Robert Morss: Ex-Army Ranger Weaponized Military Training To Aid Capitol Rioters, Judge Says - Cnnpolitics

Robert Morss: Ex-Army Ranger Weaponized Military Training To Aid Capitol Rioters, Judge Says - Cnnpolitics

Ex-Army Ranger weaponized military training to aid Capitol rioters, judge says

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7/21/2021 6:47:00 PM

A federal judge has ordered Capitol rioter and ex-Army Ranger Robert Morss to remain in jail before trial, slamming him for using his military training to help organize the mob and eventually breach the Capitol

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Amid high security, small pro-Trump crowd rallies at U.S. Capitol

Police and media vastly outnumbered protesters around the U.S. Capitol on Saturday at a sparsely attended rally by supporters of the people who breached the building on Jan. 6, trying to overturn former President Donald Trump's election defeat.

Minimum 10 years prison

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Selfie-Snapping Capitol Rioter Sentenced to Eight MonthsPaul Hodgkins is the first defendant to receive a felony sentence in connection with the January 6th attack I’M PAYING OFF DEBTS OF FIRST 20 PEOPLE TO HIT ME UP 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Ridiculous! Particularly considering what you've been letting BLM and Antifa get away with for the last year and a half! Not enough.

Capitol rioter sentenced to eight months in prison in first felony case related to January 6Paul Allard Hodgkins has been sentenced to eight months in prison for his actions during the January 6 Capitol riot. NBC's Pete Williams reports on the charges and what this could mean as the first felony case related to the riot. THE VIDEO DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE!! TheBigLie A slap on the wrist. Yes, this sentence seems incredibly light, but this guy now has a felony record; his life is forever changed and not in a good way... it's a start.

First US Capitol rioter convicted of a felony gets 8 months in prisonA man who pleaded guilty to breaching the Senate chamber during the US Capitol insurrection was sentenced Monday to eight months in prison in a closely watched case that could influence how hundreds of other rioters charged with the same felony are punished. The sentence didn’t even meet the standard for a felony I’m sure Trump will bail him out 😂😂😂 The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and NFT trading and earning from home, as professionals trade for me. With the help of Mabel_fx111 I've been earning greatly daily and I've never regretted this decision.

Capitol rioter who breached Senate gets 8 months for felonyA Florida man who breached the U.S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag was sentenced Monday to eight months behind bars, the first resolution for a felony case in the Capitol insurrection . Prosecutors wanted Paul Allard Hodgkins to serve 18 months behind bars, saying in a recent filing that he, “like each rioter, contributed to the collective threat to democracy.” Video footage shows Hodgkins, 38, inside the Senate on Jan. 6. Did this only apply to black folks 🤔 A reminder that 2 BLM protesters are facing 45-to-lifetime prison sentences for allegedly starting a cop car on fire. MUCH less than violently trying to overthrow your government…