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Face Masks No Longer Required On Flights Within Scandinavia

Face Masks No Longer Required On Flights Within Scandinavia

10/16/2021 9:33:00 PM

Face Masks No Longer Required On Flights Within Scandinavia

Several Nordic airlines including SAS have removed the requirement to wear a face mask in-flight on all routes within Scandinavia .

... [+]face masks on board.TT News Agency/AFP via Getty ImagesFour Nordic airlines have removed the requirement to wear a face mask in-flight on the majority of their routes. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Norwegian, Widerøe and Flyr will lift the mandate on all their routes within and between Denmark, Norway and Sweden from October 18.

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Scandinavian pandemic restrictions lifteddomestic coronavirus restrictions. Following good progress with vaccination rollout and falling hospitalization rates, daily life in Denmark, Norway and Sweden has largely returned to normal.“We believe the time is right now based on the infection situation in the country,” said SAS press manager John Eckhoff to Norway’s

TV2.Norwegian communications director Esben Tuman said that while many people will appreciate the change, the use of face masks remains a personal choice: “It is important to point out that those who still want to wear a face mask, either because they are worried about infection or want to be courteous to others, are of course very welcome to do so.”

Although face masks won't be required by the airlines, some of the airport’s regions including Oslo Airport do still require them for the time being.Face masks still required outside ScandinaviaPassengers on flights serving European destinations outside Scandinavia will still have to wear face masks on board. This applies to all four airlines, all of which operate some flights outside of the region.

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