Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin's Wife Files For Divorce after George Floyd Killing

The wife of ex-cop Derek Chauvin has filed for divorce.

5/30/2020 5:02:00 PM

Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin's Wife Files For Divorce after George Floyd Killing

The wife of ex-cop Derek Chauvin has filed for divorce.

, announced Friday night she's ending their marriage after 10 years.Her rep says,"Her utmost sympathy lies with [Floyd's] family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy" ..."While Ms. Chauvin has no children from her current marriage, she respectfully requests that her children, her elder parents, and her extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time."

Trump’s Mount Rushmore trip decried by Native American activists Red, White and Blue When You’re Black A Teacher Held a Famous Racism Exercise in 1968. She’s Still at it. Read more: TMZ »

who is going fuckin your wife Derek? You know what Derek probably had a dream too. George Floyd is not a hero he has a long criminal record. Everyone has their breaking point. That’s to save some assets for when the civil suits come... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Look at the people shocked Derek chauvin wife is Asian lol... It always amazes me that people are shocked that racist can marry and be with women of color. Hello... them slave masters raped women since the dawn of time...

It would be funny if his wife was black. I don’t think he did what he did cause he was racist.. I think he would have done this to anyone he’s just a bad cop!! She was probably seeking out black cock for satisfaction or dreaming about it while they were married. She had two kids from a previous marriage and none with him so he mostly had sex problems.

Kellie Chauvin works for ReMax. Bombard their Facebook & Twtter pages with comments about her being married to a murderer for the past 11 years remax REMAXca MinneapolisPD KellieChauvin DerekChauvin Minneapolis Minnesota Kellie Chauvin works for ReMax. Bombard their Facebook & Twtter pages with comments about her being married to a murderer for the past 11 years remax REMAXca MinneapolisPD KellieChauvin DerekChauvin Minneapolis Minnesota

DO YOU BLAME HER WHO WANTS TO BE MARRIED TO A MURDERER. She didnt want the smoke For Better or Worst they said. Or is it just to Protect his Assets? Reality hit she was married to a monster. The Blue Wall has got to be torn down...destroyed!!!!! Is she Asian? Okay. Just asking..making an observation. But she knew he was a savage hateful piece of shit all along. What's changed?...a death?..his pension?..her purse?..her bank account?....What?

Good Watch and see...it will be revealed that a lot of these violent protestors are MAGAs hiding behind their COVID-19 masks!!! Old news It has been a long time coming. Perfect timing for her. Nothing wrong with that lady, actually she's quite right to distance herself from this kind barbaric behavior, so that he can be alone on his moving In and Out from the courtroom.

Mail order bride? Don’t run now... 🙄 👍 She has no choice. She would be a target if she was still married to this murderer. This could have been arranged by the two of them for financial reasons for her and for to not be a target/stat So the mail order bride, finally finds her OUT in this marriage 🤷🏽‍♀️we all know she wanted to flee on the honeymoon🙄had to secure 10 yrs as an American, as well as security w a white man🤦🏽‍♀️

Good for her! I wouldn't wanna stay married to a murderer either! would be funny if she’d fucked the asian cop 😂 Talk about a losing streak....... She's just doing it to protect her ass and their assets! Her brother was the one stood their the whole time and did nothing. Weird that she’s shocked after her husband had 18 cases & warnings before.

She forgot about the 18 times he was cited for until now Lol boomer would have a “devoted” asian wife Did she know George I don’t blame her, how can you stay married to a freaking murderer Well Atleast he got some good news way to seize the opportunity to get away from that scumbag The racist cop was to to someone of another race

The world knows already. Fine a new topic Worst prison in Minnesota, full of murderers and rapists is 46% black but I thought poor innocent black people never did anything wrong! Did they get put in level 5 prison for “driving while black”? 🤡 Separating their money. Just in time It's to divide assets before the civil lawsuits start flooding in. Shes protecting her $$.

Pathetic This is strategic! 🙄 How many times y’all gonna report this? After 10 years of marriage?!? Are you kidding me!? She’s racist too. Now she’s just scared. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter And she lived happily ever after Well I wonder if your disowning your brother also cause well he was there too!!!

