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Expert: San Francisco face ID ban would be warning to police

Skeptics of face recognition say an outright ban of the technology in San Francisco would send a strong warning to police


San Francisco is on track to become the first U.S. city to ban the use of facial recognition by police and other city agencies.

Skeptics of face recognition say an outright ban of the technology in San Francisco would send a strong warning to police

Efforts to restrict its use are getting pushback from law enforcement groups and the tech industry, though it's far from a united front. Microsoft, while opposed to an outright ban, has urged lawmakers to set limits on the technology, warning that leaving it unchecked could enable an oppressive dystopia reminiscent of George Orwell's novel"1984."

They worry people will one day not be able to go to a park, store or school without being identified and tracked.

The California Legislature is considering a proposal prohibiting the use of facial ID technology on body cameras. A bipartisan bill in the U.S. Senate would exempt police applications but set limits on businesses analyzing people's faces without their consent.

"It might find success in San Francisco, but I will be surprised if it finds success in a lot of other cities," he said.

The city's proposed face-recognition ban is part of broader legislation aimed at regulating the use of surveillance by city departments. The legislation applies only to San Francisco government and would not affect companies or people who want to use the technology. It also would not affect the use of facial recognition at San Francisco International Airport, where security is mostly overseen by federal agencies.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin acknowledges his legislation, called the"Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance," isn't very tech-friendly. But public oversight is critical given the potential for abuse, he said.

"If facial recognition were added to body cameras or public-facing surveillance feeds, it would threaten the ability of people to go to a protest or hang out in Dolores Park without having their identity tracked by the city," he said, referring to a popular park in San Francisco's Mission District.

"Our point of view is, rather than a blanket ban forever, why not a moratorium so we're not using problematic technology, but we open the door for when technology improves?" he said.

"It is technology we use," said Massachusetts State Police Lt. Tom Ryan, adding that"we tend not to get too involved in publicizing" that fact. Ryan and the agency declined to answer further questions about how it's used.

California Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman Marty Greenstein says facial recognition technology"is specifically not allowed on DMV photos." State Justice Department spokeswoman Jennifer Molina said her agency does not use face ID technology, and policy states"DOJ and requesters shall not maintain DMV images for the purpose of creating a database" unless authorized.

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LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER, They couldn't care less about Victims walkaway walkaway walkaway This is an important tool for the police. However, it needs strict regulation as to who can use it, certainly not big box stores! This is a tool the police need. However, it has to be 'regulated' and certainly not available to companies like Amazon!

PattyArquette Why dont they just secede already? They already defy the government at every chance realDonaldTrump put all illegals in california they deserve it! PattyArquette i don't understand this , San Fan bans Police & City Agencies from using Face recognition , but yet allows Facebook & other private oversea developers to use Face recognition on American Citizens

Facial recognition is specifically used for criminals with pictures already in their data base. Why would the police want to look at you if you were shopping at Walmart or something?😂 This is a beautiful thing!!! More city's and States should do the same thing!!! For this is done without the person's permission!!

America wants to move in the same direction China is already doing it. that and more. they are scoring your actions and big brother is watching every 1 in China. we are not far from doing the same To help hide the illegals better leasemolina1 Go one step further and ban faces!

Nine dead gray whales have washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay Area this yearA dead gray whale washed ashore on a San Francisco beach Monday morning -- the ninth such death in the Bay Area this year, scientists at the Marine Mammal Center said. 😥😥😥 😥

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What a bunch of BS! San Francisco finally does something right. Must be their huge homeless population .. Sounds like a terrible idea. This is the kind of stuff that gets Republicans elected. Good. Big Brother already sees too much. Terrorists are gonna love that. That and the streets covered in poo. Have San Francisco politicians been infiltrated by organised crime groups? Serious question.

What a shithole SF has become Build the wall Around California

Scientist Sounds The Alarm On 9th Dead Gray Whale Off San FranciscoMany of the whales that are dying off the California coast appear significantly underweight, researchers warn. Wow! So sad.

