Facebook bans ads from The Epoch Times after huge pro-Trump buy

By hiding its multimillion-dollar dark money ad spend, the organization bypassed Facebook's political advertising transparency rules.


Facebook has banned The Epoch Times, a conservative news outlet that spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than any group other than the Trump campaign, from any future advertising on the platform.

By hiding its multimillion-dollar dark money ad spend, the organization bypassed Facebook's political advertising transparency rules.

Best News . Other Epoch Times ads were sponsored by a now-defunct page called The News Express. The Epoch Times has spent more than $450,000 on thousands of ads from these five accounts in the last 30 days. It is unclear whether there are other accounts. Multiple anonymous patrons now appear on the"paid for" section of each ad. Where Epoch Times ads used to be clearly marked as being paid for by The Epoch Times, ads now claim to have been paid for by groups such as"Chronicle Media" or"MarketFuel Subscription Services." The new ads prompt potential customers to visit similarly generic websites, such as genuinenewspaper.com and truthandtradition.news, websites registered privately on July 24 and 25, respectively, according to a search on DomainTools, a domain-research company. Those sites both redirect to The Epoch Times' subscription page. The Epoch Times' publisher, Stephen Gregory, did not return a request for comment. Aug. 21, 2019 06:04 The growth and legitimacy of The Epoch Times are due in large part to Facebook, where it placed $2 million in pro-Trump ads in the last year, more than any other organization outside Trump's re-election campaign and more than what most of the Democratic presidential candidates spent on their own campaigns in the same time. Brendan Steinhauser, a Republican strategist who advised The Epoch Times on how to break into the broader conservative movement, told NBC News that he arranged its introduction to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, and arranged dozens of interviews with right-wing newsmakers. Although he doesn't manage their social media strategy — Steinhauser said The Epoch Times handles that internally — he said creating multiple pages and accounts without clearly labeling their connection to the wider organization was a common practice used by public relations or political campaigns to bring in subscribers and donors. Brandy Zadrozny Brandy Zadrozny is an investigative reporter for NBC News. Ben Collins Read more: NBC News

Jealous any? 😂🙈 This is discrimination, but at least they won't get money from them next year. My account was locked anyway so... ramzpaul The Bill of Rights is a myth. You don't have freedom of speech if you disagree with the elites. If Trump was really in control of the country he'd break up these Silicon Valley monopolies, force the leadership to be politically diverse, & guarantee free political speech online

blackrepublican So Facebook is doing something about them Russians eh? Do better . Your headline makes it sounds like an anti-Trump move by facebook, instead of violation of the advertising rules by EpochTimes. Lazy sensationalist headline. ramzpaul It bypassed Facebook's transparency rules. LOL. Right, because Facebook and Google and etc are so very transparent about what they do. Facebook works with Deep State that openly lies about everything. It's a rigged game. Jewish game.

ramzpaul Jewish Power not only monopolizes most of media but internet platforms. Should the 2% have such power? This is why any conservative who supports shut down of BDS is aiming gun at their own head. If you aid Jewish censorship of Palestinians, Jews will come for you Next DeleteFacebook But you do nothing for political reasons you stated at press conference today 8/26/19 realDonaldTrump

FB must be too big if $2 million in ad buys was too trivial to investigate - until it appeared in the news

Trump, QAnon and an impending judgment day: Behind the Facebook-fueled rise of The Epoch TimesThe small nonprofit news outlet has spent more than $1.5 million on about 11,000 pro-Trump advertisements in the last six months, more than any organization outside of the Trump campaign itself. When the Matrix has to attack professional publications you know Trump is winning. Epoch Times is 10X more accurate & do REAL journalism than all the agenda driven US FakeNewsMedia COMBINED…. No wonder US media credibility is now around 17% - OUCH! Your jealousy is noted.

