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EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents

In an ABC News exclusive, President Donald Trump said he may not alert the FBI to overtures from foreign governments during the 2020 race.


EXCLUSIVE: Pres. Trump tells GStephanopoulos he wouldn't necessarily alert the FBI if approached by foreign figures with information on his 2020 opponent: 'It’s not an interference. They have information. I think I’d take it.'

In an ABC News exclusive, President Donald Trump said he may not alert the FBI to overtures from foreign governments during the 2020 race.

President Trump made the remark during an exclusive interview with ABC News over the course of two days, wherein Stephanopoulos joined the president on a visit to Iowa and back to Washington for a day inside the White House.

GStephanopoulos Hello!, isn't that what the Obama administration did to President Trump on Hillary Clintons behalf during the 2016 campaign, how else would they know about a meeting with Russians

President Trump lamented the attention on his son, Donald Trump Jr., for his role in the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016. Stephanopoulos asked whether Trump Jr. should have taken the Russians’ offer for “dirt” on then-candidate Hillary Clinton to the FBI.

“The FBI director said that is what should happen,” Stephanopoulos replied, referring to comments FBI Director Christopher Wray made during congressional testimony last month, when he told lawmakers “the FBI would want to know about” any foreign election meddling.

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GStephanopoulos Yet the did, and they still are..and the Senate won't vote on the bills to help stop it. GStephanopoulos McCarthy is a Lying sell out. GStephanopoulos But he also said he would listen to the information, which leads to using it because you are also running, and he would use any means at his disposal. He also said he wouldn't call the FBI. RED FLAG! RED FLAG! sorry...

GStephanopoulos The motto of these GOP: “heard something, saw something, do NOTHING!” GStephanopoulos But I won’t do a damn thing to stop it. GStephanopoulos But your unethical buddy senatemajldr says it’s fine. That’s the only way cheaters pretend to win. GStephanopoulos GOPLeader u're an embarrassment. Instead of drawing attention & criticising Trump for what he said & also taking the time to read Mueller's report,which clearly u have not read ur tactic is to go on a baseless attack on the opposition. If ur corrupt & cant respect the law quit.

GStephanopoulos Do you all forget this interference took place during O’s administration? Trump has not tried to interfere in any country’s elections. O also interfered in Israel’s election and the Brexit vote. GStephanopoulos Then Perhaps we should stop meddling in other countries’ elections. Obama tried to interfere in Putin’s election, so we can chalk this up to “paybacks are a bitch,” right?

GStephanopoulos What’s sad is that any of you who are talking shit with other countries... you don’t want a presidential candidate to find out about it! That’s what it is!

Trump Official Goes Rogue, Says Climate Change May Cause Next Financial CrisisA top administration official is openly defying Trump-- and Trump can't fire him Now he admits climate change is real. But you also have very fine people on both sides.

GStephanopoulos I will put my head in the sand & then put the country, the law & the constitution second behind my loyalty to Trump Traitor GStephanopoulos Why are you guys making up fake news? HillaryClinton did this in the 2016 election with the help of the DNC The American people are waking up stop being so bias and slanting the truth.

GStephanopoulos parabéns GStephanopoulos You don't want to SEE any foreign interference in the next election? TELL THAT TO realDonaldTrump!!! You don't have the balls to censure realDonaldTrump!!! GStephanopoulos Well then Kevin, if you don't agree with Donald, grow a set and denounce him. GStephanopoulos What if a foreign government released positive information about a candidate, is it still interference?

GStephanopoulos McCarthy is a tool, but it's good to see him coming out on the side of justice. GStephanopoulos GOPLeader Prove it. GStephanopoulos Comms Strategy 101: This is the GOP not-so-subtly positioning itself to DumpTrump2020 and pivot to an alternative candidate. Just a mistake Shameful trump ball lickers

Donald Trump Jr. expected to appear before Senate panel for 2nd timePresident's eldest son and namesake expected to return to Capitol Hill Wednesday morning for testimony before Senate Intelligence Committee, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News. 'Sources' told you. It's been planned since April. More lies OH - This is gonna be good! TGIWednesday!

GStephanopoulos Too late. GStephanopoulos “Wink wink. Nudge nudge.” GStephanopoulos AdamSchiff Did and said the same exact thing as President Trump did! Where is the outrage? We all watched Hannity tonight and we all saw the video of Adam Schiff taking information from Russian fakers! So stop with your bull crap!

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos our elections BUT.... I’m a spineless shmuck from a gross party so who cares GStephanopoulos But Trump literally invites them GStephanopoulos “But I will look the other way in order to avoid seeing it” GStephanopoulos Ask him what he will do about Trump. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

You’re a freaking mistake. .....AND

'Nothing to correct': Donald Trump Jr. appears before Senate panel for 2nd time'Are you here to correct your testimony?' 'Nothing to correct,' Donald Trump Jr. tells ABC News as he arrives on Capitol Hill to appear for a second time before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Eew his sh!t eating grin is just so gross Nothing at all...

The Democrats are the leaders of meddling in our elections!! They are a corrupt party THANK YOU MR KISS YOUR KINGS ASS A mistake as in Trump misspoke or a mistake as in an taking an impeachable position, like telling Trump Junior to ignore the subpoena? But is okay for the NRA to take millions from Russia, whitewash it, then donate it to hundreds of GOP candidates? asking for senatemajldr and realDonaldTrump

Sorry, Sen. Graham! All the spin and doublespeak in the world isn't going to detract from what has been obvious to America and the World for a long time...Trump is a Traitor! Whatever. He’ll do nothing. Leningrad Lindsey stated, ' It sounds funny to me to call Russia a 'foreign country'.' Lindsey Graham should take his scared to come out of the closet and go home. Worthless and spineless, VOTE him out for the sake of democracy, the very reason for this country and what made us the leader in the world.

No, he spoke the truth and Graham knows it. Both traitors and cowards.

Trump asserts privilege over subpoenaed census docs as Dems set contempt vote'We are a coequal branch of government, and it should be expected that when we ask a question, we get a response,' Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says ahead of expected contempt vote over census materials. 'But when we don't, we have to do our job.' she's a loud mouth spoiled brat.

I don’t give a crap what Hillary did. She isn’t president. If she was then I would be all for her being investigated. Republicans need to stop bringing up Hillary when it comes to trumps crimes!! He is “president” and needs to answer for his own crimes or resign. But LindseyGrahamSC, will you actually DO anything about it? Or will Trump invite you for a round of golf, and everything will be OK?

Unless it is putin/trump money don't do it He look so stupid! Yes his soul has been snatch! Bless your heart Lindsey. Sad little complicit repug. I’m so confused by Lindsey Graham. Sometimes he makes sense and operates in the real world, but mostly he on the Trump Show and hasn’t discovered the fake set yet.

Lindsey and Trump=BFF FascistStateOfTrump CorruptGOP impeach45now It’s not a “mistake”, it’s a crime and Trump has committed one crime after another with impunity. Will the Senate ever stop this wannabe dictator? Remember Pencil Neck Schiff being scammed by a bunch of Russian comedians falling for a routine that they claimed that they had nude photos of Trump that they had given to Putin. And Schiff tried everything he could to track it down, and we've got it all on audio.

Trump Asserts Executive Privilege in 2020 Census FightPresident Donald Trump is asserting executive privilege over documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census i wonder what does it take for the hispanic community to revolt against republicans Rarely a day goes by that Trump doesn't show his desire to be a dictator, aka powerful leader.

Thelast_try A show of GOP openness - perhaps Lindsey Graham would like to share information on all of his illicit lobby profits?! GOPCorruption What is not a mistake about Trump? His continuous Witch hunt of a dead Republican Senator and war hero John McCain? or His decision to sell US Arms Technology to Saudi Arabia knowing that Saudi terrorists will surely grab them? What is not a mistake

What exactly do they have on you LindseyGrahamSC 'Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic and so am I' Words mean nothing from Republicans. They do nothing. GOPElectionFraud Always trying to turn it around to blame the Democrats. Lindsey baby, your daddy in the Oval Office just declared he would break, or re-violate, federal law. Your position makes you a willing accomplice. You are breaking the law. Bad boy! LindseyGrahamSC

This happened in 2016 the fake russian dossier. Why is not being investigated the Democrats need to be held accountable for this. Flip flop Lindsey. He'll be kissing Trump's butt again tomorrow. Thelast_try

Remembering the time Donald Trump hit a hole-in-one at the Pebble Beach Pro-AmRemembering the time Donald Trump hit a hole-in-one at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am via YahooSports YahooSports No, but I do remember that playing golf consumed our previous president. YahooSports A trick ball Magnetic or remote controlled 🔥🔥💯 🤣😂🤣 YahooSports

GStephanopoulos Impeach him already!! Graham is right. Trump blew this one. I doubt he meant it as it came out, but that's just the point. He needs to THINK TWICE before he speaks. He could have used the question MUCH BETTER by asking back, 'you mean the way the DEMS in 2016 used Russian intelligence?' Enough said.

Sad that tomorrow morning he will probably be supporting it. But his nose will still be up Trump’s arse Uh oh Lindsey Graham is in big trouble. Guess that means no more playing with that is. TantumVero The spin here is magnificent. HRC did not use dirt from a “foreign agent.” She did use information who was a informant to the FBI and a former foreign intelligence agent. Logical mind can disagree on whether that was wrong. But this is a false equivalence.

LindseyGrahamSC: Misspelling “Prince of Whales” is a mistake; realDonaldTrump’s statement that he would accept campaign assistance from a foreign adversary is impeachable conduct, if not frank treason. You people are so deluded. President Trump didn't say anything about interfering in election. You people twist anything and everything. Obama knew 2 years before the election about Russians. Not to mention China hacking Americans. Get a grip and stoip this insanity.


👏🏻👏🏻 Wow....strong words Lindsey IT'S ILLEGAL!!! IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! I call it “a crime.” How long until Lindsey flips script again to save his hide? He knows how to play the game. Shameful rat. LindseyGrahamSC has zero credibility on anything. FUUUUUUUUUCK this guy A crack in the dam? Aaaaaand then he'll go golfing with a criminal. He long ago sold out any credibility he may have had by pledging slavering servitude to Orange 45.

It’s like when the toilet is clogged and a bubble comes up... maybe there’s hope. And Ted Cruz wants to work with AOC on legislation to make birth control over the counter. Something is up.

If only LindseyGrahamSC had power to do anything more than talk about such serious issues. GStephanopoulos Decency? SpeakerPelos Can we discuss your insider trading, abuse of CONDEL flights, $100K in top shelf alcohol you buy with taxpayer dollars? There was an assault on our country by Hillary Clinton who colluded with Russia to commit treason. You cannot use the word ethics.

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos I cant help but wonder...was she out riding sidecar with ItsFlo GStephanopoulos She’s saying Trump is legally insane. That’s wrong, he’s just a mobster. GStephanopoulos lies lies all lies you have done the same thing had inside info and used it to your gain

GStephanopoulos FakeNewsMedia NoCollusionNoConspiracyNoObstruction GStephanopoulos Thanks for continuing to do nothing as the Republic burns. You are no different than the ComplicitGOP who put politics over country at this point SpeakerPelosi and RepJerryNadler. Way to depress your base. ImpeachmentHearingsNow

GStephanopoulos Nancy, where are the charges against Hillary that paid for intel! Trump said he would listen. So very different!!

GStephanopoulos What a hypocrite, the Clinton Campaign paid a foreign agent to pay Russian agents for false information. Then they used it to spy on Americans. THAT REALLY HAPPENED! The POTUS was given a hypothetical of offered information. Huge difference! GStephanopoulos Good night Nancy. Good night.

GStephanopoulos Get him before the republicans start a war. GStephanopoulos Nice jacket GStephanopoulos IMPEACH THE MF! Quit playing the nice grandma!!! GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Butspil let a a a spill dat FA ma ba lute! GStephanopoulos But you sure do don’t you Nancy. GStephanopoulos Dirt on my Opponent ? “If it's what you say, I love it' If it will help ME get more power or more money 'I will listen' We hear you, DONALD, it is always about YOU -


GStephanopoulos He certainly has no understanding of how our system of government works. GStephanopoulos Pelosi, as Satan’s spokesperson, tries to sell the deceitful Democrat propaganda! CNN GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos He knows, SpeakerPelosi. He is just trying to be macho. We need to ignore these pleas for attention. Beat him in 2020.

GStephanopoulos Does she knows more than the Attorneys and majority of Americans calling for impeachment hearing?This woman disgust me every time I see her or another tweet from all of them as if we are in the dark ? GStephanopoulos Pelosi sounds drunk. Is this an altered video? GStephanopoulos Then SpeakerPelosi need to DO THE RIGHT THING and ImpeachTheMF!

GStephanopoulos Love the leather jacket GStephanopoulos If we tell him FBI stands for “Full Body Inspection,” he will put FBI on speed dial and turn everything over to it. Problem solved. 😜

GStephanopoulos Drunk again? GStephanopoulos F'u Schumer, Call it Tyranny. Tyrants are all the Republican party is. GStephanopoulos Nancy, he thought it was OK, you ALL do it😱😝👋🏻 GStephanopoulos ...and? GStephanopoulos Because if you dont get the information nobody else can get the dirty information...what is a journalist

GStephanopoulos Pelosi: “The President has shown time and time again that he doesn’t know right from wrong... there has been an assault on our democracy.” Dems: “Start impeachment proceedings NOW!” Pelosi: GStephanopoulos He can't win without foreign aid. GStephanopoulos Impeach! GStephanopoulos What was in that glass Nancy Gin ? Vodka Rum

GStephanopoulos Wow. Such a forceful statement.

GStephanopoulos 👎 GStephanopoulos Google Nancy Pelosi wrap around smear? GStephanopoulos Ok. Would it be right or wrong to impeach him? GStephanopoulos What's the point of repeating this over and over again SpeakerPelosi GStephanopoulos he knows the difference between right and wrong he doesn't care

GStephanopoulos Oh man, when everybody does it just keep it that way GStephanopoulos So now SpeakerPelosi what are you going to do about it!!!! accountability !!! GStephanopoulos All B.S. Hillary paid for information about Trump from a foreign agent. GStephanopoulos My children know I do not say this lightly...then FUCKING do something SpeakerPelosi !

GStephanopoulos So why hasn't impeachment started yet?

GStephanopoulos This from the woman who wants to make it easy for Non Citizens to vote in our elections? Talk about raw hypocrisy. EndPoliticalPrivilege now! Our votes don’t count but as Taxpayers our $$$$ does. Time for a TaxRevolt ToxicBiasMedia MSMCult GStephanopoulos Where was the outrage before? Your party created this precedent... Dossier? Probably doesn’t ring a bell because what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.... Trump “I believe..... ahhh yes, checkmate”

GStephanopoulos Nice Raincoat GStephanopoulos Gurl ain’t lyin’ tho’... GStephanopoulos Notorious Nervous N GStephanopoulos RepJerryNadler ... It is on you. Initiate an Impeachment Inquiry. The public awaits your decision. The Speaker Pelosi Rage Against the President Pressers are Tiresome GStephanopoulos 3 years later he’s still bitchen

GStephanopoulos So he gets no credit for honesty? Had everyone forgotten about Obama discussing his 'flexitivity after the election' with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev GStephanopoulos tRump is a wanna be dictator but his second term will be in prison. Lock him up!! GStephanopoulos HAHAHAHAHA

GStephanopoulos The Trump Presidency is possible because of ignorance, hypocrisy, and absence of accountability. Trump's supporters are the textbook example of not knowing when someone is laughing at you, as opposed to with you. Trumppets 'own the libs' while Trumps cronies own everything else. GStephanopoulos What would chuckles call flooding the country with foreigners and letting them vote?

GStephanopoulos hi i love my counrty i vote i pay bills tax my family will not not trade hour counrty we no ho fake cnman fruad work four putin uk kem sorry my counrty come fist not uk kem usa is my counrty thakeyou GStephanopoulos I think we need divine intervention...✝️🙏🌅 45 is a cancer on our democracy, society, globally...~~•

GStephanopoulos Said the guy that wants open borders GStephanopoulos Yet, not a peep out of them when it was determined that the Clinton campaign AND the DNC both paid a law firm to shuffle money to a company to pay a foreign agent to get information on Trump campaign from other foreigners 🤔 Hypocrites...

