Climate Change, Global Warming, Environment

Climate Change, Global Warming

Extreme Weather Displaced a Record 7 Million in First Half of 2019

A new report puts 2019 on pace to be one of the most disastrous years in almost two decades even before the effects of Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas are tallied. But there was also good news.


Extreme weather events displaced a record 7 million people from their homes during the first 6 months of this year. It puts 2019 on pace to be one of the most disastrous years in almost 2 decades, even before Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas.

A new report puts 2019 on pace to be one of the most disastrous years in almost two decades even before the effects of Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas are tallied. But there was also good news.

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, which compiles data from governments, United Nations humanitarian agencies and media reports, concluded in a

“In today’s changing climate, mass displacement triggered by extreme weather events is becoming the norm,” the center said in its report, adding that the numbers represent “the highest midyear figure ever reported for displacements associated with disasters.” The center has been publishing annual data since 2003.

So, the numbers of displaced this year include many who might otherwise have been killed. That was almost certainly the case for the

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msariaferreira Sign of the things to come I wonder if the failing US Administration of realDonaldTrump has the capability to count the US displaced, though: Maybe these figures are higher? There's nobody in charge of anything that needs government competence any more in America. What this has to do with a railway station picture in india?

Lets be real. Nobody in Congress is going to give up cars, flying, a/c celebrity is moving into energy efficient apartment and taking mass transit. Come on. This is all an excuse for gov to tax the crap out of us and everything we use off a high horse of planet saving bs. Thats a BIG thanks to early warning systems..better at calling people to get out sooner in case. How many fewer deaths this year than in previous decades prior to excellent radar and advanced warning? And what is included in your extreme weather conditions..please list.

Just remember folks, it’s the NYT = Fake News And it's just the beginning... No, no this can't be true. Climate change is a hoax propagated by the Chinese remember. Dear Leader and his GOP cult say so 🙄 The global annual death rate from natural disasters has declined by 96% in the past century. Why hasn't the NYT done a story on that statistic?

climate change is real.... 4 billion year old planet. Nobody knows earth cycles. This climate hysteria is out of control

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Duh I’m a New York Times headline reader. I don’t know the difference between weather and climate. I think that one president in one country will reverse ‘climate change’. I’m ignorant and I vote Democrat! Communal homophobic facist Islamist racist rhetoric hindufobic new York times working for Islamist terrorist and jihadi groups

And POTUS continues to blame 'climate change' on the Chinese as a hoax. It appears he doesn't care about the future his mail order bride's vaping son. If only there was some scientific explanation. Why don't you do it as a percentage of population? Oh because then it wouldn't fit your narrative would it.

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