I avoid news sites on Facebook but I’m now going to make an exception for The Epoch Times. BUT MUH FREE ELECTIONS NBC News is a lying/distortion machine. Facebook will be stripped of its exemptions for this move. EnemiesOfThePeople Totalitarianism Everyone should look at this! is evil! 1984 Doesn't matter though, NBC you can't stop it, no one can

I just became a huge fan of Epoch Times And people wonder why so many are starting to realize the MSM and social media companies are the true enemy. They, not Russia, do so much to influence elections. The sad thing is they'll all be driving out of business under Socialism. They're just too stupid to realize it.

Not journalism

Little-known billionaire Tom Steyer is throwing money at early voting states, and it's workingTom Steyer has bought Google ads that populate Wait.... 'little known'? Love him, lets outvote, 45. That belt is ridiculous.

What the HE!!? CONGRATULATIONS, EPOCH TIMES Facebook is afraid of you! If they are going to do that then they should ban all political advertising. All of it. You have already lost the information war. We are the news now. You are just a failing business. Here come the drums. HAHA NBC is fake news. We know this because Peter doesn’t know how to answer a question.

PROOF! PROPAGANDA is still PROPAGANDA when not all sides of a subject are treated fairly. MONOPOLY POWER..... You are being BRAINWASHED AND I'LL CONTINUE MY EPOCH SUBSRIPTION CAUSE YOU'RE FAKE NEWS THANK U DeleteFacebook NBC NBCNews and all those who have echoed their slanderous reporting could learn a lesson from this article below of how not to produce fake news: Why NBC, MSNBC’s Reporting on The Epoch Times Is Textbook Fake News

Crazy towns. Fah q Facebook

Donald Trump reportedly joked with his top aides about trading Puerto Rico for GreenlandPresident Trump has been talking in private about buying Greenland for over a year, according to a report by the New York Times. Que pendejo,,,,,,,ese Trumpo..... Not shocked or suprised he'd rather deal with inside wrist white verses well aged toffe toned citizen's, every chance he can.

Rigging the Election Election2020 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 realDonaldTrump POTUS DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump seanhannity IngrahamAngle TuckerCarlson This is wrong and corrupt of Facebook That’s called fascism😉 And free speech was supported here?! What are we communist China? Glad you're reporting on Facebook acting like fascists, thanks

The Epoch Times actually offers a print edition subscription. Gonna sub. tafl56 Imagine a world where all Republicans deleted Facebook because they figured out that REAL friends have their phone . We did 5 yrs ago and we're independents. Geez. My father-in-law was enjoying the paper up at the lake house.

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“Facebook bans actual journalism” What! Why!! This is ridiculous! NBC is awful. I absolutely refuse to have it on in my house. Lukewearechange Google needs to broken up. This is literally illegal. Zuckerberg sucks Lukewearechange FB should be declared a publisher and done with. Let the lawsuits eat them alive.

Facebook is the enemedia! When a broadcaster receives compensation of any kind, directly or indirectly, to promote a narrative that is considered payola. Facebook is a publisher. Not a platform. That’s clear now. As such, they should be subject to being sued. BreakUpBigTech

After Denmark's PM calls buying Greenland 'absurd,' Trump calls her comment 'nasty'Pres. Trump defends his decision to cancel his Denmark trip after the prime minister called his idea to purchase Greenland “absurd.' “She’s not talking to me. She’s talking to the United States of America. You don’t talk to the United States that way.” No dude. She is talking to you. 😂 And yes the idea is absurd and insulting to say the least. People die for their country not sell it. Remember the Alamo. Oh, Donald... Trump is nuts!

No bias or agenda to see here. Nope, nothing at all. georgeorwell wendydcoe The silencing of freedom of speech and the conservative voice is full blown underway Liberals are scared and the lowest form of crap there is Lukewearechange Another day, another act of censorship by Facebook! I thought it was called now called FaceSpace groupthink squad. Epoch Times is a great source for information. I can see why the gasping, pearl clutching mass news control is making up lies to strike them back.

