Experimental Beauty Has Become My Quarantine Self-Care

When it’s hard to find the motivation to get out of bed, putting on outré makeup can be a mood booster.

4/7/2020 4:48:00 AM

When it’s hard to find the motivation to get out of bed, putting on an experimental and fun makeup look can be a mood booster.

When it’s hard to find the motivation to get out of bed, putting on outré makeup can be a mood booster.

. Even offline, my addiction is apparent; my sisters jokingly nicknamed my bedroom closet “Sephora” considering the wealth of goodies and gadgets I’d stockpiled over the years. But despite being unable to resist a new makeup purchase, my actual routine has always been relatively low-key. I can’t pull off the effortless perfection of the no-makeup look preferred by several of my colleagues, but when I get dolled up, it is never over the top. Whether I’m experimenting with a wash of bright liner or an extra-sparkly shadow topper, subtlety is key. As anyone who works in fashion can tell you, the colorful cosmetic eclecticism seen on the runways rarely translates into real life. A glance around the

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Vogueoffices pre-pandemic would have revealed plenty of outré fashion—fuzzy Saks Potts coats, vintage Gaultier covered in optic patterns, Chopova Lowena tartans—and fashionably bare faces.As someone who frankly does not fit into a lot of designer clothing, makeup has always been my primary form of fashion expression. I can be wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, but if I’ve got a

Pat McGrathor Norvina palette at my disposal I can fill my world with color and magic. Previously, I’d attempted to keep things subtle during work hours, but ever since virtual meetings became the new normal, I’ve thrown caution to the wind.At first, I was motivated by the anxiety that comes with having to open up on video chat. It took me four years of having an Instagram to post my first selfie, so the idea of continually being visible on the internet required an adjustment on my part. Zoom makes me wish I could redecorate my entire space and hire a Roger Deakins–level cinematographer to camp out in my apartment with me. The video renders everyone flat, grayish, and overexposed. Still, after a few days of relying on the audio-only option in our morning meetings, I decided to get over my reservations. A little foundation and some blush later, and I felt a bit better about appearing onscreen.

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