GStephanopoulos Impeach the DISASTER!!!! GStephanopoulos Do You Believe PresidentTrump's Remarks On GStephanopoulos Show Treasonous? It is my understanding that the only transmissions that are illegal to listen to are those that are encrypted and Cellular. I think that voice is a form of transmission.

Then do something besides kiss the Donald’s ring! Enough of the shameful madness!

Trump plays the media and politicians like a fiddle. Outrage that Trump might listen to dirt on a political opponent from a foreign country. Fact is there was already a Presidential candidate that paid an ex foreign spy to pay Russian spies for dirt on her political opponent.😂🤣 Then DO something about him...makeDonalDrumpfagain TrumpResign ImpeachTrump

Flip Flop, Flop Flip, who knows who this man is? Of course Trumo is signalling he wants more intereference, worked for him last time The mistake was that he didn't lie on camera. Trump was put on spot with a hypothetical, Im sure Trump would do right thing if really happened. I think Trump would be hesitant about FBI because of the FBI agents hes been attcked by. Those are facts, where are arrests? Trumps response was over a hypothetical, did Not happen.

Trump welcomes foreign influence. He did the first time, & he mentioned on video he'll do it again. This guyis a clownThis is why people don’t trust the government “We don’t want to send a signal to encourage it.” WHAT? Did you hear him? LindseyGrahamSC Fact is fact,. If confirmed, I personally don't care where the fact comes from

Spin it Lindsey Boy! LindseyGrahamSC you are a mistake Omgoodness Now they are jumping out of the boat This ass hat will be on his knees smoking trump pole tonight. Lindsey you need to become one of the quiet Senators Why are they all saying that dems did the same,did they forget that the Steele report was initially started by a Republican

I am a South Carolinian not voting for this flip-floping rudderless politician. Someone should remind him who originally commissioned Fusion GPS. Oh, yeah, it was his party. No proof dems paid anything. He’s full of shit

Noticed Graham said only trump’s statement was wrong. If Graham felt the action was wrong he and his colleagues would step up and hold trump accountable. Instead of walking around like this protecting him LindseyGrahamSC has turned into such a POS. He no longer is a representative of his constituents but of RUMP and his Russian Overlords.

The signal is continually sent for 3years and VERY CLEARLY that some people and parties are for sale and will cowtow to the highest bidder. 🍊🍑🤡 The Apologist God graham is so creepy The bigger mistake was election realDonaldTrump in the first place. He keeps stocking the swamp. Sen. Graham had an opportunity to say 'No this is wrong, it should never happen' and instead deflects it in a partisan manner. 'The dems and Steele'. Like c'mon man, can't you fight for American ideals across the board and not just target your opposition?

Well do something about it And again more tough talk and then Lindsey gonna cowardly crawl to trump!

A mistake, the guy is a good father and criminal 🤮 morgfair Lindsey Graham is a traitor and has done nothing to curb Trump's lawlessness. He's a disgrace. Hard to tell anymore if he's still drunk from the night before or hungover. That's a lie. Steele was a British intelligence agent but had retired 7 years before the dossier was started by a private investigative firm Fusion GPS.

DHSgov Balless wonder. Lindsey, you know you have to go with Trump otherwise he might not like you anymore than I do & I REALLY DON’T LIKE YOU ! You mean OFDONALD Then why has lindsey been complicit in the coverup? Loser The GOP sold the country out.

That's so quaint, 'a mistake.'. Obama and Clinton used information from foreign sources that are Russian, Ukrainian, and UK. A bit more than a mistake it’s called treason. Yet - he continues to support Trump🙄 We’ve been influencing foreign elections for years now . Enough Next week miss lindsey will come out saying trump was misunderstood.

Amazing. Let’s deflect what the president said Let’s blame the democrats for his statement Yo ..... Benedict Graham ... Trump is the MFing PRESIDENT.... he can make the choice that he deems right or otherwise .... WTF HAS HAPPENED To logic Graham is the mistake Captain Bloviate here

But when Hillary Clinton and the DNC bought and paid for the Steele Dossier, that was ok and cool? Where’s the outrage there? They ACTUALLY did use foreign agents to try and sway an election. Trump said he’d listen, not pay a discredited foreign spy to solicit and make stuff up Lindsey, ‘Sinner by omissions?’ Origin of the Dossier? The Washington Free Beacon, conservative Web site, received funding from the “hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer, “ has acknowledged hiring Fusion GPS to investigate candidates during the Republican Presidential primaries.

Yet again does nothing! Vote him out! Lindsey.... you are a YUGE mistake and do is tRump LindseyGrahamSC has Chump's stink all over him. The mistake is that either one of these ASSHOLES holds any power what so ever. Two kinds of mistake: Mistakenly saying what you don't believe, and mistakenly saying what you DO believe!

Trump just spoke the truth. Life Long politicians all would do the same, they just won’t admit it. 'A mistake'? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 😩😩😩😩 Christopher Steele is not a foreign government!!!!! He literally said “if a foreign GOVERNMENT offers aid” then mentions Christopher Steele as a “foreign AGENT.” What a total crock of 💩 Lindsey Graham is. He knows good and well there’s a HUGE difference than help from RUSSIA!

So....he found his conscience or will this wear off again in 24 hours? LindseyGraham

Hillary did it but I don’t see any report about that coming out of your news station Russianagent stop being a coward GrahamBlog LindseyGrahamSC take a stand against Trump and the corruption that goes on Then he should condemn the DNC for actually doing it. Lindsay Graham is Now that's a backbone Lindsey obviously needs another round of golf.

Advise your *journalist* Lucien Bruggeman that Trump never said “interference”, he said listening to oppo research. As usual, engages in FakeNews Trump: It would be wise to collect the information and then determine the validity no matter the source. TruthMatters

Hey, Lindsey. Did you wake up and remember our law, your oath of office and the U. S. Constitution and who you work for? US—ppl of this country—not the most corrupt president ever. You need to back away from the fire that is trump. Or keep it up and we will have a new SC senator! This is not a mistake 🤬🤬This is Treason. He swore a oath to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic. Imagine if Obama said this Fox and Lindsey Graham would be leading the March on the White House.

'A mistake' LindseyGrahamSC? Have no doubt; you will be held accountable for carrying his water and obstructing the proper legal consequences for his actions. And the GOP is cementing its path to extinction. Then get senatemajldr to pass all the legislation that protects our elections! SpinelessGraham

Yes, Trump certainly is a mistake. And so is Lindsey Graham. Pure spin by one of Trump’s swamp people. Trump says he willingly would collaborate with any foreign enemy to win.Yikes!!! No true American can defend this. Maybe Sen. Lindsey Graham is missing the point could POTUS announcement be a thinly vailed admission that he has already done this ?

Stop pandering! Trump was trolling the media! You should have figured that out by now Lindsey!

Resign_Miss_Lindsey But....Her emails! The obsession with Hilliary is so laughable... Oh yes, wishy washy Graham at his dancing best... A 'Mistake'? Trumps keeps making them and you keep enabling him. And deflecting still doesn't make it ok for trump to yet again call on foreign adversaries to help him win another election.

Did he actually take his lips off of Donald's ass long enough to say this out loud? I do not believe it. Now let’s ask him and all the other Politicians (esp Schiff) how many foreign gov lobbyist they meet with weekly. LindseyGrahamSC DO SOMETHING!!! Trump has told foreign governments he will allow them to meddle in our government. Your words are cheap; actions speak. This is incredulous.

Your saying trump is wrong? You're going to be getting a nickname! Glory Hallelujah, Sen. Graham found his missing spine!

A mistake is made when you acknowledge that you are incorrect. This was not a mistake. This was corruption. Your support for him is not a mistake, it is corruption. I wonder how much the Clintons must pay the GOP for all of that rent space in their heads. Completely ignoring the fact that Russian influence helped tRump get elected. LindseyGrahamSC We see through your BS! Where is your spine? Did you lose it in November of 2016?

Well he did, so what are you doing about it Oh Lindsey, don’t start doing the right thing now. Go back to sleep. “a mistake”, LindseyGrahamSC You’re so wrong!! He knew exactly what he was saying. Stop being his lap dog. Come on, Lindsey. So no longer opposition research for ANY campaign? Ridiculous. And you know it, Senator.

What a wimpy response from a wimpy man. Sure Lindsey, sure

Try “a crime”. GreenGrounded A mistake? That’s rich. Graham is another reason why we still have idiot Trump in the White House. Both are traitors to our country and they don’t represent the hard working Americans. Just like Trump, does any sensible person in America even believes anything that comes from Graham? He’s been covering for Trump’s lies since the death of Sen McCain.

Millions of ILLEGALS voting Democrat should be considered “ foreign “ interference in our elections. Lindsey looks a bit out there ... in some other planet. LindseyGrahamSC, But you are willing to sacrifice ethics and the truth, by supporting realDonaldTrump, a criminal. Spin cycle This guy is so full of shit.

What a joke LindseyGrahamSC is!! A bad, lying joke at that! Nothing more than a commuication statement that has been turned into the usual Flip by the Propaganda networks , another nothing burger. To late LindseyGrahamSC you and the Republicans have already sent many many signals that you’re ok with meddling.

New one Linsdsey. Yeh right. Mistake of law. the dotard himself is a mistake, Senator Wishy Washy. um, you've got some doddering drool there in the corner of your mouth from kissing up to your 'great leader'...... I fucking love how LindseyGrahamSC turns POTUS realDonaldTrump saying HE doesn't think it's wrong to recieve Intel from foreign countries during campaigning, to ITS THE DEMOCRATS FAULT! MOTHER FUCKER NONE, I REPEAT NONE OF THE DEMOCRATS HAVE SAID ANYTHING REMOTELY LIKE THAT!

Electing Lindsey Graham was 'a mistake.' The left does not really care about foreign influence. If they did they would address the thousands illegally crossing our border that could directly influence elections. LindseyGrahamSC is cool with it though and we know because all he does is run his mouth with zero action

No caddy job for Linseey. Hey LindseyGrahamSC that’s exactly what your buddy realDonaldTrump did! The late great SenJohnMcCain would be ashamed of you! Maybe someone should have mentioned that to Hilary in 2016? All talk and zero action. Be careful Lindsey. Don't see anything too much against your Supreme Leader. He might decide to withhold your manhood even past his rule if you cross him.

..'but I am going to continue to lick his boots and balls anyway'.. Why anybody gives a damn about what this idiothead has to say is beyond me. Let’s make excuses for clearly treasonous comments made during s tv interview by realDonaldTrump ImpeachmentHearings should have started today without hesitation. Congress is failing the American people, the constitution and the rule of law.

Does it look like he just found out he's not trumpsky's bestest of friends anymore? This is the guy that received, among others, money for their last election from Putin’s European Oligarch. Nothing happening with that yet.

Hired by Republicans opposed to trump to start. GStephanopoulos Hey Michael Jackson's corpse called....he wants his jacket back. GStephanopoulos Thought she refused to talk about our president anymore GStephanopoulos Steele Dossier? Schiff Russian dirt call? GStephanopoulos You guys are just going around in circles.

GStephanopoulos And Pelosi does not know the difference between drunk or sober. Just watch and listen to her she has a problem if not booze then drugs. DenverChannel GStephanopoulos TeamPelosi then do something about it! Begin televised impeachment hearings. Make the truth too loud to ignore! GStephanopoulos Get rid of him!!

GStephanopoulos Anyone remind her that it was Mrs. Clinton’s campaign which solicited dirt on Mr. Trump from Russian agents? Did anyone remind her that Russian election interference occurred under Obama’s watch? (He asked knowingly) GStephanopoulos Pelosi is corrupt

GStephanopoulos It shows a very flawed system if you can’t remove his ass from office to save your Country and all others in the line of danger from this man GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Someone tell Nancy that Theo Huxtible called and wants his shirt back GStephanopoulos WHAT did President Trump ever do to Nancy Pelosi to deserve this?!

GStephanopoulos The only adequate response by SpeakerPelosi would be to open an impeachment inquiry. Now. GStephanopoulos tired of hearing Nancy's twist on Dems lies , she spoke of some1 giving Bushes notes 2 the opposite party during a debate, halo bearing Dems turned it over to the FBI...hmm but it was ok then when Donna Brailze turned over the questions 2 Hillary during her debate with Trump?

GStephanopoulos She looks like she bout to race Paul Walker in an Audi GStephanopoulos Souless, fascists dem lawmakers like this disgraceful moron couldn't understand right from wrong if god himself came down and explained it to them. This woman is sick. GStephanopoulos And this idiot is president of the USA?

GStephanopoulos She needs an evaluation... my goodness she's hard to listen to!

GStephanopoulos She will soak in the spotlight, say the right words, pander to her audience, but at the end of the day...she and the rest of the docile 'Do Nothing' Dems will do what they've always done...NOTHING! Trump knows this and acts accordingly. ImpeachThatFoolNow GStephanopoulos The 'rule' is that government can not infringe on speech, be it with Americans or foreigners. We don't report private conversations to the STASI in the US. Yet.

GStephanopoulos Best Antipresident ever!😸 GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Suckers - check out his statement today. Steele Dossier is proof Democrats did this in 2016. So just suck up Nancy. GStephanopoulos All the more reason to get him out and if the republicans block it they should be charged with obstruction of justice.

GStephanopoulos Neither do you GStephanopoulos lol nice one...tough job being civil in a cesspool but somebody's got to do it GStephanopoulos She's preaching to the choir. Over and over and over again. But still no action to solve the issue? Is she being kept from all forms of media or told that the American people don't want his ass on a spike? Someone needs to wake Nancy up. We want: ImpeachmentInquiryNow

GStephanopoulos Saying trump does know the difference between right and wrong is way too nice a way to describe him. He doesn’t care. Don The Con is a total sociopath.

DenverChannel GStephanopoulos Oh, so you know the difference between right and wrong Nancy Pelosi! GStephanopoulos Mueller says he couldn’t charge conspiracy because it wasn’t evident if the Trump campaign knew what they were doing was wrong. Trump’s interview clearly shows it wouldn’t have mattered. ImpeachTrumpNow

GStephanopoulos 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 GStephanopoulos This goes on and on and on. Awful. Does anyone listen to her? GStephanopoulos 'Pinocchio' Pelosi has a issue with memory. The DNC/Clinton bought & paid for 'fake' info on Trump. 'Shifhty' Schiff and Warner of WV have taken info, but American's are expected to believe Trump is wrong & her party is innocent?

GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 GStephanopoulos All you can do is lie..... GStephanopoulos Do they not realize how bad Trump is trolling them? DesperateDemocrats GStephanopoulos Schumer is such a hypocrite at this point who takes what he says seriously.

GStephanopoulos Has he heard about russiancollusionhoax ?

GStephanopoulos Schumer is the. Undemocratic one ! GStephanopoulos Bullseye. Don wants to be a Dictator sooooooo BAD! GStephanopoulos Does Chucky Schumer Ever stop looking down his long nose ? It seems every time you see him he is . GStephanopoulos charliekirk11 Did you know: The DNC solicited help from Ukraine in getting dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 election The DNC was almost completely funded by Hillary Clinton How is that not collusion? Where is the $40 million Special Counsel investigation?

GStephanopoulos Don't you get it, Chuck? Republicans don't believe in the integrity of elections. They only believe in power. Which is why they have no trouble suppressing votes, accepting help from whomever will give it, and manipulating electoral districts. GStephanopoulos ENOUGH with the civil, diplomatic congress-speak. GET ANGRY!! RANT! RAVE! This is the time for it. We have NEVER been in a situation this grave in our lifetimes. The DEMS need to get mad and angry and beat down this damn man until he is destroyed.

