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Exploring our Origins with NASA | Comic-Con@Home 2021

Anthony Rapp (actor, Star Trek: Discovery) joins Dr. John Mather (astrophysicist), Dr. Ann Nguyen (planetary scientist), Dr. Laura Kerber (planetary scientis...

7/24/2021 3:01:00 AM

Hey, ComicConAtHome2021 fans – we’re LIVE! ✨ Reconnect with your cosmic roots and explore the origins of our universe with us. ✨ Tune in for a chat between Anthony Rapp from StarTrek and our NASA Universe experts:

Anthony Rapp (actor, Star Trek: Discovery ) joins Dr. John Mather (astrophysicist), Dr. Ann Nguyen (planetary scientist), Dr. Laura Kerber (planetary scientis...


Sudan military-civilian tensions reach low point in wake of coup attempt

Tensions between Sudan's military and civilian politicians reached a low point on Sunday in the wake of last week's attempted coup with senior officials calling on the public to prepare for protests over the withdrawal of official security details.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, Fresh Out Of F*cks, Slams Rand PaulDr. Anthony Fauci, Fresh Out Of F*cks, Slams Rand Paul “Sen. Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly, and I would like to say that officially.' ✨Spicy✨ Fauci is in the building. I'm with him. Im all done with dumb f***s ...only Fauci was lying and Sen. Paul, who is a doctor repeatedly calls Fauci out on his BS.

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Dr. Pimple Popper Just Squeezed A 'Wonderland' Of BlackheadsAlice would be jealous, tbh.

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StarTrek Universe Perfeito StarTrek Universe Really nice😍 StarTrek Universe StarTrek Universe NASA is amazing! NASA needs to be forever involved with space exploration. NASA should be like the FAA on Earth. You have to play by FAA rules when flying aircraft, as they monitor the safety of the airlines, in the same way NASA can monitor and protect the space programs.

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Slander: Dr. Fauci rebukes Rand Paul’s falsehoodsThe Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber in this special interview to discuss his recent testimony slamming GOP Sen. Rand Paul for his “slanderous” comments and spreading coronavirus misinformation. This is the second part of a longer, wide-ranging interview that aired on The Beat. The real Fauci Ouchie: Fauci is a liar I know, but sometimes you have to spell it out those people that are 'Less than Smart'. I can't stand Paul, I understand why his neighbor laid hands on him. He is so rude, he accuses Dr. Fauci of things he doesn't understand & then talk over him so that no one can hear the Truth.

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Dr. Osterholm: 'Seeing very, very sick' young to middle age adults as Covid cases surge'We are surely in a summer surge,' Dr. Osterholm says on the rise in Covid cases. 'We're seeing very, very, very sick people in those young adult into middle age adult populations. WEAR A MASK. KEEP A HEALTHY DISTANCE FROM OTHERS. GET VACCINATED. WASH HANDS. REPEAT.

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Is Sen. Rand Paul or Dr. Fauci right about gain-of-function research funding in Wuhan?Gain-of-function is a research method that involves manipulating pathogens to give them a new aspect, such as making viruses more transmissible or dangerous to humans. One's a doctor who's served both under both parties....One's a Russian asset who's neighbor kicks his ass while lawn mowing... Screw Paul ! Spoiler alert:

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How Much Dr. Dre’s Ex Wife Receives Monthly From Divorce SettlementDr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce is winding to a close, and Nicole stands to collect a jaw-dropping amount of spousal support following a judge’s