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Everything We Know About 'Outer Banks' Season 3

Will the Pogues continue their journey?

8/1/2021 5:09:00 PM

Everything We Know About ' Outer Banks ' Season 3

Will the Pogues continue their journey?

Netflix greenlit season 2 ofOBXin July 2020, just 3 months after season 1 dropped. Based on the timeline between the first two seasons, we can probably expect season 3 (if there is one) in 2022 or 2023. No official announcements have been made by Netflix, but Chase Stokes expressed that he's down to keep playing John B. and continuing his journey.

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"I would love to keep it going, you know, but it obviously depends on the reaction to it. Just like last year, we're hoping that people really attach to the story and continue to kind of fall in love with the journey of not just the Pogues, but the entire world of Outer Banks," Chase told

Cosmopolitan UK."I mean, all of these characters have something super, super interesting to offer. Whether it's the journey of war or even the journey of Wheezie, I'm interested in what she's going to do."Who will be coming back for season 3?

Given that ending, it seems like all the Pogues — John B., JJ, Pope, Kie and Sarah — will be coming back for another season if it's greenlit. There's still so much of their journey that hasn't been told yet, so it makes sense for them to come back.

As for supporting characters like Wheezie and Cleo, there's also a chance that they might stick around for another season after they helped the Pogues inOBX2. Because some characters like Gavin and Renfield were killed off in season 2, it's likely that they won't return. Although,

OBXloves a good plot twist, so who knows if they've actually made it out alive?Speaking of plot twists, John B.'s dad (who we thought was dead this entire time) may make an appearance in season 3 if it happens. We left off with the discovery that he was actually"half-dead" for a long time after sending a letter about the shroud to Clara.

What willOBXseason 3 be about?Season 3 will likely pick up where we left off in season 2 — Clara is faced with the decision of helping John B. and the rest of the Pogues find the shroud thanks to a letter from his half-dead father. John B.'s dad being alive will most likely be a major plot point in season 3, and whether he finds out at the beginning or end is a mystery. Hopefully, Ward and Rafe will face the consequences of their actions, between killing John B.'s dad and the other crimes they committed to ensure the Pogues wouldn't make any progress on their hunt.

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