GStephanopoulos ImpeachTrumpNow GStephanopoulos Schumer is an over dramatic windbag!! GStephanopoulos Can we please get Jon Stewart to address Trump’s comments? Someone needs to be angry, mean it and demand immediate action. GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump played the FakeNewsMedia like a funky piano! So HillaryClinton can produce a fake dossier from the Russians and the mob media doesn’t get mad nor the corrupt politicians 😝😝😝😝😝😝 very funny shit! PressSec MAGA GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos It's illegal, much more than 'undemocratic' GStephanopoulos Here goes the snake. They have actually done crap especially Obama wiretapped Trump, Hillary pd for Russian dirt, & you guys are fine with this. Big difference with listening to actually doing sooner than later you will see them arrested

wsbtv GStephanopoulos So, based on this can we assume Schumer will start investigating Clinton and the DNC regarding the Steele Dossier. Prepared by a British spy and filled with Russian “intelligence” and paid for by Clinton & the DNC? GStephanopoulos Power is corruptible, enough is never enough. GStephanopoulos Schumer was pranked by a Russian comedian posing as an individual with scandalous info on Trump. Hypocrites

wsbtv GStephanopoulos Cry about it GStephanopoulos Chucky the Hypocrite - his party guilty of this in 2016. GStephanopoulos Just called them what they are – criminal. GStephanopoulos Come on Chuck - where's the outrage? I mean the country is in danger and you're using words like undemocratic? And we are not one small step away - we are there!

LibsInAmerica GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos To simplify... it's called gossip. Everyone does it. GStephanopoulos More Uh, remember the dossier? Written by a foreigner claiming to have info from, among others, Russians; paid for by the HC campaign & DNC; used by the Obama admin, promoted by the media, etc. ... But these clowns are appalled by Trump’s answer, lol. marklevinshow

GStephanopoulos This is the first time that President Trump has admitted that foreign forces can legally intervene in the US election! GStephanopoulos Sometimes less is more. Know when to be quiet. GStephanopoulos Trump is like a crackhead fiending for Putin to give him just one more fix. Baby you did it for me last time. C’mon just one more time. I won’t ask again.

GStephanopoulos CROOK!!!! GStephanopoulos Unless I’m missing something,I thought that this was a crime. Wouldn’t they then become indebted to that country? GStephanopoulos Politicians, like the citizens they “represent”, are selfish and ignorant. All they(and we) are interested in is their own existence. Welcome to it, America. We elected this. We have no reason to complain.

GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi is this enough? GStephanopoulos So... He's learned nothing during the entirety of the Mueller probe. He still thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. No wonder senatemajldr won't take up election security. This is what the GOP has come to.

GStephanopoulos This is a stable genius? GStephanopoulos MO COLLUSION! GStephanopoulos He said 'thinks' he'd take it; & wouldn't 'necessarily' alert the FBI. All haters never learned Clinton's way to parse a phase. He never said 'would take' or he 'would not' alert the FBI. You've been trolled and your undies are in an uncomfortable bundle! abc cnn letsbeclear

GStephanopoulos Trump2020LandslideBaby GDP ⬆️ 🇺🇸 Life Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. Unemployment ⬇️ potus stopped TPP, Iran deal, bogus Paris treaty, he's buildthewall, stopped ISIS, he's got NATO paying dues and he's about to DrainTheSwamp if TheJusticeDept right SpeakerPelosi! NYC GStephanopoulos He didn’t inform the FBI in 2016 and he won...why would we expect him to pick up the phone in 2020? Just saying...

GStephanopoulos We've already seen how he will trust the word of dictators and not verify if a thing is true or not, really doesn't even care about truth. He wouldn't notify U.S. intelligence and wouldn't believe them if they said such information was wrong. This is a criminal administration. GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi Madam are you going to assure us that foreign officials haven't intefered with our votes in 2020? Trump just confirmed he will accept foreign dirt & won't call FBI. How do I know my vote won't be changed? You have a serious problem.

GStephanopoulos Once a crook always a crook CerromeRussell GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Does this have to do with Don Jr hearing?

GStephanopoulos Not quite sure why listening to, or reading words from someone is so bad. Every single elected official would do the same thing. realDonaldTrump just tells the truth. The Democratic Party is fighting to allow illegals to vote in our elections. How is that not interference? GStephanopoulos Since Trump says everybody does it I think he needs to start naming names !!!!! That it’s normal!!!!

GStephanopoulos The pres is laying the framework to distance himself from the fallout while claiming ignorance. I bet the administration is prepping a sacrificial lamb for slaughter. GStephanopoulos Trump would and has do what EVER it takes. Legal or Not.. GStephanopoulos Once Democrats told their shoddy past to foreign entities, we can't talk about it anymore? What a way to come clean.

GStephanopoulos What if the information is a dossier he paid for produced by a foreign figure, like I don’t know say the Brits? GStephanopoulos The only way this buffoon won was with foreign interference, so of course he'd do it again. SenateGOP Mitch is blocking the Election Security bill. WHY? Don't forget, GOP emails were hacked, too. And a certain country has lots o' dirt on these nasty devils!!

GStephanopoulos Trump trash. ImpeachmentInquiryNow GStephanopoulos Where is George Papadopoulos now? GStephanopoulos He is a traitor and a liar

GStephanopoulos This is unpatriotic and traitorous now watch his supporters unable to grapple with their betrayal of America so all they can do is scream Hillary, Democrats, and Obama. Enough is enough! GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Hillary took Russian Intel provided by a British spy and never contacted the FBI. Zero chance George has the balls to ask her about it

GStephanopoulos I expect nothing less from the moronic halfwit in The Oval Office, but the lack of push back from reporters INFURIATES ME! REPORTERS DO YOUR JOBS!!! STOP CODDLING HIM AND ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS AND PUSH BACK!!!! YOU ALL ARE DOING IT AGAIN! STOP GIVING HIM A PLATFORM FOR HATE. GStephanopoulos A note to all journalists covering congress today. Be sure to ask all GOP members what they think of this and all Democrats WTF he has to do for those in the house to get off their asses and uphold their oath and start impeachment hearings already. And but the senate is no excuse

GStephanopoulos ALWAYS ON TOP. NEVER INTIMIDATED. ALWAYS RIGHT. LOGIC. THAT IS MY POTUS SO PROUD OF HIM MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS PLANET WE CALL EARTH 🌍❤️❤️❤️ GStephanopoulos He's not a man who learns from his mistakes, is he? GStephanopoulos He said he would review and call fbi, that he would do both Why is it you don’t say the truth? Fake news!

GStephanopoulos The Real Obstruction of Justice & Collusion with Russia ends here when Hillary & her DNC Crime Family Foundation paid Millions of Dollars to Russian Fusion GPS to produce a Frivolous Dossier and commit Extrinsic Fraud upon the FISA Court to spy on President Trump other Americans GStephanopoulos Dumbass was für ein Idiot.

GStephanopoulos He’s so dense GStephanopoulos Just a proper criminal. GStephanopoulos Thoughts and prayers to democracy GStephanopoulos It's not an interference, they have information, I think I'd take it. If I thought there was something wrong I'd go, MAYBE, to the FBI - if I thought there was something wrong. Maybe !?! Are you kidding me !

GStephanopoulos I'm pretty sure the FBI would be interested in where/how this foreign entity acquired the information wouldn't they ? Obviously Mr Dumbass doesn't think so GStephanopoulos You got nothing but S........ instead of brains 🧠. GStephanopoulos Why don’t you show us the entire interview unedited in its entire state. I don’t think that something you’ll ever do is show the facts or the truth. SMH realDonaldTrump

GStephanopoulos Man he is pandering hard to the Russians to get him elected again. GStephanopoulos Proves Trump has no moral or ethical compass. How low can America go? GStephanopoulos Damn it, now Putin has to go all the way to Norway to make the call.

GStephanopoulos Don't call FBI, maybe yes,maybe no,call FBI. how many personalities he got up in that solarium fried skull? GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos FBI literally just used foreign oppo research against Trump. HELLLLLOOO!!!!! GStephanopoulos Paging RobertMueller GStephanopoulos You are a true professional George. I don't think I could have maintained my composure through him saying that.

GStephanopoulos HNac1979 Dit ook geen probleem? GStephanopoulos He has no sense of decency or patriotism. GStephanopoulos How about the uncut version? I say this is doctored video. Put out the whole session uncut. GStephanopoulos This is a really dumb person. GStephanopoulos Again?

GStephanopoulos Horrifying GStephanopoulos Country over party! ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW GStephanopoulos THE SITTING POTUS IS A TRAITOR!!! TrumpCriminalInvestigations ImpeachTrump IndictTrump IncarcerateTrump GStephanopoulos Someone needs to tell this idiot that his job is to protect us against foreign adversaries! Republicans you will pay a hefty price next election if you don’t cut him off! ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

GStephanopoulos That doesn’t sound like obstruction...not like HRC destruction of cell phones and email deletions....LoL GStephanopoulos He is exactly right! Don’t tell me that Hillary notified the FBI! 😂😂😂😂😂 GStephanopoulos Such bullsh**!! What have you done to help us AMERICANS! NOTHING!! Trump actually has done more than you and Congress combined!! AMERICANS KNOW WHO WILL HELP THEM AND ITS NOT ANY DEMOCRAT!!

GStephanopoulos The desired effect of this clip for Trump is to rally the base. He doesn't believe in polls b/c his base doesn't. They'll show up for him because he NEEDS them when the election cycle really matters. He will continue to shake the hornet's nest to remind them he needs them in 2020 GStephanopoulos How did a nation that leads the world in virtually everything end up with a president that can't be elected as golf club chairman in almost all the other countries?

GStephanopoulos WH: “Russia on the phone Mr. President...Putin has dirt on Biden...” POTUS: “...

GStephanopoulos How convenient he says this days before Jr talks to Congress. Trying to move the goal posts again to accept unethical illegal acts. GStephanopoulos trump’s a foreign agent for Russia. GStephanopoulos I guess it’s only ok for Democrats GStephanopoulos Is anyone surprised? GStephanopoulos Crook. Now he is trying to justify his crime.

GStephanopoulos 😡😡😡 GStephanopoulos SenSasse any comments? GStephanopoulos Pathetic! Our Country is in big trouble! GStephanopoulos In other words, if I am not re-elected and lose by a landslide but want to stay as President and a foreign country offers to help me retain the Presidency by any means necessary; I,DT, see nothing wrong in accepting their offer!!! EVERYTHING is fair in . . .


GStephanopoulos It's time to get rid of this S. O. B.? GStephanopoulos FBI CIA SpeakerPelosi chuckschumer HouseJudiciary HouseDemocrats WhiteHouse What the actual fuck are you lot going to do about this American Traitor? Your inaction is complicity in the betrayal of the American people, the Constitution and the foundations of your democracy.

GStephanopoulos I am pretty sure, George would jump at a chance to get ' dirt' on President Trump. The last thing he'd do would call the FBI. His first inclination would be to plaster it all over his network!!!! GStephanopoulos Your president said that out loud? Wow GStephanopoulos I doubt if one of Trump's opponents got foreign information on him that they would call the FBI. Dems are so stupid.

GStephanopoulos This man is so compromised I cannot believe he’s still a sitting president. GStephanopoulos What a polite thing to add 'necessarily'. I know were trying to translate from Trump, but in no way in his bumbling nonsense was there nuance. Not now or ever TBH. He was ALL BUT saying he supports any means necessary to win, including sacrificing core pillar of our country.

GStephanopoulos So who contacts fbi ? GStephanopoulos But you are the PRESIDENT of a COUNTRY. You’re supposed to have integrity and the national interest at see people, this is why you don’t elect a conman - sorry, businessman as your head of state GStephanopoulos

SethAbramson GStephanopoulos Of course, just like he did with Russia. And Russia has the pee tapes! Lol GStephanopoulos IamJesseJacks GStephanopoulos As long as Trump and the GOP are in power, our country and Democracy are in grave, grave danger. Every GOP member who supports this man should be held accountable. And, the Dems who sat on their hands while they had the power to stop him should also be held accountable.

GStephanopoulos TraitorTrump GStephanopoulos He thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He thinks if he just says it is fine, that makes the investigation and the definition of the law just go away. Wrong. GStephanopoulos Wow GStephanopoulos Cuz he's not stupid. Never interrupt your enemy defeating themselves. He makes better decisions than you joker's because he doesn't consider himself 'above' listening. He's tougher than you microagression soybois

GStephanopoulos WHY? Is this blatantly obvious criminal not yet IN JAIL?! You don't i repeat, DON'T get to make the rules GStephanopoulos Trump is right, again. GStephanopoulos Cue 'I was only joking with this....'

GStephanopoulos This mothfucka just snitched on himself GStephanopoulos 😡😡😡 GStephanopoulos Trump advisors right now GStephanopoulos He said 'why not do both?' it is literally in the video clip...geezus the confirmation bias is strong in these hysterical people. 😂 You folk are hilarious. GStephanopoulos So Dumpy claimed “NO COLLUSION “ with Russia...yet he sure would do it again, if the opportunity presented itself!

GStephanopoulos Oh this is funny. Dems have been looking for dirt on Trump since before he began his Presidency, and they are outraged that Trump would take dirt on opponent. What hypocrites! HotlineJosh GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos TRAITOR GStephanopoulos Seriously, do we need any other cause or reason to lock this man (Trump) up? This man is a traitor by definition ..... AND ............. he admits breaking the law. What the hell else do we need to get the Dems to DO THEIR JOB !!! IMPEACH !!!! and, then imprison this traitor.

GStephanopoulos Enough is enough. Wake up America. This is your country, disintegrating. Right before your eyes, you'll only have yourselves to blame if you continue to let this happen.

GStephanopoulos White House lawyers right now gtconway3d GStephanopoulos He's a real genius all right GStephanopoulos usdoj Barr knows realDonaldTrump and Jr. attempted to get dirt from Russia. Barr will also ensure future collusion efforts go uninterrupted. Barr can’t be sued but when his term ends following the 2020 election he can be charged with treason.

GStephanopoulos Shocking lack of ethical, moral and legal knowledge. We need an honorable person leading our country. It makes me sick to think of his influence watering down any shred of decency we have left. “They all do it” is not leading by example howdiditcometothis? GStephanopoulos Agree GStephanopoulos Jhoff10

GStephanopoulos Trump is a criminal. Where are you SpeakerPelosi ? mideagle GStephanopoulos We can’t trust the Senate to be honest! Mitch McConnell has already said he will block anything or anyone! So how can we believe anything that comes from them? GStephanopoulos Vile, fat, foul criminal treason-piggy TraitorTrump. ObstructionOfJustice TRE45ON. realDonaldTrump

GStephanopoulos 🥂

GStephanopoulos Admitting to crimes, on brand. GStephanopoulos Inaction has consequences, too. GStephanopoulos In two days, Trump will call this video taped interview fake news... GStephanopoulos NOT OK GStephanopoulos Any time a forgiven power offers help in an election, or approaches a presidential candidate realDonaldTrump it is treason and that person should report it, 'LEGALLY,' to the FBI.

GStephanopoulos I expect this to have the same effect as the statement about John McCain. 'I like people who weren't captured'. GStephanopoulos Wait, what are all of you upset about, Trump doing exactly what Clinton did? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? And please cite where that is actually a crime? Taking dirt from them is no more a crime than paying foreign agents for dirt on an opponent. Hypocrisy much?

BASportsGuy GStephanopoulos Traitor. GStephanopoulos Let this be a lesson to you young kids out there. If someone offers to help you cheat to win. Do it. 🤔🤔🙄😡🙄🙃 GStephanopoulos Until folks really absorb that this man has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they will continue to be surprised or aghast at what he says and does.

GStephanopoulos It would be pretty strange for a guy who is affiliated with Russian mobsters to ever have called the FBI. Just saying... GStephanopoulos gtconway3d GStephanopoulos Every FBI and CIA agent left after realDonaldTrump gets defeated in 2020 is going to have a field day uncovering every piece of dirt that ever existed on senatemajldr PressSec DevinNunes LindseyGrahamSC and Russian lovin’ Donnie John.

GStephanopoulos Do you think he knows he’s confessing to crimes? GStephanopoulos This has to be the trigger that will motivate the Speaker to begin impeachment proceedings. This isn’t buried within a 480 page Mueller report that few people read. Trump openly admits he’d still take opposition information from foreign government. He can’t call fake news.