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Yep, that sounds about right ! What if you're a twin?🤔🤨😭 Let’s ban San Francisco Not that this is the tipping point, but I wonder just how off the map Cali will be in the next decade. Yet they have no problem kicking in a reporters door and violating his first amendment rights. Seems like odd policy outcomes.

finally San Francisco can poop in the streets in peace

Ninth dead whale found in San Francisco Bay Area since MarchBiologists have spotted gray whales in poor condition during this year’s annual migration from Mexico to Alaska. Factory waste to the ocean The ocean is dying and America doesn’t care 😥 very sad and full of plastic I'm sure. We must share the earth with other life.

Ninth dead whale found in San Francisco Bay AreaSAUSALITO, Calif. (AP) — Marine mammal experts are concerned about the death of a gray whale that washed ashore in San Francisco . myop.. quickly grab the skin and blubber and make haste to make oil and plastic products.. one less whale elsewhere that is used to help cover the need for plastic wears and items.. / offer meat to the other fish in private tanks.. // Vets like food too.. Is it still there? I’d like to go pay my respects to this magnificent creature Probably overdosed on discarded drug paraphernalia .

Another dead gray whale washes ashore in San Francisco Bay AreaA dead gray whale washed ashore California 's San Francisco Bay Area on Monday -- the ninth one this year, scientists said. let me know when rosie washes up 😠 MiTcH_ArTs It's the cans! He don't like the cans!

San Francisco poised to make stores accept cash, saying cashless businesses hurt the poor San Francisco is about to require brick-and-mortar retailers to take cash as payment, joining Philadelphia & New Jersey in banning a growing paperless practice that critics say discriminates against low-income people who may not have access to credit cards AMERICA wants their country back, after the disaster OBAMA nearly destroyed it. America does NOT want another LIBERAL OBAMA trying to lead our country again They have their bank cards It does when the credit industry gives out credit like candy in the early 90 and now with only the pretty and family having jobs a lot of ppl were put in debt credit score ruined and now no credit cards are issued humm now utilities and stores are going cashless

San Francisco Moves Closer To Banning Use Of Facial Recognition Technology“We know face surveillance technology is less accurate for people of color, and a misidentification could subject people to racially biased police violence,' an ACLU attorney said. total white supremacy. Prejudice Is programmed into the technology. From the inception, How many people of color worked on facial recognition? ( wait for it) You can count them on on one hand & have digits left over Oh look: San Francisco with more counterintuitive measures.

Dead gray whale that washed up on San Francisco beach was hit by a shipThe 41-foot-long adult female had skull and upper vertebrae fractures consistent with a ship strike, according to the Marine Mammal Center. The animal was the ninth found dead in the Bay Area since March. 💔 😔 He swam into feces from frisco’s streets .

San Francisco Bans Cashless Stores“Not accepting cash payment is tantamount to systematically excluding segments of the population that are largely low-income people of color,” a new San Francisco ordinance reads. Amazon Go will be a great place to steal food from. The homeless may eat more than card-carrying tech bros. There are stores that don't take cash? Don't high prices accomplish the same thing?

Essential California: Why San Francisco banned cashless storesDoes the rise of cashless stores make for more classist cities? On Tuesday, San Francisco voted to ban cashless businesses in a bid to ensure the city remained an inclusive place for all residents. sherlyholmes That is fucked up and should be Illegal. Debit cards are a good way to carry income that if stolen from you or lost can be dealt with in a phone call. This law could open people to robbery since there's now a way to assure some people will be carrying cash... sherlyholmes This should be everywhere. People should be allowed to buy things without being tracked. And, of course, still, not everyone has cards, for economic reasons sherlyholmes With cashless stores, how on earth would armed robbers make $$? How else will they be able to afford to stay in SF?

San Francisco Investigates Doctor Over Measles Vaccination ExemptionsCity officials are investigating whether a pediatrician illegally gave medical exemptions to parents seeking to not vaccinate their children for school entry, as the U.S. struggles to get control of a growing measles outbreak. Harassment. I am sure they have not issued a subpoena for any pro-vaxxers, because the pro-vaxxers agree with political views of San Francisco residents. (Who, one and all, so know 'science'.) socialism Dr. Kenneth Stoller may be a threat to the health of more than just his patients. PublicHealthThreat

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