This lady is selfish asf SIM.............. E OS OUTROS POLICIAIS, NÃO IRAM SER PRESOS? Looks like some chyna connection I got a nice noodle for her 🍜 How many times are you going to post the same article she should hang on for widows pension cause he is gonna kill himself first chance he gets. They may even help him out. Cause thats one hot potato to have to keep safeguarding in jail.

Guess he wasn’t so racist after all w She ain’t do it because of what he did she did it for all the assets 🤣🤣🤣💀🤡 This is bullshit,,they don't want the Floyd family to get anything from civil lawsuit Either he was a bad husband and this murder was the courage she needed to file for divorce OR this is a chess move and she's trying to protect their assets in the event of a civil suit. staywoke DefundThePolice JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Sue her 2 !!!! Shorty said Im just head out✌🏾 She wants no parts JusticeForGeorgeFloyd She did it to keep their shit safe. No other reason!! MY WIFE LEFT ME And she’s the other cop involved sister. She can’t undo that 🤷‍♀️ Hiding assets move!!!! FOX5Atlanta i am happy that Derek Chauvins wife files divorce because he murder some one name george and he has no respect over racist color

Financial move. Take the family money in a divorce settlement before the lawsuits start coming in. He needs to lose everything and be thrown in jail for the inmates to address the situation He had 18 complaints against him and that’s now she want to divorce ? I don’t get it What the cop did is murder but he ain’t racist. The media uses racism as the motive for killing. It’s very clear he’s not a racist. I’ve never seen a racist working along side with Asians, blacks and Hispanics. Plus, being married to an Asian. Nice try Media! Big fail!

His behaviors were probably the same at home and this is her way out. You never know Oddly enough she's not white hehe There’s definitely more to this story... You go girl!! Let him commit suicide single 🍺 What happened to 'for better or worse' Divorce to protect the assets? Why u posting this again?😳🤔 she's been looking for an out for yeeeeaars

I feel like she was abused as well by this racist guy🤢🤮😷 Good for her 👏 Damn! So he Lost his Freedom and his Pussy all in One ☝🏽 fell swoop TAURUS ♉️ TIME BATCH! 🐃 his wife racist white guy + pretty asian girl. The perfect combo I'm still sleepy I just figured I'd get up for a few. Who cares🖕 It is not ironic that his wife is Asian. Irony would be if his wife is Black.

Well yeah otherwise she will loose all her assets. I bet everything was transferred into her name also. So she can get his pension Strategical move on her part, divorce him and keep the property. His wife is Asian ? I'm starting to think this cop isn't RACIST he's just a psychopath!!! He probably is a wife beater too

Wow.. she looks like she has serious mental health issues. You can always tell by the eyes 🤔Yeah but maybe to protect his property and assets and when he gets out she got it all waiting what a joke. So - who was in charge when this man was murdered? a democratic mayor. a democratic prosecutor. a democratic attorney general. a democratic union. a democratic governor. lol loud bunch of dirt bags- don't let a good crisis go to waste

Dam, she ugly af brah They are trying to protect assets to get prepared for the civil case Life comes at you fast. Why you didn't know he was always a racist? Or perhaps you didn't care Run and change your name ASAP! I wouldn’t be sticking around for that scumbag Wonder how she lived with this monster Dog

She needs to change her name and disassociate herself with him for her own safety. Otherwise she would in constant fear of people trying to hurt her for what her husband did Maybe she didn’t know about them This is her escape nospecialtreatment keepingitreal Apparently he isn’t that racist 🤣 yoalexrapz The guy in this picture is not the guy they are showing as the man arrested. They look absolutely nothing alike.

