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Lisa Page, Ex-Fbı Lawyer Targeted By Trump

Ex-FBI lawyer targeted by Trump breaks silence

Roughly two years after her anti-Donald Trump text messages were released to Congress and she became a public target of the President's ire, Lisa Page said it's time to break her silence.

12/2/2019 4:52:00 PM

Roughly two years after her anti-Donald Trump text messages were released to Congress and she became a public target of the President's ire, Lisa Page said it's time to break her silence.

Roughly two years after her anti-Donald Trump text messages were released to Congress and she became a public target of the President's ire, Lisa Page said it's time to break her silence.

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I know how to keep her silence. So she was wrong and the president was wrong so we have a CNN right. SMH This is coordinated, how long until she becomes a CNN contributor? cnn So why did you build him up during the nomination process? It's YOUR FAULT. YOUR FAULT he became the Republican nominee. You could have ignored him during the nomination process. But you did not, and now all you do is COMPLAIN.

Hmmm. Breaking her silence? I can't imagine what's new that she could add. Her lover had bad breath? That's the meaning of silence She didn’t seem to care about privately (illegally might I add) & publicly fueling the “never Trump Fire” back in 2016, now did she? It’s payback time Lisa Page-how does karma feel? Let me tell you-she is a B-TCH and I’m so glad she’s finally paying you a visit. WHOA is me-NOT.

Nobody cares about this A coup plotter playing the victim? Shame on her ! She should've been silent when she was an 'impartial' FBI lswyer. Home wrecker I would like to be on Trumps list. I need more excitement and death threats in my life... Funny, but I don't recall death threats against people that wanted Clintons impeachment...

Go get him!! Everyone that’s anyone hates the orange-haired baffoon! Poor baby. Now she gets to play the victim card. You play with fire u get burned horse teeth. Oh poor thing. boo hoo. You're a joke CNN. She worked for the FBI. She’s dirty and shouldn’t ever be trusted It’s the Horowitz report next week forcing her to act like she’s a victim. No one with a brain see’s her that way.

This must shock your viewers CNN considering you never reported on her text messages and her plan B to get the president of the United States This is a strong American woman standing up to a false president. Who is next? What was the insurance she was talking about for stopping Trump? Sounds familiar. Can’t believe, our government was so corrupt under Obama. Thankful to Trump for getting rid of this liar.

What did she expect, with her and Peter texting about an “insurance policy?” She should be thankful she’s not in jail. Shameless. so she can make money, no other reason, she needs some money from Trumps name She is a crook. Not a victim. Adulterous swamp creature. LISA PAGE=Treason! Sedition! Corruption! Vs. 'We The People'/TRUMP=Truth, Justice and The American Way!

WomanUp Actually, she knows the report coming out next week will be devastating news. She’s merely posturing to try & lessen the blow. Let’s be very clear; those texts are HER OWN WORDS. She can play the victim all she wants. We know exactly what she said. AnotherLiberalHypocriteExposed Lisa Page is trying to spin her situation before Report and possible criminal referrals are issued?

You are FakeNewsCNN Is she going to deny screwing another woman's husband? We believe her my ass. She’s about as credible as . cnnfakenews Treason is punishable by death! She has book coming out !!! Please let her defend herself. What defense does she have let her say Title should be ..Treasonous co-conspirator breaks her silence...

Anyone else wonder why CNN never covered her testimony before congress over a year ago? I would like to see all her text messages with Peter Strzok released. Not only would the exonerate her, as she says, but also rumour is that some of the sleazy ones between the two would make a call girl blush. Would make for some great night time reading.

She was having sex with two separate guys at her work. And she is trying to act like an angel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “Oh Lisa, I love you so much.” -Peter Strzok Give it up guys, it's over! FakeNewsCNN KAG2020LandslideVictory She targeted him Is it possible to have less than zero credibility? ❤️ It’s time for her to give the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth hooked up to a polygraph. I wouldn’t trust one word out of this coup enabler.

