Ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck charged with murder

Derek Chauvin, who was fired on Tuesday along with three other officers involved in the detainment of Floyd, was taken into custody Friday.

5/29/2020 9:15:00 PM

BREAKING: Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin charged with third degree murder and manslaughter, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announces.

Derek Chauvin, who was fired on Tuesday along with three other officers involved in the detainment of Floyd, was taken into custody Friday.

MInneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey had called this week for charges to be filed swiftly against the officer who pinned Floyd under his knee."Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?" Frey asked."If you had done it or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now.”

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In the video, Floyd can be heard saying while he is pinned down,"Please, please, please, I can't breathe."Onlookers urged the officer to get off him."You're stopping his breathing right now, you think that's cool?" a man says."His nose is bleeding. Look at his nose!" says a woman.

After several minutes, Floyd went silent.More people began to intervene and called one of the officers at the scene to check for a pulse. Chauvin remained on Floyd's neck, even as he was apparently unresponsive, before paramedics arrived and Floyd is placed on a stretcher.

Medics worked on an unresponsive Floyd in an ambulance, but could not find a pulse after several checks and administering at least one shock to him, according to a report from the Minneapolis Fire Department. Read more: NBC News »

Morning_Joe The Coroner has already ruled George Floyd died of Drugs in the system. The case is Deader than George Floyd. Morning_Joe Where is the responsibility for this regarding the police chief, city council, and mayor? These people hire, train, and supervise these people. Morning_Joe White euro fascist imperialist false democracy WAR IS NECESSARY TO DESTROY FALSE DEMOCRACY

Morning_Joe As a Gay man that lived through it, this feels a lot like the Heterosexual version of Stonewall. This feels very different. This feels like progress in spite of everything else it feels like progress stonewall punched back gained sizable ground. Morning_Joe Your empire is collapsing from the inside...

Morning_Joe Finally. When will the other 3 be arrested? Morning_Joe Where is Morning Joe?!!! Morning_Joe This NYPD Officer should get identified for assaulting this protester. Morning_Joe Don lemon Wow a slap on the wrist for Caucasians murderers Morning_Joe If they are moving forward with this 3rd degree bullshit, he better get the full 25 years.

I’ve seen this play out time and time again and I’ve come to know that unless laws are changed to hold cops accountable for their actions. You’ll never receive justice... And still the riots will continue. Because it was never about justice. 21WFMJ Whatever he is hopefully convicted of they have to place him in general population and let things be what they will be.

Therefore he internationally killed Mr. Floyd. How isn’t that 1st degree. When Mr. Floyd was gasping for air, when he was saying he couldn’t breathe while in handcuffs face down with the killer’s knee on his neck, when eyewitnesses were telling the killer he is unconscious, did he do anything to save his life? No. Right there he knew he was dying.

Good! The others need to be charged too Morning_Joe Charge the guy w/1st degree&go for the death penalty. He has no roll among the living. No worth to anyone&should be an example for all ignorant ppl seeking to exercise power over their fellow man. All the other cops there should be charge w/ dereliction of duty&2nd degree murder.

Third degree and manslaughter my ass. First degree! This was cold blooded. Nothing accidental about it! Morning_Joe Video reveals 3 officers knelt on Floyd, another storm cloud They were on him all at once while he cried out loud So now we know MORE… They need to arrest all FOUR Floyd would be alive if only “1” officer BELIEVED The pain when Floyd shouted, “I CAN’T BREATHE”

KGWNews These charges, worst case scenario, amount to 33 years in jail. Justice has NOT been served. Chauvin knew exactly what he was doing...deliberately...to show his ‘power’ over a citizen of color. It’s clear he meant to cause harm. Charge Chauvin with first-degree murder as should have been done already.

That’s not even a felony Smoothie Weight Loss Action Plan For You You missed a few guys.... What about the other cops that stood by and didn’t do anything to prevent this death? Why haven’t they been taken into custody and charge? This isn’t 3rd degree murder. The former cop heard George Floyd saying “I can’t breath” & so did all of us, and yet he kept his knee on George’s neck 4 a long time. He knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted to kill this man & he did. This is NOT justice! JusticeForGeorgeFlyod

WTF...WOW...ALL BS!!! They couldn't get 1st degree. I thought they'd accurately charge 2nd-degree murder. They may have gone for 3rd & manslaughter because it'll be easier to prove & result in a conviction. They know they can't take the risk of an acquittal. That would burn the city down. 12News Life in prison sounds very fun for him!

It shouldn't end there because there has been many instances where officers have been acquitted and discharged when there is clear of evidence of murder. blacklivesdontmatter They couldn't get 1st degree. I thought they'd accurately charge 2nd-degree murder. They may have gone for 3rd & manslaughter because it'll be easier to prove & result in a conviction. They know they can't take the risk of an acquittal. That would burn the city down.

hang him now There is no justice until he and the others involved are convicted. The arrest is a step in the right direction, but until they are found culpable it is just a move to placate. First degree murder. There should be a separate more serious category for killer cops and I'm afraid to say it the death penalty. The State and the Police should be had for corporate manslaughter. Then it would end.

Knee to the neck, crushing wind pipe but no intent to murder? I’d bet anything Chauvin is receiving special treatment. Morning_Joe What the hell! Did they say just arrested one cop it's more than one cop? Should be 2nd degree. This is BULSHIT Wonder if the body camera of that arrest will ever come out.?


George Floyd, Derek Chauvin worked at same Minneapolis club in 2019 - InsiderGeorge Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked at the same nightclub in Minneapolis for the whole of 2019, but may not have known each other Wow, nice find. I would think a bouncer crossed paths with an off duty cop every time someone had to be kicked out. Especially over the course of an entire year. pls follow me Police officers need to understand the true nature of preserving the peace means preserving lives. Police officers need to abide by a strict rules of engagement that ensures all people are treated with human dignity and have the right to live to see a proper judicial trial.

Minneapolis Cop Derek Chauvin Arrested In Police Killing Of George FloydBREAKING: George Floyd pleaded for air as officer Derek Chauvin was seen in a video pressing down on the unarmed Black man’s neck. TrumpGate Trump has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace. Only took a city on fire for a white cop to be held accountable. He still might get off... Now Trump has got them a murder charged

Ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd has been arrested, authorities sayThe arrest comes after three days of protests, which escalated in violence as demonstrators torched a police precinct that had been abandoned by officers. Good. Now they need to arrest the other three cops for being accessories to murder. He wasn’t the only one kneeling on Mr. Floyd. Prison for 30 years. Then prison for Trump until he dies. Then the USA will regain its prestige.

Ex-Minneapolis cop charged with murder in death of George FloydDerek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer who was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck before he died, is in custody and has been charged with murder, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said Friday. NOOOO hes being protected ...lol ... Murder is an overcharge. He didn't intend to kill him, so they should charge him with manslaughter. Three more to go.

Barack Obama on George Floyd Killing: 'This Shouldn't Be 'Normal' in 2020 America'Barack Obama on George Floyd killing: 'This shouldn't be 'normal' in 2020 America' You prosecuted 1 officer out of 5,000 cases involving killings on the job. Gtfo. He sent national guard to Ferguson and called people in Baltimore 'thugs'. Wasted his chance to do anything bout it. You caused it 🐀💩👹🐍

The Killing of George Floyd and the Minneapolis Protests: A TimelineOfficer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd on Monday in Minneapolis. Since then, the nation has erupted in protest Burn it all. Ufffffffffff