She's got to! dude pretty much fucked himself up. this man shows this video of the truth and it keeps getting taken down Right thing for a women to do to support the unfortunate person who was murdered... Just a way to protect assets Good for his ass yall london, uk is also protesting!!!! thank you ❤️ He’s not having a good day

To protect assets ehen good Probably abusive at home. Violent man. That was a lynching. The other 11 incidents weren’t enough for her to make the move? Maaaybe....she is divorcing him to get his pension, before he loses it. Stand by your man Rat fleeing the ship She is trying to save her real estate business She knew he was a racist

She’s dodging responsibility. Dont want to pay for what his actions did. He must of been an ABUSER...now she getting the opportunity to run she kinda has to..... I don't blame her Fogo nele Why are SO many white males (NOT ALL) who are married to Asian or Hispanic women, racists? I swear I have seen this dynamic a million times in my life. I have my theories.

Oh hell yes you know she was abused as hell Trying to save her money.. sis packed all her shit like Protecting the Assets Good for her She’s protecting the bag. Something they probably discussed? How many children do they have? Finally found out she was married to an animal. Protect those assets....too bad GeorgeFloyd didn’t get the same chance

We still protest Inter racial couple. That complicates the narrative eh? 🤫 I'd bet they met on an asian-dating site. Smart woman. I would not want to be married with a murderer either. Good for her...she shouldn't be be linked to that kind of racism 2 years ago when she ran for Mrs. USA pageant she said he was a perfect gentleman and a softy... I don’t believe anything she says... she also forged checks in her previous relationship, yeah she had a record... look her up, she’s shady boots

JustinTyeButle6 I'm glad his wife filed for divorce that wat Derek chauvins gets for wat he did to George Floyd I hope Derek chauvins gets life in prison that's wat we all want to see happen Good job for her, she saw racism in him! Trillestrobert Bitch only leaving so she won’t get caught in the hot tea too no pun intended lol

Good for her Good for her! She got out the marriage with that piece of garbage. She stayed in the marriage for 11 yrs. If she tried to see if he would change, this was probably the last straw. She needs to keep that a-hole out of her & her kids life! Maybe she feels safe now to leave him because he got arrested, who knows what he might have been doing to her for years. I would protect myself also and separate from a man like that

So he's Chauvin'ist and shes a Laos'ee wife. These 2 characters are from like an SNL skit from 1996 when it was a funny how. Jay876K well dam 😂.. Why didn’t a cop put a knee in Kellie’s neck for passing off bad checks? Kellie is a criminal and common thug . DerekChauvin KellieChauvin gerogefloyd Thought he was a white supremacist Racist to all.

You see people? He ain't racist at all...he married a chinese woman Good! What a sad and pathetic, poor excuse of a man he is. Murderer! Thoughts with all George Floyd’s family from the UK 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇺🇸 Wait...So nobody can actually fathom that this lady saw her “Husband” KILL a man before her own eyes and decideD to jump ship That can’t be a possibility for her to file DIVORCE? The Poverty mentality has really bitten some of you tough

Lol, she's so happy. Marry Light Or White. MaddyOreillyxxx I don’t believe it Grab that klansmen's money while he rots in prison MaddyOreillyxxx she was married to him during the other times he killed people of color. why leave now? Damn yes he was dead wrong but a wife is supposed to be ride or die good lord wife

He probably beats her too. Run lady run! Lies Yes Staged !!!! She has commit fraud herself Ho for 20$ u kill a man the hand in the pocket cop ? Only for protection and that it is in her best interest for her family... Not impressed nor am I giving her kudos. This is a strategic move to get ahead of the civil suit that is coming. She will get all the assets in the divorce protecting them from any future judgements that may be against him.

She’s protecting their assets. And she got famous... If anything she has become part of what might be a change of history on racism She could probably just go back for free if she refunds the postage? Something tells me she was on the verge of divorcing him anyways and this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Securing the bag, house and pension. that’s what u deserved disgusting THUGH EspenHatteland1 BerthaBombshell Honestly we really don’t care 😳 He has such a loyal wife! Surprising... His wife claims he was wonderful just 2 years ago. They were married 10 years. can't help but wonder if this is to protect their assets. Get a fast divorce & give the wife everything so if the murderer gets sued it can't be taken from him because he doesn't have it anymore

She is not FGTRTD Kellie Chauvin is the sister of Tou Thao. They are all related by marriage. DereckChauvin KellieChauvin TouThao Kellie works for Remax Remax So...you are saying she is single? and she looks asain too.. the plot thickens 🧐 Kellie is the sister of Tou Thao. They are all related by marriage. DereckChauvin KellieChauvin TouThao Kellie works for Remax Remax

I really don't believe it. Murderer yes but clear not a racist I am so surprised by all these replies about her. Guys, maybe just maybe she didn't know that about him. Maybe he didn't act racist until he was in uniform and only with the people he was dealing with. That happens! Give her a break, sheesh.

