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Exclusive: Trump administration to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to U.S.

President Donald Trump's administration said on Wednesday it will bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States starting on June 16 as it pressures Beijing to allow U.S. air carriers to resume flights.

6/3/2020 5:55:00 PM

Trump plans to ban Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States starting in mid-June. The move, set to be announced on Wednesday, penalizes China after Beijing failed to comply with an existing agreement on flights between the countries

President Donald Trump's administration said on Wednesday it will bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States starting on June 16 as it pressures Beijing to allow U.S. air carriers to resume flights.

) have asked to resume flights to China this month, even as Chinese carriers have continued U.S. flights during the pandemic. Delta said in a statement on Wednesday that “we support and appreciate the U.S. government’s actions to enforce our rights and ensure fairness.” United did not immediately comment.

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China “remains unable” to say when it will revise its rules “to allow U.S. carriers to reinstate scheduled passenger flights,” the Transportation Department said in a formal notice made public on Wednesday.The Chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Trump administration on May 22 accused China’s government of making it impossible for U.S. airlines to resume service to China and ordered four Chinese carriers to file flight schedules with the U.S. government.The Chinese carriers are flying no more than one scheduled flight a week to the United States but also have flown a significant number of additional charter flights, often to help Chinese students return home.

The Trump administration is also cracking down on Chinese passenger airline charter flights and will warn carriers not to expect approvals. Administration officials have suggested charter flights have been used to circumvent Chinese government limits on flights.

On Jan. 31, the U.S. government barred from entry most non-U.S. citizens who had been in China within the previous 14 days due to the coronavirus crisis but did not impose any restrictions on Chinese flights. Major U.S. carriers voluntarily decided to halt all passenger flights to China in February.

Delta and United are flying cargo flights to China. Delta had requested approval for a daily flight to Shanghai Pudong airport from Detroit and Seattle, while United had asked to fly daily to Shanghai Pudong from San Francisco and Newark airport in New Jersey and between San Francisco and Beijing.

China’s air authority in late March said Chinese airlines could maintain just one weekly passenger flight on one route to any given country and that carriers could fly no more than the number of flights they were flying on March 12, according to the U.S. order.

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But because U.S. passenger airlines had stopped all flights by March 12, China “effectively precludes U.S. carriers from reinstating scheduled passenger flights to China,” the Transportation Department said.Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by Will Dunham

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Why do we have to wait until then No one wants to go to the US now. It’s the most infected and distraught country in the world right now. StayHomeStaySafe Keep the yellow peril at bay Spies arent allowed!!!🇺🇸 Too little too late. How about you ban yourself from the white house?! Tit for tat...what else can we expect from a toddler in a grownup’s body?

All this China, china , china bs ... fact is that data is now showing the virus entered the US from Europe not China . All this stopping flights from China to save us is just more misdirection from a misdirected president Thank God for president Trump 👏 Excellent! No American flight? This is to protect the American people from the pandemic center. Actually.

Well he is now in a cage of his own making...and has prison guards protecting him. Guess they are getting him ready to understand where he will be soon Excellent!! America does NOT need them. Enough is ENOUGH! He's looking to start a war, America wake up. The writi gs on the wall. Good we don’t want them here!

金鱼系青年:为什么离中国最近的日本,韩国,越南看起来啥事没有.为什么美国这么多确诊?为什么美国还爆发对种族歧视?为什么即便如此还要压迫中国?是否对于中国压迫就是种族歧视? Every person of the world shall rise against continuing bullying, exploitation, murdering by White people on people of other races. Without White people the world would be a better place!! I'm in Canada and never want to travel to 3rd world countries. That includes the USA.

He just cannot stand it. Worst president in US history. Always blame someone else so we don’t focus on his mishandlings The epidemic outbreak in China. - America : Ban Chinese passengers! The epidemic outbreak in America with over 2 million people infected while it is about to totally get control in China.- China : Ban American passengers! America: No way! (From Zhihu)

Looking at the responses from China today, Trump is exactly what Americans need, he is not perfect, but he is the only one that is able to make China to open up! Is this a Reuters article ...or has TASS instructed you to put this article out? That’s good cause we don’t need any repeats of COVID19 or any other viruses they may decide to send us.

