Everyone Is Thirsty For Theo Engler After Binge-Watching The Latest Season Of 'You'

The writers knew exactly what they were doing with that cupcake scene.

10/18/2021 4:20:00 AM

The writers knew exactly what they were doing with that cupcake scene.

The writers knew exactly what they were doing with that cupcake scene.

🚨Hi, hello and welcome! If you're anything like me, you spent most of your weekend binge-watching the entirety of"You" Season 3.NetflixVictoria Pedretti, who was not only incredible playing Love, but looked so goddamn beautiful in every scene that she was in.

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The latest instalment from the popular Netflix series delivered a gloriously messy and dark storyline, along with a plot twist ending that left Joe, our protagonist, free to start fresh somewhere new.John P. Fleenor / NetflixIt makes me curious about what's going to happen in S4!

Along the way, we were introduced to several new characters calling Madre Linda — the cookie cutter suburban town where Joe and Love have decided to put roots down — home.Netflix, John P. Fleenor / NetflixOne of them was Theo Engler, the stepson of Michael Engler, who lives next-door to Joe and Love. headtopics.com

NetflixHe's also Natalie's son, putting him at the centre of the first murder. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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You have his stepfathers name as Michael in this article, FYI it's Matthew :)

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