Facebook Is Getting Rid Of 'Secret' Or 'Closed' Groups

Instead, users will have two options: public or private.


Facebook Is Getting Rid Of 'Secret' Or 'Closed' Facebook Groups

Instead, users will have two options: public or private.

Once the change is implemented, groups that were once marked"secret" will be labeled"private" and only be visible for members of the group. Group admins will have the option to have public or private groups and also be able to toggle whether the group is visible in search results.

on Wednesday, Tom Alison, Facebook's VP of engineering, the company has built a new tool called Group Quality, which scans all groups for content that breaks the platform's community standards — regardless of privacy settings.

by spammers, hackers, and trolls who exploit and hijack groups to make money or sow chaos.

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cc: emilyvanduyn broderick ? 😬 Instead can we get rid of people being able to just add you to groups without your approval? Momcology how will this affect y’all? What’s the matter, they can’t spy on the groups when they’re ‘closed’ or ‘secret’? We’ll see how this goes as times moves forward.

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