Here I took tRumps word that the passenger flights from China stopped in March? Always propaganda lies with this guy. US stopped flights to China in February when China has less than 1000 infections. Trump wants to reopen all airliners to China now when china has the pandemic under control. He is so angry when China only allow limited airliners to reopen and is threating to ban all.

Bravo! Pompeo and Trump are heros of HK. Though over 100,000 American died from this Virus, and African American were brutally murdered by the police, we don't care! As long as Trump is against China, he is the hero of us! As to US citizen's death? We don't give a damn! Thank u trump for protecting Chinese.

Trump never rests watching for US. We love you Mr President. Believe me, I just hope he wins until all the people are burned. This is the president who was elected by you, not me So do not complain about racism Because this is your favorite choice. It is time to get your mind back ( Out White House ) This is retaliation and also bad for business. I think this is a silly move given the contagion in China is so much smaller. They were tight to limit air travel since U.S. is epicenter of covid19 now and we are in the middle of civil unrest that will escalate spread.

Coming from a man who can't fix shit in his own country and hiding in a bunker. Trump is such a Bay-man. Pathetic. Finally a president with integrity. Safe idea. China must comply with rules best for all people. very good Decouple with China now. People should learn how cruel is CCP did yo its own people: Tibet Uyghurs TiananmenSquareMassacre HongKong

wolcenisfinish Let’s play a fair game. Good on him!! WTF?!! WHY CAN'T I FIND A PRESIDENT WHO KNOWS HOW TO GET US A DEAL?!! Get him out. ITS 2020. ONE RACE, TOGETHER. Is he trying to actually start another war or whtevr? America thanks President Trump. We need to cut off all ties with China for all the deaths they caused to Americans.

Good job! Trump is protecting Chinese people form riots and coronavirus! Trump is protecting China from nigga rioters Wait! So he stopped flights due to the coronavirus, and we applauded. Now we have way more cases and still have current ones, so they did the same thing and he got mad and wants to punish them? Man, too funny. 😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Our farmers and Businesses are paying the biggest cost for Trump's temper tantrums. Unfortunately people believe Trump when he says China pays for the tariffs; they don't, we do. ImSickOfTrump Shitty 3rd world country. The epitome of stupid ! The country is the originator of the CoVID-19. They kill black people. A country that has fake democracy and no human rights. Even it is free with flight, accommodation, and pocket money, do you want to go to the US? Think twice. They are cold blood.

So far CovidDon has alienated the American public while continuing to isolate the US from the rest of the world TrumpDictatorship TrumpOut2020 angerissues CNET POTUS Trump has already been blocking Chinese from flying to the U.S. so why is President Trump announcing that Chinese will be banned from entering the U.S. by way of air transportation, as we have a already banned Chinese immigration for over five months to date!!! Duh!

China has long been torturing people of Tibet , EastTurkistan and now HongKong . The CCP deserves sanctions for its dictatorship and HumanRightsViolation . FreeTibet Chinazi HKPoliceState He and Putin have a War PLANNED. Dont be manipulated into war. I’m so glad we a president with a back bone,and is willing to stand up to China. Unlike our other so called president.

Do it! marilyn_helton Good. China owns the virus damage. TheNewFederalStateOfChina There one common denominator in all the problems happening right now. It's Donald. He actually thrives on hate and division like a true fascist. A tiny scared little man. Trump TrumpHasNoPlan Bravo!! The world should be banning Chinese flight !where did the coronavirus come from ? are they going to be held accountable for anything?!

