perfectly legal now. nObama Facebook should be only truthful and they damage themselves by doing this One has to wonder why Mark Zuckerberg is so lax in regards to their policy. This is wrong, irresponsible, and dangerous and something needs to be done about it .ewarren.

Say it with me: 'I quit Facebook for good. I don't miss it, and I've never regretted it.' IT FEELS AMAZING. Zuckerberg has lost his sense of what it means to be human. He's deplorable and his company should be broken up How long til this tool is seen as an operational arm of the Russian misinformation network?

Assholes Facebook sucks. I’m not on it anymore. Seriously considering dropping Facebook. FB is truly 'fake news,' unlike WaPo and NYTimes, imo. FB is fair in this case. I hate Facebook Facebook, shame on you. You seem to be scared of losing a few billion dollars? The only remedy for Facebook is to stop using it

Thanks for trump Facebook!! You fuckrs !! Another reason to stay off the site! I HATE FACEBOOK Leaving FB Facebook worst company since I.G. Farben. well if that’s the rationale then blame twitter too for allowing him to spread lies. His profile should be deleted...help us out AK 🙏🏼 Hare Facebook BoycottFacebook

Hey Facebook ... either you fix this, or WE will. You might not like our solution! But they give all they having to FBI, NSA ....evently MI6

BoycottFacebook We would like to read these policies. Where are they posted? That's because the accusations ARE substantiated. Why must NYT always lie these days? When NYT employed journalists this didn't happen...very often. Over the long haul Facebook will face sufficient credibility issues to impact it’s popularity. I still have an account but haven’t been on for several months. I don’t like being shipped garbage by unwitting friends & also don’t need to know how naive some friends are.

The NYT promotes unsubstantiated claims against realDonaldTrump all the time facebook shame on you! It is time to DeleteFacebook. Question... what are FB's policies! facebook MarkZuckerman I guess the money you save on taxes is worth your soul Shame on you!! Since when do we care about unsubstantiated.....

Mark Zuckerberg, you will be held accountable. FB needs to be shut down. This is how facebook & markzuckerberg views their customers! Good. I know I reported But don’t ever ever try to put an ad with two glasses of wine, because that’s a violation of policies of the Súper cautious facebook . Blatant hypocrites.

DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook Up yours NYT! Facebook sucks!!!

The Bidens, along with the Clinton's, are among the most corrupt families in politics. Lock them up, then impeach trump for his actual crimes, and elect Bernie Sanders!!! Fuck Zuckerberg! facebook is trash. I’ll never understand why anyone still uses it. Why does anyone still have Facebook. Been off that BS for 10 years now

That’s all he can do is tell lies about Joe Biden. No dirt on him or his family. Facebook is not a news source that fact checks everything Everyone owning Facebook stock is complicit in destroying democracy. Everyone owning Facebook stock is complicit in destroying democracy. Everyone owning Facebook stock is complicit in destroying democracy.

From cokehead to a board member of a foreign oil company.fishy. DeleteFacebook suckerberg Facebook = greedy bastards DeleteFacebook

Meanwhile they're yanking comedy flyers and calling them 'spam'. If Facebook had to take down any content with unsubstantiated accusations against a politician, this would include 90% of the NYT articles over the past 3 years. DeleteYourAccount DeleteFacebook facebook shame on you Time to cancelfacebook

Call them lies. That’s what they are. FaceBook has caused way too many problems with our elections & with their failure to monitor election interference & false advertising. This is still going on! Facebook needs to be govt regulated or broken up if they can keep the bad actors & false advertising out of Facebook.

facebook Maybe not, but it violates what you promised to do regarding Russian Propaganda, and this ad makes unsubstantiated claims. Shame on you. I dropped Facebook in 2016, due to loyalty to my country and because facebook betrayed every member when they sold our data to the Russians, even after they brought them in to tour their administration. That is treason for profit.

facebook becomes the new Russian trolls. This is about supporting misinformation campaigns - not free speech.

Unsubstantiated like the Russian Hoax? Or unsubstantiated like we have a genuine video of Biden bragging about a shake down to get a prosecutor fired? facebook and MarkZuckerberg privileging the lie for $$. I wonder how Facebook got paid off to spread lies. I would boycott Facebook but I never use it anyway.

If it’s the one I saw, it was substantiated by the Vice President in his own words on video. Deleted my Facebook account some time ago. Glad I did! I don't use any other Zuckerberg platforms either! I guess non-truth doesn’t violate policy (at least if it’s a lie against Dems. I’m sure lying against GOP gets taken down right away...)

