F1's Lewis Hamilton to Drive All-Black Car to Combat Racism in Racing

F1's Lewis Hamilton to Drive 'All Black' Car to Combat Racism in Racing

6/30/2020 4:18:00 PM

F1's Lewis Hamilton to Drive 'All Black' Car to Combat Racism in Racing

Lewis Hamilton has teamed up with Mercedes to make a big statement on the track about racism .

has teamed up with Mercedes to make a big statement on the track about racism ... repainting his car and redesigning his racing uniform -- and both look awesome.The Formula 1 superstar's car will get an all-black paint job for 2020 to send a message that both Hamilton and Mercedes"stand against racism and all forms of discrimination."

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@mercedesThe 2020 season kicks off on July 5 at the Austrian Grand Prix.35-year-old Hamilton will also swap out his usual white racing uniform for a black jumpsuit instead -- all part of a"pledge to improve the diversity of our team and our sport, and a signal of the team's commitment to fighting racism and discrimination in all its forms."

The changes come in the wake of some new offensive and downright stupid comments from F1 bossBernie Ecclestone... who is trying to push the narrative that Black people are more racist than whites."In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are," the 89-year-old racing legend told CNN.

When CNN pushed for specific examples, Bernie didn't cite any concrete evidence -- explaining it's something he's"noticed" over the years.But, Hamilton says his team at Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 Team -- including bossToto Wolff

-- have been super supportive of all of the new plans to make a statement about racism in their sport."When I spoke to Toto about my hopes for what we could achieve as a team, I said it was so important that we stand united.""I would like to say a huge thank you to Toto and the Mercedes board for taking the time to listen, to talk, and to really understand my experiences and passion, and for making this important statement that we are willing to change and improve as a business."

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🙄 BLACKCARSMATTER 🤣🤣 Racism solved. Maybe they could stop racing in countries that basically treat people like slaves or have nasty dictatorship that are openly racist. Nah let’s throw some paint on car, Lewis saves the world... What racism Last place purse. Stick scan 25 cents a flush. POS cars need love.

Thank god the non existent racial problem in America is exposed! Think about it Lewis the racist Hamilton Give me all of your Puma gear drip Im not sure if that is effective. To combat racism black people must be given access to land ownership, jobs, money for repatriation so that they can compete on a equal footing as whites. Economic equality will make whites to see blacks are equals.

well done, racism = no more Lgbt guy 👏👏👏 That’ll do it! Racism: dead. I’ve got a black car. Didn’t realise I was making a political statement. Lol gay Hypocritical pandering . Racism in racing? Oh, ok. Lol looks like almost nobody is down with you 👇🏼😹 Who gives a shit All black car with an all white engineering, design Team . If he really want to be serious let him make the whole team black . But for some reason I don’t believe they are so committed as they pretend to be .

How is TMZ still a thing. These people are exactly what's wrong with this country. they're race baiters and hate mongers always pointing fingers just never at themselves unless one of them is white. Will the cops be on the race track as well ?!........🤣😂. 104 shootings just in Chicago alone over the weekend including an infant shot in the face.....not done by racism

So driving a black car will stop racists from being pricks? Think it's time he goes back to the drawing board. Will it make him win? Probably not. Go sit down boy... no such thing as racism! Only good vs evil.. 🤙🇺🇸 Thank God for that Beautiful. I decided to only beat off to black porn from now on to combat racism. What is everyone else doing?

Something else I wont be watching Checkmate racist!! It’s been done. Just saying... That’ll do the trick. Why now? Why was he so quiet all this time about racism in racing? 🤡 It’s just publicity and it works on idiotic news outlets So long as he's handed a Pepsi to drink at the end of the race, that should work.

Well there you go racism is now forever gone good job Lewis This screams: Rich people are so cringe. N pathetic. Oh that'll do a lot. Who r his sponsors? Bat mobile God, we need it that. Racism solved. On a more serious note, the car looks dope. Dems blocked the police reform but this racecar should make up for it

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Maybe Lewis should read about the history of MercedesBenz and how they supported the Nazis in the Second World War companieswhowereinvolvedintheholocaust Combat racism with racism so much racism in racing that Lewis Hamilton has six championship wins Maybe if he checked out his employer's history, he wouldn't be driving at all for them 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Biracial Lewis Hamilton will drive a black car and of course quite ironic the company car is Mercedes the absolute emblematic car of Nazi Germany you really could not make this up could you,but WHITE Great Britain at the end of the day defeated Nazi Germany. So brave BARF... fk f1! Next... Done Hope he wrecks

BLM IS A MARXIST POLITICAL MOVEMENT ! HE JUST PROVES HOW STUPID HE IS AND NOW HE IS FINISHED AS HE INSULTS ALL THE WHITE SKINS! Clown show Yep that will sure combat racism... F1 realized that NASCAR likely destroyed itself over this, right? NOOSECAR This just makes me more racist. black man drivin' a black car? the real problem is not car's colors, but stop thinking black pple are sub-men.

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