This idiot is a master of deception. Start a war, do what ever to be re-elected. None of my family will take part in another Trump folly Best decision.. yoh cant block US Airlines in your country and expect Chinese flights to fly around the globe.. What a hypocrite you would be, thinking otherwise... Please do not blindly fall against President. It would be shame to ignore C virus origins and their behavior n SCS

Are there not already travel bands in place for Covid-19. Ya all make this sound so sinister. Hell friggin yeah! FINALLY, a president with a backbone who actually loves this country, unlike the few before! First of all , We Chinese , don’t want to open flights with United States now I thought there was already a travel ban from China?

Ban that sh*t. This should have been done months ago! Let’s get it done already! Enough is Enough! At a time when already struggling, wouldn’t such a ban only cause more problems for the US tourism industry? I know, Trump wanna protect Chinese people,thank you Trump. Wait why didn't we do this in December?!?!

Trump is only trying to force China to open the American flight without considering cross infection. He’s a business man and only care money. The victim is Chinese overseas students Amen, we need to stop China at all costs PLANS ? seriously ? Disengage Chinazi ! Good! Hanx is the key to the Chinese/University connection.He has a long relationship with the owner and his associates. I sense that there is much more to this and that the speech is the key to something nefarious.I remember some news articles that were about corruption and pedophilia

Thank you President Trump! Thank you for standing up for America and defending our interests! US is going to self-isolated from other countries The malignant, narcissistic, corrupt, traitor, greedy, GOP lying hypocrite, Impotus is taking on the Chinese to change the focus of the racist comments , the malevolent actions are getting more worse. But it would not change the topics of coronavirus, the attack on peaceful prts

Good! We don’t need them bringing in anymore biological warfare via their “pregnant” citizens or so called scientists or students the overstay on expired visas! Oddly... they occupants of those flights are probably safer than anybody here in the USA Bravo GOP a justifiable move by Trump. This was the quid pro quo for China reducing US air carrier access to China’s airspace.This again escalates an already contentious Cold War between the 2 super powers.China has a imperialistic geopolitical agenda that must be confronted by Trump

all world should ban their carriers to make China stop selling 20000$ flight tickets to its citizens So will he be banning Ivanka’s products that are manufactured in China too? What about all the other shit corporate America produces over there? Is great that at least one man is standing against china’s dirty politics.

realDonaldTrump this is you being racist!!!!! I thought he already banned flights from China. Hasn't he been bragging for the last few months about the millions of lives he saved by instituting his 'travel ban'? I'm so confused... THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯%BEST PRESIDENT SINCE PRESIDENT REAGAN!!

I think they have more to worry about from us with the spread of covid 19 in the US. A little late with the barn door. He's doing what they want, restrict our covid from getting back to them. Trump is doing nothing to restrict it, encouraging the thing that spreads it. That's because 45s unhappy. Boohoo.

Our President Trump is very intelligent and has good reasons for doing so. It takes brains to understand and the left have none. Too busy trying to think up more lies to impeach him. That all they do. Many Chinese people who are living in US and appreciate US values will get hurt because now they have to pay much more than they should to go back to their home country by transiting from other countries. Please think about it again, Mr president, US can do better than China.

Do it today, why wait? .👍 Great I think this is a great decision I trust in my president's judgment about China! They need to be dealt with accordingly their actions have been nothing short of criminal! ChinaWingsClipped I thought he banned flights in March The face of the devil 👺👺 I can't see anyone wanting to go to the United States with the rising cases of covid (Still!) I can't see Canada and Mexico opening the borders anytime soon. Have fun in your petri dish

This is absolutely justified. Chinese allow ONLY one USA company to operate USA-China flight. But those for Chinese flight companies are still fine. Without reciprocity, this ban on those Chinese companies is JUSTIFIED. Toodler in chief will show em Who the fuck would travel to the US now? Mexico build that wall 👍

Best move yet. Thank you Mr. President. Please keep us safe. Trumpforever You mean the Chinese can’t fly to Orlando,Fl and DisneyWorld ? Where is Florida going to find people dumb enough to come to Florida is the hot,humid summer - not mentioning the Covid-19 hidden facts Should have been started in January when pandemic started. Shows how much he really knows. Nothing

Look over here How will he get his merchandise out of China? Think MAGAs, think. The hat you wear is from CHINA Love him. Best President ever. Let me emphasize the point ——Chinese in US wants to go back home. With Trump’s new plan, they will be held in US, with tons of issues(visa, rent, where to live etc). With 20k cases everyday, Chinese are not interested to come to US.