GStephanopoulos He’d MAYBE go IF he thought there was something wrong?!!! Here’s the problem: the act of them offering information and you accepting it is WRONG!!! GStephanopoulos Trump is the reason we need to legalize abortion - because if it had been more accessible, I'm pretty sure his parents would have done it. We wouldn't be dealing with with human garbage

GStephanopoulos He'll just spin this as fake news as well. Honestly his base will just shove their fingers in their ears or say hes just joking when the only joke here is him. GStephanopoulos This means EmmanuelMacron (France) JustinTrudeau (Canada) and AngelaMerkeICDU (Germany) are free to work with US citizens to interfere in the 2020Election too. realDonaldTrump just approved it.

GStephanopoulos Translation: what the hell does a New York wannabe gangster POTUS have to say in this country to get impeached. SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats

GStephanopoulos The DNC & Hillary campaign took disinformation from Russians as opposition research, formed the false narrative of Russian Collusion, and have been feeding these lies to the American people for 3 years. That's okay, but Republicans getting oppo research is bad? Hypocrites. GStephanopoulos SenatorRomney SenMikeLee this is very concerning for anyone and/or any party.

GStephanopoulos Trump probably thinks he's the law, so why call them. DerangedDonald GStephanopoulos I wouldnt let this man manage the register to my bodega. Were in it because 1/5th of America has decided to vote for him, 3 million fewer than Hillary, by the way. GStephanopoulos BAHAHA, ABC = Trolled

GStephanopoulos Geez you take information from a foreign government ONCE and everyone makes a huge deal about it. GStephanopoulos ....unless he was “HIllary Clinton” and the FBI was trying to take down her opponent. GStephanopoulos Donald Trump, ladies & gentleman...the kind of guy who contracts AIDS, and immediately goes out whoring around without wearing a jimmy.

GStephanopoulos TraitorTrump GStephanopoulos Receipt of stolen property is a crime. Obviously, any information he received in 2016 was the result of stolen data & cyber-crimes.

GStephanopoulos Translation: the public at large is about to find out that I absolutely accepted intel from the Russians in 2016 in violation of the law and I need to try to normalize it first. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos When will we stop being surprised by this president's lack of morals? More importantly, when will we be appalled enough to remove him from office?

GStephanopoulos GMA GStephanopoulos Unbelievable that this idiot is still the president. GStephanopoulos No snitches GStephanopoulos Please do not tell me SpeakerPelosi did not know this interview was coming days ago and still won't open an impeachment inquiry. There's no point in supporting Democrats that rely on rhetoric.

GStephanopoulos Apparently trump should Google the definition of interference so he might learn that it is. GStephanopoulos Not a trump fan however I interpret this differently and tend to side with him here. GStephanopoulos Beyond words.

GStephanopoulos lockhimup ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW mikewickett GStephanopoulos P.o.S. GStephanopoulos Say oopo research again - you fraud GStephanopoulos Hell as POTUS he doesn’t have to rely on outside parties for info - just order the FBI to investigate his opponent as Obama did. GStephanopoulos Decidedly both.

GStephanopoulos ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW GStephanopoulos Somebody out there is loving this.... GStephanopoulos Setting aside the legal ramifications, just examine Trump’s attitude for a moment. The President of the United States of America is basically saying I think other people cheat so why wouldn’t I? This mans complete lack of ethical responsibility is an absolute disgrace. trump

GStephanopoulos The Psychological Projections are deep! For starters here is his fear! Also: He called the FBI on RealityWinner GStephanopoulos Opposition research is OK for the Democrats, but when the Republicans use opposition research, the Democrats call for impeachment and Russian collusion for 3 years and waste $40 million. Hypocrites.

GStephanopoulos ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ImpeachTheMF GStephanopoulos This alone should disqualified Trump from running. He has no loyalty to this country. GStephanopoulos I want off the crazy train.....NOW! SpeakerPelosi GStephanopoulos trump is a pig of HUGE magnitude. He has no boundries in his pursuit of hate and winning.

costareports GStephanopoulos He’s the only honest one in the room. costareports GStephanopoulos Once again, Trump shows who he is, and Congress sits on their hands. GStephanopoulos Every Democrat has done this. Now it's off limits? GStephanopoulos Not only is he a CRIMINAL, Now he's describing a CRIME that he's going to commit, justifying and de-criminalizing the CRIME and telling us that he'd commit the CRIME if given the opportunity. STALIN-ESQUE DEMAGOGUERY at it's finest. How is this guy NOT BEHIND BARS?!

costareports GStephanopoulos “The FBI Director is wrong” GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos He is a good man. Talks sense all the time ! GStephanopoulos For a president to be un presidential is treason in itself wtf are these Republicans getting paid for? Unbelievable GStephanopoulos Russia, if you're listening... GStephanopoulos TWITLER, IT IS ALSO CALLED TREASON! BUT YOU KNOW THAT, YOU DID IT BEFORE!

GStephanopoulos orangecriminal. orangetraitor GStephanopoulos Isn't that the definition of collusion? GStephanopoulos Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, STILL SHAME ON YOU and every elected official or voter who willingly and unabashedly supports your treasonous actions. GStephanopoulos Trump is a threat to National Security.... plain and simple. Democrats Democrats2020 Dems2020 Dems Democratic DemocraticParty SenateDems HouseDemocrats HouseJudiciary democrat

GStephanopoulos M🍑🍊💩❗️ GStephanopoulos Does he know what is coming from his mouth?

GStephanopoulos In other words, Jr. did nothing wrong. GStephanopoulos Um FBI ... want to do something about this? Please? SpeakerPelosi ? Anyone What the actual F*** are you going to do about this? costareports GStephanopoulos Are we paying for his tanning? GStephanopoulos If this stands then we need to disavow ourselves of the notion that we are a nation of laws.

GStephanopoulos We also need to talk about his tanning bed session today..... GStephanopoulos Russia can you hear me... GStephanopoulos NoCollusionNoObstruction VoteOutEveryDemocratInOfficeIn2020 Trump2020Landslide DemocratsCircusShow GStephanopoulos HELLO SpeakerPelosi GStephanopoulos Odd that you choose to focus on this rather then the fact that The FBI didn’t alert realDonaldTrump during the election... 🧐

costareports GStephanopoulos This is what an autocrat/dictator does....and gop condones this

GStephanopoulos What a 🐖 GStephanopoulos Clearly, this is the reason he wouldn’t sit with Mueller. His lawyers knew this is how he would respond. Gone would be any assumption of ignorance. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos ImpeachTrump EnoughIsEnough TraitorTrump GStephanopoulos senatemajldr After seeing this I'm certain History WILL view you as THE architect of the destruction of our republic Greed for $$$ and power is evil And that's exactly why you sold-out 🇺🇸 Do you really think all those federal judges are be able to fix this? BlindAndGreedy

GStephanopoulos Absolutely POTUS! TheFeralLeft Fascist Liberal SocialistDem Nazis TheDemocrats & their PAC FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople DemocratShills CNN nytimes washingtonpost MSNBC NBCNews CBS need to be Arrested as DomesticTerrorist GStephanopoulos Fake News- cover it all GStephanopoulos This is what happens when no one takes action. Treason in the shadows turns into treason in plain sight. This MF should be draw and quartered.

GStephanopoulos I love how easily you DemocRATS melt over a comment like this. Hearing you squirm and moan like a nympho in heat is amazing. The mind f-king realDonaldTrump is giving you might as well have Cohen take a mortgage on his cell and pay you guys up. GStephanopoulos 😆😆😆

GStephanopoulos So what ... another nothing burger GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Treasonous effer GStephanopoulos Get on with the impeachment proceedings. Bring everything to light, in public, for all to see, and for Donnie to refute- if he can. Make the GOP stand with his lies and crimes, and let them get judged accordingly.

GStephanopoulos This amounts to approval of spying, by a foreign power, on US citizens!! At the same time Trump wants to ignore our own intelligence services? IMPEACH him, try him and lock him up. He’s spitting on the very flag the Trumpers claim to love. GStephanopoulos There are 2 words that should never be used together Republican and patriot

GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi Video I’m sure you’ve seen saying he’s willing to work with foreign governments to circumvent the election process. Anything about that seem illegal/un-American/treasonous to you!!!!!! TheDemCoalition Somebody needs to hold this buffoon accountable. GStephanopoulos Why are his pupils are so HUGE?

GStephanopoulos This is the most destructive, despicable, can we continue to allow this person to represent this country in any way? GStephanopoulos I am outraged

GStephanopoulos This is our president? GStephanopoulos He looks unwell. Is he high? GStephanopoulos 52 USC 30121: “It shall be unlawful for a foreign national, directly or indirectly, to make a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value, connection with a Federal, State, or local election.”

GStephanopoulos Two days of interviews and they capture one sentence. Garbage news, not journalism. GStephanopoulos Why are we being punished lord? GStephanopoulos So when Hilary says for china to do the same thing, it’s no big deal. GTFOOH! GStephanopoulos Admits he’s a Treasonous Bastard GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos And TRUMP said he would not Report it to the FBI. HOW would he know if the information is true. Trump could ruin a person's life with false information. This man is INSANE and Dangerous. Please TRUMP get out go back to that Mar La Go thingy and leave AMERICA alone. GStephanopoulos Someone is going to have to tell me when political opposition research became illegal....

GStephanopoulos He is blatantly soliciting illegal obtained information from foreigners again. GStephanopoulos This is comedy. The DNC server could have been hacked by a 5 year old. Podesta’s email password was password. GStephanopoulos His son’s “a good man “just like neo-Nazi fascists are “good people” too. His two sons wouldn’t even pay their pub bill one night they went slumming and buying drinks all around! Good man?!? NOT!

GStephanopoulos He is UnAmerican, period. GStephanopoulos And somewhere in Kremlin Putin is high fivin his oligarch buddies and doing shots of Smirnoff! GStephanopoulos I mean seriously people it’s time to put all our lives on hold and take to the streets. If our leaders won’t lead we need to March! March on the doorsteps of SpeakerPelosi and senatemajldr ITS TIME TO IMPEACH! ImpeachTrumpNow

GStephanopoulos So then it was fine for Democrats to seek out the Steele dossier? GStephanopoulos TrumpIsAThug VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare GStephanopoulos Just dummy! GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos Trump publicly says there's nothing wrong with obtaining foreign intel on opponents but still openly criticizes the Steele Dossier and thinks all those involved should be jailed. Another day, another example of blatant Trump hypocrisy. GStephanopoulos He's right. Lol who's going to call the fib. Lol that's the style at thing I've ever heard. You think the democrats call the fib when Russia gave them dirt. And pretended they had information. Chuck Schumer was excited to hear it. Lol give me a break

GStephanopoulos What no one seems to be pointing out- if he actually believed this then the entire republican argument for debunking the Mueller Inv.- the Steele dossier- is then in fact entirely legitimate, GStephanopoulos For Democrats you call it oppo research. For Trump you call it Collusion. Just stop!

GStephanopoulos Of course he’s never called the FBI, HES TOO BUSY DODGING THEM! . Owning casinos in NJ, real estate developer in NY hiring all those union employees with many controlled by the mob, and he said about Cohen.”I’ve been around lots of “flippers”.....I don’t doubt he wasn’t honest! GStephanopoulos So little truth comes out of his mouth, but when it does it’s frightening!

SethAbramson GStephanopoulos We need Jon Snow to just take out this mad king right now :( GStephanopoulos Good evening everyone, I like to introduce you to the honorable Mr. Donald J. Arnold FreeStateOJones GStephanopoulos So what’s the big deal? GStephanopoulos so in effect he is happy to work with foreign powers against american citizens....... interesting

GStephanopoulos The craziest part of the video is that we finally know that realDonaldTrump uses ear muffs to cover his eyes when he gets spray tanned. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos The fact that this is able to go on like this with out any REAL opposition from the Dem is just fucking mind boggling.

GStephanopoulos TheJusticeDept Revoke his security clearance immediately, lock down and search his communications, and secure this nation from this despot and his illegal behavior. GStephanopoulos This guy must go. Period. Unbelievable. GStephanopoulos He is a traitor. Full stop. GStephanopoulos Are you god damn kidding me?

GStephanopoulos This man is a national security threat SpeakerPelosi DO SOMETHING GStephanopoulos UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, for example, has said that any attempt to criminalize mere information sharing between U.S. campaigns and foreign actors could run afoul of the First Amendment. This particular area of law, he has noted, is not particularly well fleshed out.


GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump you know who else we’re good young boys? The Central Park five! You took an $85,000 ad out calling for the death penalty! FU GStephanopoulos This is unbelievable and if you voted for him SHAME!!!! He had help from Russia he is a liar con man and he is ruining our country! You may not have liked Hillary but this guy is NOT making America great is is destroying it with the help of a foreign country. He said it!!!

GStephanopoulos This sort of thing makes me want to move to a battleground state in September 2020 GStephanopoulos *will do it again... GStephanopoulos He doesn't even try to hide it anymore. Right in front of you America. GStephanopoulos Why would you call the FBI? Maybe they would arrest you. GStephanopoulos How is this not enough to begin impeachment proceedings immediately? SpeakerPelosi SenateGOP SenateDems HouseJudiciary HouseGOP HouseDemocrats ?

GStephanopoulos He's shooting people in the street right now. GStephanopoulos The fact that this shit doesn’t get him impeached is a complete disgrace to America! Lawless country! GStephanopoulos nOrWaY

GStephanopoulos Malignant narcissist, sociopath. Wholly unfit. GStephanopoulos Now I see why evangelicals love him so much. No matter what he admits to, even on National TV, it’s like he’s walking on water. Nothing ever matters. GStephanopoulos So, he did it and will four again if we don’t stop him!!!! Congress fo your job!!!!!!!

GStephanopoulos Criminals don't call the FBI. Honest, ethical people do. GStephanopoulos Too much sun his face is melting GStephanopoulos Of course he would. He's a unpatriotic criminal traitor. GStephanopoulos He is begging for it.... ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW GStephanopoulos Disgraceful, he’s not fit to be President. Absolutely morally corrupt.

GStephanopoulos So realDonaldTrump collusion then ? Got it. GStephanopoulos UnfitForOffice ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

GStephanopoulos Bruh he literally said “maybe” GStephanopoulos The Steele Dossier was paid for by Hillary & the DNC and was acquired from RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT SOURCES GStephanopoulos Hillary paid for what is now seen as the invention of false information by a foreign agent. All politicians do opposition research it was detailed in the TRUMP CARD book series that began 2-yes ago with

GStephanopoulos This is unacceptable!! GStephanopoulos Omg GStephanopoulos I guess we should all want to know what dirt Norway has on Biden? Or is it on Bernie? Would have never figured them to be such a spy nation GStephanopoulos 🤦‍♀️🤬that’s it. GStephanopoulos Yeah, just like Hillary camp called the FBI who was spying on the Trump campaign ... And the CIA, and the British Intelligence. If You call the FBI, they might turn on you ...

GStephanopoulos What do you expect from a criminal? A criminal covering for another criminal, yet he's calling for the imprisonment of HillaryClinton . realDonaldTrump is the lowest of the lowest GStephanopoulos Seems like some of these same people were all too happy or at least unbothered when it was just that awful ambitious woman being stopped. Nevermind the consequences.... Let’s hope it’s not too late.

GStephanopoulos I can’t hear this any more! Sick GStephanopoulos Collusion ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW DerangedDonald GStephanopoulos So when his opposition has info supplied by a foreign entity (Steele Dosier) thats ok too right? Cool. Lets do more of that. SethAbramson GStephanopoulos I’m so tired of this B.S. Americans should be outraged is there no bottom? VOTETRUMPOUT

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Lest we forget realDonaldTrump was an FBI informant a couple of decades ago. Literally. An. FBI. Informant. GStephanopoulos donny 2021 GStephanopoulos Dip shit does it again WTF? GStephanopoulos Speechless. Really. Speechless. GStephanopoulos MakeAmericaGreatAgain continues with the re-election of realDonaldTrump in 2020.

GStephanopoulos So “collusion”? Got it. GStephanopoulos TrumpCriminalInvestigation corrupt mentallyunstable GStephanopoulos Good luck spinning trump's own words, trumpbots. I can't wait to hear this 💩... 😆🍿 GStephanopoulos In other words “ Russia go right ahead and send me everything you got”.... SMH!!