Crawled out of the swamp at last Yes it is time NatSecLisa explains why she was a home wrecker and used Government property to convey personal feelings and information. She is the ONLY one who didnt do something against Trump. She simply didnt want him elected. So, when Trump speaks against her he is doing it for that reason and she cheated on her sig other knowing Strzok was on his while Strzok was setting up the insurance policy.

Go get him Lisa. Bring it all out on the table. Everything. Trump & certain shitty GOP Congressman like loose lips Nunes & I didn’t hear about any wrestlers molested but everybody else did Jordan assumed that Ms Page personal comments affected her work which is BS. Some Govt employees disliked Obama but they professionally did their job.

Lisa Page broke her marriage vows and had an affair with the kook , Strozk. How could she have an affair with a guy like that. She deserves criticism from the President. Total Loser..... Someone sounds scared!!! IG report out on the 9th! She knows she all over it! Her text messages alone that talk about We need an insurance policy In case Trump wins. She talk about how POTUS Want's to know how we are doing? Who was POTUS IN 2016? She knows she's DONE

Bet CNN is salivating, but their new starlet, Lisa Page, is no victim. I'm sure her patience will be rewarded next Monday. Finally going to admit to her wrongdoings eh? Someone is getting nervous! Why now? Funny 😭poor lisa!!! She needs a safe place!!! This is all staged what timing! Awesome timing. Week before the fisa report is released. Many to follow

Only because of the IG report. She’s not a victim. She needs a lawyer. Her and her boyfriend did a lot of crimes against America. Fu*k the criminals. With the IG report a week away What a coincidence I wonder if she is mentioned prominently? She did the crime, and now she needs to do the time NatSecLisa

Has Trump tweeted today about the “lovely and beautiful” Lisa Page yet? He’s so obviously jealous that Strozk had an affair with her, it’s creepy as hell. Hey CNN? Did you read those texts? Lie lie lie. Should be in jail along with alot of others that started this farce before he won . Time for her to become a regular

Yes I think when you plot against a potus you should be a target of investigation Ohhhh noooooo whatever shall we doooooo? 🙀 The Democrats have yet ANOTHER bombshell witness that will for sure take down Trump?!? Oh Lord help us all!!! This means nothing, if she had anything real and unscripted to say, she would’ve already 😂👎

she broke her silence in the text messages. she should have stayed silent and professional. shes corrupt! Please tell her to go away, she has done enough fake damage already Page targeted Trump! FactsMatter Break her silence for being so shameless and sick in mind. This to the left is acceptable in as much as it serves negatively towards Trump. will cheer the devil on in as much as it hurts Trump. Such hatred of biting off the nose to spite the face is so lovely to the left .

Another way to try get not get President Trump elected 2020 Seeing Trumpette making fun of her at a rally recently is the most disgusting thing I have seen from a President. He is a disgrace. Deceptive article and headline . . . How about lying adulterer who worked in the FBI Fear is for the weak, Lisa Page only has God too fear, she shouldn't fear no man/woman, that puts there paints or dress on the same way she does, stepping into them.

So Lisa can try and destroy a innocent mans life, and he can’t defend himself by making fun of her? God forbid! I bet the wife of the husband Lisa page was having an affair with felt like she got “ punched in the gut” when she saw her husband was sleeping with the office whore Nobody has any sympathy for this woman.

Loser Ha! Poor Lisa! You were an FBI agent, conspired to spy on, bring down a sitting President! Your dam lucky your not in prison! Tic Toc! Fake news is stretched news, word bending etc. 'Ire' that's rich. Seems she and her peers started it? No? Anger at his win? They simply couldn't handle the result of the election..

A disgrace to the FBI now claiming to be a victim. So sad. Hey you got it WRONG...AGAIN. Lisa Page FIRST targeted President Trump. Do you EVER get anything right? She needs jail time So she was not cooperating with Mueller!!! Tit for tat! Are you saying She and her boyfriend can try and bring down a Presidential Candidate (official oppression) and he can’t complain about it on Twitter?

