Explore 13,000 years of human history on this remote California island

6/6/2022 9:01:00 PM

Archaeological intrigue lingers on arid Santa Rosa Island, the second largest in California’s Channel Islands National Park

Archaeological intrigue lingers on arid Santa Rosa Island, the second largest in California’s Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park includes Santa Rosa Island, a virtual natural history museum with miles of uncrowded trails and breathtaking cliff-top ocean views.

, whose family tree branches out to Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa islands, Malibu, and Carpinteria.became one of DC’s quintessential gay haunts.and The Associated Press TRONA, Calif.The fire, which started on Oct.

She says going to the islands is like returning home.At Channel Islands National Park, Tumamait-Stenslie educates campers about Chumash culture around campfires during the summer (contact the visitors center for a schedule).Himself a gay Washingtonian, Kirchick is a journalist, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a columnist at Tablet.“We have the Rainbow Bridge story, in which we were created on Santa Cruz Island and crossed over to the mainland.m.” These tales center around the Earth god, Hutash, who made people from the seeds of the Magic Plant, and her husband, Alchupo’osh , the Sky Snake, also known as the Milky Way.” I met up with him at Annie’s, where we spoke over the music of Elton John and Rick Astley, looking out on rainbow paper lanterns strung across the sidewalk.Please be respectful of copyright.The USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement & Investigations, along with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, continue an ongoing investigation in to the fire.

Unauthorized use is prohibited.Can you talk about the role of secrecy in the history of the gay-rights movement? The book is all about that—the power of secrecy.Richard Bullock.Please be respectful of copyright.Unauthorized use is prohibited.It means, on the one hand, you can survive, you can exist in institutions, and you can have equal rights, because no one knows that you’re a part of this despised minority.Left : Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, former tribal chair of the Barbeño/Ventureño Band of Mission Indians, says that for her, visiting the Channel Islands feels like going home.Richard Bullock, the U.She often recounts traditional Chumash creation stories for campers on Santa Rosa Island.Then you have these activists who start realizing, wait, the only enemy we have is the closet, and the closet is something that we construct, so we need the courage to come out and tell people.The fire was fully contained on Dec.

Right : Tumamait-Stenslie made this necklace from abalone shell fragments, manzanita berries, and acorns.Each element symbolizes Chumash ecological knowledge and reliance.Not everyone is in the position; not everyone has the privilege or the courage.Bullock was assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 113 at the naval base.( Is California’s Condor Trail the next great thru-hike? ) Tumamait-Stenslie suggests viewing the island like a natural history museum to understand the Chumash’s (and their ancestors’) relationship with the landscape.When she visits, she often thinks of her forebears’ resourcefulness, how they used seagrass, willows, and animal parts to construct dome huts to protect themselves from the elements.But DC was also the site of many groundbreaking moments in gay history.“[Imagine] walking through the doorway of your home that happened to be the jaw of a great blue whale,” she says."The Navy mourns this tragic loss alongside the family, friends and shipmates of Lt.

The.Frank Kameny is really the first openly gay person in America.

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Is there Templar treasure? A mysterious region called the Money Pit? Graham__Hancock this seems interesting Haven't been to Santa Rosa but snorkeled in the waters of Anacapa & hiked on the island afterwards. The diversity of sea life within the giant kelp forest was unbelievable! We saw diff fish, moray eels, starfish, scallops, sea urchins, sea anemones & harbor seals. Great day!

Frankenstein leaves destruction in his path.

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2020’s East Troublesome fire: Investigators say state’s second largest blaze in history human caused“Based on evidence gathered at the fire’s origin, investigators have determined the fire to be human caused,” the U.S. Forest Service said in a news release.

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