Congratulations to her, he's a piece of shit! That's me being nice! That says a lot right there. Good move, who'd wanna be associated with a person like this cop? Good for her. Bad for him. This definitely won't help I'm the court case, any prosecutor laying out the opening statement will slide this in. If it goes that far of course.

Don't try to leave now sis! You knew he wasn't shit when you married him. She just tryna protect herself How could you watch your husband murder someone in cold blood & not want a divorce. She's shouldn't post his bail either. It’s just to get the money and not to be sued by the family They are trying to hide the “In-law” relationship of the officers on the scenes

AssetProtection So what! NDLYaseen313 The wife of an op is an op. TheMarkHenry Perfect punishment to derek from his wife Asset management move Family affairs She’s the Asians cops sister TheMarkHenry he will sign everything over to her. protect the assets. her brother was one of the other officers involved

There goes her promised part of the pension....oh wait he was fired. ANTIFA wife should’ve killed the SOB💩 She’s taking everything of value, old lawyers move. PaulLidicul This mother fucker, will have a hard time to find a rock good enough to hide him! That’s because her brother going to jail for not helping Floyd

If you're a supporter of this cop, does that make you a Chauvin-ist ? He can’t be that racist he did marry an Asian 🤷🏼‍♂️ 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 She's is protecting those assets... TheMarkHenry Is she Asian American? Honestly I don't even think he's racist just another nerd from highschool that gets a power trip he didn't have while abusing the law like alot of these nerds go to a gym get sleeve and suddenly they exist

PaulLidicul He probably beat the $ hit out of her. He's not her problem anymore. Smart woman 👩 Interesting how she’s outraged NOW yet the other 18 times he was an issue didnt bother her one bit. jclements1126 Smart girl. He could very easily to that to her too y'all do realize this is a money move right?

Self preservation When it rains it pours... He probably terrorized her at home too. Awfully funny that she never had any issues with the SEVERAL OTHER documented situations where he abused his authority. She's just trying to save herself from getting dragged with him and to carve out her piece of their finances because he's about to lose the shirt off his back

All she’s doing is protecting their assets. And probably her kids. PR Stunt Way to put out her pic stupids! Music to my ears Racist cop has a nonwhite wife 🧐 Welp Stand by your man The timing is very interesting. Can't help but think she along with her husband are taking steps to protect their assets. Otherwise she would have waited till after the trial to divorce him, especially if they have children.

Fucking story keeps getting more and more weird now the racist white guy has an asian wife? Wake tf up yo this story is all a lie they killed a man on video to instill fear in the people Ms Chauvin is protecting her/their $$. I hope George's family sues them for all they have. The by-standers should sue them for emotional distress. That way when Derek is released from his minimum sentence he'll have nothing & yrs to think about his actions.

She is the other cops sister...where’s that story? Good now she can testify against him. What do you want to bet there’s been some spousal abuse? She leaving so the attention won’t follow her and protecting her finances. Advice from her attorney She's been wanting to leave his ass. Just needed a little boost of courage

Blike_Dante Protect this Witness. God only knows how much this women had to indoor before she finally took the right step and felt it was safe to do so 🙏 Get the hell out while you can💯 TheMarkHenry I don't blame her, she's too good for him anyway. Total sham, but I’m listening. Just know we aren’t stupid.

could be a financial ploy to protect their assets from a wrongful death suit Actions speak louder than words. Good for her! Hypergamy is alive and well. If the wok is hot get out the kitchen. dldavesfk7 I'm surprised she's Asian. He seems to be racist to all. SMH. She's trying to keep those 3 houses. What cop salary affords 3 houses? Seize their assets just like they do to the rest of us.