Facebook is cancelled Carrasquillo President Warren is gonna handle Facebook. What a refreshing change from how FB has had a habit of censoring, especially Conservative views, in the past. Well done, Facebook. Well Facebook now will start charging for lies that old people were already spreading there for free

Let's get this trending -- deletefacebook Left FB after 2016 election. Everyone on here bragging they don't have a facebook account... from their twitter account 🙄 Maybe Facebook just like the tax breaks they received from the Trump tax plan. I left Facebook over 2 years ago over the Trump situation and how Zuckerberg handles everything. Haven't missed a day of being on Facebook.

Are there still people using facebook? Bizarre. That's like voting for Trump again in 2020 after you made the mistake to do that in 2016 Here’s a crazy idea, how about NO political ads on Facebook? facebook is a 💩 and Sandberg and Zuckerberg are pure evil but no one cares. Facebook is so wrong. But Facebook took down one of my stories about litter in the street outside a restaurant that I asked if they could police their area for trash....said I was promoting spam...🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Social media may be an existential threat to democracy by giving lies and propaganda unregulated access to the most powerful means of communication that ever existed. These companies will never regulate themselves and it is profitable for them to not regulate what's said on them. I didn’t see any misinformation in the ad 🤔

Facebook is a threat to US democracy. Zuck is a traitor. accusations? And yet they won’t let me call the Real Housewives of Orange County white women who have graduated from trailer park living to overpriced tract homes. As more and more intelligent people DeleteFacebook it will unfortunately be left with those who believe the messaging.

facebook can learn the lesson the hard way then. IndictZuch TamperingWithUSElections EndCorporateGreed Facebook wants Trump to win. He is on tape saying he would sue the government if Warren won. Why are people still on Facebook? But they removed countless memes of mine that violated guidelines? Like this? Please. Lol.

Do people realize you are under no obligation to use Facebook DeleteFacebook It does so FB remove it and make a PSA debunking it! JoeBiden place a facebook ad showing all of trumps corrupt activities and his kids grafting. Zuckerberg needs to stop being greedy selfish & try being an American. Because of our democracy he was given opportunity to start & grow FB. Instead of gratitude he wants to destroy our democracy because he is drunk on Power. Evil!

Whic is why i don’t use facebook any more DeleteFacebook I deleted my Facebook account, they are just right wing enablers.. harvesting data to manipulate elections! 😡 DeleteFacebook So fbnewsroom has no desire to promote truth?

Zuckerberg Shameless disregard for Facebook's role in electing IndividualOne and now willingly, knowing it letting it happen again. Then Dems need to run ads along the same lines. Stop thinking that being nice will spread. Am I allowed to buy an ad that calls Mark Zuckerberg a pedophile? If you're still on that garbage platform DeleteFacebook

DeleteFacebook Good....because it's TRUE!! Because 1st amendment DBChirpy fb_engineering fbnewsroom facebook so mark and Facebook aiding USA enemies... again. TwitterMoments abc cbs nbc cnn MSNBC latimes Deplorable 👎!!!

DeleteFacebook fckfcbk DeleteFacebook Now we know what Facebook policy is: right wing propaganda is preferred. FACEBOOK SUCKS. It is just another Trump bootlicking lackey business. Punish Facebook !! Penalize because Facebook is scared SenWarren DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook I just shut down my FB account.

Gee, total shocker: DeleteFacebook Facebook will not ban men who post about raping and killing women, but they WILL ban women for calling a man trash. Facebook is a cesspool ALL social media platforms especially those created by MarkZuckerberg are dangerous to our society - the ability to send out disinformation and false stories at the speed of light with a push of a button should scare everyone.

jfc facebook what is wrong with you? Don't you ever learn?! Let’s be honest. Everyone here saying “that is Why I don’t use Facebook”, it’s not because it offends you morally, you never liked it to begin with. Get off your high horse, Twitter is just as bad, they let Trump violate terms of service by threatening people and do nothing.

Real resisters DeleteFacebook realresistersDeleteFB resistersdontletresistersusefacebook This is a why Elizabeth Warren should continue to make Mark FockABird wet his bed when she’s president. Facebook sucks. facebookfree for 4 years F**k Facebook

I posted something from history about hitler and how he used propaganda to brainwash the people and I was blocked for doing that . educating people about history is off limits to facebook but destroying our democracy is A OK Facebook sucks! WTF facebook ? Things like this make me not just happy but proud that i deleted my facebook profile 2 years ago. I honestly feel smarter for it.

facebook has never been an ethical company. Geezus, I mean, the red button scandal was practically day 1. FB public policy director for public elections is katieharbath her experience: National Republican senatorial committee DCI Group a Republican lobbyist and PR Firm Rudy Giuliani Presidential committee Perhaps a job better suited for someone not so strongly politically aligned?