PLEASE BAN ANYTHING FROM CHINA FOR GOOD NOW MR PRESIDENT. Good yall idiots forget that the democrats tried to sell America to china ...yall are some idiots not to mention they were throwing shit at the Whitehouse and inciting violence in protest groups Distraction, Deflection, attempt at discombobulation ... stay on target Everyone!

POTUS doesn't play around. 💪💖 I love this cap narendramodi nsitharaman AmitShah please take cue from US best time to ban Chinese imports of value more than 800 rupees, this will cut a sizeable amount of Indian money going to China small article manufacturing in India will Increase jobs...atmanirbhar Bharat

Should have happened before they gave him leeway to let him all come back home in January At what point is something categorized as a “Cold War?” Great job! Investing in cryptocurrency made a new chapter in my life when I had my first withdrawal of $16,000 and I also have access to my trade account, make the right choice to invest and with the right account manager. Thanks once again Whatsapp +12026009684

TrumpIsAnIdiot Sound great!! So awesome....and great job realDonaldTrump Who wants to go America anyway, the definition of hell Good It actually doesn't matter bc US now is a coronavirus hotspot. Better to not go 🤷🏻‍♀️ Let me educate you. China minimised travel between the US because it has the most cases of Covid-19 in the world. China have just seen their first day without any new cases or deaths reported, of course they are going to want to protect this and stop another outbreak.

Well, considering that China mostly has COVID-19 under reasonable control and the United States doesn't, I have no idea why China would want to fly to the U.S. in the first place. I see your new overlord Russia is helping you out Great! Trump protected Chinese people from entering the center of pandemic and cop & thug violence!

No. It penalizes my LA Valley economy. We just opened up a new direct flight to China and this will destroy our already destroyed local inland valley economy. Our nation is totally collapsing. whiskey5chuck GOOD! Yeah, shame on China for taking such a hard line against HK protesters. Also, Trump has asked about using tanks against American protesters.

This is to prevent the Chinese who stand with us, from coming and actually standing w us Another distraction by the man who ran to his bunker.The repair needed after all this for the U.S. is monumental.I pity the next administration. Good And this Chinese guy in the US robbed Hermes and Gucci during the USprotests . Looters LootingIsNotProtesting

do y’all really hate trump so much that your mad about this? 😂 china literally decided to not allow us travel between the two countries and your mad potus did the same? like what 😂 China should be sanctioned for covering up the outbreak of the ChinaVirus and other evil things it has done. Vancouver will be busy.

Send China(CCP) to Hell! Will anyone trust Americans coming into their country being the U.S. has the number one infected cases of Coronavirus on the planet.. Good. As far as I’m concern don’t deal with China at all! Good 45 is simply digging his own grave. Look at how the entire world looks upon him. Only Dictators and the giveaways to the 1 percent like him.

What about Elaine Chao’s family shipping business from China to the US? Will shipments be stopped, too? Oh thats Ok Trudeau will welcome the chinese planes with open arms - maybe it should be a north american ban not just the US Good we stand with our great President holy shiet...😂😂😂😂😂😂 ,, he does not fck around. ...

About time 'Plans to'? What happened to the travel restrictions from January? Did those already expire? POTUS realDonaldTrump Cry baby😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 Humpty-Trumpty must fall! Soon Fuck China Yeah. Go ahead and blame chine bacause YOU can’t handle COVID-19 better than they can. Yikes!🕳👩🏽‍🦽 I love that but chinese passengers will still find a way to coming here from other airliners

I would hope it will be the other way around too, with flights from the US to *anywhere* being banned right now given the infection & death rates plus a growing movement not wanting to observe social distancing etc. Everyone can see how bad Trump maintains the Coronavirus in the US, is he trying to save Chinese people to get infected from banning flight?