“target”? coupdétat CorruptDemocrats Treason Playing the victim card. Such the good little liberal. Blame Trump - that should get all the other fanatical liberals on your side. Boohoo. She engaged in a coup to take out a duly elected president. Now she plays the victim. She should be in jail Go get 'em Lisa. ❤️👏🏾⭐️

She already did that in her text messages. She’s not a victim, she was the predator It was extremely juvenile of the President to make so many personal and embarrassing references to her, her personal life is no one's business. BUT don't make a hero of this woman who betrayed her position in law enforcement and her oath. She and Strozk should have recused.

Simple she is CHA! She can be quiet after she’s sentenced to 25 years in jail. Poor baby Traitor Didnt she try to influence the election with another FBI agent because they didn’t like Trump? Pretty sure she should be in jail The IG Report is ready to come out and NOW she decides to open her mouth? HMM, what perfect timing

Good for her. Taking back your power is the most powerful thing one can do for ones self. Another Democrat joke I guess That's rich. So in the world of the Democrats, she is the victim. Wow that's rich it's the very personality Jail time Her next step - go-fund me campaign. 😂 Attempt a coup while banging a few married guys at the same time. She can multi task, I’ll give her that. NatSecLisa

She is a VICTIM!! She tried to stop this sexist monster and look what you did to her Breaks silence? What is she going to break her silence about? That she and her lover were corrupt members of our Justice system? That she had a personal vendetta against a duly elected candidate for president? That she preferred to use the law to support a rigged candidate?

Exclaiming her innocence just before the Horowitz report is released indicting her guilt. Shameless 🤣🤣🤣 Lisa Page says she 'doesn’t think for a minute that her texts w/Peter Strzok are too political' Her texts: Page: “God Trump is a loathsome human” Page: “He’s awful. God, Hillary should win” Strzok: 'God, Hillary should win 100,000,000-0' Page: 'This man cannot be president'

Media running cover for the colluders ahead of the IGReport She was never silent, merely covert. I think you are forgetting who targeted whom ... Maybe it’s time for formal charges and prosecution for crimes against our government Just stop it.....this woman brought all of this on herself. Having an affair, all the text msgs and extremely poor choices are on her. Stop with the victim crap. She only needs to look in the mirror to see who brought all this misery on her family.

Please. She’s no victim. She probably sees the writing on the wall come next week, though. She’s a criminal Nothing in this story about shady Sarah Isgur's role in this mess? Interesting non-disclosure, CNN. Trying to cover her a$$. And she knows the reports coming out to expose her! How convenient a week before it comes out she’s breaking her silence!

Panic mode... She should be in prison! And I’m praying to God traitors like this will be in jail! Her and her affair buddy said they hope to take our republic down! Research her text messages FakeNewsCNN won’t tell you all the truth! Now we're supposed to believe a cheat? Hey Lisa have you called Strzok’s wife to tell her how unfair it all is?

She is a “Home wrecker” She must be hard up. And lie through her teeth to save her own ass she hopes First Lady Melania Trumps anti-bullying message never took off. Her husband is one of the most disrespectful trolls on twitter. He destroys, degrades, lies, intimidates, and threatens others. He has never been on tweeter 'lockdown.' He gets away with it. Why?

Why do you think CNN is tweeting crap now? She’s going to jail. She’s a criminal... she illegally change information on the FISA application that allowed the spying on a Trump campaign member. Book deal hunting. This is like walking up to someone punching them in the face 10 times then playing victim after they lay you out. 'Don't Start None, Won't Be None' By the way, why ask Strzok via email anything? You could have asked face to face, guess it was hard to with your mouth full. 🤣🤣

And... The money just ran out. but she started it...conspired to remove the highest government official because she didn’t like him. Which likely means she doesn’t look to good in the IG report She should probably sit this one out Lil woman wants to play the “victim” card. Sorry toots - you are a criminal!