GStephanopoulos He dismisses rules & laws as refuse. So disturbing. GStephanopoulos Yikes GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos He’s willing to work with a foreign country to win GStephanopoulos Oh well of course discerningKSB GStephanopoulos Stand up America, we’re the ones who can change this nasty cycle!! Stand up America!!!

GStephanopoulos Is this not borderline treason? Or maybe not even borderline? GStephanopoulos Hey JohnCornyn tedcruz you go along with this? Perhaps instead of going along with TrumpCollusion, you need to ReadTheMuellerReport and stop CoverUp of Trump! Our Democracy is at stake! GStephanopoulos I’m so sick of this family! They represent everything that is wrong with our country!

GStephanopoulos More than 25 years of collectively pandering to ridiculous, willfully ignorant conservatives has brought this nation to the brink. GStephanopoulos Is this not treasonous behaviour? GStephanopoulos It’s like treason adjacent. GStephanopoulos And once again Trump takes center stage by saying something utterly corrupt, insane or illegal, but by tomorrow everyone will be distracted by the next stupid thing. There are no consequences to anything Trump says or does. Blame senatemajldr and SpeakerPelosi

GStephanopoulos Treasonous &disgusting. Our 'president' is serving himself, not America. There is absolutely no question. Anyone still claiming to believe otherwise, is also self-serving & corrupt. GStephanopoulos Maybe the American people should write Trump a sternly worded letter and then collectively clutch the pearls.

GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi You may want to start them IMPEACHMENT PAPERS NOW ❗️❗️❗️❗️ 🚨This miscreant scoundrel is telling the world he’d accept Russia’s interference to get dirt on an opponent🚨❗️ 🤨☝🏼 📌Not acceptable📌 Impeach45 now

GStephanopoulos George never asks the follow up. “Ok, how do you think the oppo research was obtained?” Trump said Gore was different because it was stolen. You have to make Trump see his info could be stolen. GEORGE LEARN TO FOLLOW UP. GStephanopoulos Yeah, I’d break the law again & give a foreign adversary a hold over me. I’ll give em’ what they want if they just keep quiet about it.

GStephanopoulos “Oh, let me call the FBI. Give me a break. Life doesn’t work that way” Spoken like a true criminal. GStephanopoulos Not guilty 🤹🏽‍♂️ GStephanopoulos See something, say something! GStephanopoulos He needs to be gone GStephanopoulos You have to be f’ing kidding me. GStephanopoulos Sounds like this tweet is gunna be used in a future legal case but ok

GStephanopoulos Can we just call this Admission of Guilt, slap some tiny little handcuffs on him and call it a day already? For fucks sake, he really can shoot someone on 5th Ave. GStephanopoulos WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN!!!!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

GStephanopoulos The first honest words this term GStephanopoulos I would pay a year’s salary for 15 in-litigatable minutes with this atrocious creature. GStephanopoulos This is straight up Trump saying he would commit treason to win in 2020. That doesn't paint a good picture for his denials in the 2016 election either?!?! ImpeachmentInquiryNow!!!

GStephanopoulos Impeach now! Jesus, what more do you need to hear TheDemocrats!?!? GStephanopoulos Sad troll president knows he needs Russian interfetence, and it's more than info, actual vote disappearances. We all need to vote to grab our nation back from Putin's puppet. DumpTrump GStephanopoulos Just love the virtue posturing by liberals. Give me a break. We love President Trump, because he is genuine, honest and tells it like it is and it drives you all nuts!!

GStephanopoulos impeachDonaldTrump GStephanopoulos Trump agrees on foreign meddling in votes, as long as he benefits. GStephanopoulos Open Treason GStephanopoulos gop GOPLeader An American President should be forced to resign for this level of betrayal to his oath of office and to the nation. Where are you? Why aren’t you outraged?

GStephanopoulos 'Russia and China, if you're listening..' GStephanopoulos George S. showed what a little twerp he really is, leaning on the President's desk and putting his face in Trump's face! No respect, trying to prove he's somebody? Despicable display of a brash non-journalist, he proves he's a propagandist for the Clintons and Dims.

GStephanopoulos trump is a traitor traitortrump GStephanopoulos So Hillary pays Russians via Steele and THATs ok? Lol GStephanopoulos I don’t think I’ll ever be able to process Donald Trump is our President GStephanopoulos It seems he thinks that being political opponents in America means that you are *actual opponents*. If you had international opponents and another country had info for you, that’s one thing. But using foreign intelligence against your compatriot Electric chair.

GStephanopoulos Still waiting for SenatorIsakson and sendavidperdue to put their country above party. GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump is a THREAT to NationalSecurity. I solemnly swear that I will support & defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. FBI SecretService SpeakerPelosi senatemajldr VP Invoke25 Invoke25 Invoke25 Invoke25 Invoke25 Invoke25 🇺🇸 1st

GStephanopoulos Russia if you’re listening please send your dirt on Trump. You’ve been given the ok. GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos FBI Hello? Does anyone, there in the FBI, hear this Hello GStephanopoulos Honestly after this truly WTF statement (deeply embarrassing to the nation and the presidency) any lingering doubts the Dems have about moving forward with impeachment should instantly vanish. He’s unfit for this office in every way!

GStephanopoulos normalizing treason GStephanopoulos Tag a friend who would do the same thing! LindseyGrahamSC GStephanopoulos TRUMP 2020 GStephanopoulos If none of the prior outrageous acts have been a wake up call to the Republican Party, this HAS to be it! It’s time to get serious about getting rid of Trump. We can’t take another day of his outrageous acts. To think he’s our president makes me so ashamed.

GStephanopoulos This is a man with no true morals. It’s horrible that he would side with foreign figures over our citizens and the FBI. GStephanopoulos Life doesn’t work that way for cheaters like realdonaldTrump GStephanopoulos Yep! He's a sociopath. GStephanopoulos TreasonTrump PutinsGOP

GStephanopoulos ImpeachmentNOW ImpeachmentNOW ImpeachmentNOW ImpeachmentNOW ImpeachmentNOW ImpeachmentNOW GStephanopoulos Donald Trump belongs behind bars. Enough is enough already! Treason is treason. GStephanopoulos Next step, he shoots someone and gets away with that too GStephanopoulos Your son is neither good nor young.

GStephanopoulos America first? Second? Third? Keep going? GStephanopoulos I hope the surveillance on this guy continues please. GStephanopoulos SenToomey Make a statement about this, Pat. Show your spine. GStephanopoulos Seriously! WTF! impeachment GStephanopoulos Republicans in congress rn: GStephanopoulos Turned on FOX news to see their take and it didn't even get a mention.

GStephanopoulos How is anyone in our nation talking about anything other than this? GStephanopoulos Lock him up. GStephanopoulos Hey seanhannity IngrahamAngle TuckerCarlson You playing this clip on your shows tonight? GStephanopoulos Well, isn't that exactly what the democrats did and nobody said anything? Hypocrites

GStephanopoulos I am officially and unapologetically afraid for our way of life. GStephanopoulos Admission of guilt TraitorInChief GStephanopoulos Only one thought GStephanopoulos This ain’t even funny GStephanopoulos Why would this surprise anyone? We have a mobster in the White House. He’s guilty of collusion, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, fraud, bribery and probably a lot more. Wake up! He’s a crook!

GStephanopoulos 'Faithful' execution of the law doesn't mean killing the law by stomping on it.

GStephanopoulos Holy shit, he really did admit in the open that he is willing to cheat to win AND willing to use foreign intelligence to boot? I wanna see how his ass-kissers will try to spin this. GStephanopoulos This is what happens when criminals face no consequences for their crimes. Thanks Dems.

GStephanopoulos “Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails...” 2020 GStephanopoulos What a fool!!!! GStephanopoulos I think you did an excellent interview with mr. Stephanopoulos, very presidential I think you're finally satisfying the minds of those who doubted you. Thank you for your service.

GStephanopoulos Presidential Treason GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos The spray tan isn’t working so well anymore. GStephanopoulos “I will be the President of Law and Order” * GStephanopoulos Calling all patriots! Ok a patriot! Let’s go!!! Impeachment hearings ⏰ I am all for dragging his traitorous a$$ to jail!

moira104 GStephanopoulos WTH GStephanopoulos To dumb to avoid self incrimination GStephanopoulos Well said by the 'Oppo'-tunist! When does it end? GStephanopoulos Seriously! GStephanopoulos Someone please explain to this idiot how a President is held to a higher standard. No wait, it wouldn’t do any good. This man is a liar, a cheat, an adulterer, a misogynist and the list goes on and on.

TAPSTRIMEDIA GStephanopoulos The president of the United States is raping and mulling the fabric of America our constitution and everything this country was built on! GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Anything you can do to stop this and save our country is honorable.! GStephanopoulos No realDonaldTrump it is called, Your Son is a criminal and deserves to face jail for collaborating with a foreign power, You Sir deserve the same a max security wing general population no protective custody, Your family does not deserve the respect afforded prisoners.

GStephanopoulos He just admitted he would commit treason.

GStephanopoulos TraitorTrump TrumpCrimeSyndicate TrumpCriminalInvestigations GStephanopoulos So, he’s for sale to the highest bidder! Oh so treason.... GStephanopoulos To all of the “patriots” out there who support this man—— Wake up and be real patriots. Our country needs everyone to come together, before it is too late.

GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump loves open election borders gtconway3d GStephanopoulos Trump has verbal & Twitter incontinence. His true nature always leaks out of his rapidly deteriorating brain. GStephanopoulos I am sick, heart broken. My country is dying. joncoopertweets GStephanopoulos How about if they give us information on you Trump. How about if Russia puts the pee pee tapes on national TV. Will that be okay with you?

shaunking GStephanopoulos Not at all surprised.... th3j35t3r GStephanopoulos Trump says he’d take info from foreign powers about his political opponents—it’s not like they’d want something in return or anything. OMG 😳 GStephanopoulos What is it going to take to remove this weasel? Seriously?

GStephanopoulos MAGA jumping in to defend him like...(crickets) GStephanopoulos nothing wrong with getting a leg up when a little birdie whispers something in your ear 😉 GStephanopoulos You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to figure this one out ImpeachTheMF GStephanopoulos DNC approached Ukrainian gov't for dirt on Trump team, particularly Manafort. They delivered. Hillary PAID Russians through Steele for info from Russian gov't sources close to Kremlin. They supposedly delivered. Maybe I missed the universal condemnation of Hillary & DNC? Or not.

GStephanopoulos Is he begging Congress to impeach him? GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Someone please arrest this man. gtconway3d GStephanopoulos Trump without his muzzle.. GStephanopoulos Good for Trump. Shoe is on other foot.

GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump Typically, a foreign government isn't just going to call you with information. Somewhere in the conversation, the question cones up, 'What's it worth to you?' GStephanopoulos MikeKellyPA SenToomey This is treason!! cowards GStephanopoulos I’m sure his comment is being taken out of context 🙄

GStephanopoulos So... SpeakerPelosi FBI Balls in your court. Please, a nation is begging you. Trump just flat-out confessed to criminal intent in front of a camera. Do. Something. cc: SenatorDurbin SenDuckworth GStephanopoulos GOOD GOD!!!!!! TAPSTRIMEDIA GStephanopoulos I cannot tolerant this complete blatant disregard for America’s laws and traditions by the president of our country! This is grounds for impeachment on its own. Trumps a criminal so is his family the entire administration and the senate republicans! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

GStephanopoulos Seriously I don't blame him, he got away with it the first time 🙄 GStephanopoulos I have not seen an honestly honest president in this world right now like realDonaldTrump GStephanopoulos He is an asset of a foreign government. How many damn interviews do you all need? Reporters, you wanna do something. Read the Muller report none stop live on air till our ears bleed. Stop feeding the Beast.

GStephanopoulos Jesus Christ.

GStephanopoulos Dear SpeakerPelosi I think this should do it right ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW GStephanopoulos How about the dirty Democrats quit committing crimes for there to be dirt to dig up on them... Trump2020 GStephanopoulos He’s saying the quiet part out loud again. GStephanopoulos SenateGOP HouseGOP senatemajldr Jim_Jordan LindseyGrahamSC Bwahahahahahaha he did it

GStephanopoulos Translation: I already did it. Got away with it. Will do it again. GStephanopoulos Traitor GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi ImpeachDonaldTrump GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Please tell him to stop talking. GStephanopoulos Hey SpeakerPelosi, so impeach him now? You gotta do something, Speaker Pelosi!

GStephanopoulos So, how would he feel if his opponent got dirt on him from somebody who knows, like maybe Putin? GStephanopoulos *crickets' from GOP GOPCorruption GOPComplicit GStephanopoulos Adam Schiff got a phone call about the same thing. He didn’t call the FBI. How often does this happen and we don’t hear about it. Don’t be naive.

GStephanopoulos hahahahaaaa unreal GStephanopoulos Wow. Just wow! GStephanopoulos What the hell!! This guy is really out there. Shouldn’t the FBI be arresting him GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump , ever consider putting your country's interests above your own? GStephanopoulos I pray, hope, protest and get the community around me activated so that we never need to see this monster’s face ever again after 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 neveragain shall we be so stupid to vote for such scumbag . I’m also over being politically correct...

GStephanopoulos He is a disgrace. GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler can you hear him?

GStephanopoulos Can you name anyone that wouldn’t, I’m waiting. Liars. GStephanopoulos Why is this a surprise? Trump doesn’t live by any set of moral values. He doesn’t have any honor. The only things that dictate his thinking is what is best for him. This is what happens when your parents don’t raise you right.

GStephanopoulos Master troller of the media 😂😂😂 GStephanopoulos Trump & the GOP (the complicate minions) do know this would works both ways TheLeadCNN. lets see how trump minions spin this BS on the news. 'He didn't mean it that way', 'u took it out of context' blah blah. so predictable! Its the democrats fault!

GStephanopoulos Lock. Him. Up. Treason Collusion NoMoralCompass GStephanopoulos Donald is not just crazy. He really does not know right from wrong. GStephanopoulos donald confirms that he wants to cooperate with foreign countries about the election in the US. This is treason. GStephanopoulos 'Would I collude? Sure why not.' -Trump

GStephanopoulos So someone calls the FBI, and they do what the FBI does- can’t Trump just ignore it and move on as he has been doing since he became “president”? 🙃 GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos Someone-anyone, please define the word 'collusion' and tell me how what 'genius' said wasn't threatening collusion with a foreign government. HOUSE MUST IMPEACH!!! GStephanopoulos JESUS WEPT!! GStephanopoulos he and his adminstration should be court martialed for treason SethAbramson GStephanopoulos That spray tan looks so ridiculous

GStephanopoulos What does he think collusion means? GStephanopoulos Lol LOOOOOL!!!! gtconway3d GStephanopoulos There is a coup going on from inside of the executive branch. Aided by McConnel. Aided by Graham. Aided by Collins. Aided by Murkowski. Aided by Romney. GStephanopoulos He is either the most naive politician ever or the most un-American. Maybe stop to think, hmm, why does a foreign country want to help me Perhaps they see it in their own best interest which they clearly care about more than the interest of the USA. High Crime & Misdemeanor!

GStephanopoulos Never ending ignorance from that poor excuse of a man. He is unfit!!!!! GStephanopoulos This is impeachable, in and of itself.

GStephanopoulos Beyond horrifying. ImpeachTrump ImpeachmentInquiryNow GStephanopoulos He’s gotten away w so much that he will keep pushing the limits. GOP have let him destroy their party. Why?! GStephanopoulos This is unbelievable. Is that how you want your president to act? GStephanopoulos He's exactly right, just how he explained it.

GStephanopoulos lol he legit just learned the term 'oppo research' and is using repeatedly it to look like he knows what's going on GStephanopoulos In due process, he will get what's coming to him and a lot of people will be taken down with him and that's what his fixer was telling his administration and Republicans at the hearing in front of Congress and the American people. Justice will be served.

GStephanopoulos I'm just waiting for the statement from the White House explaining that President Trump did not say 'I think I'd take it'. He said 'I don't think I wouldn't not take it' but there was an audio problem. GStephanopoulos Wow. Our president is a lying, cheating, immoral, unethical, unprincipled, criminal piece of crap. oneterm

GStephanopoulos Classic Trump DUMBSPLAINING GStephanopoulos Republicans would have jumped in the ring to help Ivan Drago pummel Apollo Creed.

