Asia, Coronavirus News: More New Cases Outside China Than İnside - Cnn

Asia, Coronavirus News: More New Cases Outside China Than İnside - Cnn

Expert predicts coronavirus in China will be under control by end of April

A top Chinese respiratory expert says he is confident “the [coronavirus] epidemic (will) be basically under control at the end of April.”


A top Chinese respiratory expert says he is confident “the [coronavirus] epidemic (will) be basically under control at the end of April.”

Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, with new cluster outbreaks in South Korea, Europe, and the Middle East. Follow here for the latest.

Norio Ohmagari, an infectious disease specialist, on February 26 in Tokyo. Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty ImagesIn an interview with CNN, government adviser Dr. Norio Ohmagari said that the quarantine of the cruise ship"may not have been perfect.""We suspected some of the cruise staff may have already been infected, but ... they had to operate the cruise ship itself, they had to see the passengers, they had to deliver the meals," Ohmagari said.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

This must be the guy trump is listening to. But we are told that it is not to be sneezed at This guy is looking for a promotion yeah sure This goes against the democrats narrative. You better keep it quiet Yeah rigth Isn’t that what POTUS said and he was ridiculed for it? Once the weather gets warmer the virus will not survive.

his name is Zhong NanShan, the hero of China and nonle man, his team request to lockdown Wuhan city and a day later Wuhan city had lockdoen until now for the safety of other places. By the trend, most of the patients are discharged by end of Mar, Shanghai will be THIS weekend. I am not even going to like wonder how much Trump paid him to say it seems both think April shaking my head at this point

Oh okay right so let's just wait it out 🤷‍♀️

New coronavirus cases outside China exceeded those in China for the first time, WHO says'The sudden increases of cases in Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea are deeply concerning,' Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, said.

信不信由你嘍 China... the reason for all of this. If it does get very serious in the US: Let start talking blame. Let’s start taking payback. Let’s narrow down responsibility for those who put the rest of us at risk. Yes there ARE those who are to blame for this. 他还说病毒可能不来自中国 This guy won’t be in the 5:00 news.

Recently the situation in China is becoming stable. OK?! Hopefully it will end before May,unless COVID19korea is getting even worse. I hope so, it's long overdue 这是钟南山院士 he said the epidemic would be basically under controll at the end of April in China. in China. But I never hear that in China😓

Global health expert explains the trajectory of the coronavirus in the U.S.Global health expert Dr. Peter Hotez discusses COVID-19 with chrislhayes: 'We are going to start seeing human-to-human transmission and we really have to get ready for this.' chrislhayes “the containment of the cases in the United States is really good.” chrislhayes You mean trump lied to the American people? Shocking. chrislhayes How about you watch the Public Address given by the President and Director of the CDC and make your own decisions.

I think everything the Chinese and U.S. Governments say is bullshit when it comes to this virus. Sounds like expert & trump have been talking 相信钟南山院士,一定会的 I remember he said the WuhanCoronovirus would be under control in mid-February! All of them are liars! They do whatever they like to do It is forecast not ensure.

That's what trump said too From someone who loves the Chinese people but hates the Chinese government....I don’t trust anything coming out of China right now. Nothing. ok...start investing again.

​In Coronavirus Crisis, Korean City Tries Openness, a Contrast to China'Life has to go on.' Daegu, the center of South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak, is trying a less rigid approach: aggressively warning residents to take precautions while staying open for business. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is extremely stupid. Even though the malicious cult outbreak, most Korean citizens followed well CDC’s recommendations for corona virus prevention guidelines. I think CDC start curb corona virus spreading.

I'll like to express my opinions, but I can't. I need some social points, if not I won't get a free mask. 他还说病毒爆发于中国,但是病毒的来源未必是中国。 will the CPC be gone by then But what about the spread of virus to other nations......bcus of China not taking this seriously in the beginning. That's what Xi said i'd say china's done pretty well so far considering tbh. not a fan of their government but this could have been WAY worse by now

We just hold on Too unbelievable Get Face Mask Against Corona Virus Now, Protect Yourself From All Viruses: Everyone would like to see an end to this epidemics/ pandemics as this might cause global economic recessions...But may be it's too early to predict that...

Pompeo accuses China and Iran of censoring information about coronavirus outbreaksSec. Mike Pompeo accuses the governments of China and Iran of censoring information about the outbreaks in their countries and putting the rest of the world at greater risk of its spread. And he's right! Lock down the borders, now. SecPompeo don’t you think potus sacking your entire pandemic response teams did that ?

I don't believe him. Red Chinese government probably threatened him with a conspiracy involving him doing a long prison stretch in he didn't sign on to their 'everything is a-okay' actually factually fake news. Of course he says that, he would probably get thrown in a re-education camp if he didn't repeat the CCP narrative. Notice Hubei province new cases went from 14,000 a day to 0 a week over night? You can't trust anything coming out of China right now, look at Italy and S. korea

Zhong NanShan He has been a leader in the prevention and treatment of respiratory infectious diseases in China since 2003. Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases actively receives SARS patients and finds out corticosteroid therapy Probably he wants to wait until the end of April, the summer came, the use of summer hot, high temperature to kill the virus

Tell us how sir,, if you conceal the truth and still manipulate everything..sending your people to Africa, and clearly you know we are unable to even fight basic Epidemics n your corrupt gvt is working with our corrupt ones to make Africa part of you This is a damn lie. I guess this is what a President for life Xi was advised by Trump to say. Hell, Trump is getting away with it, why not him?

This judgement just for China, Actually. They're really obsessed with April for some reason even though theres no vaccine for another year yeah...April of 2021? By the way, this expert also said that the peak of outbreak is around mid February. So..

'Confusion breeds distrust:' China keeps changing how it counts coronavirus cases'This kind of confusion breeds distrust. You should stick to a standard even if you have caveats,' global health economist at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding said. Trump says they've got everything under control....Smh Confusion is caused by lack of transparency which breeds conspiracies. Just imagine what kind of debt issues they are trying to cover up. I wonder how many people know the real truth? trump trusts xi

WHO: Number Of New Coronavirus Cases Outside China Exceed Country Of OriginAbout 81,000 people around the globe have been sickened by the coronavirus that kept finding new targets.

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