Ex-OSU Star Anthony Gonzalez Pumped For Big Ten Return, 'Thrilled For The Players!'

Ex-OSU Star Anthony Gonzalez Pumped For Big Ten Return, 'Thrilled For The Players!'

9/17/2020 1:32:00 AM

Ex-OSU Star Anthony Gonzalez Pumped For Big Ten Return, 'Thrilled For The Players!'

The former Ohio State football star is FIRED UP for the Big Ten's return to the gridiron ... telling TMZ Sports another year of the sport could change kids' lives!!

TMZ Sportsanother year of the sport could change kids' lives!!The ex-Buckeye -- who became a congressman after a successful NFL career -- told us out on Capitol Hill in D.C. on Wednesday he couldn't imagine where he would be today if something had canceled his last year of the sport.

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"I'm thrilled for the players, honestly," Gonzalez said."Look, my last year at Ohio State, honestly, it changed my life."Gonzalez played three seasons at OSU from 2004 through 2006 ... and used a big final season on campus to become an eventual first-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Gonzalez says without that last year ... he might not have had an awesome pro football career -- let alone be a congressman now.Anthony says the fact that the Big Ten is now allowing its players to have the opportunity to follow down a similar path really brings a smile to his face.

"We've got a lot of kids who are going to get an opportunity to live out their dream," Gonzalez said.The conferenceit's officially targeting Oct. 24 for its opening weekend of games. Read more: TMZ »

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Oh you mean Ohio State When you said osu I thought you meant OKLAHOMA SOONERS little sister osu The Iowa Hawkeyes are so excited that they are willing to only win games by a touchdown or two. HawkeyeFootball espn NCAA NCAAFootball bigten BigTenNetwork BuckeyeNation OhioState

Big Ten changes course, aims for October start to footballThe move came amid sharp pressure from coaches, a lawsuit from players and pressure from parents and even President Donald Trump pushing for a Big Ten football season. Well that seems like a convicted decision HerdMentality BIG Ten stood to lose BIG Bucks.

Big Ten football returns and Trump tweets ‘honor to have helped’Big Ten college football will now kick off in 2020, reversing an earlier decision to scrap the season amid the ongoing pandemic. And President Trump tweets hopes for a “FANTASTIC SEASON.” Balls in your court....er, field, PAC-12! Neoliberalism (corporate dictatorship) has destroyed sports in America, along with everything else. The science has changed?

Big Ten to start its college football season next monthThe Big Ten Conference changed course on Wednesday saying there will be college football this year after having earlier postponed play amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Protesting because they 'miss football' while people get casually killed on the streets Ifb And yes, there are a lot of people out there that think this is a valid reason for football to start again....because they miss it. Will they be even more upset when they have to cancel the rest of the season due to a COVID outbreak?

Big Ten Announces It Will Begin College Football Season After AllThe conference had previously postponed playing because of the coronavirus pandemic. Hello, do you need any kinds of logo design for represent your brand? Please visit this link and Fulfill your requirements- You will get good work at an affordable price to me. graphicdesign logodesign businesscarddesign stationarydesign socialmedia They finally found a belief in science So just before deaths reach 3000 a day , they decide to play. What can they say?

Nebraska Prez Caught On Hot Mic Saying Big Ten FB Returning 👀Okay, EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM ... but U. of Nebraska president Ted Carter may have just spilled the beans on the return of Big Ten football season ... saying an announcement is coming Tuesday night!!! Bruh this blew up Nebraska is not very good at secrets. Also.

Bowing to pressure, Big Ten will begin eight-game football season in OctoberBowing to pressure from players, coaches and politicians, the Big Ten’s presidents decided to move forward with an eight-game football season beginning on Oct. 24. They bowed to parents and boosters. Bowing to greed. College football is BIG money for the BIG Ten. More people will die Worldwide from TB this year. The basic fact is that this Virus was never the threat to healthy people under 75, especially children and youth that we were told.