This is wrong...just let everyone run their ads and report the news ... and let the people decide what to believe. realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr parscale So, apparently it’s not okay to place ads for anything anti-Democrat .HawleyMO And here's NBC News totally standing up for press freedom here. lol Good job copying that Facebook press release, 'news org'. Trump was totally right about you.

Lukewearechange Facebook Election meddling.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders to join Fox News as a contributorFormer White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will join Fox News as a contributor, with her first official appearance coming on Fox & Friends during its next live audience show on Sept. 6 Of course she is I would rather watch re-runs of anything! She'll fit right in with Klan network..,

Then Facebook is a Dem PAC, and needs to be treated accordingly by the FEC Media just provides free ads in support of the candidates they like. They call it “news coverage”. FaceBook is setting the stage for government to shut it down - The fascist left strikes again. Time to break up Facebook, Google, etc.

Silence your political opposition. Fascism at its finest. Pure fascism on Fakebook's part. Evil company. They facebook will rarely if ever do that to a leftist news outlet or anyone else on the left. Oh but Facebook is totally fair...NOT The left has EVERY advantage and STILL CAN’T WIN! 😂😂😂😂😂 facebook is trash anyway

Collette_AZ NBC... Will reap the backlash, Light.. dispenses dark

EpochTimes is a threat to the old guard papers. I recently subscribed and am blown away by the news content as it should be — truthful and unbiased. election meddling Facebook attacking the press. That leans right. Is anyone surprised? It won't matter. I deleted FB a few years ago. And I love it. They won't do that to you though when you clearly advertise for the democrats.

nbc news is the worst news network in the world . These folks are communist aholes plus the also own buzzfeed never forget. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder drawandstrike NBC News - irrelevant, corrupt & jealous. LOL. Good

drawandstrike This is DISGUSTING EpochTimes writes more truth and does more investigative journalism than NBC and any other lame stream network. I gave up on the lies published in newspapers and on most TV channels until I found Epoch - I read the paper every week and their writers here. Boycott Face book

Politics shouldn't be on Facebook anyway. Remove all of it and make it about being social again. Tnx for the tip. Time to follow EpochTimes drawandstrike Isn't that exactly what nbc wanted? I noticed the accuracy of their reporting wasn't actually challenged in the original hit piece. That's very telling.

This is bullshit Allahu Akbar! drawandstrike Apparently you are only allowed to do business with Facebook, google, Instagram, Twitter, if you are ANTI trump. 1984 Doesnt this make facebook a publisher rather than a platform? I thought NBC was better than this evidently I was wrong. Why was this a problem for you, beings it was NBC that filed the complaint against them? Shutting down competition isn't a good look for you.

I know its too much to ask you to be honest, but they weren't pro-Trump ads. They were advertisements for the Epoch Times, like every business in America does. Of course they did. Censorship 50smag So they better change their name fast to keep that 💰💰flowing to FB terri4pta Facebook is very worried that Americans will actually learn about the real Spygate scandal and fake Russia Collusion hoax that NBC peddled via real news outlets like EpochTimes

The “conspiracy theories” have all come true. FB is headed for a downfall. Too little, too late, my epochTimes comes to my mail box every week, and I take that paper and share it with my neighbors, family, friends. Oh and my pop up notifications from their website How will anyone know Donald Trump is running for President now?

We will read it anyways, nothing will stop what’s coming, nothing!! I remember growing up the controversy of small towns banning HuckleberryFinn and that it was wrong. Censorship in a free society was a dangerous path to walk down. Ideas (right/wrong) need exposure so truth/progress naturally develops. Makes society stronger

drawandstrike Facebook, Google, Twitter should just come out and say they are biased toward the left. Pretending they are not is a joke. ... And you wonder WHY we think they are biased? This is just more PROOF! Here's some interference in our election, and guess what, it isn't Russia. 12BravoGran How can they do this...what about censoring CNN and all of the other Outlets married to the DNC?

