Explainer: What we know about the COVID-19 variant detected in South Africa

Explainer: What we know about the COVID-19 variant detected in South Africa

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11/26/2021 3:10:00 PM

Explainer: What we know about the COVID -19 variant detected in South Afr ica

Global authorities have reacted with alarm to a coronavirus variant detected in South Afr ica, with the EU, Britain and India among those announcing stricter border controls as scientists seek to determine if the mutation is vaccine-resistant.

Register now for FREE unlimited access to reuters.comRegisterSouth African scientists detected a small number of the variant - called B.1.1.529 - on Tuesday, in samples from Nov. 14-16.On Wednesday South African scientists sequenced more genomes, informed the government that they were concerned and asked the World Health Organization to convene its technical working group on virus evolution for Friday.

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The country has identified around 100 cases of the variant, mostly from its most populated province, Gauteng.WHERE ELSE HAS IT BEEN IDENTIFIED?South African scientists say early signs from diagnostic laboratories suggest it has spread rapidly in Gauteng and may already be present in the country's other eight provinces.

The country's daily infection rate nearly doubled on Thursday to 2,465. The South Africa's National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) did not attribute the resurgence to the new variant, though local scientists suspect it is the cause. headtopics.com

Botswana detected four cases, all foreigners who arrived on a diplomatic mission and have since left the country.Hong Kong has one case, in a traveller from South Africa and Israel one in a traveller returning from Malawi.The variant is relatively easy to distinguish in PCR tests from Delta, the dominant COVID-19 variant and the most infectious so far. Unlike Delta, it has a mutation known as the S-gene drop-out.

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WHY IS IT WORRYING SCIENTISTS?All viruses - including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 - change over time. Most changes have little or no impact on their properties.However, some changes may affect how easily they spread, the their severity or the performance of vaccines against them.

This one has drawn scrutiny because it has more than 30 mutations of the spike protein that viruses use to get into human cells, UK health officials say.That is about double the number of Delta, and makes this variant substantially different from the original coronavirus that current COVID vaccines were designed to counteract.

South African scientists say some of the mutations are associated with resistance to neutralising antibodies and enhanced transmissibility, but others are not well understood, so its full significance is not yet clear.UK Health Security Agency Chief Medical Advisor Dr Susan Hopkins told BBC radio some mutations had not been seen before, so it was not known how they would interact with the other ones, making it the most complex variant seen so far. headtopics.com

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So more tests will be needed to confirm if it's more transmissible, infectious or can evade vaccines.The work will take a few weeks, the World Health Organization's technical lead on COVID-19, Maria van Kerkhove, said on Thursday. In the meantime, vaccines remain a critical tool to contain the virus.

No unusual symptoms have been reported following infection with the B.1.1.529 variant and, as with other variants some individuals are asymptomatic, South Africa's NICD said.WHAT HAS THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION SAID?The UN agency will decide if it should be designated a variant of interest or variant of concern. The latter label would be applied if there is evidence that it is more contagious and vaccines work less well against it, and it would be given a Greek name.

The WHO has so far identifiedfour variants"of concern" - Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.Two variants of interest are Lambda, identified in Peru in December 2020, and Mu, in Colombia in January.Register now for FREE unlimited access to reuters.com

RegisterReporting by Alistair Smout in London, Alexander Winning, Tim Cocks and Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo in Johannesburg, Stephanie Nebehay in Geneva and Ari Rabinovitch in Jerusalem Writing by Josephine Mason; editing by John StonestreetOur Standards:More from Reuters headtopics.com

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I'll get the shot when when all of Congress has it. Could one argue 'over-reacted' before we know enough? I am no COVID denier, in fact, keep myself very safe, but the media blanketing this issue over the weekend are creating drama and panic before enough is known about this new variant. Emergency for countries!!!!!

Privileged countries need to help get vaccines into arms over there. How are we getting boosters already and they don't have first doses yet?! 🤦‍♀️ notright Humanity being failures once again, I see. I'm Quite upset about all this. I was on the understanding that you have to have a Negative covid test Prior of flying! I'm wondering who let these passengers fly and get on the plane!!! Now this New Covid bug is in Canada! Wonderful! Just in time for the holiday season!

So they created a new variant (just in time for Christmas!) so that they can use that as the excuse for the 'vaccines not working'. NOBODY WITH INTELLIGENCE BELIEVES YOU ANYMORE. LOL Dooooo not Care, good try though Now wander far from Babylon. Get out of that country. Like rams of the flock, lead the way home. I’m stirring up against Babylon a coalition of mighty nations. It will mobilize in the north, and from there she will be captured.