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos He's your guy...sad really. GStephanopoulos This man is a traitor. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos This president is in contempt of his oath of office and of the constitution of the United States. He is unfit to be president. He will do anything unlawful to retain power. And we just heard it from his own lips!!

GStephanopoulos Traitor to his own country. Kick him out of office. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos This guy is not very smart . GStephanopoulos What the actual fuck? GStephanopoulos No, the FBI Director IS NOT WRONG realDonaldTrump He’s making stuff up again, I have to turn him off

GStephanopoulos The only thing that changes is that now republicans are ok with treason. Please, cry about her emails some more but overlook this GStephanopoulos Trump is the stupidest man in America - how did this man become your President - really - the world is just laughing at you all at this point — except for the fact that this man has made the world more dangerous than its ever been - this is just a joke

GStephanopoulos Look at that smug prick. Why is this criminal still in the White House? Trump and McConnell belong in jail. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Yet we’ve locked up our own people for exposing the fact that you’ve accepted help from a foreign country? By Trump’s logic, RealityWinner should have never been prosecuted because she exposed nothing of importance 🤔

GStephanopoulos Hmmm, I think that your opponent would call that foreign interference, why would a foreign country prefer one candidate over another? Maybe they candidate they helped would eliminate SANCTIONS ? Is this real ? Are we really here? CriminalPresident GStephanopoulos Trump: it’s perfectly normal for everything to smell like old piss. Perfectly normal.

GStephanopoulos Each and every GOP lawmaker who has served as a Trump sycophant or has remained silent will have their legacy stained with the label of traitor to our national security and democratic ideals. VoteThemOut...each and every one of them. GStephanopoulos lol traitor GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump So, I have always known most politicians are corrupt, thanks for verifying that, and also, you sir, are pure poison to the Constitution, and to the nation. Treason, plain and simple. Be gone.

GStephanopoulos There’s Trump again proving us wrong; just when we thought he showed already all his stupidity and corruption, he shows that he can be stupider and corrupter. Sad and shame. GStephanopoulos Did it before why would you expect him not to do it in 2020? GStephanopoulos This man does not have a moral compass!

GStephanopoulos When you let criminals slide, they start thinking they could skate right through. HouseJudiciary SpeakerPelosi gtconway3d GStephanopoulos Why the hell isn't the Rep. party screaming about this?! He's blatantly telling us he'll do it again! GStephanopoulos His base will still be behind him 100%. Utterly ridiculous!

GStephanopoulos Give George a journalism award! He got more important information out of Mr. Trump than our main man Mr. Mueller. Congrats! GStephanopoulos Lol DrilonS TyPatrick89 SethAbramson GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump GStephanopoulos It’s actually now worse than Veep. Even Selena Myer tried to hide the interference.

GStephanopoulos Here's Adam Schiff on a call with what he thinks are russian operatives trying to get information on Trump. Go ahead and take a seat, ABC. GStephanopoulos If i hear someone -talkin to me- conspiring to do a crime and i dont report it, i am being an accessory. Specially, if am a President and we're talkin about imprison opposing party candidates and i wont fuckin shut up about it un rallies.

GStephanopoulos And as usual .... Republicans remain silent! GStephanopoulos Pupils only get that big from ingested chemicals. IOW, the president appears to be high on drugs in this video clip GStephanopoulos Someone needs to make this man disappear. Like yesterday. GStephanopoulos Trump is 100 percent correct! Trump 2020 ! Lock her up! Build the wall!!

GStephanopoulos RepLawrence your office will be hearing me from every day and every other Democrats I can round up in our district. This man must go. He did the crimes, show it. ImpeachmentInquiryNow HouseJudiciary tedlieu OversightDems RepAdamSchiff GStephanopoulos Impeachment NOW, SpeakerPelosi.

GStephanopoulos He is not well. He has undignified the highest office in the land. Shame on America. GStephanopoulos Why did he puck Norway

GStephanopoulos Yeah, realDonaldTrump admitting to the fact the he WOULD COMMIT TREASON. Impeachment investigation start tomorrow. GStephanopoulos Trump is a crook who not only doesn’t learn, he doesn’t want to learn. He just told America, but 30% aren’t listening and another 20% don’t understand. GStephanopoulos pls leave Norway out of it they did nothing wrong

GStephanopoulos I’ve read this somewhere before. GStephanopoulos Hey Vlad there melting down over here!!!😆😆😆cnnbrk maddow MSNBC JoeBiden Oprah WillieGeist mikebarnicle JoeNBC mikebarnicle BrookeBCNN wolfblitzer andersoncooper WSJ TheView TheDemocrats RepJerryNadler 😆😆😆😆😆JOKE!! MAGA 2020 realDonaldTrump robreiner

GStephanopoulos And marcorubio still doesn’t think this guy is a danger GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos .SenToomey your constituents in Pennsylvania want to know what your position is on this statement by POTUS. NOTE: saying that it is “troubling” is not sufficient. GStephanopoulos Well, no, of course not.

GStephanopoulos Apparently he has learned nothing!

GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump Isn't it illegal or something to perform in blackface maybe the FBI should investigate that! GStephanopoulos Here is the scary part, he really does believe that there is nothing wrong with taking this information. Not an ounce of understanding why/how this is wrong. This is compounded by the fact that so far he has faced NO consequences. This needs to change - NOW! startimpeachment

GStephanopoulos Goddamn that's some bold unconstitutional talk!! GStephanopoulos The POTUS just said publicly that he would accept foreign help (a crime) to win the election. He wouldn’t even notify the FBI. Meanwhile, the TheJusticeDept refuses to indict a sitting President for any crimes, so what’s to stop him? LawlessPresident RestoreTheRuleOfLaw

GStephanopoulos You’re OUT -Donald Trump-GET HIM OUTTA THERE! lizcgoodwin GStephanopoulos Arrest This FOOL Please. What Are Democrat’s Waiting For GStephanopoulos I hope he is excited to go to jail GStephanopoulos If this is Not OUTRIGHT TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR, I don't know what more the Congress needs, to open Impeachment hearings. He still Does Not know the office he holds represents the Best in American morals and beliefs.We need rid of him.

GStephanopoulos Will no one rid us of this meddlesome priest? GStephanopoulos That is not a crime? Impeach that SOB.

GStephanopoulos Traitor. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Do something now!!!! SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer RepJerryNadler GStephanopoulos This dude is crazy 😂😂😂 GStephanopoulos I love the way everyone is surprised by this, he’s been colluding and obstructing in plain site since he was a candidate.

GStephanopoulos So unfit.... GStephanopoulos What’s wrong with his eyes 😳😳😳😳...scary GStephanopoulos JoeBiden I’d like to introduce you to my friend, China. GStephanopoulos Again. He’s reaching out to the world saying “bring me your info. “ he is doing the same thing he did with asking Russia. Asking Russia publicly for the dirt on Hillary. Now he clearly has Vice President Biden in his sites.

GStephanopoulos Why should he? It worked well for him the first time, and there have been zero consequences for it.

GStephanopoulos 👆🏻Congress GStephanopoulos Impeach now GStephanopoulos Why not Hilary && the dnc did. Then the entire dem party continues to spread the Russian lies for 3 years! And still are. Is this more of the liberal mantra of “do as we say not as we do “? GStephanopoulos I wonder if he would take opp research from Christopher Steele. Hah!

GStephanopoulos NO COLLUSION! NO COLLUSION!... ...except yes, 10/10, would collude again, would recommend collusion. Guy has tweeted the word in capital letters a bunch of times and doesn't even know what it means. For anyone still asking, this. This is why impeachment AND incarceration. GStephanopoulos And how about that hair? Every day we are so “shocked” by him, yet as usual, there will be absolutely no consequences.

GStephanopoulos Further comment on this isn't necessary! GStephanopoulos This is not okay. GStephanopoulos O he would be acting just like Hillary did GStephanopoulos Me thinks you already have.

GStephanopoulos this is an absolutely batshit-bonkers crazy thing to say, yet somehow coming from this moron it is wholly unsurprising. GStephanopoulos Incredibly disturbing. GStephanopoulos He looks actually dumbfounded that being a criminal isn’t ok GStephanopoulos Dear Trumpanzees: Please explain to me how this is okay. Seriously, I want to hear the black belt level of bullshit-spinning to make this sound ok. Go.

GStephanopoulos gtconway3d GStephanopoulos Can someone please tell realDonaldTrump that he is no longer working for himself, he is working for us. He can do whatever he thinks he can get away with in tRump tower but in the White House we have rules. GStephanopoulos Why wouldn't he? This man has not been held accountable for ONE thing he has ever done! Of course he thinks he's above the law and it's nobody else's fault but our own! We created this demon and now the Dems are letting him get a free get out of jail card!!

GStephanopoulos You needed to have ask DJT one more question, George... 'If your 2020 opponent is approached by foreign figures with information on you, should they alert the FBI? Is that an interference? Should they take the information?' My guess is, you would've received a different answer. GStephanopoulos Impeach the motherfucker.

GStephanopoulos Extreme Nancy Pelosi voice: 'He's not worth it'

GStephanopoulos Gotta love him. He knows just what to say to get the Dems all worked up. GStephanopoulos Wow. And the irony is that he’s actually telling the truth for once. GStephanopoulos DownloaderBot GStephanopoulos Time to lock up this traitor GStephanopoulos Trump admits that he would cooperate with a foreign adversary.

GStephanopoulos Arrest him for treason! GStephanopoulos ⬇️⬇️ NOW ⬇️⬇️ GStephanopoulos Queue the Trumpkins “As long as he wins, I don’t care how” GStephanopoulos Hey SpeakerPelosi, are we there yet? GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi can we impeach now?

GStephanopoulos SenThomTillis SenatorBurr virginiafoxx - this is beyond wrong when the president of the United States welcomes foreign interference in a US election. I don't understand why you think this is appropriate behavior from a president. GStephanopoulos So he refuses to acknowledge “interference” from a foreign power in an election. ...Which he invited. On TV. Live. In the last election.

GStephanopoulos Concrete evidence paper ballots must be used for the 2020 for the elections. No electronics on site. GStephanopoulos What was that chant again about locking someone up? Lock him up! 🔒🔓whatcha gonna do when they come for you? GStephanopoulos Is this enough for you SpeakerPelosi ? Impeach him now

GStephanopoulos How the f$$k do MEGA support this Russian plat? SethAbramson GStephanopoulos I think it is time we all chip in for Trumps bday with theatre tickets to Ford theatre and a convertible limo! GStephanopoulos This may be the most honest thing he’s said since taking office. And the scary thing is, how stupid could you be to admit it in an interview?

GStephanopoulos Are you sure this isn't from a 2016 interview? GStephanopoulos EXCLUSIVE: Pres. Trump tells GStephanopoulos he would break the law if approached by foreign figures with information on his 2020 opponent: 'They have information. I think I’d take it.' Also known as collusion. Also known as illegally accepting foreign donations. A CRIME.

GStephanopoulos This offer for tenders brought to you by the White House. (Please submit sealed applications, with samples) GStephanopoulos Trump just made it crystal clear it's not America First, it's Trump First. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos This is essentially a confession. If trump wasn’t a white man he would never have the nerve to say this shit. And if he weren’t a white man he’d be in jail.

GStephanopoulos Jesus... GStephanopoulos So, basically Trump says he'll get elected by any means necessary. Even if illegal. Even if unethical. Even if anti-American. Because the only thing that matters to Trump is Trump. We CANNOT allow this debasement of our govt to continue! ImpeachTrump TraitorInChief Resist

GStephanopoulos I’m the law & order candidate! We can’t have a POTUS who is under FBI investigation! We should execute Snowden because he’s a traitor, then others won’t follow! We have weak leaders threatening national security! Russia is laughing at us! Mitt was right- Russia is a big problem! GStephanopoulos He has taken it already, and admitting he will do it again and he’s game, and opening the doors for foreigners to do just that. Smh. No more rules or laws. BananaRepublic UpIsDownAndDownIsUp

GStephanopoulos Oppo obstruction GStephanopoulos This means Trump is already working with Russia and other enemies, against the United States. FakePresident fraud IndictTrumpAndPence Is this what military personnel signed up for? A criminal fraud mocking our Constitution?

GStephanopoulos My God.. It’s illegal.. GStephanopoulos And there you have it! He has learned nothing. Congress wake up! gtconway3d GStephanopoulos 😳 GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos President Morally Bankrupt has zero understanding of our country’s political laws. Also, he’s the world’s most moronic crook. 😑🙄🤬

GStephanopoulos I— oh my god. I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired of this guy. gtconway3d GStephanopoulos And if they wanted something in return (and they would) he’d give it. This is how you know he’s compromised and why he is a security risk. GStephanopoulos Life does work that way! GStephanopoulos Sir, this is a Wendy’s

GStephanopoulos This is what happens when you elect a person only loyal to themselves.

GStephanopoulos Lock him up. GStephanopoulos Any anyone conceive of a world in which the GOP would let Obama get away with even coming close to a statement like this? Has everyone gone crazy? Is everyone so morally bankrupt that they don't see this guy for what he is? Democrats need to get off their asses.

GStephanopoulos Trump is too stupid to know that he is stupid! CompletelyClassless GStephanopoulos When will it ever end—-vote! GStephanopoulos Won't some hack his taxes and release them? Come Iran, get on it! GStephanopoulos Shorter Trump: Phish me! Phish me! GStephanopoulos Of course Not!! Can You 😎 imagine what Pres Vladimir Putin or Dictator Kim Jong Un, Would Say...Oh I forgot, they already did. That's why 'mr perfect 45' claims that there are Not To Be any CIA oversights.... Imagine Gen Eisenhower telling Hitler that..!!?

GStephanopoulos What the hell is wrong with what trump said? GStephanopoulos Call and keep calling your congressman and insist on impeachment hearings. GStephanopoulos This is the end of the U.S. if Trump isn't held accountable.

GStephanopoulos And just like that! The President changes this week’s news cycle that centered around him polling terribly in 17 states and losing to the top tier Democrats in 2020. 🤦🏽‍♂️ GStephanopoulos For me realDonaldTrump but more so, SenateGOP and HouseGOP are Traitors to everything we hold dear. The Constitution, the Rule Of Law, their Oath of Office but more so the Nation. CBSNews CNN FoxNews MSNBC NBCNews SenateDems HouseDemocrats SpeakerPelosi

GStephanopoulos In baseball, it’s called an oppo taco. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos He has to go. Now. timetoimpeach ImpeachTrump ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW GStephanopoulos OMG This interview alone is enough to show he is not fit to be potus GStephanopoulos Well..... The President just announced open session by foreign interference on the 2020 Presidential election.

GStephanopoulos President Trump contends that the Mueller Report was not necessary because Russian interference in the 2016 election was not a problem. According to the President, everybody does it and he'll do it again in 2020. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Of course he would. ImpeachTrump

GStephanopoulos You can't charge someone with crimes if they've already told you beforehand they're going to do them. That's like the law or some shit according to chud-pres. GStephanopoulos Why do people support this man? I just want to hear/read their reasons why? Please comment, Why do you trust this man to run a country?

GStephanopoulos Why am I not surprised !btw why is he looking so bizarre with white circles around his eyes whatever happened to black circles!LOL GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi iron clad yet?!?!?! gtconway3d GStephanopoulos For those doubting if Trump is a traitor, doubt no more. Put every Republican on record and let them dare defend this clod on the record. Use it against them in 2020, assuming our election apparatus isn’t irretrievably hacked.

GStephanopoulos The criminal mind doesn't differentiate ... his narcissistic, sociopathic receptors are fully locked in at corrupt and traitor modes. GStephanopoulos UnF*****gbelievable!!! GStephanopoulos Eternal Icon. No matter how u feel. 😂 Geminis sure love to speak whats on our minds. GStephanopoulos Fake news, you didn't see and hear what you just saw and heard!!!!!!