Facebook is irrelevant Bullshit!!!!!!! censorship you should b fighting 4 them. this should frighten U all -MSM/media. like their views or not, U should consider each other important. instead, 0 pushback or outrage, just quiet giddiness because another with dif reporting /views is silenced. circular 'reporting'= lies & unhealthy

Epoch Times already has more credibility than you do FASCISTS WalkAway FormerDemocrat TRUMP2020

It’s illegal censorship unless they have proof of a crime committed by The Epoch Times. Facebook is the enemy of the people. just like nbc And have they banned the largest ad purchaser for the Clinton campaign? 21WIRE Censorship by Facebook? Shocker. NBC should be banned for pushing the Russian hoax on the public.

drawandstrike Thanks for telling me about Epoch Times! I'm going there now to subscribe and support them. Election tampering. Right out in the open. Facebook also banned Women for Trump from advertising. what are they afraid of? Best news outlet in the country.

drawandstrike Leftist liberal ideology, so vastly superior that any dissenting thoughts, opinions and ideas must be silenced and censored Killing free speech by NBC? Say it isn't so. Fascism by facebook What is Facebook? drawandstrike Textbook fascism. No doubt the anti first amendment, aka ANTiFA, aka Charles Manson’s extended family must be having a big party to celebrate, while parents are out of town.

When are they going to ban google for FAR more ads and support for hillary This is why Trump's rallies are bigger and more motivated than in 2016. We are fed up with MSM. Trying to dictate what we see and hear. Please keep up the good work, it is free, quick campaigning for Trump! We love it NBC, how can we ever trust YOUR news organization again? Facebook? Eh, most people don’t pay attention to their ads/news either! FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople My vote? EpochTimes !!!

If you can't beat them, Smear them. saulAlinsky AllStars MuddRackers RulesForRadicals DirtyDNC x DirtyMedia

Says the leftist “news” outlet who blatantly campaigned for HRC And you happy about this? What if you are next? Love the Epoch Times. Best reporting ever. They use actual sources & show it. Ridiculous censorship. Crazy LIBs cannot handle truth tellers. PS- Zuckerberg is a robot drawandstrike Despicable

That's it. I'm 100% voting for Trump in 2020. drawandstrike The corrupt DNC media and Facebook are killing the first Amendment and America. Unbelievable. Tyranny has come to our shores. Will you fight? drawandstrike Can’t have that drawandstrike Why? NBC should be banned. The enemy of the people. It won’t matter. It’s too late.

How is this allowable? Zuckerberg is a monster. realDonaldTrump 21WIRE Everyone - go check out EpochTimes for yourself - independent, noble journalism Censorship from the Leftist media. EpochTimes is 100 times better than NBC or any MSM outlet. Fixed it for you “Facebook has banned The Epoch Times, a conservative news outlet that spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than any group other than the Trump campaign, from any future advertising on the publishing house”

They got banned for what again? Oh, for literally not being part of you monolithic propaganda outlets. Makes sense. NBC is the enemy of the people 'Journalists' sure do have a lot of pull with Big Tech 🤔 [Y'all] are so Fubar'd. Soon. Put out FakeNews hit piece. Rally Big Tech. Pull Conservative material. Treason?

Left doing what it does all around the world...silencing anyone the do not control. So un-American it is horrifying. So you're getting journalism silenced?

Leftists love censorship but only when it’s directed away from them When's the next sponsored book-burning rally? Censorship is woke AF. The ban was driven by NBC News. Journalists terrified of independent competition. I’m SURE that will stop them. I mean there is no way for them to reorganize under a different name - or 100 different names - and do it again. Whew! Thanks, Facebook! 👍🏻

Why banned? Congrats on your FakeNews censorship campaign against a news organization NBC. The left silences speech and calls the right the fascists? I thought the courts ruled that you had to bake the cake Between facebook and Twitter they are silencing the conservative voices. How is this not election interference realDonaldTrump ?