All who found them devoured them; and their attackers said, “It’s not our fault, because they have sinned against the LORD, the true pasture, the hope of their ancestors—the LORD.”

Dow futures plunge 400 points amid fears of new Covid variant found in South AfricaU.S. stock futures dropped in overnight trading on Thursday amid renewed Covid fears over a new variant found in South Afr ica. thanks Sweeeet A new COVID variant means everyone gets MORE free money!!!!

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You should be saying “detected first by South African scientists.” You know, since they’re kind of the best at this. Bel is shamed; Marduk is panic-stricken. Her images are shamed; her idols are panic-stricken.” A nation from the north has risen up against her. It will decimate her land, and no one will live in it. Every living thing will flee.

This is what the LORD said concerning Babylon and the land of the Babylonians through the prophet Jeremiah: Tell the nations; proclaim it far and wide! Set up a flag; proclaim it far and wide! Hold nothing back; just shout it: “Babylon is captured; The LORD your redeemer, the holy one of Israel, proclaims: I am the LORD your God who teaches you for your own good, who leads you in the way you should go. If you would pay attention to my commands, your well-being would be like a river, and your righteousness like the sea.

But against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. We should hope it's more like lambda, which turned out not to be a variant of concern after it was studied to not be resistant to vaccines. Here's to hoping it isn't resistant. Or we could end up in lockdown (which I would expect in that case, because).

Why is South Africa being punished with blanket travel ban for full disclosure of the Omicron variant. An arched brow over such policy decision in not out of order. Perceptibly, this policy slant smacks of global double standard. From the man that invented the vaccine.

South Africa Finds New Variant Of COVID-19 With 'Constellation Of Mutations'The United Kingdom temporarily barred flights from six Afr ican nations amid fears over the new coronavirus strain. wow AS long as most of the world, especially developing nations, remain unvaccinated, variants will find fertile ground. There is risk of vaccine-resistant variant emerging. Global vaccination is needed! UK Germn Frnce Portgl NL Belgm etc engulfed in COVID Calamity+New Shutdowns(Asia Aus too), Africa got New Multi-Varient strain But CDA Ont Que etc Just Re-Opened Airprt,Border, full 100% Indoor Events& Everything But Our COVD s Trippling from OCT Lows, Are We Sleepn or?

'WORLD REACTS' 🤣 Its only you 🖕media overreacting as per agenda. Most people react like this. The moment World controlled the delta variant, Wuhan lab planted another variant named omicron. It's gonna go on unless all other economies are destroyed except Yen. Bullllshit!!!!!!!!!! Another dollop of bullshit just as the vaccines start to fail.

Variants gonna variate. Is the world mentioning that that area has been getting vaccinated with Sinopharm? Or is this a decisive conversation? Talk of Britain trying to brew a storm in a tea cup. Don’t worry everyone, we have natural immunity! All you need to do is get every new strain of COVID19 that comes out like it’s the next iphone.

*detected by South Africa, first found in Botswana. why do all these headlines try to suggest it was first found within South Africa? it wasn't.

Britain alarmed by new COVID-19 variant spreading in South AfricaBritain on Thursday said it was concerned by a newly identified coronavirus variant spreading in South Afr ica that might make vaccines less effective and imperil efforts to fight the pandemic. All variants are from China 🇨🇳. China must be held accountable. The world ivory tower scientist fucked up , Geert van den Bosche warned for this from the start (and others) van kerkhove should take care of her ear wax and listen to the real experts

Gand me dalo ye varient😡😡😡 Propaganda and push for the vax subscription plan - NFThx Just take us out already smh Here we go with this bullshit. More reason to put people against each other yet again. I fuckin hate this planet. No one gives a shit about covid anymore. If they do they’re insane. The doctor who reported this said the symptoms are very mild. Once again the fear mongering continues . People need to do their homework

We know that this variant will be abused by pharma and government-backed news organisations to try and sow fear and confusion, while attempting to hide vaccine induced deaths and injuries under its moronic name. Why is everyone acting like it’s already here? How is overreacting going to help us? This is the problem. When people in power start saying things that will scare the public into panic buying, etc. it’s not even here yet. Just goes to show how little they care about us.

Over the last two years the World's Population has risen from 7.69 Billion to 7.9 billion .

How tech injects new life to the health sector in South Africa - CNN VideoHealth tech startups in South Afr ica are helping patients get the care they need without ever leaving home. I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to Derrick_Jones39 on Twitter he guides me through and i made a return of $10500 after a week of trading, connect with him horrible We need this in the US so we never have to leave our homes ever again. We can live in a pod like the matrix and be extra safe. StayHomeSaveLives

Absolutely Bull Shit..B51129 First Known 04/2021 The Common Cold Is This Crap I Am Double Vaccination Means Nothing... Might As Well Have Our Name Tattooed Upon Our Arms. AKA NAZI Germany On this point I don't give a f*ck I’m done Looks like Fauci got more than he bargained for after funding Gain of Function research that he denies that he participated in, even though he admits to funding research on the Corona virus and trying to increase its transmissibility.