GStephanopoulos HawleyMO and RoyBlunt can y’all please do something about this self-admitted treasonous “president”

gtconway3d GStephanopoulos More proof that he is corrupt gtconway3d GStephanopoulos If true it explains why no one was there for 9/11 first responders to busy talking to foreign agents so they can get re-elected. Corruptgoverment GStephanopoulos He looks and sounds like a traitor. GStephanopoulos US Democracy just died right here...

JoeTrippi GStephanopoulos Where does the Clinton Foundation factor into this? Pay for access from foreign governments and persons. SethAbramson GStephanopoulos ImpeachmentHearingsNow GStephanopoulos Any politician would take information. GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi is this enough! GStephanopoulos At least Trump is not lying like a Democrat would

GStephanopoulos I feel someone needs to call a doctor. Then the FBI second.

gtconway3d GStephanopoulos OMG!! NPRinskeep GStephanopoulos Rep_Hunter You still feeling patriotic? GStephanopoulos 'I've seen a lot of things over my life. I don't think in my whole life I've called the FBI.' So what other incriminating things have you encountered?! Hmmmmm... GStephanopoulos 52 US Code § 30121 - Contributions and donations by foreign nationals It shall be unlawful for a person to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation from a foreign national.

GStephanopoulos Traitor. GStephanopoulos Didn't he actually say that you could probably do both... Listen to the information And reported to the FBI... I didn't take it as an either or GStephanopoulos Two things come to mind: 1) Listen to how he frames everything. It's all downplay and deflection. 2) This is exactly what the members of the cult want to hear, and will absolutely not only believe, but get behind.

GStephanopoulos ImpeachTheMF GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi It's time to ImpeachTheMF . ImpeachTheMFTraitor GStephanopoulos Wait. What!?

GStephanopoulos All he is trying to do is cover up for Jr. trump is trying to normalize treason! RESIST!!! We see you!!! gtconway3d GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Time will tell straw haired genius GStephanopoulos Did he just say he’s honest silence Waiting for the feckless comments from the feckless cowards on the latest un-American words from the traitor in the White House... senatemajldr GOPLeader GOP freedomcaucus NRCC SenateGOP LindseyGrahamSC

GStephanopoulos Enough. Impeach this traitor. RepJerryNadler SpeakerPelosi GStephanopoulos This is a joke, Stephanopolous was the most ruthless oppo guy in history. That they made a documentary about it. He’d tak info from satan if it would help the clintons win. GStephanopoulos Hey GOP , this is what you’re fighting for to stay in office?!! ImpeachTrump TrumpTraitor

GStephanopoulos Just... wow. What else can you say? He’s once again admitting crazy shit on television that would destroy any other President — but will just get swept under the rug like everything guilty confession he’s made.... icant canweimpeachNOW GStephanopoulos When he is unguided by any rule or law other than his own making, believes everything is negotiable, doesn’t respect agreements nor make any unless he personally benefits, these, among many other character flaws, make him dangerously unfit to be POTUS. ITMFA

GStephanopoulos RepAdamSchiff GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump and his unconditional supporters are the most corrosive influence on this country since 1859. He is a sociopathic narcissistic criminal. GStephanopoulos Can’t believe anyone would ever vote for this total tool!! GStephanopoulos The current state of our Democracy under 45:

GStephanopoulos 😂😂😂and this explains why his lawyers wouldn’t let him anywhere near Mueller. Mueller: Did you do it, did you collude? Trump: Did? Still am. Come on, just wanted to see what their offer was, you can always listen. GStephanopoulos His moral compass is completely broken. GStephanopoulos Get rid of him NOW!!!!

GStephanopoulos PressSec This is to officially notify you that your 'fake news', 'no collusion' squawking rhetoric has now expired. Please refrain from further use of those lies. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter, Sarah. GOP GOPChairwoman HouseGOP SenateGOP FoxNews GStephanopoulos I can’t wait for SpeakerPelosi to tell us why it’s still not the right time to impeach


GStephanopoulos Spiraling out of his control. Too many lies to contain damage control. We’re getting closer. He’s not used to this kind of scrutiny. Keep him in a/c at most 65degrees. He’s liable to meltdown. Stick a wick in him . GStephanopoulos Nothing matters anymore if this doesn't... nothing! GStephanopoulos realDonaldTrump is fundamentally unfit for the office of President

GStephanopoulos He's never called the FBI because the FBI would have stuck his ass in prison for money laundering. This is nuts. GStephanopoulos Trump is say that as he sits in the Oval Office...our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Trump might as well take a dump in the Oval Office & wipe himself with the constitution. He makes me sick.

GStephanopoulos Hi, FBI, yes I'd like to report a treason. ,👆 GStephanopoulos I miss when our presidents had integrity. GStephanopoulos Translation 'I'll do what I want, and f*** you, you don't have the balls to stop me.' GStephanopoulos The Clintons literally paid for forged OppoResearch which was then used to bury trump in a bogus 2 year investigation. It’s okay when they do it

shaunking GStephanopoulos Impeach NOW!

GStephanopoulos What does a POTUS have to do to get himself impeached? Shoot someone on 5th Avenue?! Trump’s brilliance is doing everything in broad daylight. He’s subversive because this is his MO, this is how he’s always operated. Nixon tried to hide it, trump brags about it! GStephanopoulos Coming shortly to Twitter- “I never said that the video is fake news”.

GStephanopoulos What he says there is in itself incriminating GStephanopoulos Slimeball GStephanopoulos Trump is too ignorant &/or too corrupt to understand how wrong he was. IMO, while IC/FBI were conducting counterintelligence investigations on Russia/organized crime, Trump & others got used to temporarily getting away with crimes. No more, realDonaldTrump. DelayedProsecution

GStephanopoulos SenMcSallyAZ kyrstensinema TomOHalleran gregstantonaz Ann_Kirkpatrick RepRaulGrijalva RubenGallego DrPaulGosar andybiggs4az DebbieLesko DavidSchweikert GStephanopoulos Sorry to be broken record but, if President Obama had said this.... MakeOppoGreatAgain THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Hillary served as Secretary of State during the Arab Spring. If an Egyptian official, upset with Clinton’s support for the Muslim B’hood, reaches out to Trump to explain the bad things she did there is that off-limits? OF COURSE NOT. This issue is bullshit.!

GStephanopoulos Full of crap you are GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi I mean... come on now. He’s practically begging you Nancy!

GStephanopoulos AND when told that the FBI Director said they should be notified when information is offered by a foreign government, realDonaldTrump said “...well, THE FBI IS WRONG.” Unfknbeliavable! Are we close to being declared an Autucratic Government yet? WOW! GStephanopoulos Why would the head of a New York crime family call the FBI! TrumpCrimeFamily IndictTrump

GStephanopoulos A briefing book should be reported to FBI- True...but information from a foreign adversary - Russia no less- shouldn’t be reported to FBI?!?! Gotta Impeach - 45 wouldn’t know if he committed treason or not, he’d think it was just doing business... GStephanopoulos Trump pretty much admitted he LIED about the Trump Tower meeting with this statement. This man doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut!

GStephanopoulos RepJerryNadler GStephanopoulos Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi chuckschumer ImpeachmentInquiryNow ImpeachTheTraitorNow GStephanopoulos Holy crap ScottWapnerCNBC GStephanopoulos MAGA!!!! A very honest President!!!! GStephanopoulos There you go——collusion.

GStephanopoulos Joespina39 please watch this whole video, the president you support has no moral compass and cares only about himself, not our country or laws. GStephanopoulos Reprehensible. Criminal. Impeachable. TraitorTrump GStephanopoulos Trump's utter lack of self awareness is amazing. What a display of hubris. Disgusting.

GStephanopoulos This statement alone should disqualify any person from even running for President. GStephanopoulos Totally agree! That’s what Democrats did with the steel dossier GStephanopoulos TRUMP THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER ELECTED!!!! Trump is a total disgrace to America as a President. No surprise that he would use the dirt and not report it to FBI.

GStephanopoulos Unfit from day one. GStephanopoulos This is what the DNC DID TO THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. BUT 1000000000% worse. GStephanopoulos FUUUUUCK this guy GStephanopoulos Meanwhile, using the Steel dossier is treason.

GStephanopoulos We should be RT millions of times. Everyone should watch this GStephanopoulos ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW GStephanopoulos For a man who lies so incessantly, the one time he SHOULD lie, he shows exactly who and what he truly is GStephanopoulos This is another reason why Trump and his administration should be in jail!

GStephanopoulos I take this as an admission to treason GStephanopoulos Any comments RoyBluntMO HawleyMO Tell me again why this man should not be impeached and removed from office? GStephanopoulos Holy hell. This dude is a clown. GStephanopoulos Why wouldn’t he? It’s not like he is healed accountable for any of his actions or lies. 🙄😩

GStephanopoulos At least he's honest. Now we can do something to prepare. GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos Is it ever enough to dump him Wake up GOP GStephanopoulos just the scummiest of the scum in charge of this country right now. Brazen, masochistic, complete freaks devoid of any morality or compassion beyond their own filthy self compulsions. We all need constitutional resets and long showers

GStephanopoulos President is now on record (again) that he will not faithfully execute the duties of his office nor act in manner consistent with his constitutional obligations. He has made explicit that he will not, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution GStephanopoulos Trump / GOP ORGANIZED CRIME of destruction of US systems is heavily influenced by foreign entities. See SethAbramson Proof of Collusion. The ‘normalization’ by corrupt GOP enablers is organized crime. Investigate, prosecute, and VOTE to expel Trump / GOP mafia.

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Sounds like evidence that can be used in court GStephanopoulos Collusion in the first degree. GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi ImpeachNow GStephanopoulos lol GStephanopoulos If you supported him before, this tells you everything you need to know about how little he cares about our Country because he would be willing to put us through 4 more years of chaos and investigations! Vote Beto2020 & close election night early w a TX win!

GStephanopoulos How the fuck is this guy still in office GStephanopoulos So he did, got away with it, and is emboldened enough to brag he will do it again. Impeach. GStephanopoulos No one seriously thinks the dingaling didn't do it last time. GStephanopoulos Is it time to take to the streets yet? Clearly, he’s shot someone on 5th Avenue ... to use his own metaphor.

GStephanopoulos At some point, we've got to realize it is time for enablers, such as SpeakerPelosi to go. They are rich, white, & privileged and are not being hurt by Trump. Don't let their empty words fool you. My 4yo granddaughter could make the case for impeachment. Pelosi doesn't want to. GStephanopoulos And clueless...

GStephanopoulos OMG GStephanopoulos The neon pink around his eyes clashes so badly with the neon orange makeup and the neon yellow hair....what was he talking about again? Oh yeah. Encouraging more foreign interference in US elections. The 'man' is a menace. GStephanopoulos The president said it's not illegal. Chris wray was wrong.

GStephanopoulos This should change the game

GStephanopoulos Would it ok for Joe Biden to accept oppo on Trump from Kim Jong Un? GStephanopoulos This is why the Republicans are doing nothing to prevent to Russians from doing it again. They except to benefit from the interference. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos We're at the point the Right will throw away any sort of integrity to 'own the libs'

GStephanopoulos Hell yes, you go to the FBI. GStephanopoulos ResignFatNixon GStephanopoulos 'Something can't possibly be wrong if I do it all the time.' 'For instance, I lie every day and you now accept that.' GStephanopoulos Can I call the FBI? GStephanopoulos Whines about the investigation for years and sets himself up to do the exact same shit. Poor old dude looks exhausted

GStephanopoulos DemsWontDefendConstitution PrimaryDemsWhoWontImpeach SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler RepAdamSchiff RepJeffries LeaderHoyer RepMaxineWaters

GStephanopoulos “this is a good young man” GStephanopoulos Imagine being such an inveterate criminal as to think that this is remotely OK. Imagine being such a an absolute moron as to then say it out loud, and on camera. GStephanopoulos What part of “collusion” is so hard to understand? Calling marcorubio and RepRutherfordFL : do your damn jobs already, for the sake of our country. Dammit. DoYourJobCongress

GStephanopoulos Announcing his intention to break the law. GStephanopoulos Wow!! Thats great to know not only did he do it before he'd do it again. Do your job congress!!! GStephanopoulos Impeach the motherfucker NOW. GStephanopoulos THIS IS COLLUSION GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi - I’ve been patient about not charging Firth on impeachment. But this HAS to be a red line. The president is admitting he’ll take help, which is essentially him asking for it. Our democracy is at risk. senatemajldr can we vote on election security now?

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Aauuugghhhh At this point...I just want to cry, I’m so frustrated with this man. He is INCAPABLE of learning, growing. I N C A P A B L E

GStephanopoulos America works that way and trump is WRONG ! GStephanopoulos “If I thought something was wrong”. That’s the issue. He has no moral compass. If it helps him it’s not wrong. Whatever it is where ever it comes from. GStephanopoulos What in the actual fuck. GStephanopoulos This considered treason, interferencing in an election and trump realDonaldTrump should be withdrawn from running for second term.

GStephanopoulos Someone begin an impeachment inquiry on this morherfucker already! GStephanopoulos Is trump testing the waters of changing the law, or preparing us for an even more dystopian future under his deranged oversight? DerangedDonald OldLawNewCrew ThePresidentialHack GStephanopoulos 'It's called oppo research' Don't you love it when realDonaldTrump has learned a new word and rhen feels the need to share it with the world. Asshat. Resist 25thAmendmentnow

GStephanopoulos .SpeakerPelosi The president is admitting he would take information on his opponent from a foreign government. As you know, this is against the law. It. Is. Illegal. If you care to protect our 2020 election, and uphold the law, you must impeach. GStephanopoulos Both sides. GStephanopoulos So much for the whole: 'I . . . will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.' This alone makes realDonaldTrump subject to impeachment.

GStephanopoulos He's toying with you. Wake up. GStephanopoulos This is some straight up Machiavelli 'The Prince'-style amorality right here. shaunking GStephanopoulos Waiting for all the “patriots” to call this out! GStephanopoulos EXCLUSIVE: tRump just admitted to collusion. EXCLUSIVE: The president is a slimy underworld scumbag. EXCLUSIVE: Evangelical 'christians' elected an immoral, unethical, unprincipled criminal con man as their president. ImpeachmentInquiryNow TrumpCriminalInvestigations

GStephanopoulos Trump is telling all of us he will absolutely commit treason if it will benefit him, no matter that it’s Russia, China, Saudi Arabia or Norway!! GStephanopoulos He really really is a douche. And THE Enemy of this state, GStephanopoulos If I was Trump, I wouldn't tell the FBI anything. They'd find a way to use it against him. Corrupt

GStephanopoulos Well, he’s admitted that he believes it’s perfectly OK to take info from a foreign and hostile power if it can help him win. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos So, the POTUS is all for collusion, suddenly?

GStephanopoulos He is something else. GStephanopoulos Of course crooks and con men don’t call the FBI. And people who are above the law. GStephanopoulos Sooo RepAnnWagner HawleyMO RoyBlunt “the FBI is wrong”? You guys ok with letting foreign countries interfere in our elections? You must be ok bc you never say a freaking word in defense of our Constitution

GStephanopoulos And all those “good Americans” that follow him think this is okay? GStephanopoulos 'I did the crimes and I'll do them again, what are you going to do about it' GStephanopoulos He just handed SpeakerPelosi a gift. GStephanopoulos George Stupidopoulos is FAKE NEWs! GStephanopoulos But...but... isn't there a difference between 'someone' and a foreign GOVERNMENT giving that 'research' to only ONE SIDE of a Presidential campaign?

GStephanopoulos Trump admits that he's a crook. GStephanopoulos So you'd COLLUDE with a foreign power?

GStephanopoulos Only a desperate man who couldn't win would even think about trying to get away with it. Trump finds Hillary Clinton more of a threat than NK, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. He's a loser and a traitor and for those that will me to fight, you are too GStephanopoulos He is a few months away from saying: 'I am totally in business with the Russians. it is the smart thing to do, I am making so much money off of it, as are my children. No one can do anything about it.' And he will be right. And he will get re-elected.