Dumbass, they will fly in from other places. BFD! No news here, why do we care about airlines? It will be reciprocated and no one wins he is becoming crazier day by day..this move is absolutely pointless.. Fine with me. They can keep their deadly viruses Trump doing the right thing once again As usual this probably has not been thought through. Distraction

Isn’t this what he said that he’d done in January? Keep poking the BEAR , they might want pay 💰 up on the note .Big trouble 🥴 America has more Covid19 than China. President Trump would not of done this If China was not such a bad actor. How hard would it have been for China to warn the world early about the Coronavirus they unleashed. Then to deny us PPE that we needed in our hospitals. Trump 2020.

JonResist2020 No reason for China to be to concerned, Trump will be out of the White House in January! He will be voted out of office in November! His GOP cronies, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham,Susan Moore,Jon Kyl,Joni Ernst. When Trump and the GOP is gone we will re-establish relationships. EXCELLENT

Dork Notice no ones talking about the pandemic and depression right after peaceful protestors escalate into riots thanks to copy’s pepper spraying and shooting rubber bullets to escalate tension? Now it’s China. trumpgate wdamidoinhere Good job President Trump 👏👏 Thank you so much Mr Trump, because of them we had the Corona band them from everywhere 🙏

Mr. Art of the Deal shows once again that he has as much art as a bull in a china shop. He knows only one thing because he thinks he knows everything. It's his way or the sum. He knows squat about int'l trade and his every decision hurts Americans. As if China will just sit and do nothing, Trump should know that for every action there's a repercussion. Trump is just a cry baby.

TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpHasNoPlan TrumpLied100kPeopleDied We need to heal the divisions. To make amends for wounds. To commit to peace and non-aggression. To finding a way forward, together, so that we can all feel safe again, so that these injustices aren't perpetuated beyond this year. It's time to change.worldwar3

The Art of the Fail. Keep doing good job China sees we aren't collectively serious about the virus as a nation and the president's rush to go back to what was 'normal' does not help. Great!! Wow fabulous POTUS !! 👏 To be honest, the world should stop flying from the United States! Outbreak + Riot! Why do Americans still feel superior? It's ironic!

No more Chinese students. That should be obvious. They are all beholden to the dictatorship which pays their way and therefore the military. realDonaldTrump charliekirk11 MorningsMaria BreitbartNews KimStrassel thehill TomFitton seanhannity FoxNews FoxBusiness WSJ GOTDAMM HES A GENIUS Not mexico as well ? I’m very confused mr trump. China has very little to no infections ...

Trump2020🇺🇸Dominate the streets Yet another bad business move for this failed president and his has-been fading base.... Not interested in hearing anything trump says 👍👍👍 They created disease so they can create the vaccine Racist! Who cares? Thank God I was just fixing to say we’re so busy fighting amongst ourselves we have completely forgot about the enemy of God and the United States of America

I don't blame China the virus is still not under control here!! Thank God,... they made the disease with Obama's Grant. Why wait until the middle of June? What about US citizens still there? Chinese citizens can not return home Has he finished that easy to win trade war at the same time? Good for him. He must show strength and not bow down to these communists like his dem predecessors did. POTUS

Good At last a leader with spine.... Was he wearing a box instead of his stupid MAGA hat before this picture was taken? Yes that is so sensible to waut another couple of weeks. WTF? It’s because, it came from C-H-I-N-A This is fair. if China wants its airlines to be able to land in the US, then it must allow US airlines the same rights.