Who cares. More propaganda Nothing but fear mongering. It’ll be treated like normal Covid in a couple weeks. it's a fashion to blame developing countries for any spurge in covid cases. Developed countries has completely failed to provide good healthcare facilities to their citizens Imp Notice - It is also found in INDIA also. The government of India is trying to hide the real and original data MoHFW_INDIA moayush mansukhmandviya mla_sudhakar tv9kannada ndtv timesofindia IndiaToday ANI ABPNews WIONews BBCWorld BBCBreaking IndianExpress

Here's what we know. People were out shopping, attending parades and living again. The elites were losing control. A variant magically appears to lock the people down again. Oh, and the only people affected were vaccinated. More boosters? Of course. What a joke this is even if its true which i doubt just don't allow travel from there Vaccine 5 en route !

Coronavirus variant fear sparks Africa travel curbsSix southern Afr ican countries are put on the red list, amid 'deep concern' over a new variant of the virus.

People started panicking that is not the solution all world has faced Covide-19 pandemic protocol....that's it this type of problem will keep on coming... let's be strong to face the situation The West will face the worst of it again. Lies lies LIES Hasta que no se entienda la palabra solidaridad estaremos en riesgo, África es la que menos población ha vacunado, de allí se extenderá al resto del mundo y se sabrá si las vacunas protegerán o no cuando aumenten las muertes o no...seguimos en riesgo

Omicron is in the US. It has likely been circulating for a few weeks. The question is not if, it’s when. But we cannot panic. We have the tools for prevention. We just need to use them consistently. -vaccinate -mask -ventilate -distance -limit large gatherings -test & trace 🤡🤦‍♂️ Well hell!! I just got my damn booster and now this new variant isn’t covered!! 🙊🙉🙈For the love of God!

:/ At this point all I want for Christmas is to be invincible. This is insane 😨

New, Heavily-Mutated Covid Variant Identified In Africa, Called “A Big Jump In Evolution”The U.K. added six Afr ican countries to its travel quarantine list on Thursday after a new, potentially more-transmissible variant of Covid-19 was identified there. Those countries are: South Afr ic… Not again 😭😭 Wall off cities. Go all World Z.

World? Don't be silly. It's jus corrupted by pharmaceutical moguls politicians, media at their orders and socialist public members unable to live and breath on their own. 😳detected in S.A? Media WONT REPORT it & politicians lie. Jabs don’t work, aren't safety tested! FDA did not recommend approval! Israeli study 1:26:00, adverse events, safety concerns 3 min increments) 4:04:00, 4:20:00, 4:25.00, 4:30:00, 4:35:00, 4:39:00, 4:44:30, 4:57:00

Here come the experts Is it so so hard to be accurate, and say that the variant was identified in SA rather than 'detected', which gives the strong impression that it originated there, and is dismissive of SA's scientific work. India also should ban all flights from South Africa side. It is because of anti-vaxxers, science & covid deniers that COVID is given the chance to mutate. By not trying to stop the spread of this disease, they are directly responsible for this new COVID variant... and, ironically, they are the most AT RISK. covidvariant COVID19

The scam variant 😒😒 Why do all the deadly diseases seem to start in Africa or China? Just like South Park predicted.

Say a prayer Aww shit here we go again This was tweeted out this past summer. Don’t be fooled. All thanks to China. You gotta be fucking kidding me. This decade is gonna suck, i feel it. The WHO put me, Variant Xi, in hiding for some unknown reason. That's why the new guy is Omicron or New South African Variant because that country is okay to name for some reason.

Nah where the fuck are y'all coming up with these names? Variants will come and go. We will never get rid of a Variant. We just need to adapt to them. Jeez this political agenda to spread fear is going tooo far. This needs to stop. We need to get back to normal. Than and only than we can live again.....

Poor Los Angeles, Newsome was just about to let them out of jail

Things were settling down, better look around for the next scare tactic Who cares i don't really believe in this shit wdf ebola is coming back in covid form Any confirmation towards locations of the United States or Canada yet? Just how bad are we dealing with this time? How long until people will start fleeing from their countries out of fear just like what occurred in China last year? Fucking inevitable I swear.

Not real. More fear mongering to scare the young adults into getting vaccinated as well as scaring parents to vaccinate their eligible children. Guess The Countries By Their Maps?

'It's pretty bad' ADE Right on time let’s go