Vol 56 Issue 17, Parenting, Kids, Guns, Coronavirus

Vol 56 Issue 17, Parenting

Exhausted Parents Struggling To Limit Child’s Time Using Gun

Exhausted Parents Struggling To Limit Child's Time Using Gun

5/24/2020 2:09:00 AM

Exhausted Parents Struggling To Limit Child's Time Using Gun

DENVER—Following weeks of being continually sheltered in place with the 4-year-old, exhausted parents Josh and Natasha Kachel admitted Thursday that they were struggling to limit their son’s time using the family gun. “We used to only let him use it for about an hour every day, but with the quarantine, it’s just been really hard to find things for Jackson to do,” said mother Natasha, explaining how letting their son use the revolver in the other room made it easier for the parents to focus on working from home. “We realize it’s not good for his mental and physical health to be constantly using the gun. For example, he used to be a great sleeper, but now he’s waking up at 5 a.m. screaming ‘Gun, gun, gun!’ until we get it for him. There used to be a safety lock and everything, but he figured out how to get past that pretty quickly, so now we let him do what he wants with it just to give ourselves a break. I guess you need to know how to use a gun to get ahead in life anyway, so at this point, we just hope he shoots something educational.” At press time, the parents expressed pride that Jackson is still not allowed to use the gun at the dinner table.

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With schools shut down, gotta be frustrating for would-be shooters This Youth Gun Use Report is Loaded ! Are the parents trying to limit the time the child has with the gun, or are they using the gun to try to limit the child’s time, in general? 😳 i feel sorry for this child, no bullets and not even a semi-automatic

theonionisover you're done. Babylon Bee is king now Of course, the parents are the ones who’ll come under fire for this! Jerkstore16 Just set the egg timer and when it goes off they have to put their gun away and read a book. Set up rules before hand. At least teach him to hold it properly. He could hurt himself!

Local Man Shocked After Finding Two Good Ones in Single Apricot Bag. This is so sad. What these parents don't understand is that this is that child's 2and amendment rights and the parent are clearly wrong😔 No gun before bed, when will parents learn? YRabl WTAF Well how else is he going to kill the monster under the bed?

OscarNunezLA Wtf is wrong with these people....how dare they limit his time using the gun....wheres his right? Dang, Spy Kids 5 looks gritty Replace this light 38 revolver for something heavier, say 44 magnum. Will tire out faster playing. I long for the days when the was funny. Parents are the worst. Just let him be a kid

You learn to pick your battles. Jesus. I thought I was the only parent with this issue. Omg 'That scary monster wont hurt me now' or 'Goodbye vegetables' Damn it again?! Some kids don’t even have access to guns. Mattjohn007 As long as he washes his hands thoroughly before and afterwards I don't see the problem.

'Children's notion of personal freedom develops so early, and we don't want to be 'those parents,' only to risk his love of the 2nd Amendment...' Just point another gun at him. That'll settle him down for a while. They should start him with a .22 sarcasm Babies have notoriously itchy trigger fingers. bad parenting. the kid should get as much gun time as everyone else. This is America.

How dare they interfere with his 2nd amendment rights? The 2nd amendment says ALL citizens have the right to use guns. SHAMEFUL! Clearly the parents are violating his 2nd amendment rights: why no bullets? A gun with no bullets is just a club. What kind of commie, pinko parents are these? NRA should be all over this. Totally unAmerican.

The kid will shoot himself soon. Problem solved. Why doesn't this kid have a grenade launcher already? He looks too old for that revolver. The only thing to stop a bad child with a gun is a good child with a gun. Restricting gun time now will only make him less American as an adult. Restricting isnt the answer more structured gun time is the answer.

Never should have made it say BANG Sometimes as a parent you just have to let a few things slide. Don't forget to click the fucking link. But it's only a 9mm sounds shallow when he's got fully auto and a big bag o meth When did you start reporting actual news? Someone's 'bout to eat the onion Exhausted Parents Struggling To Limit *White* Child's Time Using Gun

Why does Trump get no credit for solving the school shooting crisis? First you want to take his gun then what’s next... Give him blanks until he's 8 yo. Take the gun off the child , go read him story.. Put the gun somewhere safe.. Go see a therapist. Up next: School Shootings Down, Child To Parent Abuse Up

That’s terrible But that's against the child's Second Amendment rights.

My 14-Year-Old Isn’t Social Distancing. What Should I Do?Covid-19 offers parents and teenagers a limited number of unsatisfying options, but partial solutions may be better than no solution at all. Here I fixed your headline: “I’m Letting My Child Disregard Public Health Guidelines During a Pandemic. AITA?” Such good advice. This is going to get hard as the weeks go on and teens really want to see friends.

Children’s Science Website Clearly Struggling To Come Up With 10 Facts About SlugsDULUTH, MN—Noting the palpable effort being exerted by the online resource, sources confirmed Thursday that children’s educational website Science4Kidz.com was clearly struggling to come up with 10 facts pertaining to slugs. “They started out pretty strong with, ‘Slugs have thousands of tiny teeth,’ but there was a huge drop when fact number two was, ‘Most slugs are brown or gray,’ and I knew we were in trouble,” said visitor Alice Barbin, adding that the site had competently provided factoids about cheetahs and bald eagles, but floundered with subsequent facts such as, “Slugs can be found in gardens,” and, “The word for slug in Spanish is ‘babosa.’” “By the time you get halfway through the list, they’re really phoning it in with stuff like, ‘Slugs like moisture,’ and ‘Slugs need water to survive,’ which are basically the same fact and apply to 99% of all living creatures. And fact eight is, ‘There’s still a lot we don’t know about slugs,’ which is just objectively untrue. Honestly, they probably should have just stopped at five or six slug facts. It’s not like anyone was going to call them out on it.” At press time, Barbin had left the website in disgust after the final fact was revealed to be, “What’s your favorite thing about slugs?” Slugs are very sluggish 1. They're gross 2. 🤔 Science gets lost in it's own religion.

Life on hold: Families in the Bronx face new challenges during pandemicParents shared the struggles of remote learning and not knowing what the summer looked like; a nonprofit group has pivoted to make sure its communities' needs are met. COVID-19 is racist! Families everywhere.... But especially in already in low-income communities My heart goes out to these poor people. Such a tragedy!

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Less is More as an Art Museum ReopensVisitors waited in line in 80-degree heat, standing on large blue stickers placed 6 feet apart, to enter the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston — the first major art museum in the U.S. to reopen since the country went into lockdown i respect them more than i do the idiots waiting outside casinos They're dumb

'It's been hell': Parents struggle with distance learning for their kids with disabilitiesMore so than their peers, millions of students with disabilities who depend on support and therapy at school may be missing out in distance learning. Oh my God we're expecting parents to take care of their own children and it's too much for them I see what my sister goes through with both of her kids home all day. It’s tough. But like I told her...you had them, they’re yours, so go teach them, good luck👍🏾 That’s parenthood! 🤷‍♀️