Trump: 'Let's see... how much hateful shit can i cram into my last few days in office before im tried for treason...' Don, baby, how about the made in China goods coming in every day ? Brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna Brought the Wraith to China just to race in China Lil' bad trini bitch but she mixed with China Real thick vagina, smuggle bricks to China- Nicki Minaj

realDonaldTrump is a megalomaniac. He will do what he can to destroy this nation in the name of False Patriotism! falsepatriotism falsepatriot He is dumber than a bag of doorknobs.. but his supporters are even dumber The best way to solve one tension is creating another tension. Give it up Trump! Nothing you do, or try to do matters! You're FAKE news

Why not? He clearly doesn’t know what else to do. If the U.S. is responding to steps taken by China then thumbs up. Why mid June, why not tomorrow? Your POTUS Trump Bravo dear President! You are absolutely amazing. 2020 with brave President ever.❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💕💕🇺🇸✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I thought he said he did this months ago? Hello- the virus in the US came predominantly from Europe Good! If China XHNews wants to annoy realDonaldTrump Central Govt only needs to ban/ shut down all business with IvankaTrump with immediate effect? Watch the 🍊 1 implode RF_P0TUS Should stop all those were born in China. Too many Chinese spies are in US damaging and eroding this country.

Nobody in their right mind would be flying into the US. right now anyway. I LOVE this Strong President!!!! Ab pastavat hot ka jab chidiya chug gai khet They've been too racist & hateful as well...🙄🙄 Yes a must. China can’t be trusted. fabulous, just add trade war to the growing list of outta control catastrophes.... TrumpOut2020 DonaldTrump

Good that's only the beginning of how we should limit China in our USA Too little, too late! Yeah, he just did that cuz China did it to him. As a Democrat, I’ll even say the Chinese have cheated on trade for far too long. They’re aggressively re-colonizing the world by offering crippling debt to the industrializing world, their environmental damage is alarming, and they should pay for lying about COVID.

Tom_Basile Good Good WTF Next. Another war. Won’t they just fly to Europe and come in the back door, like what happened to NY Good news you need to make sure to print and report that China had already limited flights to the USA. So this a response to China. Be honest That’s a good start. Next suspend all Chinese student visas. Then, ASAP, bring all medicine manufacturing back to the US so the Chinese cannot hold us hostage by withholding critical meds.

This shall be implemented before the pandemic outbreak in China Who’s got the virus Don? And I know you both lie about the numbers, but at least China has a plan to fight it. I like it. We need to cut all ties to China Wow I’m really happy for gret decision.Stop infecting America virus to China thank you guys.And nobody in China will go to the US now

WarRoomPandemic 👆 He loves to punish. Only half truth to his claims. Good Thank you! I guess those coming through Europe are exempt? Another STUPID and INCOMPETENT move. Well done Mr President!!! Whether it’s the right move or not matters not to Trump, it’s all personal to him. He thinks he was nice to them now they’re hurting his re-election chances . That’s it. If China sucks up to him again all would be hunky-dory. Plane flights are just the latest dueling weapons

After he has broken all the treaty’s agreed upon before his administration he expects everyone else to abide by their agreements! It doesn’t work that way Mr. Bad Credit! Yes about time. Thank you President Trump 2020 Please mr president....leave the barn door open so the horse can get back in.... GOOD!

A little to late or a lot to late. China and the rest of the world should block the U.S.A. We have over a million COVID-19 cases and over a 100,000 deaths. We lead the statistics in a shameful way. Vote him out in 2020. But Jared and Ivanka will still be able to run their sweatshops out there... GoodLuckWithThat

right and then China blocks American flights. Additionally Chinese Airlines decide they would much rather fly Airbus planes than Boeing costing billions of dollars and 10s of thousands of jobs As always Trump only looks at the short term Currently Germany has said that they have a problem with meat packing industry and when those employees get Corona virus there flying over to get new jobs as white people in meatpacking industry . It would have been prudent to be concerned about air travel before now

Whose turn is it today? What about from Europe? That's how it got here! ChinaLiedPeopleDied CHINA GREAT NEWS!!! We are both behind this action. Now is the time to call their bluff. Hit them hard economically, it’s the only language they understand! WhiteHatGuy Ban china completely they’re just going to come here and try to buy up all of our looted businesses

Monkey see monkey do, trumpty can't do anything but revenge! So if you're going to stop at from China are you going to stop all flights from the US going to China cuz you got to go both ways.. ScottMorrisonMP narendramodi EmmanuelMacron BorisJohnson Every country needs to follow suit . Good!🙏❤🇺🇲 No planes? How do CCP thugs go home?