Fahrenthold GStephanopoulos Why y’all acting surprised 😯 he already did this twice maybe more. He is trying to make it normal like apple pie & Chevy GStephanopoulos He Colluded before and now admits he'll STILL collude. This is freaking unbelievable! GStephanopoulos This is the sickness that the GOP has brought us. Anyone who agrees with this should go live in Russia or China become their citizen and get the eff outta my Democracy. republicanrtraitors

GStephanopoulos We need someone to throw a shoe 👞 at him. GStephanopoulos 'Russia, if your listening, one more time please' GStephanopoulos Donald trump and his henchmen have set the standard for a lot in this country. How can we possibly hold American citizens to higher than elected officials? I don’t see this going over well.

GStephanopoulos Hey, I got a million dollars if you look the GStephanopoulos Why didn’t abc interview HillaryClinton? We know she paid British spies 2have Russians compile salacious dossier abt POTUS meant 2sway elx her way. comey then used unvetted BS dossier 2spy on POTUS. PressSec ChrisCuomo PoppyHarlowCNN

GStephanopoulos And MAGA's think this is patriotic, an American President using foreign influence in our elections. It makes me sick to my stomach that our Country as a puppet leader. GStephanopoulos Lol! GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Trump has no place sitting in the Office of the Presidency. He is a DISGRACE to America and all America stands for!!!!!!!!!

GStephanopoulos TomCottonAR JohnBoozman rep_stevewomack would you contact the FBI in this scenario? Fahrenthold GStephanopoulos A Freudian Slip perhaps? Fahrenthold GStephanopoulos I live in a red state. My vote, which I will still cast, won't matter that much. But good grief I hope we dont have to deal with this much longer.

GStephanopoulos Confesses to crime before he does it. Intent to! In your face GStephanopoulos Damn, he really does know how to troll people. Queue the overrraction in 3.2.1 GStephanopoulos b-but that's collusion..

GStephanopoulos What GStephanopoulos Trump is attempting to normalize treason. We cannot ignore this. He must be impeached. GStephanopoulos GOP You've reached your last off ramp. Do something about this now or be overtly recognized foreign puppets. One or the other. GStephanopoulos Treason in plain sight. Abhorrent.

GStephanopoulos This is how you interview Trump. Ask him a question and let him ramble on so he hangs himself. When Chris Matthews interviewed Trump he constantly interrupted. Let the idiot babble. This is why his attorneys would not let him testify. ImpeachTrump GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi If not now, WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!? ImpeachmentInquiryNow

shaunking GStephanopoulos He's gotta be drug affected. GStephanopoulos StephanieDube GStephanopoulos This is exactly what happened before - Russia helped Trump, he knew it and accepted the help. This is not a guess - it is documented in the Mueller Report and this apparently does not rise to the level of criminal conspiracy nor impeachment. So - why not do it again?

citizengatsby GStephanopoulos Illegitimate potus!!!! Say it!!

GStephanopoulos Really?😳 Where are the adults in the room?🤔 He👏🏾has👏🏾to👏🏾go👏🏾 GStephanopoulos RodneyDavis Do you use information from foreign governments to attack your opponents? POTUS thinks that’s okay. Do you? GStephanopoulos So, is he now admitting to being an accomplice to crimes that he may have witnessed but did not report

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Surely the GOP will take a stance against this blatant disregard for US laws. Surely THIS will be the straw that breaks the camels back. 🙄😕 GStephanopoulos Can't imagine why his lawyers didn't want him to sit down with Mueller GStephanopoulos WhiteHouse SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats AOC TraitorTrump TrumpColluded TrumpObstructedJustice ImpeachTrump

GStephanopoulos !!!!! GStephanopoulos IMPEACH. NOW. GStephanopoulos I can't say I'm shocked that a man who's cheated and screwed people over his to win at everything his entire isn't going to stop now, or ever.

GStephanopoulos He says this because hey, he's gotten away with it already.... GStephanopoulos ImpeachTrumpNow GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos He’s sitting at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office inviting cheating in the 2020 election. Impeach the m’fer. GStephanopoulos So in other words he’d CHOOSE collusion.

GStephanopoulos What? There's a big dog whistle to Russia! GStephanopoulos As a businessman (with foreign ties), the fact that he'd never call the FBI tells you the kind of business he does. Legitimate businesses call the authorities when they're needed, only criminal organizations talk about law enforcement like Trump just did.

GStephanopoulos traitortrump GStephanopoulos There should be an emergency session of Congress to deal with the fact that the President of the United States has openly admitted to being a TRAITOR. Something must be done. SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer RepJerryNadler RepAdamSchiff RepCummings GStephanopoulos Care to comment, GOP

GStephanopoulos This man is a cancer GStephanopoulos He just admitted he did it. Now we gotta decide if it was legal. GStephanopoulos Hey ABC News can you please explain how the qualifier 'neccesarily' made it into this tweet, I've seen what he actually said & I'm genuinely interested to know why you think the quote warranted a 'neccesarily'

GStephanopoulos Time and time again, this poor excuse of a human has shown a pattern of incompetency, immorality, and lack of integrity. His only values are to himself and shows the world everyday the worst of America. He is a disgrace to human progress! GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi WHAT ARE YIU WAITING FOR?

GStephanopoulos Note how Trump acts all 'innocent'. Just like the sociopath he is, he plays the victim in this interview. He tries to normalize his distate for the FBI by saying that not calling them about potential crimes is the status quo. This, while he COVERS UP evidence. TrumpLies GStephanopoulos Only person using foreign info “op research” was Hillary.. 😆 Mueller said no evidence of collusion remember Oh and Adam Schiff was tricked by russian shock jocks.. offering fake info on Potus.. Dems only colluders. Sorry 😆

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Traitor GStephanopoulos Highlights Hillary’s crimes, you all fall for it every time.

GStephanopoulos Can we ImpeachTrump NOW, SpeakerPelosi?!!!! 🤬 GStephanopoulos haha. cool GStephanopoulos Trump is a mobster. He doesn’t care from where he gets info or with whom he does business. Having him as President is completely reckless. GStephanopoulos Would this be OK for Bernie or Warren? After all, aren't they the Socialists? Republicans have to cheat to win.

GStephanopoulos JFC. Hello...? Congress...? Anyone...? GStephanopoulos It's time to remove him from office. CongressDoYourJob GStephanopoulos WTF GStephanopoulos And tomorrow he will say he didn’t say that GStephanopoulos senatorjen GStephanopoulos It’s called accepting help and as a result owing favors to enemies of the United States, President Liar J Dimwit.

GStephanopoulos This video confirms my suspicion that the only country he knows of is Norway. GStephanopoulos His claims of no collusion just blew up and he lit the match. GStephanopoulos Um. Are you fucking kidding me?! GStephanopoulos He’s already done it. Russia 2.0 GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Slime ball is going to slime ball

GStephanopoulos Why isn't he in jail How clear does he need to make it GStephanopoulos Laws don't apply to him GStephanopoulos What a piece of 💩 GStephanopoulos Criminal

GStephanopoulos Trump is a sociopath and a criminal. He clearly believes he’s above the law and all who guard it. GStephanopoulos Who voted for this criminal? What do you think he does with insider trading info? Can we please impeach this turd. Now. GStephanopoulos In 2016, when conservatives & evangelicals ran out of ways to excuse the many known indiscretions of Trump, the tribal talking point became, “are we electing a President or a pastor?” Inferring that one need not be virtuous to be the leader of our country. How very wrong they are

GStephanopoulos This statement exemplifies exactly what this man(?) is about. He just doesn’t get it. If he says this now, after everything, why wouldn’t he have done it 3 years ago? GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi Do the right thing. Impeach him. His words and actions are anti-democratic. esaagar GStephanopoulos Hello. That’s what Hillary did with the fake dossier. Steele isn’t American. Everyone would have taken the meeting.

GStephanopoulos GOP you are all traitors. GStephanopoulos He can take info from a foreig source. It’s legal. Get over it peck. GStephanopoulos And if an ally calls up any branch of the USIC and says a candidate in the presidential election is getting cozy with an enemy of the USA... what should we do then? investigate or nah?

GStephanopoulos Pig

GStephanopoulos Get him out of there NOW barbaraemiller GStephanopoulos Now what? Please Nancy change the plan.🙏🙏 GStephanopoulos 'America First' he said tho🙄 ImpeachmentInquiryNow GStephanopoulos Hmmm Micheal Steel is from the U.K. a person from a foreign country. The democrats used the info. So using Trumps logic it was ok to use the info.

GStephanopoulos He didn't say he 'wouldn't necessarily'...he said he wouldn't. Now stop being disingenuous and print the damn truth. GStephanopoulos Can we just impeach his ass already? GStephanopoulos He needs to be removed immediately! GStephanopoulos As a bonafide slave descent of USA tyranny and racist atrocities, as a bonafide Black female who has experienced racism, sexism, oppression and suppression of white men in this country, It's now your time, the rest of America, to DEAL with it. You created this MONSTER

BBaptist_30_ GStephanopoulos It’s weird that this is what he was finally truthful about. Something that should get him impeached. GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos I M P E A C H H I M N O W GStephanopoulos 😳 Darnnnnnnn... We are doomed!!! This is it, man... ImpeachTrumpNow Definitely WorstPresidentEver TrumpColluded ImpeachTrump NeedToImpeach 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 GStephanopoulos Treason and Christopher Wray should resign in protest! ImpeachmentInquiryNOW

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Who cares? GStephanopoulos So, obviously the next question is 'would he lie about where he got that information like last time?' That was the important part of what happened in 2016. The fact that he knew the Russians were helping him was what he hid, not his use of the info.

esaagar GStephanopoulos Be like Hillary, pay GPS fusion to package some wild stories a Russian Oligarch makes up, and have them give it to the FBI, who will leak it to the Media...and then point at the Media stories as proof they are true. Socialism and Globalism are cancers. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Every candidate TV commercial slings mud at their opponent. If any candidate says they wouldn’t use dirt on their opponents they are a complete liar.

GStephanopoulos A traitor is running the country. Every government agency is in DANGER. realDonaldTrump is a real threat to every American. GStephanopoulos Wait ... what? even when he's given the chance to say the right thing, when he's practically spoon-fed the opportunity to show that he can be a decent or at least a law-abiding person, he cannot.

GStephanopoulos Individual-1: 'Of course I'll break the law again if given the opportunity. Why wouldn't I? It's not like I've ever suffered actual consequences for any of my actions or criminal behavior in the past.' FiveThirtyEight GStephanopoulos Criminal minds can’t relate to, or understand, the point of adhering to ethics, rule of law, constitutional boundaries unless those things benefit them in some way.

GStephanopoulos Jim_Jordan ‘s face right now GStephanopoulos Wow, again He'll never admit that a foreign county aided his election, because he's too thin skinned to admit it, not because its a danger to democracy, but bc it makes him look bad, it be admission to failure and for that he's the most dangerous 'asset' in this countries history

JoshMankiewicz GStephanopoulos The emperor has no clothes. GStephanopoulos gee maybe Trump can campaign with Putin in the battleground states? apparently thats just FINE with GOP, right? anyone in Congress awake? my God! GStephanopoulos Right in plain sight... GStephanopoulos LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!

GStephanopoulos It's a fucking crime. The president is openly saying he will use hostile foreign intelligence to sabotage and attack his political opponents. GStephanopoulos ITMFA GStephanopoulos If this doesn’t prove that this motherfucker is compromised, I don’t know what will. GStephanopoulos Impeach!!!

GStephanopoulos 'Is useful idiot, no☭' GStephanopoulos Your President ladies and gentlemen...JFC GStephanopoulos So, he confessed? GStephanopoulos I used to think Trump's IQ was 65. Now I know I was wildly overestimating. GStephanopoulos He is a cheater in everything women golf taxes loans that is who he is!!! Liar coward

GStephanopoulos Perverted dirty uncle Joe ahead in the polls? Hahahahahahahahaha... Would these happen to be the same polls that predicted a landslide victory for Hillary K Klinton by any chance? Hahahahahaha, I actually got a laugh out of the 'News' this time...

esaagar GStephanopoulos MAGA GStephanopoulos He's going to cheat again!!! Dems wake up! GStephanopoulos And there you have it! Straight from the horse's mouth. GStephanopoulos Corrupt incompetent traitor GStephanopoulos How despicable GStephanopoulos Impeach him for God’s sake!!! GStephanopoulos Translation..I need all the help I can get! And I finally realized I never would have been elected without previous help!

GMA GStephanopoulos TRUMP2020 AMERICAFIRST BUILDTHEWALL VOTEDEMSOUT American people LOVE our President and First Lady GStephanopoulos Trump also told George “I am a very honest person”. He evens lies about not lying. GStephanopoulos It's called being a traitor.

GStephanopoulos Trump is a CROOK... PERIOD GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Putin owns the POTUS and has annexed the GOP. Think of what the Kremlin did to Hillary who was innocent... now imagine what she could do to those who took bribes and covered for crimes... especially if he had their emails. GStephanopoulos TRUMP2020 AMERICAFIRST BUILDTHEWALL VOTEDEMSOUT American people LOVE our President and First Lady

GStephanopoulos The USA is so f^*ked GStephanopoulos He is setting the stage. He wants his supporters to assume this isnt a big deal. This is shameful GStephanopoulos Why would he this time? He hot away with it the first time GStephanopoulos George said Trump said 70,000 people were attending Orlando rally. Not true. 70,000 tried to get tickets.

esaagar GStephanopoulos And, thanks to precedent set by Obama, he can now get the FBI to spy on his opponents! What fun that will be. Thanks Dems and MSM for accepting this sort of thing done by a president. It will come in handy. GStephanopoulos He would it because 'That's the way they do it, they always have'. Doesnt sound like he wants to 'drain the swamp'

GStephanopoulos So the Steele Dossier is “oppo research”, too? GStephanopoulos POSUS! GStephanopoulos I got no words. GStephanopoulos That’s called admission. You’ve been deceived if you believe otherwise GStephanopoulos The narcissistic stooge just basically confirmed that he got information from the Russians.

GStephanopoulos Ask him if his large pupils are caused by adderall snorting. GStephanopoulos TraitorTrump it’s time ImpeachTrump GStephanopoulos Well News Flash if I get the Nomination for 2020. I love them all. The Brits , Italians , Swedes, Fins the Irish Fat Bottom Girls, California Girls.. even Motley Crew's Girls , Girls Girls, & FBI if you Google my Porn Hub account make note it's to be certain I don't lose my touch

GStephanopoulos For the future of elections... this isn’t a road we should be going down... but of course he wants to act like it’s not obstruction... GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos Times to remove this clown from office GStephanopoulos Trump is the reason the House is forming a bill to make illegal to accept campaign help from a foreign government. A normal person would realize this is wrong GStephanopoulos Hands down the slimiest MF on the planet. Nobody else comes close.

GStephanopoulos It’s always different. GStephanopoulos are you going to ask the Democrat nominee if they plan on actually PAYING for foreign dirt, like the 2016 candidate did? GStephanopoulos What? GStephanopoulos Трамп знает, что говорит! )) GStephanopoulos F trump. GStephanopoulos 'oppo-research' - said nobody, ever, in their defence against the McCarthy witch-hunt.

GStephanopoulos My hero

GStephanopoulos What does it matter? He could literally found to be a spy and his fanatical base would say 'well Hilary's emails!' GStephanopoulos It is a poss federal crime to accept info if that info has $2000+ value, as Mueller said GStephanopoulos Lol! You know realDonaldTrump will never do the right thing. He comes from criminal stock you know, so it’s just not in his DNA.

GStephanopoulos I take it impeachment is out of the question? Anyone so honest and forthcoming can be trusted to keep the nation's interest at the top of his agenda, not! ImpeachTrump ImpeachBarr Step on MitchMcConnell like the slimmy little bug he is. GStephanopoulos ImpeachTrump GStephanopoulos It's time for a good old fashioned march on Washington.

GStephanopoulos At least he FINALLY told the truth. GStephanopoulos Traitor GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Norway: beni bu mensindan cikarin.

GStephanopoulos ***RE-ELECTION AT ANY COST*** GStephanopoulos Lock him up GStephanopoulos Supreme Assholiness, criminals tend to not call the F.B.I. . Thanks for clearing that up,monster. GStephanopoulos I think he really doesn't understand why it's wrong. Why it's treachery. He's got a child's brain.

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