Once again facebook proves they don’t care about anything but revenue. What, did he use an NYT article in the ad? Only about 10% of politican campaign ads do not contain something that is, at best, a half truth or misleading statement. But, sure, keep telling yourself this is all new to Trump. Ahem, paging JuddLegum

They’re doing it again....this is the (main) reason that I quit Facebook in 2016. They spread propaganda, conspiracy theories & lies all over their platform & iit gets viewed millions of times. My own family believes e/thing they read on FB & shares it. So infuriating. Well, imagine how many ads they would have to take down by the democrats? It would take all year. Heck, they would have to take a bunch of your own articles out.

There’s nothing unsubstantiated about biden’s corruption in Ukraine . All there is is USA meddling and exploitation in Ukraine since the 2014 coup . All corrupt ! It was substantiated by Joe Biden himself. And now we know how russia succeeded williamlegate Facebook has no policies. Today would be a good day to delete your Facebook account. It will take 30 days and they will continue to use the data they have collected on you. We are letting a disgruntled incel shape our elections.

facebook Take down the ad. You know that it is promoting fake evidence. The Bidens have been investigated and found to have done nothing wrong. Meanwhile Trump and his children have broken many laws. deletefacebook I think I’m about ready to ditch social media Facebook and Twitter jack TenaciousEye And I again ask, why is ANYONE still using Facebook? FuckZuck FacebookExit

Facebook also allowed false statements to be shared during the 2016 election. Seems like they're right back at it again. Just like Trump!! This is insane. Good It’s not a “hands-off approach” when they’re grabbing millions of dollars from the campaign. I deleted my facebook account. Everyone should, here is how;

Bye bye, NYTimes! F U Facebook. Everyone block them. LOL ... this paper is an unsubstantiated report machine. facebook There’s only one person in my family left using Facebook. Yes, everyday I tell them to quit. No one gets to cry about unsubstantiated accusations of POTUS- why’s Biden crying? All is unfair in politics, get some thicker skin Joe or its not going to go far for you...🤷🏻‍♀️

Lol krbisme05 Facebook is one of the worst things that ever happened to this world! Deleted Facebook months ago. It's always about money. Oh no! If Facebook can't be counted on to censor conservatives, how is the resistance supposed to misinform people? Finally. Something other than stupid Democrat ads DeleteFacebook

cooperchip1 Facebook has become political...too bad cooperchip1 FB Policy: pay us.

All social media does this....don't believe ANYTHING without verifying it elsewhere....EVER... What happens next ? Someone takes out an ad promoting that Trump was not born in America ? Then maybe they need to change their fucking policies! Not surprised. The moneyed people supporting each other? breakupfacebook

Saw this ad. Complete propaganda. Can someone sue facebook? Fudge You facebook. No one in my family, young or old, will ever use your disgusting platform.

Here’s the rub - the allegations do indeed hold water. Proving the need for government regulation of social media. Also underscoring the need to break these monopolies apart. DumpFacebook What else would you expect from zuckerburg - an all out trumpie ... Mark Zuckerberg, we all saw you whoring at the WH and leaving with a brown face. wtfzuck Stop messing with democracy.

I’m deleting FB right after this tweet. DeleteFacebook The rumor in Pres. Trump circles is that he has a sexual decease, which is working on his mind. unsubstantiated ? 1.2 Bn from China ? US - note - US aid to Ukraine with some slices of it to Biden son? Next time US should mark money given to other countries to see who's hands will be fluorescing later.

D job market never so good.Trump understandable to common folks. No place for high power high IQ gossip over crystal cutlery n diamonds & McDonald's not a forbidden word. No mistakes of WMD dimension. Half d globe (USSR, India,China etc) friendly to Trump. Sure Presidency. 'Unsubstantiated'... Seriously, NYSLimes....this is the hill you want to die on? Joe substantiated HIMSELF. Delete your account.