Just a ploy so people leave her alone . Good Are you people new or something? It’s the city and the police department that are gonna get sued and have to pay. You think a cop has enough assets to write the check the Floyd family is gonna get? Good for you It's bad cops like this... that gives the good cops bad names.... he gets what's coming to him.. and so dose the other 3..

😂😂😂😂😂 She’s smart. Good for you, Mama. Is it true she is related to the other cop who was on the scene? This is cray I bet you that she was afraid to divorce this wild and criminal dog. Now, he is in jail, this dirty wolf cannot hurt her or put her life in danger. That's a smart move on her parts. SMART WOMAN ! ... POLICE OFFICERS I believe need ' PSYCHATRIC EVAULATIONS ' Every 2 - 3 Years ! To See If the POLICE OFFICERS Are ' MENTALLY STABLE, STILL ' WORKING in One AREA for to LONG, Where the RACE is the SAME & w / HIGH CRIME RATE Can REALLY ' TWIST ' One's OPINION. 1/3🐺

When the going gets tough... EXPERIENCE Other / DIFFERENT RACE of PEOPLE Where CRIMES are COMMITTED by that Other RACE (WHITE/LATIN) of PEOPLE. Then 'ROTATE ASSIGNMENTS' Every 1-2 YEARS. I See WHITES / LATIN ASSULTED on 'COPS' All the TIME. LUCKY for the SHOW - There hasn't Been Any MURDERS We KNOW of. 3/3🐺

Married to an Asian woman. I don’t understand how this guy has so much hate for other human beings This was a political move. This is BS. Done to protect assets. TWIST One's OPINION On that PARTICULAR RACE. A 'INDEPENDENT AGENCY' Should EVALUATE the POLICE OFFICE & ADVANCE their ' SOCIAL COMMUNICATED SKILLS' POLICE OFFICER Should also be 'REASSIGNED' TO AREA Where the RACE is DIFFERENT from their Last ASSIGNMENT to EXPERIENCE other 2/3🐺

PaulLidicul They are always incels Good for her it was her husbands actions that caused this not hers. She’s collateral damage. What fucking assets he’s a police officer he’s basically poor with a badge. She divorced him cause she saw him murder a man. That was quick bUt HiS wIfE iS aSiAn HoW cAn He Be RaCiSt 🤡

This is irrelevance to what going on Hope he becomes so miserable that he eventually ends his life She’s... Asian So now he’s had a girlfriend a fiancé and now a wife? This story keeps getting smaller and smellier 2X How about her brother the cop who stood by and watched George Floyd be murdered? How bout the other men

Good that piece of garbage deserves to feel nothing but pain If the guy didn’t die of asphyxiation or a broken neck then did the cop really kill him? This mugshot looks suspicious. What do you guys think ? Are we sure this is Derek Chauvin ? Run bitch run before its too late for you LYING TRUMP only knows RAGE and VIOLENCE- he was dropped as a baby and beaten in the head regularly as a small rotten child.

She just realized the person that he is? Or is she afraid of the aftermath? She should file divorce from her brother too who was the cop just stabding there telling people not to do drugs while his partner was killing an innocent black man face down on the ground pleading that he could not breath. I don't blame her... who knows if he has violent issues at home.

Ok let’s fight racism by slamming him with racism comments because he’s married to an Asian.. makes perfect sense. Racism isn’t just toward one race... I’m guessing he’s probably not husband of the year given his callous treatment of George Floyd. Wow! That's the excuse she was looking for Can’t sell real estate for remax when you are married to a racist killer

I hope he looses everything and ends his life like he ended GeorgeFloyd To rights!!! He is a murderer. Tryna protect their assets, lawyer is working . Bien por ella de separar su matrimonio con ese señor. Why didn’t she divorce him fot his other murders? Just curious She should be protected, she played no part.