Desperation. Let me know when you expose all the Soros dark-money supported fake news outlets. Epoch Times does more factual reporting than any of the fake media complex combined--that's why people are reading them. NBC is just pissed people are rejecting the obvious nonstop bullshit. healthcare4safe Russian Fromt

Outrageous free speech is dead The more of the democrats the people see the better it is for trump in 2020. silence is golden sometimes. FALUN GONG BTFO LMAOO 😂 Facebook has banned The Epoch Times, a conservative news outlet that spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than any group other than the Trump campaign, from any future advertising on the platform.

Says a lot in my mind. That some of Trumps biggest supporters besides racists are people trying to bring about the apocalypse.

Great love it, NBC is next Yeah...FACEBOOK, the traitor's friend had to be informed by OUTSIDE researchers. What does that say about their failures to stop corruption! How about removing these countless fake profiles that republicans & Democrats have all over the twitter & facebook & twitter needs to suspend trump when he breaks the rules If i get suspended a while for name calling So should realDonaldTrump Its straight censorship

The son of Rev Moon of the Moonies started this “news outlet.” All you need to know. Damn, that’s really going to impact Russia’s GDP This is funny. As if CNN and NBC news don’t run sponsored hit pieces on Trump all over social media. Great job. About time. If your basing your life decision on what you see on Facebook, then it’s time to re-evaluate your life. 🙄

'news outlet' lol Leftist silencing speech and trying to control elections... scary! This Fake News Track-I5797UG721 30TH7Z4REF Timestamp: 2019-08-23 09:17:52 UTC The CCP(China communist party) is the biggest devil in the world, it bondage people, limit freedom of religion and speech, killing people and harvesting live organs.. Its sins are numerous, and you are actually speak for it?! Are you drinking the wine in the big adulteress's cup?

That's censorship!!! What happened to freedom of the press? Freedom only when It's liberal press. Fake news media lied to use for 2.5years without ban from Facebook. But Facebook is banning conservatives free speech. This is wrong. This is wrong

把自由女神像换成李洪志吧 When you can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. Ban all the things! Facebook.... Cause mao, Lenin, Stalin are all better than trump. Why is Favebook suppressing free speech and press? Maybe Facebook would like living in China 🇨🇳 or North Korea 🇰🇵. The free press and free speech is what makes the US Democracy work so well.

Thats what happens when democrat socialists take control, they destroy the free speach of any who do not agree with them. Another fake news hit job. is garbage. Democrats: a President attacking media outlets is a direct attack on the press and the first amendment! Also democrats: yayyyy a major social media corporation just banned the speech of a media outlet I don’t agree with - with this is greaaaaat

페이스북이~~~? maddow The headline and excerpt here bring the „censorship“ idiots on themselves. Maybe clarify why instead of trolling for views.

As Pro-Trump as was Pro-Clinton? donwinslow We don't need more lies fraudulent news.Good and smart move on their PART .people want real news and sharing good things Can't stop us...it's way to late. PANIC-IN-SF The left can have a party in Mommy’s basement realDonaldTrump this is going to have to be fixed. Shut them all down for a few days. America needs a detox anyway

I honestly feel that in Tulare county there is a village that live from the traffick of bodies to many Visa visitors around the world, from Washington too and so on. With a massive production of monsters. Epoch Times has distinguished itself well. Keep it up! Bravo 👏🏼 It just keeps on growing! America is turning into a gigantic sink hole.

Epoch times ? Lol YouTube just showed an ad for them. They claim to tell the truth and not spin it like the mainstream media. They say they support the traditional values we’ve had for thousands of years. I was watching just to see how much BS the guy spewed. Thank you facebook D'aw. Good But.....they told us they are not biased.

