Louıs Tomlınson, One Dırectıon

Louıs Tomlınson, One Dırectıon

Exclusive: Louis Tomlinson's ex Briana Jungwirth Sued Over Defrauding Ex Michael Strauss for $5,000 Boob Job!

Exclusive: Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana Jungwirth Sued Over Defrauding Ex for $5,000 Boob Job! (via @CelebMagTM)

10/23/2020 12:50:00 PM

Exclusive: Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana Jungwirth Sued Over Defrauding Ex for $5,000 Boob Job! (via CelebMagTM)

The mom of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's son, Briana Jungwirth is being sued by an ex for a $5K boob job. CELEB has exclusive details.

Why is There So Much Controversy Over Briana?A lot of fans feel as though there is some dishonesty surrounding Freddie’s parentage. WhenCELEBlit upwith comments from 1D fans concerned for Tomlinson and Freddie. There is a popular fan theory that Tomlinson is gay and involved with 1D star Harry Styles, or some other man. Some suggest Jungwirth is a, “beard,” or a straight partner paraded in public to cover a closeted gay person’s private life.

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Another theory suggests that Freddie isn’t Jungwirth’s or Tomlinson’s; that her pregnancy was photoshopped and faked, and the baby belongs to her step-parents. A third theory is that Jungwirth knows Freddie isn’t Tomlinson’s, but since Tomlinson is on the birth certificate, fans worried he’s being tricked. People suggest that Freddie’s images are highly photoshopped to make him resemble Tomlinson.

Fans Have Strong Feelings About FreddieTheories abound on Instagram over son Freddie. One fan, @happy_7766, boldly claimed, “I want you to dig more into this cuz this chick was never even pregnant she is photoshopping that child pictures.” Several fans made reference to

Michael Jackson‘s, “Billie Jean,” which is about a man who says a woman claims him to be the father of his child, but he is not. Others referenced karma, suggesting Jungwirth deserves the lawsuit for defrauding Tomlinson over Freddie’s parentage.One fan, @viktorija_zugaj, had serious aspersions to cast on the Jungwirth family as a whole, saying, “

Yeah we shouldn’t get involved, but if I go on social media every day and see 50+ articles about a 4 year old kid, I can’t be quiet. As Louis’ fans, we are literally concerned for this kid. Louis’ fan account here on insta, recently posted a manip of him with Freddie and the caption said ‘why are we not seeing Louis and Freddie together anymore, is he even seeing him? I think not’ Briana’s grandmother liked that photo. Why would her grandma publicly liked this post if he’s actually seeing his kid? 😂 This family is literally dangerous for him. They’re exploiting him all over social media.”

The fan continued, “Briana went live on insta once and set herself on fire with a candle because she was drunk, while the kid was sleeping upstairs. Also not long ago, they were playing a drinking game and you could see Freddie mimicking their actions on her stories. They’re encouraging him to say all kinds of slurs, I literally saw the videos. This is just 1% of every f–ked up thing we’ve seen them doing in front of that child. Louis that we all know for 10 years now, would never ever let his own child grow up in such conditions. Makes you wonder why he’s not taking any action… He should get full custody but that’s not even possible without a dna test that he never got. This guy that’s suing her just proved to everyone that this woman is in no way, shape or form, an angel.”

compiled all the so-called, “babygate,” proof, suggesting that both Jungwirth and Freddie are a cover for Tomlinson’s private life. Whatever the truth is, it’s clear the 1D fandom believes that Jungwirth is sketchy.Briana’s Cousin Ashley Shows Up to Defend Her

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While the overwhelming majority of comments were unkind to Jungwirth, there was one glaring exception. Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, pictured in photographs often referred to by babygate believers, showed up to defend her. On another InstagrampostCELEBmade discussing the legal case against Jungwirth, account @ashleyyjessica, claiming to be the infamous cousin Ashley, commented, “

FAKE NEWS! This is @brianasrealaccount cousin… Truth of the matter is that guy is crazily obsessed & psychotic!!! She has a restraining order being filed along with suing him for defamation of character. Smh.” We asked for proof or clarification, but Ashley declined to offer any.

However, we received an e-mail from another fan who reached out and told us, “if you want to know what kind of family the Jungwirths are, just readthis articleabout her cousin Ashley. They are nasty liars, who would do anything for money. Louis’ mother was battling with terminal illness at that time, but not even that stopped Ashley from talking sh– about her and Louis. She also claimed Louis was meeting with Briana already two months before his break up with Eleanor.”

The email continues, “Briana’s motherTammi Clarkis no better, while Louis was sending for Freddie tens of thousands of dollars as child support, she was busy liking posts on instagram about Louis being deadbeat dad. Briana also said after Louis’ airport incident with paparazzi that Louis has mental problems. This family is completely crazy. I feel genuinely sorry for her fiance, but considering he’s proposed after 2 months of dating (which they didn’t even spend together since he works as a firefighter in Redmond, Washington), he is probably really stupid.”

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