Everything you need to know about Googlebox star Pete Sandiford's wife

Everything you need to know about Googlebox star Pete Sandiford's wife

Pete Sandiford, Pete Sandiford Wife

11/27/2021 11:20:00 AM

Everything you need to know about Googlebox star Pete Sandiford 's wife

Pete Sandiford married Paige Yeomans in May 2021: Here's everything you need to know about the Gogglebox star's partner

MORE: Secret Gogglebox weddings and engagementsIt was in 2020 that Pete broke the news that he had a girlfriend by uploading a picture of him and Sophie hugging and smiling. He wrote:"My Mrs and best mate what more could I ask for, don’t worry @sophiesandiford1 you are a close second best friend. This was taken last year FYI."

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The fact the photograph was shot the year before indicates the pair have been dating at least from 2019, but Pete stays very tight-lipped about their relationship.Who is Paige Yeomans? Paige does not appear on the popular Channel 4 show, however what we do know is that she's an emergency services call handler, and she has a degree in English and linguistics according to The Sun. headtopics.com

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The couple welcomed their first child this yearIt was February of this year that Pete revealed he was in fact engaged to Paige. The revelation was made on Gogglebox when Sophie asked her brother:"Do you feel any different now that you've got engaged?" to which he responded:"Yeah, I think... I feel like an even bigger responsibility. I don't know why. I'm going to have a wife."

RELATED: Gogglebox's Sophie Sandiford's home she purchased from brother Pete – insideWOW: Gogglebox living rooms before and afters: the Malones, Ellie Warner and moreBy September, Paige had given birth to their first child who has since been introduced on Pete's Instagram feed as Jimmy. The little one was seen looking rather unhappy on his dad's birthday.

Although it was revealed the couple were then husband and wife, it's also recently come to light that the pair actually tied the knot back in May.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Pete Sandiford (@sandifordpete)

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Pete and Paige married in May this yearIn celebration of their six-month anniversary, Pete shared a photograph from their secret nuptials. The newlyweds were pictured beaming at one another against the backdrop of the sea, with Pete wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt and pale blue tie while his new wife looked stunning in an elegant white dress with a full skirt. headtopics.com

Paige has set up a public Instagram account in her married name, so we hope to be seeing more of her soon! 

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