You mean the Epoop Times don't you? We attack that which we fear most. Epoch Times is making a difference or Twitter would not refuse them advertising. Also means someone is paying to make up for revenues lost from ad blocking. Twitter is a business & focuses on it's own success at whatever cost to equality.

maddow If you can't beat 'em, ban 'em. And if that don't work, send Antifa to rough 'em up a bit. News flash trump worshippers: Facebook is a private company. They can post, not post, or delete any content they want. It's in their Terms of Service. Epoch's right to free speech does not mean that Facebook must provide it for them. You're welcome for the civics lesson.

make america great again www

maddow Just to generate more rage from his disciples. The more angry they get the more they'll vote Thank goodness corrupt They'll be back. Different names, different titles, different bank accounts and slush funds. All with Trump's approval. Facebook and Fascists = same energy Good. ByeBye Do Fox know? Hmmm...

maddow 4...3....2...1.. 'facebook. Never a fan. Nasty. Obama, Clinton, it was better back when I created it.' . maddow Now YouTube should do the same.

Bout time! maddow YES!!!!!!! As a NYC resident, I'd been aware of The Epoch Times for years and occasionally glanced at it, seeing it to be an anti-Party paper for those following Chinese affairs. I'd been shocked to see that it has recently morphed into a Trump mouthpiece. Maddow shed a lot of light on why.

maddow 'news outlet'?!? Pamsgirlfriend This is a good thing. It was batshit crazy. maddow Too little too late maddow Haven't gone on Facebook for over 2 years. Ever since the screw ups with 2016 election. Lost all respect for mz with what he is doing as well in my home state of Hawaii. maddow I block all that crap, and when my friends share it, yes I have FB friends that share this sewage, I block that. Block is our friend.

'news outlet'? Why so generous? It's a propaganda machine for an End-of-Days religious cult. Come on, it's long past time we start clearly calling out these disinformation sources for what they are. maddow FB - the biggest piece of crap since dogs started to crap. Why are these folks still making so much money off of being REACTIVE to EVERYTHING? All this stuff goes on and they NEVER know anything until after the fact. Or is that just the load of BS they keep feeding people?

maddow Well done Facebook! We'll see... those people are nuuuutttzzz. maddow This is why realDonaldTrump claimed he was the chosen one!! He probably saw maddow’s excellent reporting about this sect. They believe he is going to take down « ghina ». What is he trying to hide &/or distract from Media must give less time to him & cover Dems more! Resist

Great job maddow ! maddow maddow They are not a news outlet. Their a doomsday cult against communism in China spreading pro-trump propaganda that hired American reporters to make it look legitimate and to spread their trash and doomsday beliefs. maddow Trump Twitter meltdown in 3...2...1 maddow

maddow Good. maddow I quit Facebook 6 years ago. Best thing ever. Saw this when I was in Melbourne, Australia last week. maddow BANFACEBOOK maddow The Chinese are already Crispr-ing super genius babies according to MIT , do we really want to fuck with their cults ? It's weird times, Maddow -san 🙁

maddow Good maddow Amen! maddow Do you think Facebook should donate the money from The Epoch Times to the Democrats? 'Charity begins at home.' maddow And Google will get a slap on the wrist...if that. maddow good maddow So now that we know Trump pays 25% in federal taxes... now let's see CNN CEO 2018 tax return maddow 2018 tax return .... I want to see SpeakerPelosi 2018 tax return

maddow Now to get them booted from YouTube. maddow Good. Fakebook Facebook Typical hypocrisy from fb Goodbye Facebook... You will not be missed! They should ban NBC”news” next, a far-left liberal “news” outlet that has spent more money on pro-leftist ads (and propaganda) than any group other than CNN and Hollywood.

2 little 2 late

One hell of a run on sentences. Only the best from NBC Little late for that Facebook. Irresponsible ass company run by irresponsible adolescents looking to please other irresponsible adolescents. GROW UP. What about FoxNews? They're the worst!

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