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Add To Queue, Bob Dylan

Ezra Furman Is Listening (And Crying) To Sharon Van Etten, Cat Power, and The Pixies

The musician shares her earliest musical memories and sounds off on Paul Ryan's musical taste.


'In my experience, the greatest thing is to blast 'Head On' by The Pixies right when you hit the highway.'

The musician shares her earliest musical memories and sounds off on Paul Ryan's musical taste.

“the Simon & Garfunkel to ourGraduate.” For the queer artist, whose taste for ’60s and ’70s soul and folk is rooted in her parents’ music library, the opportunity to build the soundtrack for a show about teen angst was a dream come true.Sex Education, now in its second season, is a jubilant, era-transcendent celebration of the confusion and desire that characterize our adolescent years. As such, the plot dovetails beautifully with Furman’s emotionally layered work and self-described “exuberant vulnerability.” The soundtrack has everything a good high school dramedy requires: it’s clever, sentimental and wry, and draws from ’80s punk and ’70s funk alike.

The recently releasedSex Educationsoundtrackfeatures a mix of Furman’s early work, original compositions, and several incredible covers (notably LCD Soundsystem’s “I Can Change” from 2010, and The Clovers’s “Devil or Angel” from 1956). These covers amplify the timelessness of the show itself, which has one foot in the 80s (high schoolers in fishnets and combat boots, rich and saturated colors), and the other squarely in 2020 (leaked nudes, Otis’s embrace of the gig economy as a sex therapist). With Furman’s music, you never know quite where you are, but you know how you’re supposed to feel.

We sat down with Furman to discuss her undying love for The Pixies, playing Prince at dinner parties, and the power of a good cover.———MARA VEITCH: What was the last song you listened to?EZRA FURMAN: I think I can check this accurately if I look at my phone. One second. Oh yeah, it was a song called “In My Tenement” by Jackie Shane, who is really good. You know Jackie Shane?

VEITCH: I don’t!FURMAN: Jackie Shane is a transgender soul singer from the ’60s.VEITCH: This is going to make a good playlist. I can feel it. Okay, so who was the earliest musician to influence you?FURMAN: Well, the biggest reason I got a guitar was to play Green Day songs.

VEITCH: I like your honesty. What was the song you were trying to play?

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