Robert Mueller’s office deleted 19,000 text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, WHY? LisaPage I just never get the demographic that keeps supporting 45. The wealthy 1% are easy to understand but those who defend this conduct with no tax break out of it? Is it really just the bigotry that draws them in? We can drop video clips of his insults lol and people will ignore em

Again... there is no shame. No one cares. Odd timing though, right before the report comes out It’s time to go to jail Of course she is, timing is everything since the reports against her are due next week. Perfect timing by her and you MSM hacks... 😂 She’s a victim. Just ask her. Let's see how this turns out. Anybody have any popcorn?

She’s panicking like all the other deep state fucks. No coincidence she “broke her silence” week before IG report. Of course CNN Propaganda will ignore the IG report LISA PAGE is the cause of LISA PAGE problems. How about speaking truth next time Genuinely, or book deal? Page is an adulteress and a traitor. Must be time for a 'go fund me' account. Democrats love criminals and liars.

Remember if you expose Hillary and Comey, they will Epstein you You mean break open her legs Here comes the victim defense. Every liberal that gets caught in their own tar pit eventually portrays themselves as a victim. Even and their hypocritical tv hosts. Here let me correct that for you “ with less than a week before the damning FISA Report is released, Lisa Page is scrambling to try and discredit it and change a narrative that MAY land her in jail”. There, That’s better!

Lisa Page lost all credibility when she became a political operative vs an FBI Special Agent. She lost any legitimacy when she became a lover to Peter...thus she positiond herself to be the laughing stock of the administration and the American people! Thank you and tell it like it is!! She's toast. Burnt toast.

CNN, I know you're slow. But Lisa page had connections to an investigator into Trump's campaign. Not to mention they share a childish vendetta with the President of the united states. She should have all of our ire. It's too late for her to speak out. Shes already of ill-rep. yeah, right... because the IGreport is being released. She's trying to get ahead of it. * BTW, as I typed IGreport it used to come up immediately as a known hashtag. You can't tell me with the looming report that it's not trending. Looks like Twitter is scrubbing it.

In other words, the IG report is about to come out and she’s trying to get ahead of it with her pre-release Spin! NoOneWasEverSupposedToKnow Yeah thats all she did was write some 'anti Trump texts' 😂😂😂😂 maybe if page wasn't fckg everyone and everything in sight she could be believable Mr Trump attacks women because he hates women. He controls the women he lets into his bed/life with money. He attacks women who stand up to him, he saw her as an enemy to be degraded. His pattern with women is long and very transparent.

50,000 emails hardly equals silence. 😂 Thats how u describe what this b**** did? Oh Im reading a Cnn report. Typical Strong women like Page are going to be the downfall of the trump criminal organization :) Traitor. Anti Donald Trump messages in texts says it all. Thanks for pointing that out Clown News Network

Public ire? Have u considered her ire for the president? Have u considered what audacity and hatred for the president she had herself Wow twisted journalism Trump is just SOOOO childish and corrupt it's horrible. On Dec. 9, the Justice Department inspector general report into Trump’s charges that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign will come out. Leaked press accounts indicate that the report will exonerate Page of the allegation that she acted unprofessionally or showed bias against Trump

Her legal defense fund will start any minute. Timing is everything. You mean speaking out before the release of the IG report. She was part of an attempted coup, pos. Maybe she can explain who the investigator was that falsified evidence used to obtain the warrant against Trump that literally started the biggest waste of money (investigation) of our generation. Let’s start there

Shameful. Donald Trump is a massive coward and so is any right-winger who attacks our law enforcement officials to defend Trump. Let her break her silence but the texts don't lie A side piece NOW has feelings? Is it too... HEROINE NatSecLisa Slutty Slutterson speaks. She’s no victim. Hopefully she gets what’s coming

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