WTFzuck If this ad did not violate its policies, its policies are wholly inadequate. Facebook must be controlled by legislation, it has broken democracy. Important to mention the billing model is based on views. 🤦🏼‍♀️ BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook BoycottFacebook

Unsubstantiated lol. Unsubscribe from lying NYT One of the many reasons why I deleted Facebook Facebook is enabling and assisting the Trump campaign in getting away with libel, something Trump is an expert in. 🤮 Boo hoo

Here’s one of the ads I saw: Facebook is trash. Maybe we should get DeleteFacebook trending. Just look at some of the staggering things Zuckerberg & Trump have in common Both Value $ over country/democracy Say 1 thing do another Got away with everything so far Move fast & break things Threaten lawsuits Kings not leaders Cultivate cults Support dictators & tyrants Lie

Left FB a year ago and haven’t regretted it one bit! facebook is trash Facebook is evil Most young people are no longer interested in FB. Whenever I look at Facebook, all I see is older people showing grandkid photos and a bunch of political garbage. FB has become the new Fox News. I left facebook some long time ago for good.

QuitFacebook QuitFacebookUntil2021 Zuckerberg has always talked out of both sides of his mouth. He’s happy to let Facebook promote lies for his personal benefit. zuckerbergSUCKS facebookLIES

CyrusToulabi 🔥🔥🤡💩💩🤬🤬🤬 CyrusToulabi F*ck Facebook. Where is the news? Zuckerberg is a MAGA. Hey facebook, remember after last election when you said you'd make changes to stop acting as a propaganda platform? Guess you care about advertising dollars from the worst criminals more than your integrity.

facebook sucks Facebook where are your allegiance, with our country, or with the lunatic that is trying to destroy it? Been off facebook for weeks. Don’t plan to go back. The platform is stale and if not regulated what happened in the 2016 election will happen again. I wonder if they are taking rubles this year.

EffaceBook Why is anyone on Facebook? Just deleted Facebook account. Enough of their greedy shady practices. Only way they'll stop is if more delete accounts. DeleteFacebook

How is that unsubstantiated? Joe Biden himself said this in 2018. plenty of things don't violate facebook's 'policies' Maybe time to close my account. FB old & dull anyway. Yo facebook GoFuckYourself Then it has bullshit policies. So glad I dumped that horrid platform. Zuckerberg is destroying the country for more money. selfish

rolandsmartin Another reason why I’m not on Facebook. That's proof that Facebook needs to be regulated. That's how Trump was elected. Russia had thousands of postings of lies about Clinton. Cuckerburg better watch out, we are coming for those billions. You don't get to meddle with elections around the world and get away with it.

deletefacebook When are we going to nationalize and dismantle this cancerous site?

Sorry Resisters but you can’t use Facebook & continue to spread the message. Facebook is knowingly allowing propaganda, foreign interference, & support of this authoritarian regime. Not to mention the selling & profit of personal data. DeleteFacebook now to continue the fight. Facebook needs to do better, if it expects to continue to lead.

DeleteFacebook MarkWarner This needs to be looked into, investigated, FaceBook made to be held accountable. Because they changed their policies after Trump and mark Z had a meeting a couple of weeks ago. 🙄 deletefacebook Delete Facebook 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 Zuckerberg changes the policy after meeting with Trump last month so his accusation ads wouldn’t violate the policy. Can we get a transcript of why they changed the policy going into an election season? Looks like we will relive 2015 & 2016 all over again.

facebook you deserve to be broke up!!! EPICFAIL

I’m deleting my facebook FB has policies? Intriguing. Just DeleteFacebook it’s not that hard and you realize how little it adds to your life when it’s gone Money talks bullshit walks! So Facebook is now Fox News. Okay with LIES. facebook is a shitty, amoral corporation that undermines democracy, invades your privacy, and would sell your grandma out in a hot second to make an extra buck for billionaires.

Facebook is evil slpng_giants That’s propaganda and exactly how dictators work. Lying is the norm for trump and the GOP As with many posts that should've been taken down. Facebook is getting lazy.

deletefb DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook The only way to get through to facebook is getting at their wallet. STOP USING FACEBOOK!! DeleteFacebook I left fb because of their support of bots and lies. Mark met with Trump a few weeks ago. So, thanks, Mark. We appreciate you throwing democracy under the bus, again.

Money is FBs policy mikiebarb .facebook is a waste of time. Delete your account if you have one. facebook markzucky Shame. Break them for good of society.

Facebook wants Trump to win. I don’t trust Facebook anymore. facebook I actively try to get my friends off Facebook- and more and more of them are doing it. Facebook is a monster. How about a Facebook policy like this: If a claim like the Trump ad is posted, a response to that claim is posted simultaneously, side by side.

