Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Elizabeth Warren

Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey

Facebook May Be Reconsidering Its Political Ad Policy

Mark Zuckerberg could be wavering on Facebook's political ad policy


Mark Zuckerberg could be wavering on Facebook's political ad policy

Mark Zuckerberg still doesn't seem willing to ban political ads entirely as Twitter did, but he is reportedly weighing changes amid public scrutiny.

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Xerox-HP May Be Good Only on PaperNews broke Tuesday that Xerox is considering a bid for HP. But WSJheard reports this potential takeover may only be good on paper. WSJWhatsNow heard تكره قديم تفارق سامع تحب جديد heard Copy red markets not worth for value blackenterprise HP clearly shows made BeD socialbakers nice pie Cryo alwayschoice pay grades 4jobs dail9 containment contracted service science connectivity heard Damn the tweets that make noise

A Recession Warning Reverses, but the Damage May Be DoneWall Street's favorite recession indicator has reversed. That doesn't signal the 'all clear' for the economy though – here's why. Oh where’s the genius Krugmam We know why , you can’t report any good news while Trump is president. It’s as simple as that.

'Acne Neutrality' May Be a Better Confidence-Boosting Benchmark Than 'Acne Positivity'A small crop of early-adopting skin-care brands has emerged in the space, all aiming to make comedones cool:

Unmarried Couples Gain in Numbers, but Survey Finds Married Ones May Be HappierThere's been a jump in the number of unmarried couples in the US who live together, a new survey by the Pew Research Center says, but they tend to be less happy than their married counterparts. Happiness cant be tied to a paper One foot in; one foot out.... Married people are accommodated in their lives and more conforming to their situation. I think that many of those who say they are happy and married exaggerate or lie.

Only Children May Have Higher Obesity RiskResearchers examined the eating habits of only children and found that they had less healthy eating and drinking habits than those with brothers and sisters. This is a reach. Why are you doing this?

Opinion: Gun control may be the big winner in Virginia's electionsPro-gun control Democrats won control of the Virginia legislature, paving the way for ground-shifting legislation in a state with a gun-friendly history. opinion Well, that and a convicted child sex offender who won a state Senate seat last night opinion It's working great in Chicago opinion Let’s call it Gun Safety. It conveys more of what this is about & may reach a few more people.

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