TIME IS NEAR That's my President!! (YAY).👏👏👏🇺🇸🗽❤ mentally challenged defect 💯 Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. KingTrumpforall how about from Canada? They will just fly here and then go over ... our PM is a POS so don't give me any grief. Canada is lost as long as he is in office or cottage. I'm certain he spends long hours thinking up ways to embarrass this country and his wife and family. GBA

L do not like it to ok Great job President Trump!!! America first!!! A lot of bots on this thread. Trump really is a man baby. LiberalNavySeal Wonderful, a new cold war which can turn thermonuclear at any moment. Just what we need in a world where climate change is decimating food and water supplies. We have to take a stand or just hand China the keys toour country! Way to go Trump!

😠😠😠🤗 This is petty political theatrics to fluff BunkerBoy's ego because he's such a dismal failure at domestic politics. Many people will like this, but DictatorDon loses every trade war eventually. This also won't bring back any of Trump's 105,000 coronavirus victims. Good about time I thought it was stopped months ago!!

Question to those who say good move....tell me how you feel after you not only trash but completely remove every single item made in China including your cellphone....i will wait.... I don’t want anything from China including their passengers. We’ve got their freaking Wuhan virus, we certainly don’t need any of their other crap

At this point, shouldn’t it be all other countries banning flights from the US? This man is a “Magot coiffe de linge”. Censored.. China we’re here shutting down my Airbnb today because of their destruction of the tourist industry nothing to be happy about censored China. Free speech with communist party approval only

What's to stop them from flying into different countries and them booking flights from other country to the us . Then they are flying from a different country on a separate ticket from directly from china ? And are we rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell With no kinda chance for the flag or the liberty bell? Wish a Ford and a Chevy Would still last ten years like they should Is the best of the free life behind us now And are the good times really over for good?

Hunh. It's almost like the trump admin doesn't like it when agreements are not upheld. TPP Paris Agreement Iran Deal Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty NAFTA About damn time. But I think we should be asking one serious question. Is this a sign that we may be going to war with China? Best Infrastructure Week ever!

How is going to survive Walmart? Lol Good! Let them keep the virus that they have no knowledge of!!! A little too late realDonaldTrump Naw man that’s some racist shit Remove Trump before it’s too late!!! He’s goung to ruin us all. Good!!!! ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaMustPay Another temper tantrum from him 🤬

Bien ! Reciprocidad 🇺🇸🙏🏻🥳Trump 2020....! We gotta do what is necessary President PassTheBuck. Emporer Trumplatine Excellent news. 6 months to vote blue he will do more damage new it was coming Bravo to President Trump.❤️ Hopefully cathaypacific won't fall in those. They have many Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and foreign employees 🙏🏽

Bravo!!!!! Well does that includes him not producing his items not his daughters in China Good ban them permanently Capt Clorox just wants something to crow about again. Good 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏼 Great move! CCPLiedPeopleDied It’s crystal clear that Trump has need to *fight* with someone all the time. He creates ‘enemy’ every day to *fight* with. That’s the nature of him. So how can we avoid a WWIII or Civil war under him?!