DeleteFacebook MyraDSirois1 Those same ads are running on TV too. Even though I think it’s repugnant, there can’t be different standards for Facebook. And it’s making them lots of money; not to mention those meetings with Trump. 5280ruckus Guess I'm deleting Facebook Yes I Did DeleteFacebook facebook employees. Leave this company.

It’s great to see you trying to censor free speech! losers

Apparently neither did Cambridge Analytica, right FB? Unsubstantiated? Lololol DELETEfacebook .facebook is the Fox News of social media. JustSayNOtoFacebook Well, Biden did open his mouth and brag about his own corruption! I don't even understand why Facebook is still a thing. Shelve that shit like Myspace already...

DeleteFacebook. That’s all you have to do. The power to destroy facebook is literally in your hands. If you aren’t willing to do that you get what you deserve. MarkZuckCEO Your Company is a joke.. The American people absolutely and unequivocally have the right to be lied to in propaganda ads. Blueliberals Because facebook is all in for Mayor Pete.

Zuckerberg does not want Warren as president bc she would try to break up FB and his fear a dem would try to regulate social media. He’s on tape saying it. Of course he’s going to yet again provide the platform to interfere with our elections with propaganda helping Trump. Facebook is a curse on our society.

Break up Facebook & SUE THEM !! This is FRAUD & spreading propaganda & lies to the American & World public. It’s WRONG !! Facebook is liable !! Unsubstantiated accusations? Lol. Like Trump and Russian collusion? ✌🏻😂🇺🇸 All their policies are is: does it make $&? Facebook is dead to me. The once a year birthday love is just not worth it. facebookSucks

How can accusations of this nature not break rules! It is a disgrace. They changed their rules very recently to allow Trump to lie to you. Seriously, can we just stop with Facebook once and for all Well luckily no one under 55 uses FB anymore but they really are a dumpster fire.

Zuckerberg considers Democrats to be a threat to his company. Let's not pretend he isn't all in on Trump. Good. Don’t be bullied into censorship by Democrats. Freedom of speech! Paramount PatrickAKarlson “Hands-off approach” really means “we want all the $ we can get” facebook 🤑 THEIR GREED MUST BE STOPPED

NY Slimes calling the FB kettle black? Funny. Yes it did, it’s a lie Proving yet again that facebook is a willing tool of right wing extremism and bigotry. 'Unsubstantiated'? See, this is why you people are untrusted and failing. You couldn't speak the truth if your despicable lives depended on it. Facebook has made millions of false ads...

slpng_giants facebook founder MarkZuckerberg is destroying the very country he lives in . And people thought he was intelligent . I think it’s fair game to publicize that not only did trump cheat on Melania with Stormy & Mc Dougal but trump also had affairs while in white house with Kelly Ann Polls , Hope Hicks & Sean Spicer

Ah, but would Facebook take down an ad from Elizabeth Warren's campaign that contained similar unsubstantiated accusations about any other candidate? You bet your ass Zuck would take it down. Exhibit number 36782106 on why capitalism sucks slpng_giants DeleteFacebook One reason I do not use facebook and never will.

The accusation is fairly well substantiated. There’s video of Biden bragging about the quid pro quo. How many times did the media and make unsubstantiated articles against realDonaldTrump? Covington Kids? Kavanaugh? Jussie Smollett? Sit this one out

Let’s check and see if the accusations are “substantial”. I’d certainly like to find out; I’m not the only one. Sorry NYT... the truth hurts!! Try writing some... lying is a fundamental part for marketing, the most important of their strategies. so important that people think, want to believe that facebook is basically a free way to communicate with friends and family.

The only place they are unsubstantiated are in your biased headlines Facebook’s new slogan should be “No Ethics, No Standards, Just Garbage.” Lying does not violate FBs policy. Ok Which is why I don’t use NYT or Facebook for news. Biden’s will get owned by this though. Freedom of speech. If you have a problem with FB don’t use it, problem solved. fail

More substantiated than anything thrown at Trump. But you won’t report that...... The NYT refused to take down the preposterous accusations against Trump made by the chairman of the Intel committee. srauer20 Time to delete FB What did Trump and Zuckerberg talk about in their recent WH meeting? slpng_giants I no longer do Facebook. They along with Google fund Charles Koch’s think tank. No way will I knowingly support them. They are anti-American and want to destroy our way of life, all to get richer. I guess billions are not enough.

