FAA toughens unruly passenger policy after flight disruptions in wake of Capitol riot

The FAA will begin handing down stricter punishments to unruly airline passengers without a warning, including 'fines of up to $35,000 and imprisonment.'

19 hours ago

The FAA will begin handing down stricter punishments to unruly airline passengers without a warning, including 'fines of up to $35,000 and imprisonment.'

The FAA adopted a stricter unruly passenger policy after disruptions on flights in the wake of Capitol riot. Unruly passengers may be imprisoned or fined up to $35,000.

Two days after the riot, videos showed passengerson an American flighten route from D.C. to Phoenix chanting"USA" and"Fight For Trump," eventually causing the pilot to threaten to divert the plane to Kansas if passengers didn't"behave."

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The pilot was"emphasizing the importance of following crew member instructions and complying with mandatory face-covering policies," American Airlines said in a statement to ABC News.MORE: American Airlines bans activist who was kicked off plane for refusing to wear mask

On Sunday, federal air marshals had to intervene when a a woman flying from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Washington, D.C., refused to wear a mask and was shouting in the aisle about"tyranny." American Airlines confirmed the woman is now banned from the airline pending further investigation. headtopics.com

Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILESteve Dickson, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), speaks at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit in Washington, D.C., March 5, 2020."First strike, and you're out," Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, said."We applaud FAA Administrator Dickson for taking this clear stand for our safety and security. This will help serve as a deterrent to unruly passengers who had been bucking the rules of aviation safety. We continue to work with our airlines, the FAA, the TSA and law enforcement to keep our skies safe."

The FAA's new policy will remain in effect through March 30. The agency said it has"initiated more than 1,300 enforcement actions against unruly passengers" within the last decade,"including recent cases for allegedly interfering with and assaulting flight attendants who instructed them to wear masks."

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Ooh I like “First strike, and you're out” policy. Plus, once the person get banned from one of those major airlines, all United/Delta/American should ban the person for life😤 Great job! Good, about time Good. Put them in the no fly list Has this always been thing with people acting stupid? Is it reported more or did this world really change from my short existence?

In the 60’s-80’s, we had to deal with the anger of this: “No more Beef?” “Out of Johnnie Walker Black?” “He’s kicking my seat back!” I had 23 years with TWA and was able to handle without Air Marshals, zip ties and cellphone coverage. When we say “the good old days, we mean it! A year into it and they are now cracking down? Jesus Christ.

ShitsGettinReal FAA Airline planes USCapitolTerroristAttack USCapitol Society USA EU UK Global About time! ((( No Fly List ))) No business should have to tolerate unruly, abusive costumers. More so on confined places such as planes, trains, ships, and buses. After they are removed from confined places, fined heavily, they get one warning, if they act up again, they are put on a No access list for a year

Good. Without a warning even! Nice For those who don't wanna wear a mask, can you just drive? Put everyone in jail! Put a wall around NY and make it a big jail for all the whites! Behave yer ass. It’s about time. Excellent idea. That’s the only way this nonsense is going to stop. They keep on winning huh About time. Airline tickets cost too much to listen to some entitled asshole rant.

Sit Down Karen Good!! imagine going to jail for not a wearing a mask 🤣🤣 Good! Put them on no fly list for a year or more Good to hear About time! Sooo sorry, Karen! $35,000 fine ? These people are money whores. They only care when it doesn't work for them. Good! I’m sick and tired of these stupid, selfish people putting OTHERS at risk!

About time ‘Bout time Love it! Just wear a mask, it's not that hard to do. Good. Flying is a privilege. Good! GOOD! Nice Wake up Americans You’re being taken over