I wish all countries ban them! God bless president Trump 🌹❤️🙏🏻 Infant tRump* strikes again. This man does not have the emotional development to be President of the USA. Vote him out. Bullish news for Dow! Wasn’t US ban Chinese flight first? One way street? Help reconcile. Ironically US has the most cases of COVID 19 in the world. China is much more safer than America. No one wants to go to US so thank Trump for the ban.😂

If you look at how the virus spread to the west, I for one think it was an attack on the US. Please correct me if I'm wrong. realDonaldTrump Let me tell you what the fking chinese thinking now: ' We can still go and gone with the HK based cathaypacific (CX) ! ' FACTS: AirChinaNA own 40% stock of CX... They hv fired their employees by political censorship via employees' facebook!!!!!!!!!

fake news rschuur_aero He is right! If China is making it harder for US airlines to return to the country, the United States should do the same for Chinese airlines. Good news 👍President Trump the real defender of the United States Unlimited battles! Spraying poison at high altitude . Now he needs to work on tightening regulations for container ships full of Chinese products. Everything using stolen western technology or breaking western patents should be rejected.

Recto verso? In the duty of The President of the United State . Peace and security within the country. And foreign negotiation. There is also an election campaign. Pray for Mr. President , for America, for everyone to see the peace of the nation. Right move to be honest. We have had enough after COVID-19, unsatisfactory médical supplies, huwei and belt and road.

Don't like trump but I'm ok with this. Beijing will retaliate. Simple! China is too powerful for US to intimidate. The dude is insane. I understand that his grandfather is taking some ocean boats to USA at then. It is the USA who first banned passenger flights from China while still being allowed to send US passenger airplanes to take Americans back to the USA ... Before Trump successfully contains the spread of COVID-19, it sounds fair to maintain the arrangement, though in reverse

Trump is fighting everyone. History will show President Donald J Trump is Impeached Forever! Responsible for more than 100,000 Americans dead under President Trump leadership! Poor response to Coronavirus, lies, and suggestion to take hydroxychloroquine, shoving lights into bodies, injecting disinfectant

The virus is worse in this country, so at what point do all of the countries ban us?

Exclusive: Trump administration set to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to U.S., sources sayPresident Donald Trump&39;s administration plans to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States starting in mid-June as it pressures Beijing to allow U.S. air carriers to resume flights, three U.S. and airline officials briefed on the matter told Reuters. The move, set to be announced Just more Quid Pro Quo with bullying. Nothing to see here. Nothing new.

Exclusive: Trump administration to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to U.S., sources sayPresident Donald Trump's administration plans to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States starting in mid-June as it pressures Beijing to allow U.S. air carriers to resume flights, three U.S. and airline officials briefed on the matter told Reuters. Why China? Because Donald does not like China? Because he is in trade war? StephenMcDonell 👏👏 That's why we Chinese people hope Trump2020 . He is really doing sth great to China like reducing our pandemic controlling pressure by cutting the connection. Also, mass up US☺️☺️

Chinese state media tells Donald Trump to not 'hide behind' Secret Service amid George Floyd protestsOne communist party mouthpiece said witnessing protests across America felt like 'retribution' for the U.S. backing of Hong Kong demonstrations. Trump's reaction protestors outside the white house Führerbunker TrumpisaRacistThug

Trump administration set to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to U.S.The move, set to be announced on Wednesday, penalizes China after Beijing failed to comply with an existing agreement on flights between the world's two largest economies. Stop them to enter every country ,that should be strategy ,because china is accoupying countries buy giving them loan and other needed item and then it capture . Xi ping pong Trump wants war because he thinks that’s the way to keep his base and win an election. After all he can hide in his bunker with his blankie I think many people will agree that we have a national void in leadership. Let me know a name that you think could lead this nation. More than 10 votes and I'll start tracking. JUST NAMES, NO COMMENTS

Trump administration bans Chinese passenger airlines from flying to U.S.The U.S. plans to suspend passenger flights of Chinese carriers effective June 16. Lebeaucarnews has the details. Full of crazy ideas Trump is bitter to the core! Childish everything he disagree and whines He‘s crazy, throw the man out

Reports: Trump Administration To Bar Chinese Airlines From Flying To U.S.The decision is expected to be formally announced later on Wednesday. Hahahaha. Good for stocks! China cancels all orders for Boeing aircraft. Trump is the master at blundering into unintended consequences.