Ex-Honolulu officer sentenced to 4 years for forcing homeless man to lick urinal

U.S. judge sentences a former Honolulu police officer to four years in prison for forcing a homeless man to lick a public urinal.

7/16/2020 10:34:00 AM

U.S. judge sentences a former Honolulu police officer to four years in prison for forcing a homeless man to lick a public urinal.

The former officer, John Rabago, offered his apologies to the man and his family. 'Two years ago I made a decision I’m not proud of,' he said.

Rabago later told the other officer to delete text messages about the incident, Kobayashi said.“I’m here to judge you on the worst thing you’ve done in your life,” Kobayashi said. However, she noted that he should not let the act define his future.Reginald Ramones, the other officer, has also left the department and is scheduled to be sentenced next week. Ramones pleaded guilty to knowing Rabago committed a civil rights violation and not informing authorities about it.

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Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Brady said Rabago had sometimes been a good officer and ultimately took responsibility by pleading guilty to a pair of civil rights violations in the case, but had initially laughed about the incident and later denied it happened.

“To be homeless, not knowing where your next meal is going to be, to be forced to lick ... a dirty urinal by a uniformed police officer. There’s only one word that comes to mind: hopelessness,” Brady said.Rabago offered his apologies to the victim and his family. “Two years ago I made a decision I’m not proud of,” he said. “My actions changed the course of life for all of us.”

His defense attorney, Megan Kau, said after the hearing that she and Rabago expected a sentence of about three years.“I think she’s taking the national environment and making him an example,” Kau said about the judge and the protests against racial injustice and police misconduct across the nation.

“This is not the same,” Kau said, noting that Rabago is Filipino American and the victim is white. Read more: NBC News »

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What the hell is wrong with people Evil people in this world. ....but murder? Bait Should have been way more than 4 yrs. maybe he’ll face the same thing in prison 🤭 'Not proud of'? That's the best you can do? How about 'Two years ago I demonstrated the most disgusting, lowest, vile, egregious and dehumanizing behavior. I admit to abdicating my humanity and will work hard to recover it, starting with donating my salary to my victim.'

that's just stupid 4 years locked up for that george floyd did a home invasion beat a pregnant women theaten to kill her baby got 5 years and i seen much worst get less then 4 years so this is just over reach yet they yell fix the justice system. He was homeless. The officer was trying to help him get nourishment.

210 days in jail, for 13,000 images of child pornography and child sex abuse, this country needs to take a better look at itself and start revalutaing our beliefs and morals Have him lick the same urinal before he goes to prison... Cops need to stop thinking they're above EVERYONE!! Hope he is made to do the same while in prison

Here's gunna be licking A LOT of 'things' in prison....hope he's loaded up on breath mints before going in... Almost like job appeals exclusively to sadists AllAmendments These stories are just so overwhelming 😭 decades of killing, humiliating, beating, sexually assaulting people. Every damn day! They should be held to a higher standard and when convicted, should never work in position of power or with vulnerable people again. ACAB

Good! Maybe he'll get forced to do so too while serving his time in a Hawaiian prison! And hopefully the ex-officers new room mates will make sure that he receives the same licking on a daily basis. Should receive longer term! Disturbing! Sorry he got caught ! Book em Danno ! This sentence is really to harish and should be dropped to fine and lost of job only.

Four years for that, but BLM burn $30,000,000 of affordable housing and you don't disclose that do you NBC? I’d make the officer lick a public urinal once a week for life! I’d make sure it’s the one that clogged... 32% of Americans could not pay their July mortgage or rent payments. There's about to be a shitload more homeless 😕

Send him to Alcatraz. TODO LO QUE ACONTECE EN ESTE TIEMPO SUCEDE PARA QUE ESTEMOS GUARDADOS. AFUERA ESTÁN LAS GUERRAS Y EL COVID19 MATANDO A LAS PERSONAS. PERO ERES LIBRE DE ESTAR DONDE QUIERES What was that “ officer” thinking about God..!! When is every police officer and prison guard going to have to pass a year long ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASS from this point on?

Good. Anyone who even thinks like this belongs behind bars adamboultonSKY 👍👏👏👏 Great News... “Homlessness” is a tragedy that could affect any of us at any time .. JustWhatNowWhy Feels like he should have gotten more. The poor homeless man already is facing a hard life and a cop abusing his power just decides to add on it?

Tip of the ice burg Think what this pig has done to others over the years. Good luck in prison - he’s going to be forced to lick a few things himself, hoping INDEFENSIBLE! The police officer who killed Philando Castile got freedom and a gofundme payout from his police buddies. OMG how inhuman can you get!

That's what he gets. Moron, well deserved And he should be made to lick a toilet clean so he knows what it's like. What the ....? People have become so cruel and disturbing. trump disease is the greatest threat to us. rid america of 'it' you make america clean again Blue Lives matter huh I believe the police force always attracts sadists & bullies

rolandsmartin Cop should be made to do the same only 5xs as many. rolandsmartin Where's the part of the office being forced to lick the urinal? I feel like that should be in there. Good hold them accountable He got more time than these murder cops rolandsmartin What a disgusting man😖 Good. Four years too short.

😡🤢 Yeah, thats a certain level of evil. Ooof, cops suck. the homeless man should sue this guy personally. 'U.S. judge' Uh, you know that Honolulu is part of the US, right? Needs a longer sentence tho... Psychopath!!!!! Imagine what he hasn't been caught doing? rolandsmartin What a horrid human being. Why would anything like this ever be okay? Now, what about officers that actually choke or beat people to death? They don't get 4 years. They get a new job in the next community over.

And then people say that the justice system only hands out ridiculous sentences to the black community? The real question is who created this length of sentence in the first place for that violation? Go after those idiots! HLM! Terrible that he did Enjoy the big house NASTY'' Well, seems someone will be force to lick urinals in jail :/

4 years is to less 'To Protect And Serve' They should make him lick a urinal also Hi,you need Virtual Assistant for Web Research and Data Entry Specialist? I am Expert in Data Entry. I have 5 years + experience. I am Professionally work in fiverr. Please visit my profile and order my gig. He should’ve got more time.

👍🏾 That's more time than most cops get for killing people. Only 4 years? Disgusting cop to even force another human being to do something so inhumane 🤬🤬🤬 honolulupolice chief Susan Ballard does not think we need a police reform in regarding social unrest and BLM movement. Cc: realDonaldTrump VP USATODAY SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer JoeBiden thehill AP cnni CBSNews business Reuters WSJ nytimes StarAdvertiser

Good Wonder how many urinals he will be licking in prison. The inmates are going to punosh that ex cop. Abuse of power like that is horrible I don't know how depraved you have to become to force someone to do that. Unbelievable.....the shit that people do.... inhumane treatment 4 years seems fair MadVet2000 Good

Not enough time for that level of abuse of that kind of power. Good judgement also order him to clean prison restroom every day . That’s disgusting!🤮

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