She's scared of the evil negro thug criminals hurting her thats why. I'm sure she stills love HERO OFFICER CHAUVIN Her brother is one of those cops in the video lol🥴 Let’s not act like it’s not a mutual divorce , you have to be dumb to think she’s doing that cuz he killed a man , she’s doing it to themselves from going broke

Just saving her assets Me thinks it’s not for the reason we thinks Protecting her assets. Nice move This is the true America lying to cover up a racial killing , just like the original KKK that they are . Who knows what their relationship was like .. maybe she has tried to leave before and now she finally can ... he’s a Fkn monster...

Good 4 Her This man killed someone sometime back. She waited for him to kill again. And this happens. Enjoy life woman without him. I guess she’s not ride or die I can’t wait to hear her story, I know she’s gonna be ready to tell it all. If this murderer was capable of killing Mr. Floyd in front of everyone in broad daylight I can imagine how he treated his wife behind closed doors.

Not a good week for Dman Duh Stop fucking assuming why this woman filed for divorce. Just be glad she’s safe. 😬😬 I know his wife WWW i should probably read the story in depth now So why didn’t she file a divorce before? He killed people before so why now? She will put everything in her name..the civil suits will come against him he will file bankruptcy and no one will get a dime..anymore info on that refer to ojs lawyers

As she should 🥕🥕🥕 Why did she wait so long? She had to have known this dude was a piece of shit for many years! This is business, asset management. She stayed with this racist for 11 years though all his killings and is only leaving now that there is about to be consequences Just have the man hanged publicly so everyone can come out and watch. He is a psychopathic murderer and it's not acceptable.

Quite sure his marriage was on the ropes before this. That's how the public gets deceived. This is a mere survival tactic, they are still together. saw the headline, first thought that came to mind was 'that's cold' She is probably doing that to protect their assets. I read they have 2 houses. He will sign over everything to her in case of lawsuits.

Minneapolis Cop Derek Chauvin Arrested In Police Killing Of George FloydBREAKING: George Floyd pleaded for air as officer Derek Chauvin was seen in a video pressing down on the unarmed Black man’s neck. TrumpGate Trump has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace. Only took a city on fire for a white cop to be held accountable. He still might get off... Now Trump has got them a murder charged

A look at why ex-police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with third-degree murderFormer Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was charged Friday with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter — two felonies where intent is a key element. Here's what CNN analysts had to say about the possible reasoning behind the charges. hang him by his bolls Was Chauvin given a blood test immediately after the murder? Were his 'supporting officers'? The face of a murder

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Were Once Co-Workers, Ex-Club Owner Tells TV StationGeorge Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked together at a Minneapolis club as early as last year. Club owner noted that Chauvin 'had a real short fuse,” and would pull out mace when she thought it was unwarranted. President Obama with a truth bomb... “They should be treated as criminals...” Thugs Minneapolis Baltimore Rioting JESUS CHRIST. greg_doucette have you seen this!!?!

Minnesota protest live updates: Derek Chauvin charged with murder in connection with George Floyd’s deathJamie Foxx joins social justice advocates in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in solidarity over the death of George Floyd: 'All I wanted to do is let you know that we're not afraid to stand...we're not afraid of the moment.' Whats worse, the KKK or white liberals? Not by barr he got his head up Donald Trump's ass Sure we know all about your 'independent investigations'. Just like the RussiaCollusion that turned up nothing. The police will be found not guilty. The president will ask protesting Americans to be shot, while defending Hong Kong protestors. TrumpsAmerica.

Minnesota protest live updates: Derek Chauvin arrested in connection with George Floyd’s deathJoe Biden delivers remarks on death of George Floyd: 'Every day African Americans go about their lives with a constant anxiety and trauma, wondering: Who will be next?' VoteByMail2020 VoteBlueNoMatterWho Thanks Joe! True leadership when the country is in need of it. Colonel Biden gonna take care of ya.' He ain't going to let them Republicans put you back in chains.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin arrested in George Floyd's death: UpdatesIn two deeply shaken cities, peaceful protests later turned violent over the deaths of unarmed black Americans George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. This isn’t going to stop the riots. Good, arrest the others and charge them all. That’s great!