Then I think it's time to change your policies. Facebook is the new mafia. Criminals hiding behind the screen. But Facebook ads that slander the President are okay, right? We hear unsubstantiated crap every day from the NYT, good idea to take it down.. DeleteFacebook

BamasLadyJ facebook truly sucks It’s violets every law of the world if you can prove it go to the court For an indictment And no politics or dirty tricks Facebook needs to be broken up period!!! Sorry, what ? People are bothered by a company whose primary trade is collecting and selling user data also cashing in on political smear campaigns ? Anyone who doesn't like it should delete their facebook account and encourage everyone they know to do the same.

Do you also support to take down your unsubstantiated article about the Russian spies, ? Oh wait, bringing up silly articles without any facts or evidence is called „great journalism“ in the lefties world. It would appear my dear NYT, that you have come to the dreadful realization that Joe Biden's nepotism and other private business dealings performed under the vast umbrella of the Federal government needs to be investigated. You know, to clear his good name, Right?

Is this a joke? Let's talk about what is filtered from the other side. ICYMI Sounds like most political ads ever made. slpng_giants facebook - you need to do better if you want people to stay on your platform. Hosting confirmed lies shouldn’t be on the level for a company like yours. FB is correct! And, The NYT ran articles that Trump colluded with Russia....all Damn lies! You fostered the narrative and did zero investigating. And, you now have the audacity to slam FB? Get the F outta here with your fictional waste of a paper.

Wow. A rare taste of equality in today’s world of PC censorship. slpng_giants ZuckSucks Didn't Facebook allow ads saying Trump was working for the Russians? Here we go again... FB is all about that money Joe Biden and his son are corrupt and if your paper is too dumb to understand that no wonder you are a laughing stock

slpng_giants facebook is trash but then again so is the when it comes to doing whats right when it comes to holding realDonaldTrump accountable. I suspect no one will ask Joe at the debate anything about Ukraine...or he won't show up. Biden is guiltily 😂 They need to be regulated and most likely broken up. Maybe we need Teddy Roosevelt back.

Omg wtf cares Again Facebook! MarkZuckerman Facebook's 'policies' is that ANYTHING GOES. Nobody below the age of 60 still looks at Facebook, do they? 🤔 Facebook’s “policies” are; “1. Does it make money for us”. There is no 2. I forget but is Biden not on video bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company his son work for fired and acting proud of it?

Damn the NYT runs false articles for Dems. Free of charge. And mad at Facebook. Fake news rag boomer hell Which is why I don't use facebook anymore. So, the ‘freedom of the press’ folks at the NYT are actively promoting social media giants to deplatform presidential campaign’s ads? Wow. Just… wow.

Basically fuck Facebook at this point. Booooooo...shame on the NYT's Naturally, FB is terrified of Elizabeth Warren. FB is a lying and morally corrupt company. Facebook is propaganda media of criminals Trump and Putin. Therefore Facebook must be nationalized. The same about Twitter. Dorsey and Zuckerberg are felon and must be imprisoned. NationalizeTwitterFacebook ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeo

Then It is past time to review their policies. Perhaps a campaign to remind them they already use our personal information, sell it when it is convenient or money making, gave Cambridge Analytica free rein..but outright disinformation is dandy. They are too full of themselves Abandon FB, Instagram, WhatsApp for YOUR OWN PROTECTION! FYFuckerberg

And this my friends is how Trump supporters became radicalized----they are the gullible group that will believe these conspiracy theories. Sounds good to me. Expose the swamp! Haha of course NYT wants to protect the criminal Biden Looks like fake news media & social media are not in step atm

DeleteFacebook 'The left' does whatever it wants without the media or anybody complaining or stopping it... Welcome to 'the right' world Where everything is signaled as ' hate, discrimination, racism, criminal etc. Remember Biden is white, rich and privileged...it's ok to crush him. Wow the DNC and MSM really wants to be like China. Now they want to approve ads. These fools that did the Russia Hoax for 3 years want to tell us what isn't unsubstantiated. Are they serious. You bring out the Trump pee tape then maybe we can listen to what is real

Hey facebook FU Well maybe uts time to get off Facebook! Please use Twitter more often NYT, it's the platform of freedom, ads on Twitter are 26% more engaging! Guess FB has no standards, I didn’t see any he ad guess my settings are working Facebook made millions based on posts with no basis in reality. They say they will do better, but it is a front.

Facebook = treason? This tells me Facebook isn't able to self-regulate, meaning the House should work on legislation to do just that... Biden should sue both Trump and Facebook.

and their money either.. MAGA facebookful refusedwise to takewise an adful from the trumpful campaignful that promoted accusationsful about joeful bid…ful Is pure lies.... like the president!

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