Facebook, Instagram Leave Trump’s Threat About Shooting Minneapolis Protesters Unchecked

Facebook, Instagram Leave Trump’s Threat About Shooting Minneapolis Protesters Unchecked

5/29/2020 1:13:00 PM

Facebook, Instagram Leave Trump’s Threat About Shooting Minneapolis Protesters Unchecked

While Twitter put Donald Trump in a penalty box for a tweet advocating violence against crowds Minneapolis protesters, Facebook and Instagram for now have left up the same message from the presiden…

). Perhaps angling to escape Trump’s wrath, Zuckerberg, in interviews that aired Thursday on Fox News Channel and CNBC, made a point in both appearances to highlight Facebook’s no-fact-check stance on political figures.“We have a different policy I think than Twitter on this,” Zuckerberg said on Fox News’ “The Daily Briefing”. “You know, I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online… We’ve been pretty clear on our policy that we think that it wouldn’t be right for us to do fact-checks for politicians.”

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The message was not lost on Trump, who quoted Zuckerberg’s comment about Twitter inposts, adding in a weird non sequitur, “Did Twitter criticize Obama for his ‘you can keep your Dr.’?”Trump has a smaller footprint on Facebook (29.5 million followers) and Instagram (19.9 million) than he does on Twitter, his favored platform, where he currently has 80.4 million followers.

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So they wouldn’t censor that but they will this🤔 LockherUp Lockthemup DeepState This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected NightBaker3 Not what he said . Looting and protesting are two completely different activities! Not surprisingly to see the connection. Whew, I love when y'all get a headline right.

Because of course they did Facebook and Instagram are cowards. Let the fascist shitbag tweet. The more he does, the shittier his poll numbers.

Violence again rocks Minneapolis after man's death; 1 killedProtests rock Minneapolis for the second straight night after a black man's death in police custody. One person is killed in what police are investigating as a homicide amidst violence that included looting and setting fires. Nothing says 'protest' like mass looting of consumer goods There are actually two things going on. Protesting and Looting. The looters are shitting on the memory of the man, the protestors are justifiably protesting the murder of a man by police. The only homicide I know of tonight is a pawn shop owner defending his property. Who is better for blacks ?

Twitter Adds Warning Label to Donald Trump’s Tweet About ‘Shooting’ Protesters in Minneapolis, Saying It Glorifies ViolenceJust hours after President Donald Trump issued an executive order seeking to strip legal protections from social media companies, Twitter early Friday applied another a warning label to one of Trum… Twitter realDonaldTrump Twitter realDonaldTrump They aren't wrong but watch him say it's more censorship like an idiot. Twitter realDonaldTrump because it does

Twitter Placed A Warning Label On A Second Trump Tweet That Glorified Violence Against Minneapolis ProtestorsTwitter deemed a Trump tweet, which stated “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” in violation of its rules around glorifying violence, but allowed people to view it behind a warning label. Was it deleted? It’s about time.

George Floyd Protesters Breach Minneapolis Police Precinct and Watch It Burn. Here's What to Know'When the looting starts, the shooting starts': Trump tweets about protests in Minneapolis, saying 'THUGS' are dishonoring George Floyd's memory and suggesting the 'Military' assume control Hey troll you are the thug 😂🤣 Thugs have taken over and the army should be called in. How is looting Target a protest? Somebody has to assume control. The people of Minnesota aren't doing a good job.

Donald Trump on violent Minneapolis protests: Mayor Jacob Frey 'very weak,' 'thugs' dishonor George Floyd's memoryAmid escalating violence in Minneapolis after George Floyd's death, President Donald Trump criticized the city's mayor and called protesters 'thugs.' Suspend the Cheeto's account. Flagging the tweet is twitter injecting its opinion into his statement. While you're burning our city. I see your paper burning into history. You'll be just as passe as the old rotator phones. America does not need you, you're just another political organization. And we have great communication capabilities.

Donald Trump on violent Minneapolis protests: Mayor Jacob Frey 'very weak,' 'thugs' dishonor George Floyd's memoryAs fires burned around the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct, President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter, calling the city’s mayor 'weak' and saying that 'thugs are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.' Where’s the lie? He is right on both. The ppl who stormed that capitol with guns threatening the governor were true 'thugs.' These ppl who are protesting are just fed up and exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest. Get it straight POTUS